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Asteroid the size of Eiffel Tower heading for Earth in December

A large asteroid approximately 330 meters long is heading for Earth in early December, according to NASA’s asteroid tracker. Dubbed 4660 Nereus, or 1982 DB, this vaguely egg-shaped asteroid has a size making it taller than the Eiffel Tower and nearly twice as tall as the Washington Monument. It is set to pass by the planet […]

Egypt gov’t to begin move to new capital in December 

The Egyptian government will start the process of moving offices to a new administrative capital located east of Cairo in December, a spokesman for the presidency said today. The city is the most prominent of a series of mega-projects and infrastructure schemes pursued by Al-Sisi, who has said that its opening planned for later this […]

‘March Of Millions’ In Sudan Revives Spirit Of December Revolution

Above Photo: Millions of pro-democracy protesters took to the streets in a show of force for the ‘Millions March’ in cities and towns across Sudan on Thursday, October 21. SCP. While declaring their readiness to confront the military, the revolutionary forces which mobilized for the protests also made it clear that they no longer trust […]

US Fed Funds Futures Fully Price in Rate Hike by December 2022 After Jobs Report

NEW YORK—Futures on the federal funds rate, which track short-term interest rate expectations, on Friday has priced in a quarter-point tightening by the Federal Reserve either by November or December next year despite a U.S. payrolls report that came in way below expectations. The fed funds market showed a more than 94 percent chance of […]

CDC Withdraws PCR Testing Protocol BUT NOT Until December 31st, 2021

July 30 Why? has the CDC withdrawn the PCR testing protocol that was used to create millions of nCoV – 19 “false positives”? Do YOU Think it had anything to do with money, power, the great reset, wealth redistribution, the eugenics agenda, domination over humanity or all of these possibilities? On December 31, 2021, the […]

Wuhan Lab Researcher’s Wife Died of COVID-Like Illness in December 2019, Former Lead US Investigator Says

The wife of a Wuhan lab researcher working on coronaviruses died of what appeared to be COVID-19 in December 2019, the leader of a State Department investigation under the Trump administration told the Daily Caller News Foundation. It would have been an early clue that the virus could be transmitted among humans, yet Chinese authorities […]

Iran Reports 258 Coronavirus Deaths, Highest Daily Toll Since December

A police officer advises an Iranian man to wear a face mask after Iranian authorities made it mandatory for all to wear face masks in public, amid the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, in Tehran, Iran, Oct. 10, 2020. Photo: Majid Asgaripour / WANA (West Asia News Agency) via Reuters / File. Iran reported 258 deaths […]

Serious Covid Cases Fall Below 600 For The First Time Since December

The number of serious COVID-19 cases in Israel dropped below 600 on Tuesday for the first time in over two months. There were 586 serious cases as of Tuesday evening, a decrease of 40 since the previous day, the Health Ministry said. It said 269 patients were in critical condition. The number of serious cases […]

Coronavirus Live Updates: December Is Deadliest Month Of Pandemic In U.S.

Public health officials have asked Americans not to travel for the holidays as cases and hospitalizations surged after Thanksgiving gatherings, but airport travel has been ticking up. A new strain of the coronavirus from the U.K. — which is thought to be more transmissible, but not more lethal — is also causing concern. At least […]

Why Christmas is Held on December 25th

According to popular tradition, Christmas is celebrated on December 25th to honor the birth of Jesus. However, no records exist in the Bible or elsewhere to suggest that Jesus was actually born on this date, which raises the important question – why is Christmas celebrated on December 25th? In fact, the selection of this date has its […]

The Solstice Christmas Star: Astrology Forecast December 20th – 27th

December 21st, 2020 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World In the skies, something magical and very, very rare is appearing at the December 21st Solstice – a Great Conjunction of Jupiter with Saturn at 0 degrees Aquarius. Jupiter the Creative Ideal and Saturn as pure Potential are together birthing the emerging Aquarian […]

Has the Star of Bethlehem returned? Christmas Star for first time in 800 years on December 21

The Adoration of the Magi, 1450 by Giovanni di Paolo depicts the Star of Bethlehem – Alamy A phenomenon not seen for nearly 800 years will light up the sky next week. Two of the largest planets – Jupiter and Saturn – in the solar system will come together in “a great conjunction” right in […]

December Opinion Piece

By Dr. Ron Weiser AM Although it is Chanukah, it very much seems as if we are witnessing a Purim spiel in two arenas. Having put to bed the normalisation deals with the UAE and Bahrain, the more complex deals with Sudan and Morocco rely heavily on US incentives for them to go ahead. In […]

Between a shot and a hard pace: What the press is saying on December 17

1. Lock till you pop: Israel’s stumbling path toward a third lockdown is high on the media agenda Thursday morning, with infections piling up like presents beneath the Hanukkah bush. “Between vaccines and a lockdown,” reads the top front page headline of Yedioth Ahronoth. “Vaccine storage is filling up, but in the meantime the virus […]

The Revelation Wave: Astrology Forecast December 13 – 20, 2021

December 14th, 2020 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Get ready to feel the waves of reality – shifting photonic light accelerating you into the very different astrology of 2021. This is a huge week, starting with a Total Solar Eclipse followed by the two largest planets in the Solar system – […]

