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Trans People Are Avoiding Whole U.S. States to Stay Safe

Image Source/Getty Images Shortly after Rynn Willgohs started transitioning, she took a road trip from her home state of North Dakota to Kentucky. But before she headed out, the trans activist mapped out where to stop and get gas, what bathrooms to use on the way, and which states would provide safer pit stops.  Willgohs […]

‘Salad Pizza Wine’ Will Help You Win Friends and Influence People

Reading the new cookbook from Janice Tiefenbach, Stephanie Mercier Voyer, Ryan Gray, and Marley Sniatowsky, Salad Pizza Wine, reminds me of some of the best and most memorable dining experiences I’ve had in the past few years: Folk in Nashville, Young Joni in Minneapolis, Pizzeria Beddia in Philadelphia, Daisies and Giant in Chicago, and Louie […]

Austrian concern as Hungary begins to release people smugglers

    Austria is strengthening its border controls. This is because Hungary is starting to release convicted people smugglers, who have smuggled third world immigrants into the EU for payment, on the condition that they leave the country immediately. Hungary’s prisons are full of people smugglers. According to official figures, 2,600 foreigners from 73 countries […]

Democrats Vow To Make Self-Defense Illegal: ‘It Discriminates Against Black People’

Home » Crimes, North America, Politics » Democrats Vow To Make Self-Defense Illegal: ‘It Discriminates Against Black People’     If someone you love were threatened, or physically attacked, do you have the right to defend them? And even more so, when police are being defunded and when criminals are being released on the streets, […]

7 People Arrested In Spain Linked To Racial Abuse Cases Against Vinícius Júnior

MADRID (AP) — Seven people accused of racially abusing Real Madrid player Vinícius Júnior have been arrested in Spain, police said Tuesday. Three were detained in Valencia for alleged abuse against Vinícius in a Spanish league match on Sunday. Four were arrested in Madrid for allegedly hanging an effigy of the player off a highway […]

Democrats Vow To Make Self-Defence Illegal: “It Discriminates Against Black People”

Democrats have vowed to make self-defence illegal in America due to the fact that it ‘overwhelmingly discriminates against people of color.’ According to a disturbing new report, Soros-funded Democratic lawmakers are working behind the scenes to ensure that the constitutional right of protecting yourself and your family from violent criminals is taken away. The first […]

Reclaiming CUNY as a People’s University: Fighting against repression, censorship, and anti-Palestinian racism

On May 15th, as people around the world commemorated the 75th anniversary of the ongoing Nakba- the oppression and forced expulsion of Palestinians from their own country by Zionist colonizers – the administration of the City University of New York (CUNY) ramped up its repression of student-led Palestine solidarity organizing. The administration of Hunter College […]

Reforming the People’s Court, Victorian Magistrates’ Reactions to Change

See report: Source: Source

The Voice – what it’s really about, what the people want

What the mainstream media does not want you to know. See speech in the video below. People in government have been deceiving their constituents with reference to referendums for generations. The newest one labelled as ‘The Voice’ is another ploy for the benefit of those in government and not their constituents. It’s about taking away […]

The people of ‘the camp’

At the entrance to the Aida refugee camp stands an enormous key, sat atop a structure built to resemble an old lock. Known simply by residents as المفتاح, “the key”. It’s the defining feature of the camp, and a landmark known outside the camp’s borders, across the surrounding city of Bethlehem.  Need to give a […]

Dennis Quaid Wants to ‘Make Texas the Film Capital of the World’ as People Flee California

Actor Dennis Quaid expounded on a new movement to make the Lone Star state of Texas the “film capital of the world” as people move out of California. Source

“A land without a people for a people without a land”

TEHRAN- The phrase “a land without a people for a people without a land” has historical context but has become a common slogan for Zionists to try and justify their illegal settler presence on Palestinian land. Source

Psychedelic plant compound ibogaine helping people overcome addition

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Another natural herb that currently sits on the United States’ Schedule I “controlled substances” list along with cannabis and peyote is helping people overcome the damage caused to them by pharmaceutical drugs.Ibogaine, which comes from a powerful Gabonese plant, is a natural substance that people with drug addiction … [Read More…] Source

‘People Didn’t Get the Humor’: Phil Jackson Walks Back Claims that NBA Has Become ‘Too Political’

NBA Hall of Fame head coach Phil Jackson is trying to carefully walk back his recent claim that the NBA has gotten too political. Source

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World

It’s a Smiley’s People kinda World I must confess to having played hooky yesterday. There were a number of reasons for this; they included first, a rush of massive leaks about Biden family crime, Elon Mask offering Tucker Carlson a job at Twitter, the CDC, Solar/Wind being only a mythical energy solution, when pharmas knew about […]

Pope Francis Declares Child Rapists Are “God’s Chosen People”

