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Election Watchdog Warns Millions of Illegals Will Be Able To Vote This November

An election watchdog in America has warned that millions of illegal aliens will be able to take advantage of several loopholes which will allow them to vote in this November’s Presidential election. According to True […] The post Election Watchdog Warns Millions of Illegals Will Be Able To Vote This November appeared first on The […]

Why Biden isn’t on the November ballot in Ohio  — yet

Ohio state legislators are scrambling to get President Biden on the November ballot after members failed to break a legislative impasse this week.  State law says presidential candidates need to be certified with the state 90 days before the November election; this year, that date is Aug. 7. But Democrats are on track to miss… […]

Biden: Nine heads of state have said I’ve ‘got to win’ in November

President Biden on Wednesday said that several foreign leaders have told him he has to beat former President Trump, the likely GOP nominee, in November. “As I walk out of meetings, a head of state will find an excuse to come up close…and say ‘you’ve got to win,’” Biden recalled at a fundraiser in San… […]

Daily Horoscope: November 26, 2023

We’re attracted to obscure knowledge or something strange as the moon in Taurus meets Uranus in Taurus at 3:03 AM and links up with Neptune in Pisces at 10:42 AM. We’re prompted to let go of trivial matters and tie up loose ends, perhaps putting finishing touches on incomplete tasks or creating fuller experiences by […]

Daily Horoscope: November 25, 2023

We may feel flooded with romantic vibes as the moon in Taurus meets Jupiter in Taurus at 4:43 AM. Indulgence and pleasure could lead us to or from our bodies now, depending on how we approach them. We’re forced to slow our rolls and navigate some hurdles as Mars in Sagittarius squares off with Saturn […]

Daily Horoscope: November 23, 2023

Limitations and challenges beyond our control are brought to our awareness, encouraging us to stay grounded as the sun in Sagittarius clashes with Saturn in Pisces at 4:47 AM. Our spirits might feel a little dampened by burdens we can’t avoid, but tangible consequences will materialize for those who believe they’re exempt from limitations and […]

Daily Horoscope: November 22, 2023

The vibe is otherworldly and we’re prone to getting carried away as the moon in Pisces merges with Neptune in Pisces at 3:45 AM. The spirit of adventure and celebration arrives as the sun enters Sagittarius at 9:03 AM! We’re in the mood to explore, learn, and travel far and wide as the sun transits […]

Daily Horoscope: November 21, 2023

Confusion is in the air as the moon in Pisces clashes with Mercury in Sagittarius at 11:16 AM. We might be picking up mixed messages or feeling distracted, pointing to a need to slow down and communicate more intently. Watch out for travel delays and traffic congestion.  Mars in Scorpio links up with Pluto in […]

Weekly Horoscope: November 20 – 26

The sun gently connects with power planet Pluto, shedding light on taboos, on Monday November 20 at 4:46 PM. Action planet Mars also connects with Pluto on Tuesday, November 21, at 8:18 AM, piercing to the core. We’re not afraid to get to the heart of the matter! A hopeful outlook comes as the sun […]

Daily Horoscope: November 20, 2023

We’re feeling testy and roused as the moon in Aquarius clashes with Mars and the sun in Scorpio at 4:38 AM and 5:50 AM, respectively. We might be lingering on past conversations (and arguments), reminding us the value of letting go. The mood turns sentimental as the moon enters Pisces by 9:29 AM, then sober […]

Daily Horoscope: November 19, 2023

We’re attracted to new ideas as the moon in Aquarius mingles with Venus in fellow air sign Libra at 3:12 AM and we’re inspired to disseminate a vision as it links up with Mercury in Sagittarius at 5:39 AM. Surprises pop up as the moon clashes with Uranus in Taurus at 5:53 PM. All times […]

Daily Horoscope: November 18, 2023

Courage and motivation to dive deep into life’s adventures arise as the sun in Scorpio joins Mars in Scorpio at 12:42 AM. This aspect is known as a Mars cazimi (meaning in the heart of the sun) and it points to an auspicious moment when our willpower, drive, and strength are boosted by the power […]

Daily Horoscope: November 17, 2023

Mars and the sun in Scorpio align with Neptune in Pisces at 3:36 AM and 9:52 AM respectively, sparking a drive and means of obtaining our desires. Enchantment is all around and within us at this time, leading us all to feel mystified or fascinated by the edges of what we’re personally discovering. This aspect […]

Weekly Horoscope: November 13 – 19

The new moon in Scorpio falls on Monday, November 13, at 4:27 AM: Purity and inconvenient truths are part of the vibe. This new moon meets Mars and faces off with Uranus, so take a second to check in with what your emotional reactions have to tell you about yourself. Also on Monday, the sun […]

Daily Horoscope: November 13, 2023

The new moon in Scorpio culminates at 4:27 AM before facing off with Uranus in Taurus at 5:05 AM, and merging with Mars in Scorpio at 7:18 AM. New seeds are germinating beneath the ground, and we’re asked to attune with our will power in order to cultivate ignored or obscured elements of our appetite. […]