Israel expects dozens to return from the UAE with COVID-19 throughout December

Download App© Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, and analysis from Israel and the Middle East © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved

Tokyo 2021 Radioactive Olympics – Newsletter December 2020

limitless life Tokyo 2021 – The Radioactive Olympics – Newsletter December 2020 Dear Friends,   I am sending you my message sent to President Thomas Bach of the IOC , transmitting the mail sent to me from Dr. Alex Rosen, IPPNW.   With warmest regards, Mitsuhei Murata     Sent: Friday, December 11, 2020 3:31 PMTo: ‘Boîte […]

The “Great Conjunction” On December 21st 2020: People Are Saying There’s Going To Be An “Event”

The Facts: Multiple experiments and studies hint to the idea that human thoughts and intentions can alter the structure of water. Science examining mind-matter interaction has shown statistically significant results, especially over the past decade. Reflect On: Why is mind-matter interaction labelled as “fringe” science in academia when the results produced are just as strong […]

December Marks Two Years Since Raids on China’s Early Rain Church as Conditions for Christians Worsen

CHENGDU, China (Christian Solidarity Worldwide) — Today marks the second anniversary of a series of raids on Early Rain Church by authorities in Chengdu, China, in which police searched church members’ homes and arrested over 100 seminary students, church members and leaders, including Pastor Wang Yi. Two years on, Wang Yi and one of the […]

December 7 2020 – In Plain Sight With Jeremy From Kentucky

December 7 2020 – In Plain Sight With Jeremy From KentuckyTHE ACH SHOW On December 7 2020, Andy from EFR appeared as a guest on In Plain Sight with Jeremy from Kentucky. We had a great show together in which we covered a variety of topics affecting all of us today. Click Here For The […]

Star of Bethlehem Spectacular Alignment on December 21, 2020

December 6, 2020 written by Michelle WhitedoveDec 2, 2020 and posted on Patreon Dec 4th I want to share this again – Change is in the air. There’s Grand Cosmic Event shifting into place right now! Yes, as I’ve been saying for years we are coming into a time of great change for the Earth […]

NAPM Supports The Bharat Bandh On 8th December

Withdraw the 3 Pro-Corporate, Anti-Farmer Laws:   Uphold Farmers Sovereignty Over Agriculture Historic Farmers Resistance is a Struggle to Reclaim Democracy from Fascists National Alliance of Peoples’ Movements (NAPM) expresses its complete solidarity with ongoing farmers’ nation-wide protests and endorses the Bharat Bandh on 8th December. The call has come after several rounds of failed negotiation […]


Now that is VERY strange. Remember when Hillary and McCain wore those things?This image came complete with fact proofing. This looks like a lot of fun! Enormous potential.Now in Manitoba.  Read the following blurb too.Sadly I have been watching it happen for decades.Every house has the same Santa decoration. The families began this tradition decades… SATURDAY […]

Between Eclipses: Astrology Forecast December 6th – 13th, 2020

December 7th, 2020 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World During the two weeks between November 30 and December 14th we are in the geo-physical seismic window of two eclipses. This is a place of potential, an opening, a place of choice and evolution, whose effects will ripple out until next June 2021. […]

December Open Thread

It’s December again. You know what that means? We’re 11/12ths of the way through this Year of Transformation. There’s a lot to reflect on as we approach the New Year, but a lot happening as well. As is the new Corbett Report tradition, I’ll be opening this post up for Corbett Report members to use […]

Virus was spreading in US as early as December 2019, new study indicates

US researchers have found evidence that the coronavirus was spreading through the American population long before it was first observed. A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention looked at 7,389 blood samples from various states between December 13 and January 17 and found 106 individuals had antibodies for COVID-19, indicating they had […]

Obituaries: December 2, 2020

Vilma Aarons died Oct. 27 at 83. Survived by husband Julius; daughters Ashley, Allison Stridh; sons Marc (Sam), Abba (Chubi); 4 grandchildren. Malinow and Silverman Gail Alcott died Nov. 24 at 68. Survived by sister Tamara. Hillside Evelyn Allen died Nov. 15 at 81. Survived by daughter Eva (Tom); son Paul (Rebecca); 4 grandchildren. Hillside […]

UN Security Council to hold session on JCPOA in December

TEHRAN – The United Nations Security Council will hold a briefing session on the latest development in the West Asia region, including the situation around the 2015 Iran nuclear deal. “Before the Christmas break, the Council will hear briefings on the Middle East [West Asia] peace process, including the question of Palestine, and the Joint […]

Riding the Light Wave: Astrology Forecast November 29th – December 6th, 2020

November 30th, 2020 By Lorna Bevan Contributing Writer for Wake Up World Stay mindful that we haven’t yet reached the very end of the rickety bridge between worlds that is 2020. Tempting as it is to engage in comforting magic thinking about the approaching Saturn/Jupiter Conjunction at the December 21st Solstice, we are now being […]

UK hospitals expected to receive first virus vaccines by December 7

The United Kingdom is expected to begin vaccinating its medical staff against coronavirus in days, according to a report Friday. The Guardian reported that British hospitals were alerted to prepare to receive the first doses of the Pfizer vaccine by December 7-9, if it receives regulatory approval, with medical staff set to be the first […]

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