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US Judge orders stretch of Enbridge Line 5 shut down on tribal land

“But for the theft of Indigenous lands,” said environmental activist and attorney Steven Donziger, “this pipeline would not even exist.” Source

Prosecutor Sought Enbridge Funding To Prosecute Water Protectors

Above Photo: Water Protectors lock down to construction equipment at a Line 3 pipeline pumping station near the Itasca State Park in Minnesota as police in riot gear line up on June 7, 2021. Kerem Yucel / AFP / Getty Images. The Center for Protest Law & Litigation has obtained documents through our ongoing investigation […]

Indigenous Leaders Pledge To Oppose New Enbridge Developments

Above photo: Screenshot of a map of Enbridge’s pipeline system, Enbridge’s website, 12-3-21. On November 5, the Canadian oil company Enbridge announced that it plans to increase capacity on its pipeline system that connects a crude-oil storage hub in Oklahoma to the Texas Gulf Coast, now that the Line 3 pipeline linking Alberta and Wisconsin […]

Enbridge Line 5 Shut Down In Accordance With Governor’s Order

Above photo: From Twitter. Vassar, MI – On Tuesday morning, an unidentified Michigan Water Protector turned a valve on Enbridge’s Line 5 pipeline, stopping the flow of oil through the line which has been operating illegally since May 12, 2021. The water protector called Enbridge so that they could safely halt the flow of oil […]

Who’s Funding Enbridge?

Comment: The Shareholders of the Biggest Banksters & Oil Companies are pretty much the same group of criminals who control AMERIKA and they are the Financiers of Hollywood and The Actors/Actresses who are Paid to Push Agendas coming from wealthy elite families. If a Poor person with talent tries to gain access to Hollywood that […]

Protests Over Enbridge’s Pipeline Are Expected To Intensify

Protests Over Enbridge’s Pipeline Are Expected To Intensify Above Photo: Richard Tsong-Taatarii, Star Tribune. Protests are planned to resume Monday, and critical court actions are expected over the replacement for the Canadian company’s current Line 3. It could be a long, hot summer for the $3 billion pipeline Enbridge is building across northern Minnesota. As […]

Enbridge Is ‘Funding And Incentivizing’ Police To Crack Down On Its Opponents

Enbridge Is ‘Funding And Incentivizing’ Police To Crack Down On Its Opponents Above photo: Simone Senogles, from the Red Lake Nation of Ojibwe in northern Minnesota, speaks of the fear instilled in her community ever since Canadian oil company Enbridge started funding a statewide police task force to crack down on pipeline opponents. Here’s what […]

‘Pipe Dream’: Enbridge Escalates Local Tensions

‘Pipe Dream’: Enbridge Escalates Local Tensions Above photo: The water protector educational event in Palisade, MN featured a puppet show. Mary Annette Pember. Community crackdown on water protectors in Minnesota raises constitutional questions about free speech, assembly. Palisade, Minnesota – Even in the bitter cold, the pretty little park along the Mississippi River is inviting, […]

Water Protectors Chain Themselves Inside Enbridge Line 3 Pipe

Above photo: Environmental activist Winona LaDuke (C) and water protectors stand in front of the construction site for the Line 3 oil pipeline near Palisade, Minnesota, on Jan. 9, 2021. Kerem Yucel / AFP via Getty Images. Minnesota – Water protectors were arrested Thursday after halting construction at a Minnesota worksite for Enbridge’s Line 3 project […]

Indigenous-led Resistance To Enbridge’s Line 3 Pipeline Threatens Big Oil

Above photo: Water protectors protest Line 3 pipeline construction in Minnesota. Twitter/@GiniwCollective. Water protectors in Minnesota are kicking off what could be the climate movement’s next massive, sustained direct action campaign. When Dawn Goodwin went down to the bank of the upper Mississippi River on Dec. 4, she just wanted to spend some time honoring […]

Water Protector Locks To Enbridge Pipe Yard Gate On Black Friday

By Giniw Collective, Popular Resistance. November 27, 2020 NOTE: Follow this action at the Giniw Facebook Page. Backus, MN – This morning, one water protector locked their neck to the gate of one of Enbridge’s massive pipe yards south of Backus, Minnesota, as other rallied and shoppers consumed on Black Friday. Black Friday falls on […]

Enbridge Fined For Failing To Fully Inspect Pipelines After Kalamazoo Oil Spill

The Canadian oil pipeline company responsible for one of the largest inland oil spills on record has agreed to pay a $1.8 million fine for failing to thoroughly inspect its pipelines for weaknesses as required under a 2016 agreement. Federal officials say Enbridge, Inc., did not carry out timely and thorough inspections on one of […]

Enbridge Suspends Access Northeast Natural Gas Pipeline Plan

Above Photo: From Note: Southcoast Neighbors United put out a clear statement that this decision does not mean the battle is over and they must remain vigilant. The group continues to fight against a compressor station and will be in position to stop the pipeline if the company restarts the process. For lack of policies […]

Students Take Lead Reclaiming US Public Education From Corporate Assault

Print Friendly Above Photo: Fight for 15 advocates showed solidarity with teachers, parents, and students in Missouri on Wednesday. (Photo: @Show_Me$15/Twitter) At least 75 pro-public education actions took place from coast to coast Parents, teachers, and students took part in rallies and “walk-ins” across the country on Wednesday, seeking to “reclaim” U.S. public schools from the […]

Exxon Mobil To Be Investigated In New York For Climate Statements

Print Friendly Above Photo: Bloomberg Via Getty Images The New York attorney general has begun an investigation of Exxon Mobil to determine whether the company lied to the public about the risks of climate change or to investors about how such risks might hurt the oil business. According to people with knowledge of the investigation, Attorney General Eric […]

Anti-Corruption Victories From Maine To San Francisco

Print Friendly Above Photo: From The Anti-Corruption Movement Won Big on Election Night Volunteer-led campaigns from Maine to San Francisco succeeded in passing legislation to protect their communities from corruption. Months of hard work from concerned citizens and volunteers of all political orientations paid off in a big way. These victories prove that when […]

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