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Denmark to cancel Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine rollout, except on voluntary basis – reports

Denmark will not include Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine in its Covid immunization program over blood-clot concerns, according to media reports. Authorities in Denmark are being extra cautious and excluding AstraZeneca’s vaccine too. Multiple local media outlets reported the news on Monday, citing unnamed sources.  Johnson & Johnson’s shot was temporarily suspended in the US and […]

Ethnic Engineering: Denmark’s Ghetto Policy

The very word is chilling, but has become normalised political currency in Denmark.  Since 2010, the Danish government has resorted to generating “ghetto lists” marking out areas as socially problematic for the state.  In 2018, the country’s parliament passed “ghetto” laws to further regulate the lives of individuals inhabiting various city areas focusing on their […]

Denmark should not put fear and insecurity into the hearts of Syrian refugee children | View

“I was at school when my best friend died next to me,” 14-year-old Amina told us, recounting her childhood in Syria, “Everyone had to get under their tables, everyone was stressed and crying. Children were dying. We didn’t know what to do,” she added from the Netherlands, where she now lives. Syria was no place […]

European countries express interest in purchasing Denmark’s AstraZeneca vaccines

A number of European countries have expressed interest in purchasing unwanted AstraZeneca vaccines from Denmark. On Wednesday, Denmark became the first European country to abandon AstraZeneca’s COVID vaccine due to a link with extremely rare cases of blood clots. A day later, Norway’s Public Health Institute also recommended against further use of the jab. The […]

A Danish boat to freedom – The boat that saved 11 Jews in Denmark

Medical student Abraham Steinbock shared the 25-foot fishing boat with his brother, sister, parents, another Jewish family of six – the Altmans – a police officer, a fisherman and 700 kg. of eels. They did not turn on the motor until they were well clear of Danish soil, out in Øresund Sound and after a […]

Denmark to Limit ‘Non-Western’ Residents in Neighborhoods to 30 Per Cent

Joe Biden’s secretary of state nominee Antony Blinken, who is currently receiving lavish praise from the media for being the quintessential “internationalist,” previously appeared on Sesame Street to promote refugee immigration to America. Blinken is being hailed by some legacy media outlets as something akin to the second coming. The Guardian gushes over him being […]

Ornate Prehistoric Bronze Sword Excavated In Denmark

A bronze sword has been extracted from the ground in Denmark. Archaeologists are amazed at the excellent condition in which it has been found, including its wood and horn hilt which have survived for around 3000 years. A ‘Unique’ 3,000-year-old Find Chief Inspector Jesper Hansen of Odense City Museums has been ‘delighted’ by the find, […]

European countries – including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Iceland – suspended use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after reports of blood clots in vaccinated people

C-o-v-1-9 V@cc Reacts and News New Zealand ASTRA ZENECA VACCINE AND POTENTIAL BLOOD CLOT LINK European countries – including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Italy and Iceland – have suspended use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca jab after reports of blood clots in vaccinated people.The Austrian national competent authority has suspended the use of a batch of COVID-19 Vaccine […]

Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia BAN AstraZeneca Vaccine for causing Fatal Blood Clots

Home » Health, North America, Social » Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia BAN AstraZeneca Vaccine for causing Fatal Blood Clots     The rollout of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia has been suspended as the health authorities investigate a possibly serious side effect in the form of fatal blood clots. […]

Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia suspend AstraZeneca Covid vaccine after reports of potentially fatal blood clots

The rollout of the AstraZeneca Covid vaccine in Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia has been suspended as the health authorities investigate a possibly serious side effect in the form of fatal blood clots. On Thursday, Danish Health Minister Magnus Heunicke tweeted that the country would be suspending the use of the Anglo-Swedish vaccine, which has […]

France chides Austria, Denmark for coordinating with Israel on virus vaccines

PARIS, France — France has criticized a push by Austria and Denmark to coordinate with Israel on developing new COVID-19 shots, as EU unity frays even further over its troubled vaccine rollout. Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz announced the Israeli partnership on Monday, saying the European Medicines Agency (EMA) was “too slow in approving vaccines,” leaving […]

Denmark to send almost 100 Syrian refugees home as Damascus is ‘safe’

Denmark has become the first European country to strip Syrian refugees of their residency permits, saying they must return home as Damascus is now safe to go back to. In total, 94 Syrian refugees have had their permits removed, with Denmark’s immigration minister Mattias Tesfaye last month insisting that the Scandinavian country had been “open […]

Austria and Denmark team up with Israel for next generation COVID-19 vaccines

Austria and Denmark have teamed up with Israel to produce 2nd generation vaccines against new mutations of the coronavirus. The alliance, dubbed First Movers Group, comes amid growing frustration over delays in the EU’s vaccine rollout. Israel has offered 94 vaccine doses per 100 people compared with just seven per 100 in the European Union. […]

Denmark to Become the First Country in the World with Vaccine Passports

    Denmark is planning a digital passport that will allow people who have had Covid vaccines to travel. Finance minister Morten Boedskov said today that ‘in three, four months, a digital corona passport will be ready for use in, for example, business travel’. ‘It is absolutely crucial for us to be able to restart […]

