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Samsung ceases updates but AOSP doesn’t

What good are you to a corporation if you only purchase their product once every four, five or eight years? They need you purchase their wares every year or two, so that they can rake in the profits, as it’s ALL about the profits. Samsung dictates if your phone is ‘eligible’. Shouldn’t it be eligible […]

Ukraine war live updates: ‘Dangerous and difficult moment’ for Kyiv as refugees hit 3 million

The mayor of Kyiv has imposed a 35-hour curfew, describing a “dangerous and difficult moment” for the capital. Meanwhile the IOM says 3 million refugees have now fled Ukraine. Source

LIVE UPDATES: US House Approves Russia Oil Import Ban Bill

The latest on the Russia–Ukraine crisis, March 10. Click here for updates from March 9. Russia Says Claim That It Bombed a Children’s Hospital Are ‘Fake News’ Russia said on Thursday a Ukrainian claim that it bombed a children’s hospital in Mariupol was “fake news” because the building was a former maternity hospital that had […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – February Updates

(27 February 2022) – The next time window for the globalists’ “Big Event”… If they go with a “Victory of the Avatars / Putin, Xi, and Trump win” scripting, they’ll likely start the “Ten Days of Darkness / Mass Arrests of the Deep State” psyop on Monday, March 7. It would then run until “the good […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2022 – January Updates

(3 January 2022) – Howdy, all: If you were wondering about my recent “disappearance” and failures to respond, it was because I was dying from the illness I mentioned back around the 17th. I was totally out of it, and taking care of my son was the only thing I could manage. But things took […]

Peoples Convoy UPDATES

» NASA Destroys EvidenceYesterday at 9:04 pm by PurpleSkyz » Incredible drone video of USA Freedom ConvoyYesterday at 2:43 pm by PurpleSkyz » BREAKING NEWS: Dr. Malone calls out the CDC for scientific fraud and criminal activity for willfully withholding data that resulted in harm and deathYesterday at 2:34 pm by PurpleSkyz » LET FREEDOM ROLL: 70 Mile Long ‘People’s Convoy’ to […]

The Canadian Freedom Convoy: UPDATES 1/29/22

CANADA et al: Can the Truckers throw a Captain overboard? BREAKING: TRUCKER SUPPORTERS CLAIM TRUDEAU WILL STAGE BIDEN INSURRECTION II AS EXCUSE TO CLAMP DOWN ON THE OTTOWA DEMONSTRATORS Over the last fortnight, I’ve been posing an important question in various ways. Three days ago, I expressed it as follows:‘We have still yet to break our […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – December Updates

[NOTE: There were no more December updates after the 19th due to illness.] (19 December 2021) – Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano has been cast as one of the “two witnesses” from Revelation 11 Another piece of the “End Times” puzzle fell into place today. And let’s start by looking at Revelation 11:3-12… 3 And I […]

Foreign Ministry updates sanctions list of individuals involved in Gen. Soleimani’s assassination

Foreign Ministry updates sanctions list of individuals involved in Gen. Soleimani’s assassination – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN — On Saturday afternoon, Iranian Foreign Ministry updated its list of counterterrorism designations over the American individuals involved in the assassination of Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani. The following is the statement released by the Foreign Ministry: The Ministry of Foreign […]

UPDATES – Jury finds Ghislaine Maxwell guilty

Jury finds Ghislaine Maxwell guilty in sex trafficking case The 60-year-old Maxwell faced up to 70 years in prison if convicted on all charges. By Madeleine Hubbard Updated: December 29, 2021 – 5:15pm Ghislaine Maxwell was found guilty on five of the six charges related to sex trafficking.The British socialite faced six charges related to sex […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – November Updates

(30 November 2021) – If we can push the globalists back just one more month, we will have frustrated them for another year. So to help achieve this, I’ve put together a calendar we can use to track them day-by-day through December… I’ll build my December Overwatch entry around this calendar, and I’ll adjust it […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – October Updates

(14-31 October 2021) – This morning I was planning to write about “adjusted” Yom Kippur as a potential date for the start of the war. But before I could get started, another candidate day grabbed my attention……from Reuters This news makes the timeframe of October 29, 30, and 31 the golden candidate for Operation Blackjack. […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – September Updates

Be advised that the globalists are currently aiming to trigger the Second 9/11 in the September 20-25 timeframe, with a fallback date of September 28. Their Target Package 1 are now in New York City, so we have entered the Event Window. Presidents Moon of Korea, Bolsonaro of Brazil, and Erdogan of Turkey arrived on Sunday […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – August Updates

(31 August 2021) – What to Watch For Tomorrow, September 1 On the September 1 anniversary of the Nazi invasion of Poland that started World War II, what we need to watch for tomorrow is a military or political incident that starts World War III. I’ve already covered what could happen in the Middle East, […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – July Updates

(28 July 2021) – It looks like the globalist war plans for July are dead (Kim Jong Un reached out to South Korea yesterday, and China arrested their market plunge today), so we can now focus our attention on August. August is a key month because it’s their last chance to stage the war before […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – June Updates

