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Mike Stone – Americans are Demonically Possessed

For Israelis, these are not children. They are future “terrorists” or the mothers of future terrorists. That’s the way genocide works.  The West is complicit in genocide.  Its moral bank account is empty.  “As of May 2024, there are millions of Americans salivating with blood lust over the mass murder of Palestinian children being carried out […]

Russia Bombs Ukraine Back Into The Stone Age After So Many Acts Of Deadly and Destructive Terrorism Carried Out On Russian Soil

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Mike Stone – Hidden Hand Guides College Demonstrations

(No image due to technical issues)  There are pro-Palestine anti-genocide demonstrations on college campuses across America. Although the cause is just, there is no question that these demonstrations are being helped along by George Soros et co. Mike Stone thinks Donald Trump is behind them. I think Mike is out to lunch this time.  […]

Mike Stone – Elvis Presley’s Svengali Took 50%

Presley’s manager was Col. Tom Parker. That wasn’t his real name. He wasn’t even an American but he had the special sauce that made Elvis Presley a megastar. Mike Stone thinks he was worth his mega commission. by Mike Stone ( When you’re in show business, it helps to have a Svengali, someone to manage, […]

Their Victory is Not Set in Stone

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL Here is the Premier of Australia, which has become such a hotbed of censorship efforts of late, opining that it is the “responsibility” of social media platforms to suppress “misinformation.” He specifically lauds taking down memes of him with his face superimposed onto other images. Being a certain sort of […]

Mike Stone – Universities Shutting Down Over Gaza

“Our Jewish overlords have created a Frankenstein’s monster that has turned on them and they don’t know how to control it, other than by doing what they do best, which is to murder and kill.” by Mike Stone ( The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. You’ve heard the expression, “What if […]

Mike Stone – Our Institutions are Boondoggles

Our institutions — government, education, military, science and medicine  are all boondoggles designed to enrich their stakeholders rather than  serve the tax paying public. The MSM applies lipstick to this pig.  This is why they have no trouble betraying us. “Our enemies proudly and publicly subvert the country and nobody cares.  While the enemy is rewarded […]

Mike Stone — Solar Eclipse; What is the Deep State Planning?

Some of you have heard the news, or rather the rumors, that the Deep State has something diabolical planned to take place on April 8, the day of the solar eclipse. Others are predicting a massive, Harp-induced earthquake to hit Los Angeles on June 6. An earthquake of such magnitude it will level the city […]

Mike Stone – Puff Daddy is the Epstein of the Rap Industry

Someone asked me if I’m serious when I recommend unplugging from corporate America.  I told him yes, I’m deadly serious. Then, knowing the jolt it was sure to give him, I suggested he start by killing his television. Well, you’d have thought I told him to murder his firstborn.  “Kill my television? How will I […]

Mike Stone – Billionaires Burrow Bunkers

“If you had a billion dollars, would you build an underground bunker?  I wouldn’t. But practically every billionaire alive today is.  And they’re doing it with a sense of speed and urgency.  Do they know something we don’t?  If so, why haven’t they warned the rest of us? by Mike Stone ( Yogi Berra famously […]

stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte

Cave di Cusa was an ancient stone quarry in Sicily, that was the source of stone used to build the temples in the ancient Greek city Selinunte. This site was quarried beginning in the 6th century BC until it was abandoned in 409 BC when the city was captured by the Carthaginians. Look at the […]

Hezbollah bombing ‘Israel’ back to Stone Age: Israeli Media

March 16, 2024 Source: Israeli media By Al Mayadeen English Israeli media has mocked ‘Israel’s’ threats of bombing Lebanon back to the Stone Age, saying the reality is the opposite. Israeli media is mocking previous statements made by Israeli officials against Hezbollah, threatening the Lebanese Resistance of bombing Lebanon back to the Stone Age.  In […]

Mike Stone – Bitcoin is Midwife of CBDC’s

Bitcoin or Bit-con by Mike Stone ( Bitcoin hit an all-time high of $72,000 the other day. Doubtless that will bring out the greed in many people and lead to a high of $100,000 or more sometime this summer. Maybe even sooner. But is anyone asking why this is happening, and more importantly, why now?  […]

Jim Stone – Synagogues are Centers of Subversion

“The Kol Nidre prayer is FILTHY. It’s like an oath to Satan himself, where you basically say to God that you intend to lie and not honor contracts during this year, that you should be forgiven for lying and not honoring contracts in the last year…” About 20 years ago, Jim Stone infiltrated Canadian synagogues […]

Mike Stone – Jewish COVIDscam Still Hasn’t Registered on Dumb Goyim

(The agenda of Organized Jewry, i.e. the WEF) Now here we are four years later  and people are so fundamentally stupid  and asleep at the wheel  that they still don’t understand what really happened.  Americans are set to re-elect vaccine murderer Donald Trump. by Mike Stone ( We’re nearing the four year anniversary of the great […]

