Globalist Agenda Watch 2023 – December Updates

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The Kabbalists are aiming to bring in Prince Harry as the Fake Jewish Messiah between now and December 25. He may be accompanied by Donald Trump or Mike Pence, Space Force, and the Fake ETs.

Twice-Expanded WARNING (13 December 2023): The climax point of a King Charles Tribulation will be reached on the 14th or 15th. Depending on how you count the days, tomorrow or Friday will mark Day 1290 (the climax point of the second half of a tribulation period) since Prince Charles launched the Great Reset. Details to come…

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Back on 22 December 2016, in the time between Donald Trump’s November election and January inauguration, then-Prince Charles came out and said this…

…from Here is an excerpt…

The prince’s comments follow a warning from Pope Francis, who said in November that an “epidemic of animosity” against people of other races or religions was hurting the weakest in society.

Europe has seen a rise in support for nationalist and populist movements in France, Italy, Britain, Poland, Hungary and elsewhere this year, driven in part by a migration crisis which has seen some 1.4 million asylum-seekers arrive in Europe since the start of last year.

Little did we know at the time that he was marking Day 1 of a “commie” 7-year Tribulation, but we clearly remember the relentless assault that was staged on (globalist controlled-opposition leader) Trump from the time of his “unexpected” election victory till today. And we also remember the “commie” COVID pandemic psyop that put Trump on his heels in March of 2020 and led to this big event on Day 1260 of the Tribulation…


Prince Charles’s launch of the Great Reset on 3 June 2020 was the midpoint of this Tribulation and the start of its second half. And that second half will reach its Day 1290 climax point on either 14 or 15 December 2023. Have a look at some of my partner Onnabugeisha’s latest notes, and see how Charles’s numbers interact with Trump’s…

Numbers12/14 (inclusive) – 12/15

• Charles III (Wikipedia) – (Charles Philip Arthur George), King of the United Kingdom and the 14 other Commonwealth realms. Born: 14 November 1948 at 21:14 in London, England (Astro Databank ), 901 months, 1 day old – > 911

• King Charles III, (as  Prince of Wales) launched a new global initiative, The Great Reset (World Economic ForumThe Royal Family). Date: 3 June 2020, 1290 days ago

• 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami (Wikipedia) caused the Fukushima nuclear disaster (Wikipedia) Date: 11 March 2011, 666 weeks ago [Number of the beast: 666]

• Inauguration of Donald Trump (Wikipediaas the 45th president of the United States

Date: January 20, 2017, 2520 days = 7 prophetic years ago [Trump and the number 7 – The Ceres CourierCharisma News]

So if they follow through with the fulfillment of this Tribulation, the Global “commie” Deep State and the Global “patriot/constitutionalist” (Nazionist) Deep State will do battle tomorrow (at the time of the Geminids peak) or Friday (Day 8, “Judgment Day,” of mainstream Hanukkah). And as that battle begins, a count of 45 days will start to either the end of the war or the launch of the NWO. More on that later.

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Remember that the EU leaders will be conveniently gathered for slaughter in Brussels during the European Council Meeting on the 14th and 15th. They’ll be talking about “Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine” and “the situation in the Middle East.” And Onnabugeisha’s notes on Thursday the 14th are now up.

Looking at the UN, the Security Council will meet tomorrow at 10 AM on “threats to international peace and security caused by terrorist acts — a good lead-in to Operation Blackjack. And on Friday, the UN General Assembly will meet at 3 PM on Gaza. This will provide yet another opportunity for the Kabbalists to act-out “Yahweh’s wrath” on “Judgment Day” (Day 8 of Hanukkah). The endgame could go live on either day.

~ from earlier today ~

A reader has pointed out that the Federal Reserve will announce its interest rate decision today (12/13), setting up the possibility that they can act-out the “Fed Mistake” with an unexpected rate hike or a “hawkish” statement. This could be used to trigger a plunge in the markets right as we enter the peak of the Geminids. Remember the scene from I, Pet Goat II

…from YouTube. Following the link, note that “markets plunge” and “war” are immediately followed by a “Masonic” airstrike that sets 5 fingers of dust into the air towards a city. It is followed by a butterfly (symbolizing the thyroid gland) getting burned. Radioactive iodine, Iodine 131, “reduces” to 5. So nuclear fallout is indicated (although they will likely simulate its release like they simulated the COVID pandemic).

