December 5 – Zionists Kill More Jews

Zionists doing what they do best, sacrificing Jews. 

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Commanders, soldiers, police officers: The names of the dupes who died defending Israel

These Israelis died to advance the occult Zionist plan for world domination.

Not satisfied with funding the Nazis and planning the Holocaust, Zionists are sacrificing more Jews to justify their satanist agenda, to dispossess and enslave humanity. 

In 1990 Netanyahu got his marching orders from satanist rabbi Scheerson

Destroy the world so the Messiah will return

Russ Winter–With Resistance Stiff in Gaza the Israelis Resort to Full Spectrum Diabolical

Since the pause ended, fighting in north Gaza has intensified and IDF casualties have increased. Hamas appears to have put in its reserves now that the combat terrain has moved into dense urban districts at Gaza City. The ruins there offer excellent cover. Land mines and explosives are being used to take out whole squads of IDF.

It’s an “antisemitic, conspiracy theory” to say that Israel allowed the Hamas attack to justify ethnically cleansing Gaza.

Reddit comments- “yes but the reason its like 9/11 is because both were false flag attacks. Hamas was created by and is controlled by Israel. So basically Israel attacked themselves to justify the war just like the US government attacked themselves on 9/11 to justify war in middle east. Oldest tricks in the book.
There is a reason why Israel refers to the Hamas attack as Israel’s 9/11. Both attacks were occured solely for Israel’s benefit.

“The IDF was responsible for roughly half of the deaths of Israeli’s on Oct 7th.
Also the 1400 number has been revised down to 1200, and most recently 1000. These numbers are coming straight from Israel themselves btw.

What Israel’s “Strategic Defeat” looks like
A strategic defeat has also occurred in that Israel has not only announced its nuclear capability, it has threatened it – and that is something the region and Israelis allies must be concerned about.

Dentists scorn science, break the Hippocratic oath, and wreck their patients’ minds and bodies. Like psychiatrists and paediatricians, they are medical apostates.

Organized Jewry (the Rothschild WEF) is guilty of perpetrating a goy holocaust

New Zealand whistleblower reveals that 11,000 politicians and elites got exemptions from the vaccine, the whistleblower also confirmed the existence of “hot batches” or “bad batches”

Teacher Shares Story About Students Dying Suddenly…Steve Bitar, an instructor, tells the crowd at an MIT conference that his student had a heart attack and myocarditis after the Pfizer booster

Whistleblower: 20% of New Zealand’s Vaxxed Population Have Died

Due to strict mandates and heavy government pressure during the Covid pandemic, the vast majority of the New Zealand population is fully vaccinated.
Official data shows that 95.8% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over have received one dose of the Covid mRNA shots.
While a staggering 94.7% of the eligible New Zealand population aged 12 and over are considered to be fully vaccinated.

DEATH SENTENCE: 1 Million COVID Vaccinated have died in England compared to just 61k Unvaccinated in 2 years; despite 30% of the Population refusing a single dose of the COVID Injection

CIA, DoD & Rockefeller Foundation exposed as Masterminds behind Deagel’s eerie 2025 Depopulation Forecast; COVID Vaccine Death Data confirms they’re right on track!

In this video, experts explain how the mRNA “trans”jections not only cause physical damage to organs but how they also damage the small capillaries in the brain, override the blood-brain barrier and eventually lead to massive personality changes. 
They also discuss how the mRNA injections are breaking the will of some of those who receive them.

New Zealand, Mexico, Estonia, Slovakia and the Philippines have all declined to enter into a global treaty with the WHO.

Teacher Speaks Out: “I Know 2 Kids Who Died Suddenly in the Last 3 Days”


Reader–Ayn Rand was the mistress of the then head of the Illuminati, Phillipe de Rothschild.  According to John Todd, Atlas Shrugged was written for insiders only to map out their insidious plans of world takeover.   Looks like they are way behind schedule.  Eternal God bless mother Russia, the eternal monkey wrench in the synagogue of satan’s machine.  Russians have been fighting against the Alans (Gog) & Khazars (Magog) self styled Jews for over 1000 years.  After Russia cleans up the Ukraine, let’s all pray to Eternal God they clean up the USA & Israel.



Defund Canada’s Communist Broadcasting Corporation!

CBC to lay off hundreds, cut production costs as it faces financial strain

Facing diminishing advertising revenues and demands for budget cuts from the federal government, CBC/Radio-Canada announced Monday it would shed about 10 per cent of its work force and reduce production, in an effort to address a budget shortfall of $125-million in the next fiscal year.-

Canadians turn their backs on these commies
95.6 per cent of TV-viewing Canadians do not tune in to CBC’s English language prime-time programming.

All Four “Pillars Of Civilization” Are Under Attack By An “Anti-Human Death-Cult”; Shellenberger, Carlson Unload On Global Elites

But will they identify this antihuman death cult as Cabalist Judaism??

As world leaders gathered over the weekend for the COP28 climate summit in Dubai, they faced an uncomfortable reality check from the conference president Sultan Al Jaber, who stated, “there is no science out there, or no scenario out there, that says that the phase-out of fossil fuel is what’s going to achieve 1.5C,” warning that their fossil-fuel policies would “take the world back into caves.”

‘Gender transition’ regret: the tragic aftermath activists don’t want you to know about

Unfortunately there is no easy fix for those who want to ‘de-transition,’ leaving such individuals to suffer the deleterious effects of ‘gender-affirming care.’

Mike Yeadon- Why didn’t they want me to speak?

I’m the only one who says:

1. There’s been no pandemic, no medical emergency. Therefore rushing a novel technology “vaccine” at the public was malign. All the “countermeasures” also had malign intentions.

2. The alleged vaccines were toxic by design, not accidental. Intentionally harmful.

3. I outlined the obvious endgame. That’s why I am unwelcome everywhere.


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