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CDC Caught Quietly Tracking People Who Didn’t Get the Covid Jab

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly introduced a new program to track people who have not been vaccinated against COVID-19 Source

Thousands of People Can’t Stop Watching AI-Generated Sitcom ‘Nothing, Forever’ 

Thousands of people at a time are watching “Nothing, Forever,” an AI-generated and nonsensical version of “Seinfeld” that streams perpetually on Twitch. When Motherboard reported on the show on Tuesday, the Twitch account that the show runs on, @watchmeforever, only had around a hundred followers and sixteen viewers. By Thursday morning, the channel rose to […]

Report: 2 Million People Attend Pope Francis Mass in D.R. Congo Airport

Local media in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) reported on Wednesday, citing event organizers, that “about 2 million” people convened in the capital of Kinshasa that day to attend a Mass by Pope Francis. Source

Ron DeSantis Wants to Make It Easier to Execute People

After going after trans children and people seeking abortions, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has set his sights on a new target: potential death row inmates. While speaking to the Florida Sheriff’s Association about what he deems the “slow wheels of justice” last week—as Vox pointed out—DeSantis spoke of his frustration with requiring unanimous jury recommendations […]

AI Spits Out Exact Copies of Training Images, Real People, Logos, Researchers Find

Researchers have found that image-generation AI tools such as the popular Stable Diffusion model memorize training images—typically made by real artists and scraped for free from the web—and can spit them out as nearly-identical copies. According to a preprint paper posted to arXiv on Monday, researchers extracted over a thousand training examples from the models, […]

Trudeau’s Canada Introduces Segregation for White People in Public Theaters 

Theaters in Canada have begun banning white people from attending performances as part of a new racist segregation policy. Critics have slammed the National Arts Center in Ottawa after it became the first theater to […] The post Trudeau’s Canada Introduces Segregation for White People in Public Theaters  appeared first on News Punch. Source

Gunman kills at least 7 people and wounds others in ‘one of deadliest attacks on Israelis in years’

The killings took place a day after Israeli troops killed nine Palestinians. Source

Bill Gates Caught Flying By Private Jet While Ordering People To Eat Bugs To Fight Climate Change

Globalist billionaire and climate activist Bill Gates is currently flying around the world onboard his $70 million dollar private jet, lecturing common people about their carbon footprint while emitting one the size of a small […] The post Bill Gates Caught Flying By Private Jet While Ordering People To Eat Bugs To Fight Climate Change […]

Vaccine Genocide: Pfizer lied and 20 Million people died in just a handful of Countries according to Secret Government Reports

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON JANUARY 25, 2023 • ( 8 COMMENTS ) Secret reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that approximately 20 million deaths have been recorded resulting in 2 million excess deaths since Pfizer lied enabling the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections. […]

Konstantinos Argiros performs in Albania: “The people are wonderful”

Konstantinos Argiros traveled to Tirana to perform a concert. The Greek singer appeared live in Tirana and sang for his fans in the neighbouring country, while he also spoke with the mayor, Erion Veliaj, about Greek-Albanian relations, as he said. Videos of both the concert and his conversation with the mayor of Tirana circulated on… […]

Biden Jokes About People Thinking He’s “Stupid” Then Makes Another Stupid Verbal Gaffe

During an event in Springfield, Virginia, Joe Biden joked about people thinking he was “stupid” before making yet another embarrassing verbal gaffe. The president made the remarks while addressing the state of the economy. “I uh, I said that, uh, when I was seeking the nomination I said, ‘Take a seat, everybody!’ and there wasn’t […]

Adams outlines ‘Working People’s Agenda’ in State of the City speech

Adams outlines ‘Working People’s Agenda’ in State of the City speech lead image Source

Fewer People Are Interested In Migrating To The U.S. Than Ever Before. Here’s Why.

Authors of a new report say Donald Trump’s presidency may still be hurting how people around the world view the U.S. Source

Jim Price Interview – The Deception Of The American People & The Obfuscation Of Their Rights

Joining me today on Moving Target is Jim Price, of The Jim Price Show, here to continue our conversation from the Reawaken America Tour, primarily regarding rights that Americans do not realize they have, rights Americans have forgotten they have, and why (on both counts) that is. We also discuss how this overlaps with the […]

California Democrats consider wealth tax — including for people who moved out of state

California Democrats consider wealth tax — including for people who moved out of state. California lawmakers are pushing legislation that would impose a new tax on the state’s wealthiest residents — even if they’ve already moved to another part of the country. Source