Mike Stone – Gaslighting is the MSM’s Purpose

Everything you see or hear coming  from the mainstream media is a lie.  Not some of it, not most of it, all of it. by Mike Stone ( To substantiate what I’ve just said, let’s look at some recent examples. In October of 2023, the mainstream media told us that Israel was hit with a […]

Roger Stone joins Mike Adams with WARNING about Dems’ plan to try to sabotage Trump’s upcoming victory to save America

(NaturalNews) The following is an automated transcript of Mike Adams’ recent interview with Roger Stone. Please excuse any errors. See below for the full… Source

MAGA Messaging: Alex Jones, Michael Flynn, Roger Stone Warn of Anti-Trump ‘Racial Uprising’ and ‘Subversion’

On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, the right-wing Real America’s Voice network sponsored an online Twitter space town hall hosted by Human Events Daily podcaster and pizzagate promoter Jack Posobiec and featuring conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, former Trump official Michael Flynn, and political dirty trickster Roger Stone. The more than two-hour conversation on Elon Musk’s […]

Mike Stone – Taylor Swift is NFL Poster Child for Witchcraft & Satanism

“Are George Soros, Scooter Braun, and the Carlyle Group,  who own all of Swift’s music, forcing her into a fabricated relationship  with Kelce in order to further a satanic agenda?”  by Mike Stone (henrymakow,.com)  Is the fix in on Kansas City to win the Super Bowl? Is the purpose to thrust pop star Taylor Swift […]

Mike Stone- Satanists Double-Down on Death Wish

Yumi Nu not so yumi. Satanism inverts all values. Ugly is beautiful. Lies are truth. Evil is good. Instead of being inclusive, why not encourage these women to excel in other ways. Like Susan Boyle. Our corrupt ancestors gave our national credit cards to people  who use our money to destroy us. They bought everyone and everything.  […]

Mike Stone – The Awesome Power of Forgiveness

“Not forgiving someone else doesn’t harm them in the slightest, but it plays havoc with us. . . .  It is foolish for us to punish ourselves in the present because someone hurt us in the past.” Makow Disclaimer- There can be no forgiveness of evil unless the evil-doer fully repents.  Forgiveness is evading responsibility […]

Mike Stone – America is Steeped in Sin

“By continuing to sin, the people of this country are dooming it to failure. And that responsibility lies with all of us individually. Until we stop sinning, the country will never recover. In fact, it’s only going to fall further from grace.” Makow – Satanists have taught us to hate the entity we most love […]

Girl drank silica and turned into stone

In 1874 a 16 year old girl turned from happy and lively to dead and literally petrified in less than an hour. This investigation and forensic exam was very well detailed carried out by a team of physicians….as it was never seen before it seems. She did a crazy thing that I will explain then […]

Mike Stone – 2024 Will Be “Vaccine” Die-Off Year

“From the moment the fake vaccines first came out, Brian Wilkins said that 2024 would be the year of the great die-off, when masses of people who took the second round of the jab, but aren’t already dead, will “die suddenly” from heart attacks, strokes, and cancer. His prediction has already begun to come true […]

Mike Stone – Navigating a Fake News World

Mike Stone is a valued contributor.  He often articulates what we are feeling.  But this article is a dud. It goes without saying.  Almost passed on it. What do you think?  Plus, Mike has been snookered by the Trump ruse and the crazy notion that John McCain was executed for treason. If US politicians were executed […]

‘There were bodies everywhere. Horrific scenes, enough to make a stone cry’: one family’s harrowing journey out of Gaza City

Zakaria Baker and his family were forced from their home in Al-Shati refugee camp by Israeli bombs on November 7. As they traveled south over 15 kilometers they witnessed incredible horrors and not everyone survived the journey. This is their story. Source

Mike Stone- Child Sacrifice is Fundamental Deep State Ritual

Child sex trafficking and child murder  are the currency and the glue that holds the entire deep state together.  Every player on any level is involved  with the exploitation of children in one way or another.  It’s the one subject no one wants to talk about. by Mike Stone ( Our country’s proxy war against Russia […]

Mike Stone – If Israel Hadn’t Killed JFK

Piper clearly and indisputably proves that the primary player in the assassination of JFK  almost all of whom were Freemasons. How different the world would have been if.. or failing that, if the killers had been brought to justice. Wednesday, November 22 is the 60th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  Who Killed […]

Mike Stone – Bugs R Coming & You Will Eat Them

“If they didn’t KNOW that the majority of people on earth WILL EAT THE BUGS, they wouldn’t be investing so much of their time and energy into pushing it.” By Mike Stone (  In the same way that nothing has changed as far as a desire by the same people who orchestrated the attacks of […]

Mike Stone – War (We’ve Seen this Movie Before)

(Many Jews suffer from a collective Asbergers Syndrome.) Organized Jewry/Freemasonry is using the same strategy  they used to suck America into World War Two Gulf of Tonkin, 911, etc… we’ve seen it all before. by Mike Stone ( Are you concerned with the events taking place in the Middle East? If not, you should be, […]

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