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(8 June 2024) – Since it appears that we’ll get through the weekend okay, we have an opportunity to review a couple of important subjects before we start focusing on next week’s danger period: 1) the “AI is a threat to humanity” narrative, and 2) why the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array was (supposedly) built with conventional technology. Today we’ll look at the AI narrative…

Beware of charlatans spouting “evil Artificial Intelligence (AI)” propaganda

…from mainstream media outlet CNN (top) and controlled alt-media outlet All News Pipeline (bottom)

You may have noticed the massive mainstream and controlled alt-media coverage being given to the supposed threat to humanity posed by AI. This is part of the preparatory propaganda setup for the final stage of the Kabbalist-planned Second Tribulation, when “Satan himself will rule over Earth via AI.” Here is a modified version of what I wrote about it in the 16 February 2023 update (which I’ll further update and enhance over the course of the day):

…I thought we’d do a strategic strike of our own by exposing the stages of the Antichrist Deception — of which there are three…

1. The First Tribulation Stage, which is the Kabbalist-planned “Satan’s Fake Tribulation” that ends with the rise of the “Nazionist Antichrists” and their New World Order, in which it currently appears that Trump/Pence and Putin/Shoigu will defeat the decoy antichrist Obama (and/or Xi) and save the world from the “commie depopulation scheme.” The reign of Trump/Pence will be short, ending a few days before Rosh Hashanah of 2025 [possibly on September 19, during the 9-23 September UNGA that year (which ends on Rosh Hashanah)].

2. The Second Tribulation Stage, which is the Kabbalist-planned “God’s True Tribulation” that ends with the rise of the “Kabbalah Christ” and his Millennial Kingdom, in which Putin (or Shoigu) rises to leadership of the “reformed” UN and is later exposed as the “Final Antichrist.” His reign will last for either 3.5 or 7 years, depending on how the globalists choose to script 2029.

3. The Second Great Tribulation Stage, which is the Kabbalist-planned “Satan rules through AI” portion of the Second Tribulation, in which Putin will place a “quantum computer-based artificial intelligence” in charge of the global government’s management of the 2029 Apophis asteroid defense and recovery effort (“so all defense and recovery possibilities can be evaluated and implemented with lightning speed and impartiality”).

The “Satan as AI” Stage may last for only a short time or for 3.5 years depending on when the globalists schedule the arrival of their Jesus Christ imposter (a.k.a. the “Kabbalah Christ”). They could have “Jesus and his angels” arrive with Apophis on 13 April 2029, or they could have them arrive during the fall Jewish holidays of 2032. If they opt for the latter, Putin will be “the human figurehead of Satan’s oppressive Great Tribulation reign” until both are defeated by the incoming Kabbalah Christ and his tinklefairies.

A peek at the globalists’ fanciful “Satan as AI” narrative is offered in this video interview of New Age disinfo-doofus David Wilcock by fellow disinfo-dork Mike Adams. They begin touching on the subject and its relation to the COVID jab and the transhumanist movement at the 1:09:35 mark of the video, with Wilcock first mentioning that “Satan is an artificial intelligence” at the 1:12:36 mark.

It should be noted that the video is hosted on Mike Adams’s Brighteon website (Brighteon = Bright Eon = Age of Light = Age of Luciferian Light). Adams is apparently a New Ager who has been assigned to indoctrinate Christians in the New Age aspects of the “End Times” narrative by couching them in Christian terms. And Wilcock presents much of his recent disinfo drivel as revelations from Archangel Michael (the favorite angel of the Nazionists). Wilcock also promotes Vladimir Putin (who is playing the “Final Antichrist” character in the globalists’ “End Times” stageplay). In the stageplay, New Age spirituality is the “channeled doctrines of demons and Satan.”

NOTE (7 June 2024): LOL, these idiots… Netanyahu’s June 13 speech before the US Congress has been rescheduled for July 24 “on account of Shavuot” (as if they weren’t aware of Shavuot when they first scheduled it). This means he’ll be arriving in Washington on July 23, Tzom Tammuz (which commemorates the breaching of Jerusalem’s walls). So now we have a date in July to watch for mischief. But we must first get through this weekend and then the G7 Summit and EU Informal Summit next week (the G7 starts during Shavuot — they could have hit the G7 leaders in Italy and Netanyahu & Congress in Washington on June 13, so maybe they’re switching timelines or flying Netanyahu to the G7).