Daily Horoscope: November 12, 2023

Security and connection are the experiences we seek as the moon in Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus at 7:09 AM. Empathy is running high, though it also means all the big emotions are more contagious. People might feel protected behind moral self-righteousness, but the unmet need at the root of this is connection and a […]

Daily Horoscope: November 11, 2023

Power struggles encourage us to meditate on our motives and values as the moon in Libra squares off with Pluto in Capricorn at 10:05 AM. Does love know no boundaries, or does it? The moon enters Scorpio at 1:39 PM and we’re enticed with mysteries and the intensity of desire. Concealed feelings may have us […]

November 2023

Political cartoons from the desk of Matt Wuerker. Source

Sununu: Trump ‘Can’t Win in November’ — Most Recent Polls Prove That

Governor Chris Sununu (R-NH) said Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World” that former President Donald Trump is the only 2024 GOP presidential candidate who can not win in November if President Joe Biden is not on the ticket, which the governor thinks is “getting closer and close every day.” Source

Daily Horoscope: November 10, 2023

We might feel like free and easy wanderers as Mercury enters Sagittarius at 1:25 AM. Ideas spread quickly and we might jump to conclusions or gloss over details in favor of big picture thinking. Vision boards and hot takes are more attractive as we try to fit in as much experience and stimulation as we […]

Daily Horoscope: November 9, 2023

Fairness, harmony, and connection are on our minds as the moon enters Libra at 3:08 AM and catches up with Venus in Libra at 5:23 AM. It’s a supportive time to engage in artistic endeavors and good conversation, and to create or appreciate beauty. All times ET. Read your monthly horoscope for November! Stay in […]

Daily Horoscope: November 8, 2023

The moon in Virgo connects with Mars in Scorpio at 4:29 AM and Venus enters Libra at 4:30 AM, encouraging intimacy and acts of selflessness. Relationships and social ties are supported by tact, negotiation, and graceful communication. Our values are leaning toward collaboration, art, and harmony as Venus visits its home sign of the scales.  […]

Weekly Horoscope: November 6 – 12

Emotions intensify and relationships become more intimate as love planet Venus harmonizes with power planet Pluto on Monday, November 6, at 9:38 PM. Creative expression flows as Mercury, the planet of communication, harmonizes with dreamy Neptune on Tuesday, November 7. Nonverbal, artistic, and psychic communication come naturally. Venus enters its home sign on Wednesday, November […]

Daily Horoscope: November 6, 2023

We’re feeling emotionally stimulated and secretive as the moon in Leo clashes with Mercury in Scorpio at 2:25 AM. We might catch glimpses of festering fears that keep us stuck in the waking world while moving through dream states, offering the opportunity to name and face what ails us. Layers of complex feelings are unraveling […]

November Open Thread (2023)

It’s the first weekend of October so I’m opening up the November Open Thread for members to discuss the latest news and happenings from around the world, or just to share personal anecdotes or talk about life, music, the world and everything. The post November Open Thread (2023) first appeared on The Corbett Report. Source

Daily Horoscope: November 5, 2023

The moon in Leo’s clash with the sun in Scorpio marks the last quarter moon. Our heart’s energies are turning inward as the nights are getting longer. We may feel dramatic emotional shifts throughout the day as the moon repetitively clashes with Mars in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus at 12:00 PM and 9:11 PM, […]

Daily Horoscope: November 4, 2023

Existential thoughts are on our minds as Saturn in Pisces ends its retrograde at 3:03 AM. A list of should’s and should-not’s may sit heavily on our conscience as we navigate feelings about responsibilities, boundaries, and limitations of time. Our ceilings and limits might be just the thing that motivates us to commit and step […]

Daily Horoscope: November 2, 2023

We’re feeling intimate and safe to explore something positioned a bit beyond our comfort zones as the moon in Cancer aligns with the sun in Scorpio and connects with Jupiter in Taurus at 12:23 PM and 1:31 PM, respectively. It’s an opportune time to expand emotional awareness and get more familiar with evolving senses of […]

Globalist Agenda Watch 2023 – November Updates

NOTE (30 November 2023): The globalists are sending “commie” VP Kamala Harris to the “commie” Climate Change Summit in Dubai on December 1-2, which adds another target to the mix. So the “Nazionist” strike points for tonight/tomorrow include… the gathered “commie as*holes” at the Dubai summit, including King Charles, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris and many […]

‘Propaganda Exposed’: Releasing Wednesday, November 1st

The media co-conspired in the greatest in the greatest global crimes committed against humanity. Everyone knew it at the time. We just couldn’t prove it. Now, the lies are clear as day. Here’s a quick recap of what they got wrong over the last three years: • COVID came from natural origins • Two weeks […]

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