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Housing Costs Are Crushing The American Middle Class, But How Can We Fix The Problem?

Housing Costs Are Crushing The American Middle Class, But How Can We Fix The Problem? In a new poll conducted by the Financial Times and Michigan’s Ross School of Business, data shows there is a rare bipartisan agreement among Republicans and Democrats – Both sides believe that there are no housing advantages for the their […]

“Stay away from Indian builders” Australia’s other hidden ‘Housing Crisis’

Most people should be aware of the ‘housing’ crisis, in the form of rentals and sales was a deliberate action caused by the federal government from ‘over’ importation of immigrants Australians truly do not need, as pointed out in government hansards. The government basically screwed over Aussies, sound familiar? The government created the problem, where […]

Massachusetts governor’s plan to fill former Boston veteran housing with HOMELESS ILLEGALS sparks outrage

Massachusetts governor’s plan to fill former Boston veteran housing with HOMELESS ILLEGALS sparks outrage Massachusetts Gov. Maura Healey has recently disclosed a plan to turn a former Boston area veteran housing unit into a shelter for homeless illegal immigrants. Healey said the government will turn the former Veterans Home at Chelsea facility into a “safety-net […]

AOC, Sanders unveil ‘Green New Deal’ for housing

Progressives on Capitol Hill believe they have the answer to one of the most vexing policy challenges facing America: another “Green New Deal,” this time centering on housing. Today, a group of lawmakers led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) will gather to relaunch a so-called “Green New Deal for Public […]

Biden to call on Congress to pass budget with $258B in housing investments

President Biden to call on Congress to pass his budget that includes $258 billion in housing investments while he is in Nevada on Tuesday. The president is set to give remarks in Las Vegas, where he will outline that his plan includes mortgage relief credit, which would provide middle-class first-time homebuyers with a tax credit… […]

Realtor settlement could bring ‘seismic shift’ to housing market

A major settlement reached between the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and home sellers Friday could bring signficant changes to the real estate world. The full implications of the $418 milion settlement for the U.S. housing market are not yet clear. Even so, NAR’s agreement to scrap longstanding rules governing broker commission fees will slash… […]

The Big Con In The California Housing Mandate

Authored by Tony Hall via The Epoch Times, Anybody who has ever observed and studied the homeless situation in California will readily see how the nonprofit homeless service providers that have been enabled by our political leaders have not only helped create the crisis, but have institutionalized homelessness as a way of life. Now, a […]

Goldman Says Office Tower Prices Must Plunge 50% For Housing Conversion To Make Sense

As office tower vacancies continue to rise nationwide, many of these buildings are becoming economically nonviable workspaces, raising the question of what can be done with millions of square feet of underutilized space. Simultaneously, the US housing market faces a severe shortage, leaving investors and lawmakers to ponder whether underutilized office space can be transformed […]

Texas announces construction of military “base camp” housing 1,800 soldiers in Eagle Pass to manage immigration crisis

(NaturalNews) As the illegal immigrant invasion continues to take over Texas, Governor Greg Abbott has announced the construction of a military base in the border… Source

Housing Starts Collapsed In January – Biggest MoM Decline Since COVID Lockdowns

After single-family home starts plunged in December, analysts did not expect much of a bounce back in January as rates remain high and some regions were affected by weather. Analysts were way off. Housing Starts puked 14.8% MoM in January (vs unchanged exp), but December’s 4.3% MoM decline was revised up to a 3.3% MoM […]

Asylum Seekers To Take Over 16,000 Homes In UK Amid Housing Crisis

Asylum seekers to be moved into as many as sixteen thousand homes across the UK as young British people struggling to find affordable homes, The Home Office has already built up a stock of 16,000 […] The post Asylum Seekers To Take Over 16,000 Homes In UK Amid Housing Crisis appeared first on The People's […]

Video shows illegal aliens lining up to receive FREE housing in New York City

(NaturalNews) A video uploaded on X, formerly Twitter, shows a large line of illegal immigrants in New York City waiting to apply for “free” housing that was… Source

JPMorgan: Housing Affordability Could Be Restored Within 3.5 Years, But There’s A Catch…

Authored by Sam Bourgi via, There may be light at the end of the tunnel for Americans struggling to afford a home, but it will take at least three and a half years to get there, according to Joe Seydl, JPMorgan’s senior markets economist. Why three and a half years? According to Seydl, that’s […]

Australia and Denmark moving to halt Immigration due to Housing Crisis

The leftist governments in Denmark and Australia are now adopting a more hardline stance on immigration, compared to so-called “conservative” governments in other countries. In the Land Down Under, the Labor Party – which Australian Prime Minister (PM) Anthony Albanese leads – has pledged to cut net immigration in half. The country, with a population […]

Palestinian death toll in Gaza tops 13,000 as Israel repeatedly strikes UN schools housing refugees

