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Sean Parnell’s fiction thriller features graphic violence against women

“He tried to choke me out on a couch and I literally had to bite him,” Snell said in a Butler, Pa. courtroom, according to the Inquirer. “He was strangling me.” Snell’s tearful testimony included a claim that Parnell pinned her down and called her a “whore” and “piece of s—,” the newspaper reported. In […]

Public School Curriculum Asks Kids to Pretend They Are Gay, Role-Play Plan to Have Sex: Graphic Content Warning

The public school system isn’t just failing — it has become near irredeemably corrupt. This is especially the case at Minnesota’s Richfield Public Schools district, where one program being used by the school district reportedly directs school children to role-play as gay and transgender children. During the curriculum’s role-play, the students are then asked to […]

GRAPHIC: Al Qaeda in Idlib Plots New False Flag Chemical Attack

MIRI WOOD JUNE 23, 2021 Al Qaeda in Idlib and Hama are plotting a new false flag chemical attack. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates announced yesterday confirmation that the White Helmets terrorists, Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS aka Nusra Front aka Al Qaeda Levant), and other related terrorists have brought “tankers loaded with raw chlorine […]

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Man Who Sucker-Punched 12-Year-Old Dancer Gets 7 Years

The Missouri man who sucker-punched a 12-year-old boy dancing on a sidewalk has been sentenced to seven years in prison. “Cedric Moore changed his plea from not guilty to guilty earlier this month and was sentenced by a judge for second-degree assault in Cape Girardeau,” 11 Alive reported Friday. A viral video clip showed the […]

The Week Takes Down ‘Ludicrous’ Star of David Graphic After Social Media Uproar

A screenshot of the The Week graphic before its removal. After drawing widespread outrage from Jewish leaders and observers, The Week magazine removed a graphic Thursday evening that depicted a blue Star of David encircling and covering the eyes of US President Joe Biden, which had accompanied a column criticizing Israel’s efforts to prevent a […]

Biden offers measured response after viewing ‘graphic’ police footage of Daunte Wright’s death

The explanation from Gannon came during a news briefing by city leaders and law enforcement officials, after the police chief played the officer’s body camera footage of her deadly encounter with Wright. “As I watch the video and listen to the officer’s commands, it is my belief that the officer had the intention to deploy […]

Graphic video shows Ethiopian troops executing prisoners in Tigray – CNN

A gruesome video allegedly filmed by a whistleblower in the Ethiopian Army shows what appears to be Ethiopian troops executing an estimated 34 unarmed men in the Tigray region in January, the US-based Tigrai Media House reported. — CNN International (@cnni) April 2, 2021 “Why don’t you come close and film the execution of these?” […]

GRAPHIC EXCLUSIVE: Cartel Intel Unit Operated Within Border State Police Department in Mexico

A police officer in the Mexican border state of Tamaulipas is under investigation following allegations of recruiting other cops as hitmen and using law enforcement information to lead an intelligence unit for Los Zetas. Known in the criminal underworld as El Chino, former Tamaulipas Police Officer Jose Roberto Olivarez Mujica is currently under investigation for […]

Book Review: ‘Sapiens: A Graphic History’

Consider the phenomenon known as “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind.” First written in Hebrew and self-published in Israel in 2011, the book by Yuval Noah Harari found an American publisher in 2014, quickly became an international best-seller in 60 languages, and then morphed into a kind of multi-media empire called Sapienship. Its visionary author, […]

Italian Holocaust graphic novel trilogy debuts final installment

The third and final installment in the Casa Prima del Buio series, an Italian graphic novel series detailing the fictional story of a German conductor and his Jewish pupil during the Holocaust, has already hit shelves, and will be available in full December 23.Known in English as At Home Before Dark, the series, which began […]

Graphic Video: San Bernardino Policeman Shoots Allegedly Armed Suspect After Failed Arrest

Authorities in San Bernardino released a video from an overnight deadly shooting after a suspect resisted arrest. The black male pulled a handgun from his pocket before the officer fired, authorities claim. The shooting took place Thursday just before midnight when authorities responded to a call about a man, identified as 35-year-old Mark Mathew Bender, […]

Shocking images show whale died with over 80 trash bags in its stomach (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

READ MORE: ‘Armageddon in the making’: Sea creatures plagued by human plastic pollution (DISTURBING VIDEOS) A team of veterinarians worked for five days to free the animal from the canal. Ultimately, their efforts proved unsuccessful as the country’s Marine and Coastal Resources Department reported that the whale spit out five plastic bags just prior to […]

Child dies in horror Indian Ferris wheel crash (GRAPHIC)

The accident happened Sunday night in the town of Anantapur in the state of Andhra Pradesh, reported the Times of India. A cabin of the wheel came crashing down as one of its bolts came loose. The force of the crash threw an eight-year-old girl from the carriage and she died in hospital later. Six people, including […]

Graphic Ads Depicting What Some Would Consider Borderline Child Abuse, Would You?

