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Vaxxed Land Whale + Too Much Beer = Multiple ‘Road Rash’ Abrasions

Man & Earth become one at the Waste Management @ForePlayPod — Barstool Sports (@barstoolsports) February 11, 2024 Source

Scientists Have Reported a Breakthrough In Understanding Whale Language

Researchers have identified previously unknown elements of whale vocalizations that may be analogous to human speech, a new study reports.  Sperm whales are giants of the deep, with healthy adults having no known predators. Scientists studying their vocalizations have already picked out key elements of their communication, namely clicks, sequences of which are called codas. […]

Medieval Sea Monster Was Likely a Whale, New Research Reveals

A team of Australian researchers has come up with an intriguing theory about a gigantic sea creature referenced in 13th century Norse manuscripts. Known as the Hafgufa in Norway, this huge sea monster has long been associated with a mythological monster known as the Kraken, and it was therefore dismissed as legend despite the testimony […]

Four-Legged Whale Found in Egypt Named after Egyptian God Anubis

Egyptian paleontologists have identified a new four-legged whale species that walked on land more than 43 million years ago. The fossilized partial skeleton of this exotic creature was discovered in Egypt, west of the Nile, in 2008. After 13 years of intensive study, the paleontologists have concluded that this particular walking whale was unique to […]

Scientists Find Fossil Of Deadly 4-Legged Whale They Didn’t Know Existed

Whale, look at the nightmare fuel researchers dug up in Egypt. Scientists have unearthed a 43-million-year-old fossil of an extinct four-legged whale that once lived both on land and in the sea, making it amphibious. Dr. Robert W. Boessenecker This now-extinct four-legged whale once lived both on land and in the sea. This particular ancient species […]

Whale Watchers Blown Away as 4 Huge Humpbacks Feast on the Fish Hiding Underneath Their Boat

These whale watchers were blown away as four huge humpbacks feasted on the fish hiding underneath their boat. The giant creatures dwarfed the tourist boat which was next to them as they lunge fed at the surface of the water, much to the delight of stunned whale watchers. The spectacular display, which took place in […]

The Mystery Of Whale Bone Alley: Who Build It, And Why?

The history of the human race is of contsant interest to us. Many strange and unknown peoples have walked the earth before us, and everything that we see today holds a piece of history in it. Our human history, the story of who we are, is as intriguing to us as anything else on this […]


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ACH (1442) Paul English – The Limeys #2 – Whale Vomit

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Whale tail sculpture saves Dutch metro train from dangerous fall

A sculpture of a whale’s tail saved a driver from injury after his metro train crashed through stop barriers near the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Images of the aftermath shows the front carriage suspended on the artwork, several metres above the water. The driver was uninjured and there were no passengers on the train at […]

Shocking images show whale died with over 80 trash bags in its stomach (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

READ MORE: ‘Armageddon in the making’: Sea creatures plagued by human plastic pollution (DISTURBING VIDEOS) A team of veterinarians worked for five days to free the animal from the canal. Ultimately, their efforts proved unsuccessful as the country’s Marine and Coastal Resources Department reported that the whale spit out five plastic bags just prior to […]

Dead humpback whale washes up near Port Lincoln, South Australia

     A dead whale has washed up at a beach on the state’s west coast. The young humpback whale was spotted at Frenchman Bluff, about 70km northwest of Port Lincoln, on Friday afternoon. Authorities are expected to attend the scene in the coming days to inspect the mammal and dispose of its remains.      The […]

Dead humpback whale found on Admiralty Island, Alaska

     A humpback whale has washed up dead on Admiralty Island across from Douglas Island, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association. It’s not clear yet how the whale died or if it was struck by a vessel. NOAA spokesperson Julie Speegle said the carcass has most recently been spotted on the beach at […]

Humpback whale carcass washes up on Fire Island, New York

     The body of a dead humpback whale washed up on Fire Island National Seashore, officials said Sunday. The Atlantic Marine Conservation Society said the carcass, an estimated 35 to 40 feet long, was in an advanced state of decomposition when it washed up at Point O’Woods on Fire Island. Society director Kimberly Durham will […]

Remains of gray whale found near Bowerman Airport, Washington

     The remains of a juvenile female gray whale were discovered near the western shore of Bowerman Airport on Monday. It’s approximately 24-feet-long. There was no indication of entanglement, said Jessie Huggins from Cascadia Research. She said it had probably been dead for a couple weeks, and that it was likely one or two years […]

Dead humpback whale found at Ocean Shores, Washington

     A dead humpback whale washed ashore Sunday morning at Ocean Shores. John Calambokidis, senior research biologist with Cascadia Research Collective, said the whale, a young female, was entangled in crab gear, which may have caused its death. The dead whale was seen floating off shore Friday and was reported to the Coast Guard. It […]

