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Sharm El-Sheikh summit: Hamas supports escalating resistance against occupation

The Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas announced on Friday that it advocates escalating resistance against the Israeli occupation, which has intensified its crimes against Palestinians, Al-Resalah newspaper reported. This came in press remarks delivered by senior Hamas leader Musa Abu Marzouq, who stressed that the Sharm El-Sheikh meeting plans to rein in Palestinian resistance. Regarding […]

West Bank Operation Sends Resounding Message to Aqaba ‘Security’ Summit, Israeli Terrorism

February 26, 2023 Two Israeli settlers have been killed in a shooting operation within the occupied West Bank as Israeli and Palestinian representatives were holding talks in Jordan’s Al-Aqaba resort. The incident occurred in the center of the West Bank town of Hawara, south of Nablus, where a Palestinian youth reportedly opened fire on a […]

President Assad Holds a Summit with Sultan of Oman Bin Tariq

FEBRUARY 20, 2023 ARABI SOURI Syrian President Bashar Assad held a summit with the Sultan of Oman Haitham Bin Tariq in Muscat, Oman on a one-day business trip to the sultanate. The Syrian Presidency shared the news about the open and closed summits between President Assad and Sultan Bin Tariq with footage of the arrival […]

World Government Summit Panel Discusses the ‘Shock’ Needed for the New World Order Transformation (VIDEO)

By Jim HoftPublished February 16, 2023 at 7:15amComment At The World Government Summit 2023 panel discussion, Professor Arturo Bris from the IMD World Competitiveness Center, argued that a “shock” was needed for the transformation to the New World Order. It’s all part of the plan for complete control over the common man. How wicked. Dr. Arturo Bris: How is this transition […]

EU Leadership Holds Summit In Kiev Under Air Raid Sirens As Zelensky Urges Fast-Tracked Membership

A handful of top European Union officials gathered in Kiev with Ukraine’s leadership on Friday under the sound of air raid sirens for a risky summit at a moment Ukraine is pushing to be fast-tracked for entry into the bloc. Though far from the front line fighting in the east and south, the capital has […]

Spain and Morocco hold first summit in eight years

Spain and Morocco hold their first summit in eight years as they seek to strengthen economic ties and build on a diplomatic truce. Source

Ukraine’s accession to EU set to dominate talks at historic summit in Kyiv

In an unprecedented sign of solidarity and support, the European Union delegation will travel to Kyiv this week for a historic summit in the war-battered nation. Source

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New Study: Kids’ Cerebral Cortex’s Are Shrinking Because… My friend Nick Pineault just shared some shocking new research indicating long term mobile phone use, especially among children, is actually shrinking the cerebral cortex, which is related to intelligence… …like in a person who is addicted to drugs! Unfortunately, that’s not the worst of it either. […]

Breaking News2023 IRF Summit Kicks Off Today

1/31/2023 Wasg (International Christian Concern)—The 2023 International Religious Freedom (IRF) Summit brings together a broad coalition that passionately supports religious freedom around the globe for a three-day in-person event in Washington, D.C., beginning Jan. 31 to Feb. 1.   For much of the conference, participants will attend breakout sessions to… Source

US Africa Leaders Summit promises more exploitation for Africa, record profits for US mining firms

Recent deals between US Secretary of State Tony Blinken and African heads of state promise eye-popping profits for US mining multinationals and fewer protections for African laborers “toiling in subhuman conditions” to drive the digital revolution. Source

WEF 2023 Summit in Davos Report (Part 2)

In this second part of the report things escalate to new Twilight Zone heights. Source

WEF 2023 Summit in Davos Report (Part 1)

The entities which have gathered recently at this recent WEF summit are basically the old Pirates of the Caribbean who attended Chabad on Saturdays, the famous gangsters in the movies, the Soviet judeo-commissars, the bankers who run the FED, you name them. Source

Klaus Schwab, George Soros Pull Out of WEF Davos Summit At The Last Minute

Klaus Schwab has followed George Soros in suddenly pulling out of the World Economic Forum annual summit in Davos, being held from today until January 20. Citing an unexpected “scheduling conflict”, Soros announced on the […] The post Klaus Schwab, George Soros Pull Out of WEF Davos Summit At The Last Minute appeared first on […]

‘You couldn’t make it up’: Head of UAE oil company appointed chair of UN climate summit

“This appointment risks further undermining the credibility of global climate talks and threatens the action and leadership needed for a rapid and equitable phase out of all fossil fuels.” Source

Ukraine Foreign Minister Aiming For February Peace Summit

Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba told The Associated Press that Russia could only be invited to such a summit if the country faced a war crimes tribunal first. Source

On the first results of the US-Africa Leaders Summit

The world press is actively discussing the results of the first US-Africa Leaders Summit since 2014, held on December 13-15 in Washington. At first glance this event may seem successful. The forum was attended by delegations from 49 countries plus the African Union and the permanent secretariat of the African Continental Free Trade Area. Only […]

Putin wears Kabbalah red thread talisman at Eurasian summit (video) Putin’s red string is visible in the above video from the 2:13 – 2:56 minute mark, taken from video broadcast at the opening of the Eurasianist ASEAN summit in Sochi, Russia in May 18, 2016. Unknown Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, left, shakes hands with Prokopis Pavlopoulos, Greece’s president, at the presidential palace in Athens, […]

What can Russia and the world expect from the US-Africa Leaders Summit?