Next Story Most mothers know just how hard it is to resist cravings during pregnancy, and while it’s okay to give in every now and then (I mean seriously, chocolate chip cookies are awesome), it’s important to consider the health of your little one. While you should increase your food intake during pregnancy to ensure both you and […]

Yemen Can’t Wait: 18 Martyred, Several Injured in a New Saudi Massacre in Taiz [Graphic content]

  Related News Houthi forces launch ballistic missile at Saudi military airport Houthi forces claim to score direct hit on Saudi airport with ballistic missile in new attack VIDEO: Houthi rebels blow-up entire squad of Saudi-backed fighters with missile strike in northwest Yemen Yemeni Tribal Council protests against US-led airstrikes in Syria Breaking: Houthi forces […]

Jeremy Corbyn: Schools Should Teach Kids Graphic Gay Sex To Kids

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn has vowed to introduce “graphic” gay sex lessons in schools if he becomes Prime Minister of Great Britain.   Speaking on Will Young’s Homo Sapiens podcast, Corbyn insisted that detailed instructions about how girls and boys have full-blown gay sex should become part of the national curriculum. reports: During his appearance […]

9 dead in gun attack at Coptic Christian church in Cairo (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

The incident took place when at least one gunman opened fire at a Coptic church in the Helwan district, reported Al-Ahram. The death toll currently stands at 9 people, with a further five injured, according to Egypt’s Health Ministry. Two police officers are thought to be among the dead. Security sources told Egyptian newspaper Masrawy […]

WATCH: Graphic Body Cam Footage Shows Tased Suspect’s Deadly Altercation With Police

SANTA ANA — On the heels of a scathing report on its use of excessive force, an Orange County police department is facing further criticism following the release of graphic footage showing a suspect’s altercation with officers that would result in the man’s death. Video from body cams released by the Orange County district attorney […]

Catalonia Violence a Graphic Reminder that Statism is Violence

Isaac Davis, Staff WriterWaking Times “Every decent man is ashamed of the government he lives under.” ~H. L. Mencken Although the word democracy carries great weight with civilized people, the truly virtuous in our world are forced to acknowledge the truth about even democratic statism: the fundamental characteristic of government is uncivilized force and […]

Warning: Graphic Images That The Egg Industry Does Not Want You To See

Next Story There are many people out there who consider themselves vegetarians but still eat eggs on a regular basis. I have learned that the correct name for these types of non-flesh eaters is ovo-vegetarians. Generally these people still eat eggs for a variety of reasons, such as: the idea that eggs provide them with the […]

AMC’s ‘Preacher’ Opens With Graphic Jesus Sex Scene, Closes With Inbred Messiah

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Graphic Video: Iraqi Soldiers Take Revenge, Torture & Execute Pleading ISIS Militant

The footage shows the broad daylight executions of at least two Islamic State militants, one of whom tries desperately to get away from his captors. The tide has turned against the odious entity known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). So it seems. From an Iraq-bound suicide bomber accidentally killing 12 comrades, […]

This Is What Actual Racism Looks Like: Warning Graphic Content

While the media continues to parrot stories about racism in society and make a big deal about relatively minor incidents and talk about unconscious racism, they ignore or under report true racist incidents. Unfortunately, our biased media only wants to highlight racism when it appears to be perpetrated by a police officer in self-defense against […]

‘Sir, I have a firearm on me’: Graphic dashcam footage of Philando Castile shooting released

     Police footage of the moment officer Jeronimo Yanez fatally shot Philando Castile has been released, days after a jury cleared the Minnesota policeman of all charges relating to the death which was livestreamed on Facebook. After five days of deliberation, a jury found Yanez not guilty of second degree murder as well as two […]

Faroe Islanders slaughter whales by hand in annual hunt (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEO)

The process, known as Grindadráp, or Grind, involves dozens of pilot whales and dolphins being driven into shallow waters by fishermen in boats and dinghies each year. From there, a group of people in the water and on the beach pull the mammals closer to shore, where they are killed by hand – a process […]

Moment terrorists storm Iran parliament caught on CCTV (EXTREMELY GRAPHIC)

The video, recorded by a CCTV camera, was released by Iranian media outlets, including Fars news agency. According to Press TV, the footage captured the visitors’ hall in the parliament.  READ MORE: ‘Repugnant’: Iran slams Trump’s condolences to Tehran attacks victims At least 13 people were killed and dozens injured in gun and bomb attacks at […]

Up to 20 dead after 3 explosions target mourners at funeral in Kabul (GRAPHIC PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Abdullah Abdullah, the Chief Executive of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, and Acting foreign affairs minister Salahuddin Rabbani were both in attendance along with other government officials at the funeral at the time of the explosions. All were unharmed. Security forces have set up a cordon around the Khair Khana area of Kabul where the […]

Graphic pictures: Yemeni troops annihilate entire Sudanese contingent paid by Saudi Arabia

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (1:00 A.M.) – Saudi Arabia has unleashed a wave of inexperienced African mercenaries upon war-torn Yemen in a bid to defeat the Houthi-led government based in Sanaa. On Monday, the Popular Committees wiped out over a hundred Saudi-backed militants, mostly Sudanese foreign fighters, amid clashes in the coastal province of Midi which borders […]

Graphic Video Shows HPV Vaccine’s Horrific Side Effects


Graphic Video Shows Aftermath Of Teen Shot By Conneticut Cop

A video reportedly showing the immediate aftermath of a police-involved shooting in Bridgeport, Conn. has family members questioning if police allowed a 15-year-old to needlessly die and have claimed it proves the police lied about the incident. Jayson Negron was shot and killed by police this week, but a […]

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