They arranged quite a setup for today/tomorrow. If a rate hike does occur, watch for a rain of missiles and/or “meteors” or for “suitcase nuke” explosions. The nuclear/radiological false-flag in Israel and the strike on Iran nuclear sites may also be carried out. See the recent updates below for details.

(12 December 2023) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on Wednesday the 13th are now up. They reflect the danger posed by December 13-14, and they point to the possibility of Pope Francis’s resignation (if he doesn’t die). Remember that the 13th is the first day of Essene Hanukkah, the beginning of the Geminid Meteor Shower peak, and the day the EU and Western Balkans leaders will be gathered for a summit in Brussels. A “meteor strike/storm” and Operation Blackjack are scriptable.

(12 December 2023) – The UN passed the ceasefire resolution today (take note of the featured numbers)…

The United Nations on Tuesday demanded an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in the Israel-Hamas war after more than three-quarters of the 193-member General Assembly backed the move, which had been vetoed by the United States in the Security Council last week.

The United States does not have a veto in the General Assembly. It voted against the resolution, along with Israel and eight other countries. The resolution was adopted to a round of applause with 153 votes in favor, while 23 countries abstained from the vote…

Most of the 2.3 million people in Gaza have been driven from their homes and the United Nations has given dire warnings about the humanitarian situation in the coastal enclave, saying that hundreds of thousands of people are starving. – from Reuters

This is the second time I’ve run across the number 153 today — here’s the first [1,2] — and in Strong’s Bible Concordance, number 153 is a force to make ashamed.” And as you can see, the Reuters article mentions the number 23 twice (perhaps referencing December 23, the final day of Gregorian Saturnalia).

Also, the mainstream media have unleashed a flurry of articles saying that Israel has begun flooding the tunnels in Gazasomething that started happening at least a week ago. Why did they wait till today to start reporting it?

Later we’ll start looking at the threat posed by December 13-14, which could be the start point of a 4-day Three Day of Darkness scenario that ends on December 17 (Gregorian Saturnalia Day 1). Then we’ll look at another 4-day opportunity from December 22-23 to 26 (the 23rd is the final day of Gregorian Saturnalia and the 26th is Purim Hebron, which has been connected to Mike Pence and therefore the Space Force).

The ancient Roman holiday of Saturnalia is particularly relevant to what’s going on because the incoming Fake Messiah / Antichrist character has been promoted in prophecy propaganda circles as the returning god Saturn.

A Blast from the Past: Chabad Rabbi Greets Trump as a Jewish King (+ a repost of “Israel’s Chief Sephardic Rabbi confirms Putin is a Jew”).

WARNING (11-12 December 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes on Tuesday the 12th are now up, and they feature something that is particularly notable…

news: What’s UN Resolution 377A, can it help in efforts to stop Israel-Gaza war? (Al Jazeera) Egypt and Mauritania on Monday invoked Resolution 377A (V) to call for an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly (UNGA) on Tuesday…

…from (arch)

The resolution the General Assembly will pass tomorrow not only calls for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, but it also contains a provision that allows member countries to bypass the Security Council and join together to take actions to enforce a ceasefire, including the use of military force. So the UN will essentially be “begging for Yahweh’s wrath” tomorrow — on the same day that Biden and Zelensky will be together in Washington, DC and the Geminid Meteor Shower is approaching its peak (providing cover for an Artemis “Rain of Fire”).

Also note that the UN will gather on the issue at 3 PM tomorrow, and it will be the 45th plenary of the Tenth Emergency Special Session (45 is Trump’s Messiah number). But I’ll get into all the occult aspects tomorrow.

~ MORE – 12 December 2023 ~

Have a look at Joe Biden’s afternoon schedule for today…

…from (arch)

As you can see, Biden will be active with Zelensky at the same time the UN General Assembly will be active with the new Gaza ceasefire resolution. So both targets will be ripe for the taking, and Biden’s schedule with Zelensky indicates that it’s wabbit season…

~ MORE ~

Today’s 3:00 PM UN General Assembly plenary meeting of the Tenth Emergency Special Session was called under the provisions of Resolution 377A. And if you look at the resolution number from the perspective of a Kabbalist numerologist, A=1 because A is the first letter of the alphabet, thus yielding the number 3771. And Strong’s 3771 is…

The “Christian Watchmen” prophecy propaganda corps are always talking about the “Prince of Persia” in terms of a supernatural “power and principality” who supposedly causes all the turmoil in the Middle East. And the “from the sky” part hints at a missile/projectile attack on Israel and/or the United Nations (Hollywood has promoted a Nostradamus prophecy about the Muslim Antichrist destroying New York with a nuclear missile).