It has been the Kabbalists’ practice to have Dmitry Medvedev — in his fictional role as an “Atlantic Integrationist who plots to overthrow Putin and bring Russia into the Western-version NWO” — do the false-flag enablers (Russian statements that Western covert operations can point to in blaming Russia for their false-flags). And here is one that will come into play if they pull the trigger in France this week…

…from TASS. Here is an excerpt…

Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev has warned that Russia will also act without restraint toward France, after French President Emmanuel Macron refused to honor any red lines when it comes to supporting Ukraine.

Macron said in a recent meeting that “there are no more red lines, there are no more limits” in terms of providing support to Ukraine, according to Le Monde. In a post on X, Medvedev quoted these words and responded, “Then it means there are no more red lines for Russia with respect to France.”

If you add to this Medvedev’s many warnings of striking NATO decision-making centers and Russian nuclear retaliation, you have a prescription for Operation Blackjack being blamed on Russian nukes (initially, by the commie side). And this week’s D-Day commemorations provide a nice symbolic backdrop for a joint “right-wing extremist + Islamist” offensive against Europe.

To be clear, the commies will blame Blackjack on the “far-right and Putin.” And the “patriots / constitutionalists” (Nazionists) will blame it on “the commies trying to stop the right from rising in the European Parliament elections” (that run from today through Sunday and could be suspended — just like elections have been suspended in Zelensky’s Ukraine — due to Blackjack). But both sides work for the Kabbalist Central Banking Cartel, and the scripted outcome of this farcical drama is the collapse of the Interim World Order and the rise of the “multilateral” BRICS New World Order (the Global Roman Empire under Putin/Augustus).

~ MORE ~

Keep in mind this news that came out yesterday…

Ukraine has struck inside of Russia with U.S. weapons for the first time since permission was granted by the Biden administration last week, according to a Ukrainian official.

Ukrainian parliament member Yehor Cherniev confirmed that U.S.-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket Systems (HIMARS) have hit Russian logistics and artillery locations inside of Russia near Ukraine’s northeast region of Kharkiv, where Moscow is conducting an offensive. – from The Hill

And consider it in light of what I wrote about in a 2022 update (emphasis added)…

According to the globalist script (and their disinfo agent “The Saker”), Dmitry Medvedev is an “Atlantic Integrationist” who wants Russia to join the Western-version NWO. So when he threatened a strike against Western “decision-making centers” in response to any Ukrainian HIMARS rocket attack on Russian territory, he was handing NATO exactly what they need to carry out Operation Blackjack and blame it on Putin.

~ MORE ~

You may have seen the news about Elon Musk’s “triumphant” Starship launch today. I’ve previously written about SpaceX‘s role in placing the Artemis Orbital Weapons Array into orbit…

The Artemis Moon mission program provides public cover for the weapons program. They used the excuse of a manned mission to the Moon in order the build the super-heavy “SLS” rockets needed to lift the tungsten rods into space. In the same way, Elon Musk used his “mission to Mars” as an excuse to build his super-heavy “Starship” rockets for the same purpose.

Whether today’s launch was an operational launch of more Artemis components or a symbolic launch celebrating Artemis’ impending victory, I encourage you to read more about the weapons system and its ties to Trump/Pence.

~ MORE ~

Here’s a thought that just crossed my mind: Given that the Ukraine War is the Kabbalist mechanism for consolidating and depopulating (of Slavs) the ancient lands of Khazaria under Jewish King Vladimir (Putin) the Great, it is entirely possible that current-day Israel will be completely wiped out during this artificially-staged Fire Judgment — something Henry Kissinger hinted-at back in 2012. And it is Jews worldwide who will be “wandering in the wilderness” as they run from the Kabbalist-planned explosion of Jew Hate that is right around the corner. This would lead to “Moshiach” Putin gathering the surviving Jews in New Khazaria and New Jerusalem (Kyiv) under his protection…

…from the New York Post (top), The New York Times (middle), and The Rockefeller Plan for the BRICS New World Order, in their own words… (bottom).

