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First-Ever Official Apology for COVID Vaccine Mandates

March 5, 2023 • by Igor Chudov A Powerful, Sincere and Emotional Apology Worth Watching Originally Published on Igor’s Newsletter I believe we have just seen the first-ever sincere and complete apology for vaccine mandates coming from a government official. (if I am mistaken, and it is not the first one, let me know. Danielle Smith […]

Immunity acquired from a Covid infection is as protective as vaccination against severe illness and death, study finds

Three Years Late, the Lancet Recognizes Natural Immunity The public-health clerisy rediscovers a principle of immunology it derided throughout the pandemic. By Allysia Finley Feb. 26, 2023 Journal Editorial Report: The week’s best and worst from Kim Strassel, Kyle Peterson, Collin Levy and Dan Henninger. Images: Zuma Press/The Atlanta Journal-Constitution/Getty Images Composite: Mark Kelly The Lancet […]

German Study Documents Heart Damage, Death of Parkinson’s Patient Caused by Covid Jab

New, mind-blowing research about the Covid so-called “vaccinations” has been published recently in medical journals. Sadly, mRNA “technology,” not Covid, is destroying people’s hearts and brains, and it’s being documented in medical journals for all the “pro-science” pro-vaxxers to ingest. Recently, a patient died a few weeks after getting his third mRNA stab. Right after […]

VAERS Reproductive Health Reports After Covid Shot

23 dec 2022 •Miscarriage 4,639 •Menstrual Disorders 35,590 •Vaginal/Uterine Haemorrhage (All Ages) 12,431 •Caesarean / Preterm Labour / Birth Difficulties / Premature Birth 895 •Stillbirths 150 *just remember that only 1 to 10% of the American population knows about Vaers and not everyone and not all doctors report side effects. _______________________________ The Time for […]

NHS Director confirms Hospitals lied about Cause of Death to create illusion of COVID Pandemic

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON FEBRUARY 18, 2023 • ( 8 COMMENTS ) Before Covid, four types of pneumonia added together were the highest cause of death in the UK.  In a newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify deaths, the Medical Examiner was certifying all types of pneumonia deaths as covid-19 deaths, a former Director of End-of-Life Care has said. On Saturday, Sai, […]

At Least 1 Billion Dead or Disabled from CV19 Bioweapon – Dr. Betsy Eads

By Greg Hunter On February 4, 2023 In Political Analysis ***Dr. Betsy Eads Detox CV19 Bioweapon therapies at the end of the article By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post) CV19 bioweapon vax truth warrior Dr. Betsy Eads has been warning of a “Tsunami of ‘vaccine’ deaths coming in the next two years.”  The number of people dying and getting permanent disabilities is […]

US Department of Defence has been running the “covid vaccine” fraud worldwide

BY RHODA WILSON ON FEBRUARY 6, 2023 • ( 10 COMMENTS ) “[Pfizer] did not defraud the government. We delivered the fraud that the government ordered.”  Sasha Latypova used these words to describe the basis on which Pfizer has requested the dismissal of a False Claims Act case brought against them for their covid “vaccines.” The US Department of Defence ordered “demonstrations” […]

COVID-19 Countermeasures: Evidence of the Intent to Harm

Feb 5 2023 Cannot recommend this presentation highly enough. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step february 12th. One […]

Doctors in USA admit they killed Patients during the Pandemic by putting them on Ventilators

BY RHODA WILSON ON JANUARY 24, 2023 • ( 19 COMMENTS ) A jaw-dropping article published by The Wall Street Journal in December 2020 has resurfaced.  In it, American physicians admitted to ventilating patients who did not need it as a step in their protocol.  It was done not as a treatment that was likely to benefit the patient, but rather as a fruitless […]

MHRA admits 74% of vaccine injuries are ‘serious’ – yet still insists jabs are safe

ByJenny Brown January 23, 2023 Jenny Brown, an independent healthcare professional with significant nursing experience, has examined and analysed each of the approximately 75 MHRA Yellow Card Covid vaccine reports (adverse events data) published since the beginning of the Covid ‘vaccine’ roll-out. It is her analyses which have informed TCW‘s MHRA Yellow Card reporting to date. We are grateful for […]

Vaccine Genocide: Pfizer lied and 20 Million people died in just a handful of Countries according to Secret Government Reports

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON JANUARY 25, 2023 • ( 8 COMMENTS ) Secret reports from the Governments of the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK and most of Europe have raised alarm bells as they confirm that approximately 20 million deaths have been recorded resulting in 2 million excess deaths since Pfizer lied enabling the mass roll-out of the Covid-19 injections. […]

The role of social circle COVID-19 illness and vaccination experiences in COVID-19 vaccination decisions: an online survey of the United States population

25 jan 2023 “With these survey data, the total number of fatalities due to COVID-19 inoculation may be as high as 278,000… ” with 1m (!) serious adverse events. Note: this data is only for 2021, and only with the US in scope Mark Skidmore  BMC Infectious Diseases volume 23, Article number: 51 (2023) Cite this article 1667 Altmetric Metricsdetails Abstract Background […]

Proof: Strokes are caused by the COVID vaccines

I bet $1M that the vax causes strokes. Any takers? They knew this at the very start of the vaccination campaign if they were paying attention to the adverse event reports. I’ll show you how they knew. Steve Kirsch Jan 17 2023 Executive summary The COVID vaccines cause strokes. There is no doubt about it. […]

The Pfizer-Gate Scandal: Mortality Rates reveal a Shocking Truth as 2 Million Excess Deaths are recorded across USA, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand & Europe