It should also be noted that Resolution 377A was activated by the following nations (note all the oil producers among them): Algeria, Bahrain, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tunisia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen and State of Palestine.” It is doubtful that these nations acted without a specific intent in mind, whether it be an energy/economic boycott of Israel or military action. And a passage from 377A suggests “prompt collective action“…


(10-11 December 2023) – On Monday they are trotting Joe Biden up to Philadelphia, the “spiritual heart” of the FIRST American Revolution, for another attempt to remove him from the stage. And this will happen on the day before Ukraine’s Zelensky is due to arrive in Washington, DC to beg and threaten for more funding for his and Putin’s pogrom of the Slavs (to remove them from historic Khazarian lands). So either Monday or Tuesday would be a good time for the Kabbalists to script the “Deep State” unleashing Operation Blackjack…

…from The Telegraph (archived)

An Operation Blackjack attack supposedly at the hands of MAGA extremists and Hezbollah terrorists armed with Russian suitcase nukes would unleash a tsunami of new support for the Ukrainian War and a war against Iran. And a dead Joe Biden would result in a “President Kamala Harris” — Harris’s Jewish handler is her husband Doug Emhoff, a “friend of Chabad” who would initiate the wars…


Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 11th are now up.

~ MORE – 11 December 2023 ~

When a bunch of numerology-obsessed Kabbalists add unnecessary numerical details to a press release, there’s always a reason. With that in mind, have a look at this excerpt from Joe Biden’s Monday schedule

12:30 PM THE PRESIDENT delivers remarks at the announcement event for the city of Philadelphia receiving a $22.4 million SAFER Grant award that will fund firefighters salary and benefits and enable the Philadelphia Fire Department to reopen three fire companies Engine 6, Ladder 1, and Ladder 11, and more
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

6111 is a reversal of 1116. And in Strong’s Bible Concordance, number 1116 is “Gomorra” and “bamah (a high place)” [hinting at judgment falling from a high place (Artemis) upon a sinful city/nation, with Barack Obama (“lightning” from “a high place“/Satan) in the mix]. This is the same number that was active over the weekend.

~ MORE ~

Here are some other numbers that make today (12/11) and tomorrow good days to start trouble…

Today is Day 66 of the Gaza War. And to a Kabbalist, the number 66 relates to 66 AD, the year the First Jewish Revolt against the Roman Empire began. This makes it a good day to start trouble in modern-day Rome (the UK-US-EU-G7-NATO “Empire”). And tomorrow will be the 66th day since the war began.

A 150-day Torment of Humanity period started today or tomorrow can land on 9 May 2024 / 1 Iyar, the anniversary of the day that construction of the Second Temple began. That makes it a good day to bring in the Fake Jewish Messiah (whose arrival will lead to the construction of the Third Temple). And since we are still in Brumalia (until about 17-25 December on the Julian calendar), a blood sacrifice to Ceres today or tomorrow can lead to the opening of the Gate to Hell (commencing the 150 days of torment).

WARNING (9 December 2023): Watch for a “foreign fighters with suitcase nukes” false-flag in the US from now through 12/12

Jerusalem has already entered the Jewish day of 27 Kislev, which is the supposed anniversary of the day the rains ceased during Noah’s Flood. So the “Rain of Fire starting on the day the Flood Rains stopped” is potentially scriptable. With that in mind, the press guidance that the White House has provided for Biden’s time in Los Angeles today is unusually skimpy, and he has a campaign reception there at 6:00 PM PST tonight that is being kept hush-hush…


I don’t like the looks of it. So the potential for mischief remains active until Biden leaves LA (“West Coast Gomorrah) on Sunday afternoon. See Onnabugeisha’s notes (which are active for today and tomorrow) on Gomorrah, Obama, and foreign fighters and this additional propaganda from the Disinfo Ranger on the threat of suitcase nukes. And remember that “Islamist foreign fighters” have a scripted motivation to destroy the US after we vetoed the UN Security Council resolution for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza yesterday.

The “suitcase nuke” explosion(s) will be provided by Artemis “fire from the sky” (and remember that the US Space Force is a product of Trump and Pence, which is why Trump is featured in the Gomorrah cues). Also, I’ve included December 11 in the warning period for other reasons I’ll go into later.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Sunday the 10th are now up.