Weed Makes People Cum Harder, Study Says

Legendary astronomer and cannabis enjoyer Carl Sagan once waxed poetic about how weed “enhances the enjoyment of sex—on the one hand it gives an exquisite sensitivity, but on the other hand it postpones orgasm: in part by distracting me with the profusion of image passing before my eyes.” A new study from researchers at East […]

Bill Gates Is Flying Across Australia On Private Jet To Lecture People About Climate Change

Bill Gates has been flying around Australia on his $70 million dollar luxury private jet to lecture people about climate change. The hypocrite billionaire is currently trying to rustle up business for his Breakthrough Energy […] The post Bill Gates Is Flying Across Australia On Private Jet To Lecture People About Climate Change appeared first […]

Video: Dem Rep Lauds Bill To Make It Criminal For White People To Criticise Non White People

Democratic Representative Sheila Jackson Lee suggested Monday that Tucker Carlson could be the first to be prosecuted under legislation she has introduced that would see any white person talking about ‘replacement theory’ be criminalized. As previously noted, the legislation, known as The Leading Against White Supremacy Act of 2023, would categorise any speech that is […]

On the first steps of the People’s Republic of China’s updated foreign leadership policy

One of the most significant outcomes of the CPC’s 20th Congress, held at the end of September, and the 1st Plenum of the Central Committee of the ruling party in China, held a month later, was a radical change in personnel, both in the leadership and in the state administration that implements the party’s decisions. […]

UK Pays People to Stop Using Electricity

Millions of households and businesses will be paid to cut back their electricity usage between 5pm and 6pm today to prevent blackouts on one of the coldest days of the year amid warnings energy supplies will be ‘tighter than normal’. The National Grid said it would be activating its Demand Flexibility Service (DFS) this evening […]

“People Are So Fed Up With Politicians Who Are OWNED by Special Interests”

19 jan 2023 “The people of this country are suffering. They’re suffering so badly right now. And they’re feeling desperate because there’s nobody looking out for them.” Kari Lake Discusses Globalist Open Border Agenda Harming the American People _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over […]

Police Contractor That Promised to Track Homeless People Hacked

Hackers have stolen more than 15GB of data from ODIN Intelligence, a law enforcement contractor which, among other things, recently had plans to track people experiencing homelessness with facial recognition. The cache includes a bevy of sensitive information, such as photos, reports, and other ODIN customer and internal data. In one directory called “gallery” are […]

Facebook And Instagram Could Soon Allow Transgender And Non-Binary People To Show Their Breasts

And in a real slap to the face for equality, women who were born biologically female will have no such option, according to a new report by the NY Post. Source

Man Wondering Why People Keep Stealing His ‘Come And Take It’ Flag

WICHITA FALLS, TX — Local man Harley Richards has become befuddled as people keep repeatedly stealing his flag that says, “Come and take it”. Source

Rare cloud formation in Turkey has people talking

Rare cloud formation in Turkey has people talking Date: January 21, 2023Author: Nwo Report Posted BY: Wyatt | NwoReport A bizarre cloud formation staggered residents in the Turkish city of Bursa on Thursday after the circular UFO-like cloud covered the sky in the early morning hours. The surreal sight has gone viral on social media […]

Massive Strikes Hit France: More Than One Million People Join 200 Protest Marches

Massive Strikes Hit France: More Than One Million People Join 200 Protest Marches January 20, 2023 Journal of People Peasants and Workers Countercurrents | January 20, 2023 A massive strike has hit France on Thursday. Workers and other earners joined hands in protesting pension reform. Trade union sources said the number of people joining more than 200 […]

The people of New Hampshire vs. Joe Biden

What do you do when you are one of the guardians of your state’s most precious political and cultural institution — the very thing that defines New Hampshire — and the president you love and the party you’ve served your whole life, tells you to destroy it? To find out, we spoke to Ray Buckley. […]

Democrat Bill Aims to Make it a Crime for White People to Criticize Non-White People

Democratic congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas has introduced a bill to the House aimed at making it a crime for white people to criticize non-white people. Source

Richard Proctor: International banking establishment is controlling people’s lives through money manipulation

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Author Richard Proctor told Doug Hagmann that the international banking establishment is controlling the lives of people through money. He made this assertion during the Jan. 11 episode of “The Hagmann Report.”Proctor, also the founder and CEO the Provis Institute of Political Economics, explained that banks make a … [Read More…] Source

Democrat Introduces Bill That Criminalizes White People ‘Criticizing Non-White People’

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) has called for a new type of federal hate crime conspiracy charge solely aimed at white people and introduced a House Bill that seeks to criminalize white people who “criticize” […] The post Democrat Introduces Bill That Criminalizes White People ‘Criticizing Non-White People’ appeared first on News Punch. Source

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