[embedded content] Over the weekend, at least 82 Palestinians were killed in Israeli strikes on Jabaliya refugee camp, including multiple United Nations schools sheltering Palestinians. At least 85 incidents of Israeli bombing have impacted 67 facilities run by the United Nations relief agency for Palestine refugees (UNRWA) in the last two months. We speak with […]

Tenants and Economists Are Pushing to Regulate Rent for a Vast Amount of U.S. Housing

About a hundred tenants from across the country, all living in units with federally-backed mortgages, occupied the headquarters of Starwood Capital Group in Washington, D.C. on Friday, wearing shirts that said “THE RENT IS TOO DAMN HIGH.” They unfurled a large banner that said, “Tenants are capable and willing to pay rent increases,” which is […]

Three Steps To Solving The US Housing Crisis – Kick Out Illegal Immigrants First

America is in the midst of a stagflationary crisis; there’s no way around it. It doesn’t matter how much oil Joe Biden dumps on the market from the Strategic Reserves. It doesn’t matter how many jobs he is able to temporarily buy with the $8 trillion-plus covid stimulus package. It doesn’t matter how many times […]

Biden Admin To Provide Free Medical Services, Food & Housing To Millions Of Illegal Migrants

The Biden administration plans to provide nearly 6 million illegal aliens with a range of taxpayer-funded benefits including free food, housing and medical care. Surely Biden’s incentives for the illegals will only accelerate record crossings […] The post Biden Admin To Provide Free Medical Services, Food & Housing To Millions Of Illegal Migrants appeared first […]

‘Unbelievably cruel’: GOP pushes astronomical cuts to education, housing, and food aid

“The same party who provided $2 trillion tax giveaways to the wealthy wants to slash funding for WIC, devastating women and children,” said Democratic Rep. Gwen Moore. Source

Out of Control Housing/Rental Prices; People Sleeping in Closet like “Pods”

Average American Can’t Afford Home in 99 Percent of Country By infostormer  – September 28, 2023 1 Here’s a report from the Jewish CBS News operation.   They are reporting that homes are unaffordable for the average American across pretty much the entire country. 99 percent of the country to be exact. Interest rates for […]

Ecuador Asks World for ‘Valuable Support’ to Afford Housing Venezuelan Migrants During U.N. Address

Outgoing conservative President Guillermo Lasso of Ecuador used his address at the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday to ask the world to help his country house Venezuelan migrants. Source

Cape Cod Residents Outraged At Democrat Governor’s Migrant Housing Plan

(ZH) Earlier this month, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey declared a state of emergency in response to the surging Source

Cape Cod Residents Outraged At Democratic Governor’s Migrant Housing Plan

Earlier this month, Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey declared a state of emergency in response to the surging number of migrants in state-managed shelters. Then, last week, the governor mobilized the National Guard to assist with the migrant crisis. Now, residents are outraged with the governor’s decision to house the migrants as Biden’s southern border crisis […]

Watch: Chicago Residents Rage As Illegal Migrant Housing Takes Over Their Neighborhoods

(ZH) Cook County, the home of the city of Chicago and Hyde Park township, voted with an astonishing Source

NYC Mayor Eric Adams mulling unconventional housing solutions for ILLEGALS

(NaturalNews) New York City (NYC) Mayor Eric Adams is reportedly considering unconventional housing solutions to shelter illegal aliens and border crossers being… Source

Breitbart Business Digest: A Weird Recovery in a Broken Housing Market

What if we had a housing recovery and no one showed up? Source

Poll: Most New Yorkers Oppose Housing Migrants in Dorms Meant for Students

The majority of New Yorkers are opposed to Mayor Eric Adams (D) housing newly arrived border crossers and illegal aliens in college dormitories across the city, a new poll reveals.  Source

The Victorian State Budget Targeting Big Business, Housing Investors and Private Schools

The Victorian state government will target big business, housing investors and private schools as the main drive to collect tax revenues as outlined in its new budget report released on May 23. But despite the targeted taxes, Treasurer Tim Pallas has denied the state budget is steeped in class warfare. “Nobody’s engaging in a terminology […]

In the Middle of a Housing Crisis, the Government Will Quietly Pull $65M From Homeless Services

On July 1, Australia’s chronically underfunded homelessness support sector will suffer a $65 million blow under a silent swoop of federal funding cuts.  About 650 homelessness support workers nationwide stand to lose their jobs — 200 in Victoria alone — while demand for assistance grows.  "It's hard to imagine a worse time to cut homelessness […]

Protests Erupt in Ireland over Government Housing Migrants in School

Protests erupted in a part of Dublin on Tuesday after it was discovered that the Irish government had moved migrants into a local school without telling parents. Parents are said to have gathered at the entrance to a local school in a suburb of Dublin on Tuesday evening after it was discovered that the Irish […]

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