Out of Control Housing/Rental Prices; People Sleeping in Closet like “Pods”

Average American Can’t Afford Home in 99 Percent of Country


Here’s a report from the Jewish CBS News operation.


They are reporting that homes are unaffordable for the average American across pretty much the entire country. 99 percent of the country to be exact.

Interest rates for mortgages are continuing to go up.


Despite reports like this, we have people across the Jew news media and inside the Jew government who keep saying that the economy is doing great. Reports like this indicate that things are not great. In fact, it shows that things are the opposite of great.

This is not sustainable. The whole housing market like the commercial real estate market will totally collapse in some way shape or form. A tent or a shack is the new “starter” home.

California: Sleeping Pods For $700 a Month


Good news for all you people still living in California, you can rent a sleeping pod for $700 a month in San Francisco.


The very competent and trustworthy people inside the San Francisco city government are reportedly not happy about this development.


I’m not sure why they are angry. Their policies created this situation. The cost of living in San Francisco and throughout California is totally insane so it was only a matter of time before someone started offering something like this. This type of phenomenon has already been a thing in various Asian cities like Tokyo.

You would think that they wouldn’t be angry about this considering the homeless problems they have. So the only conclusion I can draw from their anger is that they want the homeless problem to get worse.

Obviously living in a sleeping pod is not ideal, but it is an upgrade over living on the street is it not?

Just the fact that we are even having this conversation is just another indicator that this country is in a state of irreversible collapse. People should not have to live in sleeping pods, but the Jews who run the United States government feel as though our resources are better spent on endless wars and on hoax problems like climate change and COVID-19.


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