(8 December 2023) – We’ve cleared the first Hanukkah hurdle; now we must prepare for the second, which will come on December 13-14 (depending on your time zone). That is when Essene Hanukkah begins and the Geminid Meteor Shower peaks. Tomorrow, I’ll cover that start point and its associated end points. Of course, Onna and I will be monitoring every single day going forward. And on that note, here are her notes on Saturday the 9th.

~ MORE ~

While I don’t anticipate the Big Event beginning before December 13-14, we need to keep an eye out for major precursor events. One in particular is a stunning Ukrainian / NATO false-flag to be blamed on Russia — they need such a thing to pull the world’s attention and the US Congress’ funding back to the Ukraine War. So keep an eye on Kyiv tomorrow (remember that St. George fought a dragon), and always watch for them to play the “Cobasna Disaster” card.

(7 December 2023) – Behold the “Cross of the Communist Antichrist” (King Charles, who may die tomorrow), and behold its twin cross (at the foot of which his papal partner in crime will be dying)…

…from YouTube (top)

In previous updates I’ve written about “communist antichrists” King Charles and Pope Francis, particularly in regard to…

  • the Jesuit-Royal New Babington Plot [1,2] to kill Queen Elizabeth II so the closet-Catholic Prince Charles could take the throne,
  • the Rosicrucian Antichrist Cross of Wales [1,2] that led the Coronation Procession into Westminster Abbey (and which contains shards of “Jesus’s True Cross” gifted by Pope Francis), and
  • the Third Secret of Fatima prophecy [1,2] of the death of a pope, which came from a supposed apparition of Mary, mother of Jesus. The prophecy speaks of…

> a “bishop clothed in white” who, while making his way amid corpses of martyrs, “falls to the ground, apparently dead, under a burst of gunfire.”

> he “was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him.” Everyone with the pontiff also dies: bishops, priests, monks, nuns and lay people.

> the pope is killed in “a big city half in ruins” while walking to the top of a mountain and kneeling at the foot of a cross

Well tomorrow is Day 1335 (the end point) of Pope Francis’s part of the 7-year Prince Harry / Pope Francis Tribulation, and it is a holiday of Mary. And to celebrate it, the Pope will be appearing at Spanish Square in Rome at 4 PM.

The Square features the Spanish Stepswhich were inaugurated by Pope Benedict XIII — that go up a hill to an obelisk that is topped by a cross which contains a fragment of “Jesus’s True Cross”, just like King Charles’s cross. So this is the “cross atop a mountain” where Pope Francis will be kneeling when he is shot to death tomorrow amidst a city half-destroyed by an Artemis rod / arrow. To top it all off, the Square also features Babington‘s Tea Room, and the obelisk atop the hill came from Egypt (the Pope’s killing will likely be blamed on “ISIS” at first)…

…This is from the cover art of a prophecy propaganda book put out be the late Tom Horn. Note the large explosion in the background (the “suitcase nuke” / Artemis rod explosion). Also note the cross-topped obelisk with the ISIS flag attached in front of St. Peter’s Basilica — the cross-topped obelisk at the top of the Spanish Steps is also in front of a church, the name of which is Trinità dei Monti, “Trinity of the Mountains” (remember also that Trinity was the codename for the first nuclear explosion).

So as you can see, they chose a location for Pope Francis’s death that ties everything together: the Babington Plot, the Antichrist Cross, the Third Secret of Fatima, and the “commie coup against Nazi Pope Benedict.” And the attack on Rome won’t happen in isolation; it’ll be full-on Operation Blackjack, which will hit the NATO capitals and sin cities like Las Vegas (where Biden is scheduled to go tomorrow, but he might get taken out around 10 AM EST at the White House). Of course, they probably won’t go through with it now, unless they’re desperate (don’t discount that possibility).

~ MORE ~

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Friday the 8th are now up. They include this…

• The Second Vatican Council (Wikipedia) was the 21st and most recent ecumenical council of the Catholic Church. The council was closed on 8 December 1965

After the Kabbalists script the killing-off of “commie” Pope Francis, they’ll be bringing in a traditionalist “Nazi” pope. Leading candidates for the job include Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin and the Vatican’s designated controlled-opposition leader Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano (who would take the name Pope Peter II to “rededicate the Church to the roots of its holy mission”). My money is on Vigano.

So Pope Francis’s death on December 8 would mark the end of the Vatican II reforms on the anniversary of its closing.