The scripted “Triumphal Procession from Sinai to Jerusalem” could then return the Jews to the Holy Land when the Kabbalah Christ comes to defeat Putin at the end of the Second Tribulation.

~ MORE ~

Today offered a target-rich environment for the execution of Operation Blackjack, but Friday will as well…

So look for New York, Paris, and Rome to be among the targets. No surprises there.

As for the start of the kinetic phase of the Israel-Hezbollah War, it could happen on Friday or Saturday. Saturday is the actual June 8 anniversary of the Vatican’s Invocation, and it is also the Jewish anniversary of the end of the Six Day Warthe day Israel captured the Golan Heights. So by scripting the start of full-on war that day, they’d be “picking up where they left off in 1967.”

Watch for the possibility that Tel Aviv will be one of the cities hit in Blackjack. They could use that as the mechanism for killing off the precursor Messiah (the Moshiach ben Yosef, played by Benjamin Netanyahu) like the Chabad script calls for. This would also leave Israel without a government, which is another scripted requirement for the arrival of the Moshiach.

~ from earlier today (early AM) ~

The Kabbalists backed off on Wednesday, but they are keeping Israel’s north in flames, so the Fire Judgment is still in play. And now they’ve moved Dodderin’ Joe Biden to France — the nation that is leading the way in provoking Russia — for meetings with Macron and Zelensky.

So Vladimir Putin’s (the Fake Jewish Messiah’s) three greatest enemies will be gathered in France over the next three days commemorating D-Day, the Anglo-American invasion of Nazi Europe. Are they being gathered there merely to enjoy tea and strumpets, or are they sheep gathered for slaughter? What better time is there for the Nazionists to unleash Artemis on Communist Europe?

Wink, wink. Nod, nod. Say no more…

WARNING (5 June 2024): Today is a candidate day for Operation Blackjack

In light of the possibility of Operation Wildfire erupting today (see yesterday’s alert below), today’s UN Security Council (UNSC) schedule bears scrutiny…


They will be meeting today on…

> “peace and security” – “While people are saying, ‘Peace and security,’ destruction will come upon them suddenly, like labor pains on a pregnant woman, and they will not escape.”1 Thessalonians 5:3

> “to promote accountability for crimes committed by ISIS” – This begs ISIS to hold the UN accountable for its crimes, and we’ve seen lots of occult cues in recent weeks pointing to ISIS being scripted to destroy cities.

> “Resolution 1718” – This UNSC resolution imposes sanctions on North Korea for an atomic bomb test, and North Korea is technically still at war with the UN since the Korean War ended with an armistice.

So the UNSC will be meeting about all the things you’d expect them to meet about when they are suddenly destroyed by ISIS armed with North Korean nukes.” And guess what: South Korea holds the UNSC presidency this month.

With this in mind, have another look at a photo and headline that was featured on the Drudge Report yesterday

Notice how the flattened Sun looks like a nuclear explosion in the distance. And since the Kabbalists who are scripting all this are obsessed with gypsy bullsh*t like numerology and gematria, I did a quick gematria check on “heat dome” and found this…

…from Gematria Effect News (note that the numbers reduce to 8 and 8 — 88, the Nazi number)

So if we read the headline a little differently, it says this: “ISIS bombs” to Scorch West(ern World) with Record Highs.” 7,000 degrees Fahrenheit would certainly qualify as a record high in most Western cities; such temperatures have been recorded only twice (in Japanese cities).

Long story short, Operation Blackjack is scriptable today.

ALERT (4-5 June 2024): May your villages burn

…from Zero Hedge (top) and today’s Drudge Report (bottom)

It is becoming clear that Chabad/Mossad and their terror proxies are intending to stage another October 7 on Jerusalem Day tomorrow, this time involving a FIRESTORM (widespread “Muslim” arson in Israel, the US, and possibly Europe). In doing this, they will be staging a historic reenactment of the Six-Day War on the Gregorian anniversary of its beginning (June 5), but this war will likely last longer (until at least September 14), and it will be disastrous for Israel (until Chabad’s Fake Jewish Messiah intervenes).