BY THE EXPOSÉ ON JANUARY 22, 2023 • ( 15 COMMENTS ) The world was in a state of panic as an alleged Covid-19 pandemic swept across the globe, restricting freedom, and seeing a new dawn of global dictatorships. This took the lives of countless individuals in one way or another. Although the public was told the alleged COVID virus was to […]

 Proof the BBC is trying to gaslight the UK

I think this is self explanatory.Please send it to your resistant friends and relatives.Don’t give up.There’s no political solution. I don’t think they’ll ever stop, unless the people stop them, and that’s only going to happen when enough people rebel.This is very difficult but it’s down to each of us, including you.Best wishesMike Yeadon They […]


January 23rd, 2023. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence is Over A unified pushback against the globalist agenda It’s finally here, the Global Walkout begins September 4th at 8pm London time and continue every weeks. Next step january 29th. One step at a time, hand in […]

New Bodycam Footage Boosts Interest in Release of 14,000 Hours of Jan. 6 Video

By Joseph M. Hanneman January 18, 2023 Updated: January 19, 2023   Dramatic bodycam footage showing protesters doing CPR on the lifeless body of Jan. 6 protester Rosanne Boyland has increased interest in the U.S. House authorizing the release of more than 14,000 hours of security video footage still being kept from the public two years after […]

Ex-Bridge Tender Gets Probation After Elderly Woman’s Fatal Plunge from Drawbridge

An ex-bridge tender was sentenced recently after a 79-year-old grandmother died in a fall off a drawbridge in Palm Beach County, Florida, last year. Source

VAERS Are Deliberately Hiding Childrens Deaths From Covid Injections

Jan 14 2023 Here are nearly 200 There Are Lots More And many have been permanently deleted UNSPECIFIED AGE is also how they hide the child deaths in EudraVigilance reports and Yellow card reports Click on link to see VAERS hidden reports  _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: […]

Twelve things doctors know but won’t tell you

14TH JANUARY 2023 Antidepressants don’t usually work. And yet millions of people take them. Any patient in hospital who has a bed sore was incompetently nursed. Most practising doctors stop learning when they leave medical school. So if your doctor qualified ten years ago the chances are high that his knowledge is ten years out […]


December 27th, 2022 Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Ryan Cole, Dr. James Thorp, Dr. Peter McCullough – Vaccines are toxic, lethal, ineffective and must be stopped. They damage the brain, heart, liver, bone marrow, fetus, causing all sorts of harm in the body. CDC, FDA misinformation causing death and injury. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is […]


January 12th, 2023. Dr. Offit voted in favor of the jab three times: 6 mo. to 5 yo (6/15/22) 5 to 11 yo (11/26/21) 12 to 15 yo (5/10/21) He admits if 100% of the world is jabbed, C19 would still circulate. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time […]

Documentary Exposes WHO’s ‘Diabolical’ Plan to Use Vaccines to Reduce Global Population

07/11/22 “Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda” details the World Health Organization’s intentions to produce an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation, and how such vaccines have been used — without people’s knowledge or consent — since the mid-’90s. By  Dr. Joseph Mercola Miss a day, miss a lot. Subscribe to The Defender’s Top News of the […]

Are you suffering from a Medical Coincidence?

January 12th, 2023 “Excess deaths in 2022 among worst in 50 years” say the BBC whilst at the same time concluding “no evidence of vaccine effect” MP Andrew Bridgen has Tory whip removed after remarks on COVID vaccines and Holocaust New Study proves Covid Vaccines are Ineffective & Dangerous: Triple-Vaccinated Australians are 35x […]

It’s time to withdraw the mRNA vaccines?

Jan 8 2023 Fraiman, J., Erviti, J., Jones, M., Greenland, S., Whelan, P., Kaplan, R. M., & Doshi, P. (2022). Serious adverse events of special interest following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination in randomized trials in adults. Vaccine, 40(40), 5798-5805. Demasi, M. (2022). FDA oversight of clinical trials is “grossly inadequate,” say experts. bmj, 379. Wong HL, […]


January 3rd, 2023 Dr. Naomi Wolf: Pfizer Ignored the Horrific Stroke Safety Signal 90 Days After Vaccine Rollout 300 reports of stroke within 41 days of C19 inoculation 50% of strokes occurred in the first 48 hours All 300 reports were classified as “serious” 61 people died _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A […]

17,000 Physicians and Scientists declare that Pfizer, Moderna…

31 dec 2022 17,000 Physicians and Scientists declare that Pfizer, Moderna, BioNTech, Janssen, Astra Zeneca, and their enablers, withheld and willfully omitted safety information from patients and physicians which led to toxic death and should be immediately indicted for fraud. _______________________________ The Time for Silence is Over A Message to Humanity: The Time for Silence […]

Calling Out The Shots

2nd jan 2022 Have you been diagnosed with a new illness or had a flareup of a pre-existing one after taking the COVID-19 shot? Are you prone to more infections or feel generally rundown after the jab? Do you know how mRNA technology works? Are you aware that more people are dying now due to […]

The serious health dangers of EMF

Siim Land Interviews Dr. Mercola About ‘EMF*D’ Note: Due to censorship of Dr Mercola’s articles he archives them to paid sub soon after publishing. I’ve therefore published this in its entirety however you may find the source link will no longer work. EWR Story at-a-glance I was recently interviewed by Siim Land about my new […]

News Round-Up

BY WILL JONES 23 DECEMBER 2022 2:20 AM “Don’t give granny flu at Christmas: Festive revellers are urged not to mix with vulnerable relatives if they are ill to avoid overloading struggling NHS” – Here we go again: the Mail reports that as the health service is braced for its “darkest” ever festive period as it battles a […]

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