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Australia’s new tax law screwing over the people, AGAIN!

 As time goes by, people in Australia’s governments, both federal and state are making life harder and harder for the serf population, you know, the ‘mums & dads’ taxpayers meanwhile allowing corporations to pay less tax or even turn a blind eye to tax evasion from corporations like Apple, Google, Meta or Microsoft at al, […]

They Are Screwing The Kids.

My bug bear is the insane, stupid, dangerous climate emergency agenda. It’s a bloody lie; fools led by fools. However, it’s inadvertently led to increasing awareness of the sexualisation of children. I tuned into Kris Brooks’ LSB Film Productions channel a month ago to watch a West Suffolk Council public meeting because I am fed […]

Here’s the Email Amazon Sent Sellers It’s Allegedly Screwing Over After FTC Filed Antitrust Lawsuit

One day after the Federal Trade Commission and 17 states sued Amazon for “illegally maintaining monopoly power,” the company sent its online sellers an email about the lawsuit. The email, which was obtained by Motherboard, was sent late Wednesday evening with the subject line, “The FTC’s complaint and what it means for you.” The email […]

Sadistic Nancy Pelosi Gloating Over Screwing the American Taxpayer and Enriching Herself

Politics Everyone In Congress Getting $100,000 Bonus For Coming Up With Such A Great Relief Bill December 22nd, 2020 9.6kShares7.4kSHARE994SHARESHARE WASHINGTON, D.C.—Some much-needed money is coming to people when they need it most, as everyone in Congress is now getting a $100,000 bonus for coming up with such a great coronavirus relief bill. “This comes […]

For Sure De Blasio & Cuomo Are Getting Bags of Money Under the Table For Screwing Their Constituents (“Jewish” Mafia Money)

By infostormer -August 23, 20203 Enormous food lines are forming in New York City. People have been fleeing the city in droves. The entire place is broken. The fact that you have these huge lines of people lining up for free food just further proves how broken the city is. This is all the result of Bill […]

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