The fires will likely begin after sunset on Wednesday in Israel (the Jewish day corresponding to 6/6/24 >>> 666 day, the 44th day of the Omer count44 is Obama’s number). If the Israelis truly understood what happened on October 7, they would be burning down Mossad Headquarters and the Chabad Houses, and the war cabinet would be hanging from lampposts. All of this death and destruction is coming from their pernicious plot to bring in their accursed Moshiach. Greet the Moshiach with the limitless hostility he deserves.

~ MORE ~

It is being narrated that Hezbollah intensified their incendiary strikes on Monday…

…from Zero Hedge

And Monday was the Hebrew day of Iyar 26 (2/26, since Iyar is the second month of the ecclesiastical calendar). Do you remember the Hezbollah video that hinted at when the “War in the North” would start?…

…from Twitter

So it can be narrated that 26 Iyar (which began after sunset of June 2 and is the Jewish anniversary of the start of the Six Day War) was the day Hezbollah began their war against Israel, and you can rest assured that both the Israeli government and Hezbollah are working from the same script — a script written by the Kabbalist Central Banking Cartel via Chabad. The banksters are the paymasters of both sides.

“Operation Wildfire” / “Operation Firestorm” will be the excuse Israel uses to start the New Six Day War to once again expand their territories. And the reason they haven’t already invaded Lebanon and Syria is because the script calls for Jerusalem Day and the flag march to be the precipitating factors for the sh*t hitting the fan.

It should also be noted that the Kabbalists are the paymasters of the “patriots / constitutionalists” (Nazionists) too — the ones who will be stepping forward to save us on September 14 and October 29. Their role is to take you into a New World Order that will seem like heaven at first, but will end up killing a large swath of the human race 3.5 or 7 years later.

~ MORE ~

Have a look at some articles that have come out today…

Israeli war cabinet calls Lebanon meeting as Hezbollah tension spikes
Israel nears decision on Lebanon border offensive, army chief says
Hezbollah ‘ready’ for an all-out war with Israel, deputy head says

Be advised that Operation Blackjack is a possibility for tomorrow. Details to come.

~ MORE – 5 June 2024 ~

As expected…

Ben-Gvir threatens to storm Al-Aqsa Mosque during Jerusalem ‘Flag March’
Hamas warns Israel against any foolish act during flag march

There are 3,000 Israeli police who are supposed to keep the flag marchers in check today. But if Ben-Gvir — a cabinet minister and Israel’s national poster boy on the dangers of inbreeding — leads a charge up to the Temple Mount, will the police stand aside “on account of October 7? The desecration and burning of Al Aqsa Mosque would set exactly the right mood for carrying out Operation Wildfire, the burning of Israel and the West (with regular fire and possibly “nuclear” fire).

NOTE (3 June 2024): The Jerusalem flag march will take place on Wednesday and follow the usual route through the Muslim Quarter. And The Times of Israel made a point of mentioning this…

Police stressed that the march will not at any point pass through the Temple Mount or the Temple Mount gates.

So, of course, watch for that very scenario: rogue hardliners “taking the hill.”

There was another Israeli wildfire today — this one near the Lebanese border. That makes one in Jerusalem, one on the Syrian border, and one on the Lebanese border (the flashpoints for violence if things go wrong on Jerusalem Day).

(2 June 2024) – Today’s fire in Jerusalem is tied to the Revelation 12 and Saturn’s Possession Tribulation timelines

The fire in Jerusalem today occurred in the Valley of the Cross

…from The Jerusalem Post

On a hunch that this might be significant, I looked into it and discovered that the Valley of the Cross is named after the Monastery of the Cross. And under the high altar of the Monastery’s church lies the burial spot of Adam’s head … from which grew the tree that gave its wood to the cross on which Christ was crucified (the “Holy Cross“). Upon seeing this reference to the Holy Cross, I recalled the check I’d done into Day 1290 of the second half of the Revelation 12 Tribulation timelineDay 1290 falls on 14 September 2024, which is a Christian feast day called The Exaltation of the Holy Cross / The Triumph of the Cross.

I’ve been tracking these occultist nincompoops long enough to know that this is no “mere coincidence.” This was a very subtle marker event to keep the two Tribulation timelines alive. So the Fire Judgment started with a little fire today; let’s see if it will continue with another fire tomorrow before becoming a conflagration on Jerusalem Day.

