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“Almost everyone you know in your life 
is dangerous to both you and your family. 

“Americans continue to feed the very machine
that oppresses them, the very machine
that wants to see them dead.

“But unless and until cuckservatives wise up
 and make changes in their own lives, 
nothing is going to change.

What I’m concerned about is YOU. 
You and every other individual American. 
Just because the country is going to hell, 
doesn’t mean you have to go with it.
 In fact, that’s the good news. 
You can save yourself and your family. 
You don’t have to be dragged down to hell 
like everyone else.”

“Nothing is Going to Change Until We Change.”
By Mike Stone

Tucker Carlson made an interesting comment last week. Speaking of Donald Trump’s hush-money trial and his unlawful conviction, Tucker said, “Anyone who defends this verdict is a danger to you and your family.”

Tucker is right (for once) and his statement correlates to everything I’ve been saying for the last four years, which is that almost everyone you know in your life is dangerous to both you and your family. 

Let’s start with that quack who calls himself your doctor. If he pushed you to take the death jab and you’re still seeing him, I would advise you to take a hard and critical look at what you are doing. The guy just tried to poison you and you’re putting money in his pocket? How does that make even the slightest sense? 

If he’s a pediatrician for your children, it’s even worse. He injected children with poison and you’re doing business with him? What does that make you? It means you’ve abdicated your role as a protector of children, which is one of the primary roles that men play in society. Only the most feminized of feminized men would do such a thing.

That American doctors, nurses, dentists, and other medical professionals who pushed their patients to take the fake vaccine (and that’s 99.9% of them), haven’t closed up shop and been forced into bankruptcy due to widespread patient boycotts is proof positive that nothing is going to change when Donald Trump wins in November. How can it when the majority of Americans continue to feed the very machine that oppresses them, the very machine that wants to see them dead?

How about those cuckservative pundits on television and talk radio? You know who I’m talking about. Wayne Allyn Root, Dennis Prager, Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, little Benny Shapiro, the list is endless. If you’re listening to any one of them and believing a single word they’re saying, then again, I ask you to take a long and critical look at what you’re doing. They’ve been feeding you falsehoods for years. Only the most gullible of gullible people would listen to a word they say. That they haven’t been fired and forced to earn an honest living due to widespread listener boycotts is further proof that nothing is going to change when Trump wins in November.

There’s something called the Law of Association. It states that whoever and whatever you surround yourself with will become a part of you. If you’re listening to the fools listed above, or anything at all coming from the Fake News media, then you are on your way to becoming exactly what they are: losers who are incapable of telling the truth.

How about those pink-haired Communist teachers who want to molest your kids and turn them into trannies? If you’re sending your kids to school instead of homeschooling them, then you really need to take a critical look at what you’re doing. That even a single public or private school is still standing in this country and hasn’t folded due to parents pulling their kids out and homeschooling them is more proof that nothing is going to change when Trump wins in November.

How about Hollywood? Are you watching movies? Have you cancelled your cable television and streaming services? Don’t you know that refusing to boycott the entertainment industry is openly collaborating with the enemy? How in the world is Trump going to turn the country around when the country’s own citizens are funding the enemy?

Cuckservatives are Their Own Worst Enemy

Cuckservatives are salivating at the thought of electing Trump in November and extracting revenge for having their vote stolen in 2020. But that’s as far as their thinking goes. They’re projecting all of their anger and frustration onto one man and expecting him to solve all of their problems, while doing nothing on their own to solve those same problems.

Don’t get me wrong, a win by Trump in November is a step in the right direction and I will pop a champagne cork when it happens. When Trump assumes office in 2025, it will be far better than what we’re witnessing now. But it’s not going to be the utopia that most people are expecting.

Granted, some things will be better. On a personal level, I’m glad that Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, Deborah Birx, and others are dead and have been replaced with impostors, and that more deep-staters will follow them. I’m happy to hear that all twelve jurors, along with the judge and the prosecutor in Trump’s rigged trial will soon be rounded up, sent to Gitmo, and given the John McCain treatment. That is all very satisfying.
[Makow Disclaimer- I don’t share these opinions]

But unless and until cuckservatives wise up and make changes in their own lives, nothing is going to change. As long as cuckservatives refuse to boycott their oppressors, nothing is going to improve. As long as cuckservatives continue to “stand with Israel” (no matter how many children the Israelis kill or how many innocent people they murder), nothing is going to be any different. America will continue its rapid descent into hell no matter who the president is.

Personally, I care very little about the fate of the country. Obviously, I’d prefer not to see it fall. But since 1913, and even earlier, the United States has done nothing but wreak havoc and destruction around the world. The Heavenly chastisement we are currently experiencing is long overdue. What I’m concerned about is YOU. You and every other individual American. Just because the country is going to hell, doesn’t mean you have to go with it. In fact, that’s the good news. You can save yourself and your family. You don’t have to be dragged down to hell like everyone else.

I can’t take you to Heaven. I wish I could, but I can’t. All I can do is encourage you through articles and books to make going to Heaven a priority over all your earthly pursuits. But in the end, it’s up to you. Only you can save your soul. 

The country is dead. Stick a fork in it. Trump will provide a spurt, a last gasp of hope, but when he’s gone there’s no successor and there will be no change in the behavior of the American public. The unravelling from that point on will be fast and furious. Pay it no mind. Save yourself and save your family.


“Americans continue to feed the very machine that oppresses them, the very machine that wants to see them dead.” Tucker Carlson

I haven’t seen any government that has been honest and conforms to the natural law or natural order.  We are all born with the ability to discern between right and wrong; good and evil; and truth and lies.  Using right reason and common sense would improve the conditions.

My suggestions to improve societies all over the world would be:

Abolish oath taking.  This act is like putting yourself into bondage.
Remove all satanic symbols and signs
Teach young people how to think using right reason and common sense.
Communism, socialism, fascism, and democracy should all be eliminated.
These systems of government are proven failures and they aren’t necessary.
All future forms of government must abide in the natural law.
Military should only be used for defensive purposes.
The economy should be allowed to operate as a free market.
Income tax should be abolished because it is a form of theft.  Income tax is immoral. A man is entitled to all of the fruit of his labor.
Eliminate all wars as they are not productive and they kill too many innocent people.  With the natural law, it should be easy to solve differences without going to war.
Stop voting.  It’s voting for the lessor of two evils; but they are still evil.  Anything that is considered government must stay within the natural law.  
It’s good not to feed the machine but it is important to know that the machine is evil; the natural law is better as the real God created it.  Society, if it is to be successful and produce good results, must have a moral foundation based on the natural law which the real God created.


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