~ from earlier today ~

Disinfo agent Hal Turner is reporting that Putin signed currency peg agreements with the UAE and Saudi Arabia during his visit yesterday. If this is true, it would put the currencies of Russia and perhaps other BRICS partners on an equal footing with the dollar when it comes to oil purchases, meaning that the US petrodollar now has competition (making it less valuable). And since Putin arrived in Riyadh in the evening, the Saudi agreement was signed after Pearl Harbor Day started in Japan, which is six hours ahead of Riyadh. So will this supposed “Economic Pearl Harbor” cause “the cornered Deep State to go to war tomorrow in a last-ditch effort to stave off defeat”?

ALERT (6 December 2023): Vladimir Putin is supposedly in Saudi Arabia right now, and the G7 are having a virtual summit this morning “to decide whether to kill him on his way back to Russia.” His flight back will spill over into December 7 (local time), Pearl Harbor Day. A conveniently timed WW3 trigger, no?

If Putin’s flight path back to Moscow takes him over Iran and the Caspian Sea, the Israelis and Turks in Azerbaijan will have an opportunity to down his plane (likely using Israeli F-35s forward-deployed in Azerbaijan for the planned air campaign against Iran). Will the downing be blamed on American F-22s flying out of Iraq?…

…from Google Maps

As I’ve covered over the past few years, the globalist script has the “Satanic Israeli Deep State” cooperating with the “Turkish Antichrist” and the Azeris to launch invasions to expand their territories. But to have the freedom to carry out these plans, they need to get the US and Russia off their backs and fighting each other. And by detonating some “suitcase nukes” in the right places at the right time, the US-Russia war will go nuclear and lead to the mutual annihilation of the “Christian West” and “Christian East.”

The Nazionist Space Force / “ET” intervention will come when the strategic nuclear missiles are launched.

It should be noted that Putin’s “lightning” trip to the Middle East today is happening within the context of the widely publicized imminent failure of Ukraine in the war, so “killing Putin is the only way for the Satanic Global Deep State to salvage victory from impending defeat.” And once “Real Messiah Putin’s Light” leaves this world, darkness will fall until he returns (perhaps as soon as the 3rd or 8th Day of Hanukkah this year or as late as Orthodox Easter next year — see yesterday’s update).

~ MORE ~

Tomorrow/today (depending on your time zone) is 12/7, Pearl Harbor Day and the day Hanukkah begins at nightfall this year, and Onnabugeisha’s notes for Thursday the 7th include this…

Revelation 12:7 Then a war broke out in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon, and the dragon and his angels fought back. 8 But the dragon was not strong enough, and no longer was any place found in heaven for him and his angels. 9 And the great dragon was hurled down — that ancient serpent called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.

[Will Putin be the “son” who is caught up to “God’s Throne” in the following verses? If so, we might not see him again for 1,260 days.]

So let’s see if the globalists follow through with simulating the opening of the Gate to Hell tomorrow/today. If they do, the first explosions in “Mystery Babylon” should come around 4 PM Rome time on December 8. That’s when Pope Francis is scheduled to be in Spanish Square. More on that later.

NOTE (5 December 2023): Onnabugeisha’s notes for Wednesday the 6th are now up.

The globalists’ schedule for Hanukkah mischief has fallen into place. If they choose the most likely options…

Tomorrow we’ll look into how the Pope’s appearance (and death at the hands of “ISIS”) at Spanish Square on December 8 ties into the artificial fulfillment of the Third Secret of Fatima, the New Babington Plot with King Charles to kill Queen Elizabeth II, and King Charles’s Desecration Cross (that contains shards of the “real Cross,” just like the Sallustian Cross atop the Spanish Steps).

(5 December 2023) – Onnabugeisha has added some additional notes worth noting for today. And if you want to hear the controlled alt-media laying down preparatory propaganda for “suitcase nuke” (more likely Artemis rod) attacks on dozens of American cities, have a listen to this Disinfo Ranger interview of the Bearded Whore of Babble-On on [“Brighteon” = “Bright Eon” = “Age of (Luciferian) Light” — they always (cryptically) tell you who they are right to your face]. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell the blood of Luciferians.

(4 December 2023) – Does Biden have a one-way ticket to Boston tomorrow? Have a look at these old articles from The Tennessean (top) and The New York Times (bottom)…

Days 1335 of the intertwined Prince Harry / Pope Francis Tribulations are coming up on Thursday and Friday, December 7-8. And since Day 1335 is supposed to bring a positive development, the Kabbalists could script one of two things on those days: either the victory of the False Messiah or the intervention of the False Messiah (which would bring victory after a certain day-count).