The first U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit since 2014 will be held in Washington on December 13-15. On December 7, the first preparatory events and conferences dedicated to this summit began in the US capital. The summit is presented as a large-scale event and it will mark a turning point in US-Africa relations. The arrival of 49 […]

Biden Opens Africa Summit With Sanctioning African Leaders

The Biden administration on Monday slapped corruption sanctions on the son of Zimbabwe’s president as the U.S. prepares to host a major summit of African leaders in Washington. The Treasury Department announced it was hitting four Zimbabwean people and two companies with penalties for their roles in undermining democracy and facilitating high-level graft. Those sanctioned […]

COP15 summit: Deforestation rule is welcomed by Indigenous leaders

Indigenous communities around the world have “enthusiastically” welcomed the European Union’s new law on deforestation, but they are demanding more laws to protect human, land, and forest rights. Once adopted and applied, the bill will ensure that goods sold in the EU and elsewhere in the world no longer contribute to deforestation. While the law […]

NATO leaders focus on countries impacted by Ukraine war on day two of summit

On the second day of its summit in Romania, NATO is focusing on countries impacted by Russia’s war in Ukraine – Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, and Moldova. Source

At Climate Summit, Brazil’s Lula da Silva Promises To Stop Deforestation

The president-elect said at COP27 that he will thrust Brazil to the forefront of climate leadership when he assumes office on Jan. 1. Source

UK confronts Russia at G20 summit: ‘Get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war!’

Rishi Sunak confronted Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov at the G20 summit overnight, telling him to ‘get out of Ukraine and end this barbaric war’. In the first face-to-face clash between a British Prime Minister and a senior Kremlin figure since the war began, Mr Sunak said the ‘Putin regime’ had turned Russia into a […]

Egypt’s stance at the Arab Summit in Algeria

This is the first meeting of the annual Arab Summit after the long break due to the coronavirus epidemic. It was supposed to be held in March this year but was postponed due to numerous disagreements over the agenda and the desire of the incoming chairman, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, to take some political steps that were […]

Arab League Summit – hopes and aspirations

The next summit of the League of Arab States (LAS), whose participation has been confirmed by the heads of state of numerous Arab countries, will be held in Algiers in early November. On the agenda, of course, are primarily issues related to the reconciliation of a number of Arab countries and their consolidation in the […]

Missed Yoon and Biden summit

After describing Yoon’s trip to the Anglo-Saxon world a little earlier, it is worth discussing how it affected the ROK’s relations with the US and the UK. For, although Yoon’s opponents have called it a “failure”, the situation is in fact somewhat more complicated. It cannot be said that Yoon’s trip worsened the ROK’s relations […]

Algeria’s Arab League summit: what is possible and what is desired?

The next Arab League Summit is due to be held in Algeria at the beginning of November. Arab foreign ministers agreed on the date at their last meeting in Cairo following the postponement of the summit in March. There has also been talk of another postponement for reasons related to the likelihood of the summit’s […]

Full text of Xi’s speech at SCO Samarkand summit

September 17, 2022 SAMARKAND, Uzbekistan, Sept. 16 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping delivered a speech at the 22nd meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) here on Friday. The following is the full text of the speech: Ride on the Trend of the Times and Enhance Solidarity […]

Biden Asks Congress To End Social Media Immunity At WH Summit Due To “Hate-Fueled Violence”

By Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times Multiple initiatives to combat ‘hate-fueled violence,’ racism, and extremism announced at summit At a summit at the White House on Thursday to address “hate-fueled violence,” President Joe Biden denounced white supremacists and urged lawmakers in Congress to end special immunity for social media companies. Biden also called on Americans at […]

Biden Asks Congress To End Social Media Immunity At WH Summit Due To “Hate-Fueled Violence”

By Mimi Nguyen Ly via The Epoch Times Multiple initiatives to combat ‘hate-fueled violence,’ racism, and extremism announced at summit At a summit at the White House on Thursday to address “hate-fueled violence,” President Joe Biden denounced white supremacists and urged lawmakers in Congress to end special immunity for social media companies. Biden also called on Americans at […]

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