Third dead gray whale washes up on Angel Island, San Francisco this year

     A dead gray whale – the third so far this year – was found Wednesday on Angel Island State Park in San Francisco. Officials at the Marine Mammal Center said the whale’s suspected cause of death appeared to be blunt-force trauma from a ship. SkyFox flew overhead showing the large mammal had been injured. […]

Sperm whale dies after washing up on beach near Monifieth, Scotland

     A 40ft sperm whale has died after it was washed up on a beach despite a huge rescue mission being launched to save its life. The giant mammal was spotted by a dog walker after it became stranded on a stretch of shoreline near Monifieth in Scotland. The British Divers Marine Life Rescue team […]

Dead sperm whale found at beach in Bali, Indonesia

     A sperm whale carcass, with a length of about 15 meters and a weight of 10 tons, was stranded at the Bungkulan Village Beach, Sawan Sub-District, Buleleng District, Bali. “Hundreds of local people came to see the carcass of the female sperm whale stranded on the coast of Bungkulan Village Beach, Sawan Sub-district, Buleleng […]

North Atlantic right whale discovered dead off Virginia coast, 1st in 2018

     Another North Atlantic right whale has been found dead, the first to be recorded in 2018 and the 18th since last year. The whale was reportedly found off the coast of Virginia on Jan. 22. Jennifer Goebel, a spokesperson for the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), confirmed the information to Global News […]

Dead, decomposing whale found on beach in Auckland, New Zealand

     The body of a dead and partially decomposed whale has been disposed of at sea after washing up on an Auckland beach. Beachgoers alerted surf lifesavers of the gruesome sight at Murrays Bay, on the North Shore, just after midday on Saturday. Lifeguard Spencer McGarry inspected the body at 1.30pm. He suspected it was […]

Body of humpback whale discovered on beach in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

     The body of a seven tonne humpback whale has been found on a Rio de Janeiro beach. Brazilian environmental authorities confirmed it was the same whale that had been rescued just days earlier over the weekend. On Sunday (October 22), the four metre long (13 feet) whale beached itself on the Playa Grande beach. […]

Fourth humpback whale in under a month found along East London coastline in South Africa

     While East Londoners have been enjoying a bumper season of whale sightings over the past few weeks, a fourth humpback whale in less than a month has beached and died along the East London coastline. East London Museum principal scientist Kevin Cole said the strandings were a new record for his cetacean database. Yesterday, […]

Dead Bryde’s whale discovered near Mumbai, India

     Parts of a Bryde’s whale’s carcass were found near Colaba on Monday. The whale could have washed ashore day or two ago. A marine researcher who had gone to the spot told mid-day it is difficult to state the exact age of the creature or the cause of its death. “The head of the […]

Whale carcass found off the coast of Tamil Nadu, India

     The carcass of a whale was spotted near Alandhalai coast at Jeeva Nagar, a coastal hamlet near Tiruchendur, on Saturday. Sources from the CSG said the carcass was found floating in a decomposed state in sea. It should have been dead some four or five days ago. However, the reason behind its death is […]

Dead humpback whale found off Burin Peninsula, Newfoundland

     A dead whale floating in the waters off the Burin Peninsula is a humpback, scientists at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans confirmed Wednesday. Pictures of the carcass were posted to social media Tuesday and it’s believed the creature is near the community of Lamaline, which had another bloated whale carcass wash ashore in […]

Dead humpbabk whale buried on beach in Ballina, Australia

     A dead whale which was found on the beach at South Ballina on Sunday has been buried. A spokeswoman from National Parks and Wildlife confirmed the 5.2m baby humpback whale had been buried on Monday. It is not known at this stage why the decision was made to bury the whale instead of removing […]

Young minke whale dies in Wellfleet Harbor, Massachusetts

     An International Fund for Animal Welfare marine mammal rescue and research team performed a necropsy on a young minke whale that stranded and died in Wellfleet on Wednesday, according to organization spokeswoman Kerry Branon. The male whale was spotted swimming in Wellfleet Harbor on Wednesday, but stranded and then died shortly after the team […]

Whale found stuck to bow of ship near docks in Sheerness, UK

     First it was Greenpeace protestors. Now Sheerness docks has had an unexpected visit from a whale. The body of what is thought to be a 25-feet long pilot whale was found stuck to the bow of the 49,000-tonne car transporter American Highway as it arrived. Dad-of-three Jack Smedley, 25, of Yarrow Drive, Minster, was […]

Another whale shark found dead, the latest in Gujarat, India

     After a 30-feet long whale was found dead last week, body of a male whale shark, about 15 feet long, was found at Madhavpur coast on September 28. A team of ICAR-Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute (CMFRI) and Wildlife Trust of India (WTI), Veraval, reached the spot to assess the reasons for its death. […]

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