Pope Francis has declared that child rapists are ‘God’s chosen people’ and has urged Christians to treat pedophiles with the ‘love and respect’ they deserve. Yes, really. The pontiff made his outlandish remarks last month […] The post Pope Francis Declares Child Rapists Are “God’s Chosen People” appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Elizabeth Warren Says Its Time To Arrest People Who Use Bitcoin

Senator Elizabeth Warren has declared that it’s time to make owning cyrpto wallets illegal in America. And her plan runs contrary to the principles she campaigned on with Senator Roger Marshall. In 2022, Senator Warren […] The post Elizabeth Warren Says Its Time To Arrest People Who Use Bitcoin appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Minnesota Senate passes Democracy for the People Act—prohibits foreign-influenced corporate spending in elections

The bill, which garnered 80 percent of Minnesota voters’ support, according to a statewide poll conducted in November, will head to the governor’s desk, who pledged to sign it. Source

How the people can take down Fox News for good

The network is currently in a very vulnerable position that can be exploited by everyday, ordinary cable customers like us. Source

Report: People across America are routinely exposed to vinyl chloride pollution

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) Exposure to vinyl chloride became a big issue following the train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. But according to a report released this month, people across the United States are regularly exposed to vinyl chloride pollution.It has been more than two months since a Norfolk Southern train transporting hazardous … [Read More…] […]

Only 1,800 People Tune In to Watch Joe Biden & Kamala Harris On Campaign Call

Only 1,800 people could be bothered to tune in and watch the most popular President in US history, and his VP, crash and burn on Thursday evenings campaign call. Handler, Jill Biden appeared a little […] The post Only 1,800 People Tune In to Watch Joe Biden & Kamala Harris On Campaign Call appeared first […]

Top 6 reasons people are ADDICTED to NICOTINE, plus an effective, natural escape plan (contributed content)

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) (Third party contributed content) Quitting nicotine use is one of the toughest tasks known to humans, but most non-smokers and non-vapers have no sympathy or empathy for this, as they just assume these folks know it’s bad for their health and aren’t attempting to stop. Nothing is further from the truth, as […]

Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Politicians Know When They Control The Food, They Control The People

There is growing pressure from influential interest groups like World Economic Forum to get people to eat insects. WEF founder and executive chairman Klaus Schwab has made climate change a focal point in discussions regarding […] The post Eva Vlaardingerbroek: Politicians Know When They Control The Food, They Control The People appeared first on The […]

Musk on Twitter Staff Cuts: You Can Let Go of a Lot of People if You’re Not Trying to Run a Glorified Activist Organization or Care About Censorship

During an interview that aired on Monday’s broadcast of FNC’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” Elon Musk discussed the staffing situation he inherited after his acquisition of Twitter. Source

Dr. Peter McCullough-[Otherwise] Healthy [Killer Jabbed] People are Dying of Myocarditis – What You Can Do to Keep Your Family Safe

213 health/science institutions worldwide all failed to cite even 1 record of “SARS-COV-2” purification, by anyone, anywhere, ever “This spike protein [WHICH IS INJECTED WITH A SYRINGE LOADED WITH NON VACCINE KILLER JAB] is a killer, and it rips through the hearts of men and women,” [AND CHILDREN] said Dr. McCullough. Source

Too many people are dependent on the system to revolt

They can’t bite the hand that feeds them ROAD TO LIBERATION APR 12, 2023 Intro I’ve wondered what exactly it will take for Americans, and more generally many countries in the world but particularly the US, to finally rise up. To say “that’s enough” and really start to revolt. A revolution against the powers that […]

Japan’s Foreign Minister Visits the People’s Republic of China

Yoshimasa Hayashi, the foreign minister of Japan, paid a visit to China on April 1-2 of this year, and everything that went along with it ended up being rather indicative of the complex and contentious processes going on throughout the Indo-Pacific area as a whole, since during this visit, the complicated relationship between two of […]

Meeting People is Easy – #SolutionsWatch

Here on #SolutionsWatch we’ve looked at Building Community as a key part of the solution to the issues that we face . . . but how do you find that community in the first place? Today on the de-program James goes through just a few of the many, many, many different ways you can start […]

I want to fund a study of people who died within 30 days of vaccination

I want to fund a study of people who died within 30 days of vaccination Is there any researcher anywhere in the US who will take my money? Anywhere in the world? The Schwab study alone indicates the COVID vaccines have killed well over 6,520 Americans. Steve Kirsch If the CDC were being honest with […]

An Italian tourist has been killed and several people injured in a terror attack in Tel Aviv

It comes hours after it was confirmed that two women who died in a West Bank shooting were British. The women, aged 16 and 20, died when their car crashed after it was shot at on Friday near an Israeli settlement in the Jordan Valley, Israeli authorities said. Their mother, reported locally as being in… […]

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