(30 June 2021) – The globalist strategy for July 4th weekend appears to be a two-pronged… 1) They will stage a RMVE racial outrage before turning out the lights with a false-flag cyberattack / “EMP” attack this weekend, then order their Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs to take to the streets and get the […]

WHO updates Air Quality Guidelines

Image Credit: Deccan Herald Labeling it as one of the biggest environmental threats to human health, the World Health Organization recently announced updated Air Quality Guidelines to better protect the health of populations. The new global Air Quality Guidelines (AGQs) will reduce levels of key air pollutants, some of which also contribute to climate change. […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – May Updates

(31 May – 1 June 2021) – The Assassinations That Weren’t? This is a continuation of the 24-28 May updates, which are just a little further down the page. They covered a potential assassination plot against Putin for May 27-28. How It Went Down On May 27 (Shoigu’s 666 Day), Russian defense minister Sergey Shoigu […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – April Updates

(30 April 2021) – I came across something on Henry Makow’s homepage (note: I don’t endorse any website but my own) that was written by a Chabadnik, and it reflects the fundamental spiritual misunderstanding that gives rise to their horrific behavior… The One creates everything and is responsible for everything. Without His consent nothing can […]

Foster Gamble – FREEDOM PORTAL Clip – Updates on the Controlled Demolition of the US plus MORE

» BOMBSHELL UK data destroys entire premise for vaccine pushToday at 10:19 am by PurpleSkyz » Marines Defy Pentagon: No Vaccine MandatesToday at 9:59 am by PurpleSkyz » Irish Medical Doctor: The Shots Are Killing People! We Need to Stop this! Her Medical License Was Just SuspendedToday at 9:27 am by PurpleSkyz » More post Covid vax deaths in 8 months than […]

Afghanistan live updates: Taliban checkpoints ring Kabul airport, evacuees land in Europe

Taliban fighters and checkpoints ringed Kabul airport on Thursday, adding to fears for Afghan nationals who previously worked for the West. The militant group has promised safe passage to the airport to foreigners. But Afghan nationals eligible for evacuation because of their past work for Western countries have reported difficulties and violence. A former employee […]

Afghanistan: Live updates as Taliban announces amnesty, urging Afghans to return to ‘routine life’

The Taliban on Tuesday declared a “general amnesty” for Afghan citizens, urging them to return to work. The statement, seen by AFP, said people could return to their “routine life with full confidence.” It comes as senior Taliban leader Amir Khan Muttaqi was reported to have arrived in Kabul to negotiate with the country’s political […]

Police State Aussie – (updates from Tim Truth & Max Igan)

Full on tyranny. Disturbing viewing, strong language & violence. Be aware … Australia Caged: HUGE Penalties For Wrongthink or Protesting Tyranny: Big Pharma Über Alles? Australia – A Social Experiment in Criminal Government and Terrorist Police Share this: Like this: Like Loading… Source

Updates on the Fight to End Water Fluoridation

Updates on the Fight to End Water FluoridationPosted on July 3, 2021 By Dr. Joseph MercolaStory at-a-glance– Paul Connett, executive director of the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), provides promising updates on the historic lawsuit that FAN filed against the U.S. EPA to end water fluoridation.– The judge hearing the case plans to review two things […]

The Lancet Updates Letter That Dubbed COVID-19 Lab Leak a ‘Conspiracy Theory’

Virologist and US researcher Peter Daszak failed to disclose competing interests, the leading medical journal says Medical journal The Lancet on June 21 updated a statement that it published in 2020 dubbing the hypothesis that COVID-19 may have originated from a lab in Wuhan, China, as a “conspiracy theory” as the possibility gains wider recognition. […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2021 – March Updates

(31 March 2021 & 1 April 2021) – The globalists may make another attempt to start the war in Ukraine on April 4 or 5 & Watch Putin on April 1 and 4 The mainstream media are now confirming the rumored Russian troop buildup along the border with Ukraine: U.S. watching “escalation of armed confrontation” […]

Live update from Lawyer Sue Grey about the Court challenge (FURTHER UPDATES INCLUDED)

LATEST UPDATES AT THE TOP OF PAGE: NZ Herald 12/5/21Covid 19 coronavirus: High Court hears arguments questioning legality of vaccine rollout 12/5/21 PM… Update from Voices for Freedom: “COURT UPDATE The reports are in that Sue has done an incredible job this morning to represent the interests of New Zealanders standing up to unlawful government […]


Nothing on this blog constitutes or should be interpreted as medical advice; and nothing replaces medical advice from a qualified medical professional; and medical advice from a qualified medical professional should always be sought. NB Blogger only allows a limited amount of space for comments. It has been claimed that this man in India has Covid19. In […]


Nothing on this blog constitutes or should be interpreted as medical advice; and nothing replaces medical advice from a qualified medical professional; and medical advice from a qualified medical professional should always be sought. NB Blogger only allows a limited amount of space for comments. [embedded content]… We love animals — so why do we treat them […]

Texas weather updates – live: Latest updates as millions without clean water or reliable power

Cruz responds to criticism following trip to Cancun Ted Cruz has attempted to defend his decision to fly to Cancun, Mexico amid a deadly winter storm that left hundreds of thousands of people in his home state of Texas without steady electricity, heat or running water, as he returned home to jeering crowds. The US […]

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