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Summer Open Thread

Hey you! What are you doing here? Didn’t I tell you to take a break?! What’s that? You’re not on vacation right now and you’re itching to talk about [vaccines / transhumanism / the Olympics / truth music / your summer vacation plans] with your fellow Corbetteers? Oh, well alright, then. Please use this open […]

June Open Thread

It’s the first weekend in June, so it’s time for this month’s open thread. What’s on your mind? Do you have a theory about the big nothingburger of the Pentagon’s non-report about UFOs? Are your skimming through the Fauci emails that reveal (amongst other things) that he made his infamous mask flip-flop after meeting the […]

May Open Thread

It’s a new month (not to mention a long weekend here in Japan), so it’s time for the May Open Thread at The Corbett Report. What’s next in the unfolding biosecurity nightmare? What are you excited about in the pushback against the encroaching tyranny? And will April showers bring May flowers after all? As always, […]

What about the deescalation in the Donbass? (OPEN THREAD #17)

April 23, 2021 The Saker There is, amongst some, a strong sense of relief: Defense Minister Shoigu has declared that the formations deployed by Russia to western Russia will now return to their regular bases.  Of course, the Ukrainians claim that they “deterred a Russian attack” while the Russians say that “the West got the […]

Did the US just try to murder Lukashenko? (OPEN THREAD #14) (UPDATED)

April 19, 2021 Amazing news over the week-end: President Lukashenko has declared that Biden gave the order to kill him in a coup organized by the CIA.  Now, we all know that Lukashenko says all sorts of things, many of them false or plain silly.  Except that the Russian FSB has confirmed it all!  According […]

Russian amphibious options and how to debunk a Ukie lie (OPEN THREAD #13)

April 17, 2021  Source You probably have heard that Russian moved almost the entire Caspian Flotilla to the Black Sea, including quite a few amphibious assault ships.  What you might not know is that Russia also moved two Large Landing Ships (“dock landing ships”) through the Mediterranean, across the Bosporus, also into the Black Sea.  […]

The latest US moves against Russia (OPEN THREAD #11) UPDATED!!!

Posted on April 15, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 15, 2021 Bad news all around today.  The US has just slammed provocative sanctions against Russia even though the US ambassador to Moscow was summoned to the Foreign Ministry and clearly told that if the US imposes more sanctions there will be no meeting between Putin and Biden. Then […]

All sides are “locked and loaded”: what comes next? (OPEN THREAD #9)

Posted on April 12, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 10, 2021 By all accounts, all sides are ready for war. That does NOT mean that war is inevitable, only that there are no more objective factors making war impossible. How long can this “neither quite here, nor quite there” situation last? A long time, at least […]

The US war on Europe: a continental 911? (OPEN THREAD #7)

Posted on April 9, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 08, 2021 For anybody wanting peace, it is important to understand the logic of those who want war.  What I propose to do today is to list all the reasons why the US is waging war not only on Russia, but also on Europe.  This time again […]

April Open Thread

Spring has sprung! I hope you’ve had a chance to turn off the computer, go outside and enjoy some natural sunlight. In this age of COVID insanity, going outside and living a healthy life is itself an act of defiance. If you do insist on computing during this spring season, then I hope in between […]

Drums of war in the Ukraine: OPEN THREAD #2

Posted on April 4, 2021 by martyrashrakat The Ukrainian capital of Kiev in 2014. ILLUSTRATIVE IMAGE: ZURAB KURTSIKIDZE / EPA Drums of war in the Ukraine: OPEN THREAD #1 Drums of war in the Ukraine: OPEN THREAD #2 Dear friends, With over 200 comments (thank you all!!) I am opening a 2nd thread to try to […]

Drums of war in the Ukraine: OPEN THREAD

Posted on April 2, 2021 by martyrashrakat April 02, 2021 Dear friends, The situation around the Ukraine is very rapidly escalating and there are a lot of signs that everybody is preparing for some kind of crisis.  I would draw your attention to Andrei Martyanov’s blog and, specifically, this article of his: I would also point you […]

March Open Thread

It’s the first weekend of the month, so let’s open the March Open Thread. You know the drill by now: Corbett Report members are invited to log in and use this comment thread to talk about news, share your latest research, ask questions of the community or simply vent as needed. Not a Corbett Report […]

February Open Thread

It’s the first weekend of the month and it’s a busy one for my family here in Japan so let’s start the monthly members open thread. Corbett Report members are invited to log in and discuss anything happening in the world right now, ask any burning questions you may have, or share your latest research with the […]

New Year Open Thread

Happy (?) New Year, everyone. Well, New Year, anyway. Yes, it’s a new month and a new year. I hope you’re all spending some time with your loved ones and preparing yourself for the year ahead. I know I am. In the meantime, Corbett Report members are invited to use this open thread to discuss […]

December Open Thread

It’s December again. You know what that means? We’re 11/12ths of the way through this Year of Transformation. There’s a lot to reflect on as we approach the New Year, but a lot happening as well. As is the new Corbett Report tradition, I’ll be opening this post up for Corbett Report members to use […]

Brands jump on Twitter’s ‘describe 2020 in one word’ thread to self-promote – only to have their cringe-mongering SKEWERED

Social media users are savaging large corporations that have taken advantage of Twitter’s year-end “describe the year in a word” prompt to promote themselves, mercilessly tearing into their self-aggrandizing “jokes.” Twitter spawned a sprawling cringefest with a Thursday tweet asking users to describe “2020 in one word.” Many were eager to take out their frustrations […]

November Open Thread

It’s a big weekend and there’s a lot going on in the world right now . . . like my band’s next gig on Sunday night (be there or be square)! As I’m busy preparing for the show, there will be no subscriber newsletter this weekend. In its stead, I’ve decided to carry on the […]

October Open Thread

As this was a particularly busy week for me, there will be no subscriber newsletter this weekend. In its lieu, I’ll open up this October Open Thread (to take over from last month’s September Open Thread). Corbett Report members are free to use this thread to post information, links, questions and discussion on whatever is […]

September Open Thread

As you might imagine, between publishing COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity on Friday and preparing to deliver my presentation at the Justice Rising conference later this weekend (see here for details and for a live link to the conference), I’m unable to write a subscriber newsletter this weekend. In the meantime, let’s use this […]

The Last ‘Peace Process’ Warrior: Abbas Hanging by a Thread

The “deal of the century” is a farce. We suspected that, of course, but, upon his return from Washington, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu revealed in more detail why the long-anticipated plan of the administration of US President Donald Trump has no basis in reality. Netanyahu told his Cabinet that there are “no concrete details” […]

Tesla Powerwall 2 User Discussion Thread

Tesla Powerwall 2 User Discussion Thread July 3rd, 2017 Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. — There is very little concrete information publicly available about the Powerwall 2’s actual capabilities. I think that the reason for Tesla’s coyness is that they […]

Military Leaders: Register Women for Draft

Military Leaders: Register Women for Draft February 2nd, 2016 Via: Military Times: The Army and Marine Corps’ top uniformed leaders both backed making women register for the draft as all combat roles are opened to them in coming months, a sweeping social change that […]

Jez Turner: The Race To Save The White Race


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