Tomorrow, December 5, will bring another opportunity to remove Biden from the stage during his trip to Boston, historically known for the Boston Tea Party. It will also offer the final opportunity for the Kabbalists to launch a 4-day Three Days of Darkness scenario and have it end with “the Messiah’s victory on Day 1335 of the Pope Francis Tribulation, December 8.

So will Biden’s Boston Tea Party feature a “nuke” from “Islam”? Will it be part of a wider attack, Operation Blackjack? Will the “Patriots/Constitutionalists” (Nazionists) save the day before the explosions or after?

Onnabugeisha’s notes on the occult cues for tomorrow are now up. And here’s a note to the Kabbalists: “You’re busted, bi*ches.”

~ MORE ~

One of Biden’s Boston fundraisers tomorrow will feature the singer-songwriter James Taylor. His first hit song was called “Fire and Rain.” Evidently, his career is/was to end with “Rain of Fire.”

Coming soon to a sky near you…

(3 December 2023) – Will the journey to the Rainbow Rescue begin today?…

…from Wikipedia

Any time you get America’s second Catholic “president” involved in the matters of the Kennedy Center, which is named for America’s first Catholic “president” (just like in the case of Biden, there were allegations that the Democrats stole the 1960 election), you have the makings of a history-mirroring assassination. That being the case, it should be noted that Biden begins his Kennedy Center Honors activities at 4:30 PM Washington, DC time today, so his assassination / “sudden death” could happen at any time after that. And Kamala Harris is currently on an airplane returning to Washington.

Also, Onnabugeisha has uncovered cues that can be used to script the Three Days of Darkness scenario starting as soon as December 4 begins in China (which happened at 11 AM today in Washington, DC). And there is a chance to kill off Pope Francis on the 4th, which begins in Rome at 6 PM Washington, DC time.

See yesterday’s update below for related information.

Onnabugeisha’s notes on Monday the 4th are now up.

(2 December 2023) – The Threat Picture for the Week Ahead

I spent today looking ahead and observing the globalists as they arrange their fallbacks. Here’s what I see…

Onnabugeisha’s Notes on Sunday the 3rd are now up.

(1 December 2023) – Onnabugeisha’s notes on Saturday the 2nd are now up. She notes that this weekend is Yud Tes Kislev and Chof Kislev, the days celebrating the birth of Chabad Chassidism. And if they go forward with their plan, it will bring the labor pains of the birth of the Moshiach (Chabad’s Fake Jewish Messiah). Here is the schedule of events (according to Jerusalem time or local time to each event; you may observe events on a different day depending on your time zone)…

Saturday 12/2 – Operation Blackjack, with Bona Dea’s opening of the Gate to Hell during the night of Saturday-Sunday
Sunday 12/3 – Lights in the Sky / Fake Christian Rapture (Apollyon‘s Harvest)
Monday 12/4 – Three Days of Darkness Day 1
Tuesday 12/5 – Three Days of Darkness Day 2
Wednesday 12/6 – Three Days of Darkness Day 3 / the Rain of Fire stops at sunset
Thursday 12/7 – The Arrival / victorious Prince Harry + partner (opportunity 1 for Castor & Pollux’s “Rainbow Rescue”)
Friday 12/8 – End of Pope Francis Era, OR the Torment of Humanity continues to the 150th day from the opening of Gate to Hell on 12/3
4/30/24 – Day 8 of Passover / victorious Prince Harry (or substitute*) + partner (opportunity 2)

*Remember that the “resurrected” Lubavitcher Rebbe is another Fake Jewish Messiah option.

Given some chatter I’ve monitored in the controlled alt-media, I recommend you read this article on how the globalists can fake “Nibiru” (a second “black” sun and planets): How the New World Order Agenda Drives the “Planet X / Nibiru” Myth.

(1 December 2023) – As it turns out, today has a Pearl Harbor connection too: its Chinese anniversary. Onnabugeisha points out that the Pearl Harbor attack happened on the Chinese lunar day of 10th Month 19, and today is 10th Month 19. And Joe Biden is “missing in action”; the White House released no schedule for him today.

It should also be noted that today is the 55th day since the Israel-Hamas War began. And in “biblical numerology,” the number 55 is related to the reign of the evil King Manasseh of Judah. So watch for the rise or fall of an “evil” leader today.

~ MORE ~

The scripted event that we’re waiting for now is the “Israeli Outrage“: a real or false-flagged “Israeli” attack on the Palestinians that will be so stunning that it will compel an immediate and massive Muslim response. A huge, Port of Beirut-style explosion is a leading candidate for this event, as is a reported use of chemical weapons.


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