Unique Viking Runes Discovered in Denmark

“These are the runes we’ve been missing,” says archaeologist. A comb with a runic inscription of the word “comb,” perhaps doesn’t sound so sensational. But it is. The comb dates to the early Viking Age around 800 CE. Just a handful of runic texts from this period exists. The comb was discovered during excavations of […]

Watch “Denmark: Protesters march against ‘vaccine passport’ in Copenhagen” on YouTube

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Inger Støjberg: Denmark’s ex-immigration minister quits party ahead of impeachment trial

Denmark’s former immigration minister has resigned from the liberal Venstre party ahead of an impeachment trial. Inger Støjberg is accused of unlawfully ordering the separation of asylum-seeking couples arriving from Syria. After a lengthy dispute with the left-wing party’s leadership, Støjberg told the newspaper Skive Folkeblad that she will be stepping away from the party, […]

COVID in Europe: Denmark announces plans for a ‘Corona Pass’ for vaccinated citizens

In a bid to reopen the country, the government in Denmark has announced plans to introduce a digital coronavirus passport for citizens to provide evidence they have been vaccinated. Danes will be able to prove they have received their COVID-19 vaccine using an app under plans unveiled by Denmark’s finance minister, Morten Boedskov. The move […]

Anti-lockdown protesters stage torch-lit march in Denmark (VIDEOS)

Hundreds of anti-lockdown protesters have hit Denmark’s streets condemning the government’s coronavirus-induced restrictions during a fiery torch-lit march. The fiery protest was staged overnight in Aarhus, the second largest city in Denmark. The march was organized by a group, calling themselves the ‘Men in Black’, who oppose the country’s enduring anti-coronavirus measures. [embedded content] Many […]

‘We’ve had enough’: In France, Spain and Denmark, anti-lockdown protests continue

Marches to denounce COVID-19 restrictions put in place by various government have been taking place in cities across Europe. France An authorized protest in support of culture workers quickly turned into a rave in the centre of Perpignan on Saturday, with about 200 maskless party-goers at the height of the demonstration. The open-air disco, which […]

Denmark suspends flights from Dubai amid doubts over virus tests

Denmark has temporarily suspended all flights from the United Arab Emirates for five days after suspicion arose the coronavirus tests that can be obtained before leaving Dubai are not reliable, authorities announced Friday. The development, which comes amid a surge of infections in the UAE, poses a direct challenge to the mass testing regime that […]

(Sick?) Denmark launches children’s TV show about man with giant penis

Grooming your children via killavision? Normalizing the abnormal? (on that topic see this post). I’m sure children have enough in these troubling times to be thinking about besides some man’s large penis. If you’re at all keen to see they are not kidding there is a link to the actual animation in the article. I […]

Denmark Introducing COVID ‘Vaccine Passport’

Denmark is the latest country to announce that it is rolling out a ‘Covid passport’, to allow those who have taken the vaccine to engage in society without any restrictions. Reuters notes that the immunity passport is being developed by the Danish government. “It is expected that there may be requirements from other countries to […]

Denmark to Roll Out ‘Vaccine Passport’ for Travelers in Early 2021

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Denmark restricts travel from all countries to ‘win time’ in battle against Covid-19

The Danish Foreign Ministry has raised its travel guidance to the maximum level for all countries on Friday, in an effort to limit the spread of more transmissible Covid variants discovered in the UK and South Africa. Entering Denmark without a recognizable purpose and a negative coronavirus test will not be permitted between January 10 […]

Denmark to roll out coronavirus ‘vaccine passport’ for travelers in early 2021

Denmark is planning to introduce a digital ‘vaccine passport’ soon to enable citizens with jabs against Covid-19 to travel to countries where such documents may be obligatory for entry during the pandemic. The ‘vaccine passport’ will be rolled out “in early 2021,” the Danish Health Ministry told local broadcaster DR. Those vaccinated would be able […]

Coronavirus live: Israel orders all U.K., South Africa and Denmark arrivals into quarantine

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Denmark outlaws sex without explicit consent with unanimous passing of new law on rape

Danish MPs have passed a new law which makes sex without explicit consent illegal, with all parliamentary parties voting in favor of the motion. Women’s rights activists have labeled it “a great day for women.” Sex without explicit consent has been outlawed in Denmark following the passing of a new rape law by MPs on […]

Mass mink graves may have caused groundwater pollution in Denmark, as govt admits it LOST TRACK of 1.5 million animals

Tons of decomposing mink may have already contaminated groundwaters in Denmark, the government has admitted, also revealing that it lost track of some 4,700 tonnes of the animals. The unprecedented mass cull was conducted by Denmark last month in an attempt to stop the spread of a mutated coronavirus strain among animals and workers. Now, […]

Denmark Shutting Down Oil Industry to Try to Change the Weather

    Denmark’s climate minister is fairly certain that the deal to close down the nation’s oil industry by 2050, announced on Friday morning, marks the biggest moment in his career. “I think this is probably going to be the biggest decision that I’m a part of in my life,” Dan Jørgensen told the Guardian […]

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