~ from earlier ~

Fire in Jerusalem: Will Israeli Arabs turn to arson on Jerusalem Day?…

Given the fact that we’re waiting for the staged outbreak of a “Fire Judgment,” it is symbolically notable that fires broke out in Jerusalem and the Golan (the “Gateway to Damascus“) today. Because on Wednesday (Jerusalem Day), militant Israelis will pass through Jerusalem’s Damascus Gate during their provocative flag march

The event, which passes through the city’s Muslim Quarter, is regularly attended by far-right Jewish Israelis, including the far-right Lehava organisation, and is often accompanied by violence, especially against the Palestinian residents of East Jerusalem. Attendees regularly chant racist and anti-Arab songs such as “death to Arabs,” “A Jew is a soul, an Arab is the son of a whore,” and “may your villages burn.” Palestinian residents frequently shutter their businesses and homes on the day of the march for fear of being subjected to violence from Israeli marchers or after being ordered to do so by the Israel Police, who also institute closures and checkpoints in and around the Old City. – from Wikipedia

With what’s going on in the Gaza Strip, how will the Palestinians respond to the flag marchers’ intimidation this year? And will the marchers set fire to Palestinian homes and businesses “in retaliation for October 7“? Will Jerusalem Day turn into Devil’s Night?

A Kabbalist-engineered escalation spiral can easily arise from this. Watch for fires tomorrow to keep the momentum going into Jerusalem Day.

(1 June 2024) – The Tribulation Timelines and June 2

Since what is/was planned for June 2 involves multiple overlapping and concurrent timelines, today we’ll take a systematic look at everything so everyone can understand what’s going on. And we’ll start with something from The “End Times” Deception page…

In order to deceive the world into accepting their Kabbalah-Christ as the “real Jesus,” the globalists are planning to artificially fulfill the biblical prophecies TWICE. The first fulfillment will provide the “Satanic deception” that Christians are expecting, and the second will provide the “real Second Coming” they’re also expecting.

Currently, the globalists are trying to complete the First Tribulation, in which the “Real Antichrist” defeats a decoy Antichrist so he can be presented as the world savior (the Jewish Messiah / returned Jesus). And it appears that Vladimir Putin remains cast as the “Real Antichrist,” with Barack Obama, Pope Francis, or Xi Jinping playing the decoy.

With that in mind, we have two overlapping Tribulation timelines in progress…

  • the Antichrist Timeline, which started with the Revelation 12 Star Sign, reached its midpoint when Pope Francis went to Iraq and the Apophis asteroid flew by, and will reach its end when the Antichrist “saves the world” by defeating the decoy, and
  • the Satanic Possession Timeline, which started with the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, will reach its midpoint on June 2, and will reach its end on its 150th day when the Antichrist Timeline ends on October 29.

The Satanic Possession Timeline involves the spirit of Saturn “crossing the dimensional divide with his demons” and possessing the body of the decoy on June 2. At that point the decoy will attempt to violently slaughter most of the human race and take complete dominion over the survivors. But his world-conquering “Great Tribulation” is scripted to be cut short at 150 days by the Antichrist / World Savior, “lest no flesh be left alive”.

~ MORE ~

In the now-unlikely event that the Great Tribulation breaks out tomorrow, who will be the main communist antichrist who gets possessed when the “Devil Comet” swings by Earth — who will be the one who embarks on a “Shock and Awe” campaign to take over the world? Will it be Barack Obama, Pope Francis, or Xi Jinping (or a “Chicom Deep Stater” who takes down Xi)?

When the Vatican had the child sacrifice set up last weekend in Rome, the Chinese military had surrounded Taiwan and were poised to strike. And it is communist China that precisely fits the description of the RED Dragon in Revelation 12 (A MUST READ). So in this particular combination of timelines, I’m leaning towards Xi being the decoy. It would fit in with Putin’s role as Octavian/Augustus — when Putin defeats Xi to begin his ascension as emperor of the New World Oder, it would mirror Octavian’s defeat of Mark Antony when he began his ascension…

…from the 12 March 2021 update (A MUST READ)

If you are interested in understanding how an artificial fulfillment of Revelation 12 can be scripted to lead to the rise of the “Final Antichrist,” read my 5 March 2021 update (yep, I wrote about it at the very midpoint of the Revelation 12 Tribulation timeline).


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