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Kamikaze – The Divine Winds that Saved Japan

The Mongols attempted two major invasions of Japan during the 13th century, in 1274 and 1281 AD, led by Kublai Khan, grandson of Genghis Khan. On both occasions however, Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Asia History Important Events Read Later 

Report claims Apple saved $6.5 billion by removing charger and EarPods from iPhone boxes

Apple’s not giving you a charger with your new phone has nothing to do with ‘caring’ about the planet but rather about their profits. Removing the charger and EarPods from the iPhone box allowed 70% more devices to fit on a pallet More boxes on a pallet would allow Apple to ship more phones to […]

John’s Baptism Of Repentance — And Why All Israel Will Not Be Saved

Recently, we’ve received a number of comments from some of our readers who still hold to the doctrine that “All Israel shall be saved.” They seem genuinely confused — and often at a loss — when confronted with evidence from Scripture that completely contradicts their views which attempts to maintain that all white people are […]

GOP Sen. Cramer: Joe Manchin Saved the Democratic Party

Senator Kevin Cramer (R-ND) credited his colleague Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) for saving the Democratic Party with his pledge to vote “no” on the so-called Build Back Better legislation. Cramer explained Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) was under pressure from different sides of the Democratic Party, including a possible primary challenge from Rep. Alexandria […]

Bangladesh: Two Million Lives That Could Have Been Saved, but Were Not

How Nixon and Kissinger failed to respond to urgent need for course-correction from their own senior diplomats This year events relating to the liberation of Bangladesh have been recalled time and again as Bangladesh has completed 50 years as a nation. On March 26 Bangladesh celebrated its 50th freedom day as the first announcement of […]

Father is Saved by His Daughter After Hospital Vehemently Opposes Ivermectin Treatment, Even Though He Was Almost Dead

Sun Ng’s daughter had to sue an Illinois hospital to allow a doctor to give her father the safe, FDA-approved drug that saved his life. The hospital fought hard to denny Mr Ng treatment, even though he was almost dead. by Mary Beth Pfeiffer Trista Ng asked officials at Edward Hospital again and again. Give […]

Does Amos 3:2 Prove God Will Ever Know Only Israelites — And Only Israelites Can Be Saved?

Those who believe that all Israelites according to the flesh are saved — and only Israelites according to the flesh are saved — always use Amos 3:2 to support their arguments, You only have I known among all the families of the earth; Therefore I will punish you for all your wrongdoing. They will argue that at […]

White House Says You Would Be Able To Afford Food If You Had Kept The 16 Cents You Saved On July 4th

White House Says You Would Be Able To Afford Food If You Had Kept The 16 Cents You Saved On July 4th WASHINGTON, D.C.—Speaking at a press conference early Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki reminded American citizens that they would be able to afford food if they had kept the 16 cents saved on […]

NYPD Officer Who Saved 4-Year-Old Gunshot Victim Raises $3000 for Child’s Family

An NYPD officer raised $3000 for the family of a 4-year-old gunshot victim she helped save earlier this year in Times Square. Four-year-old Skye Martinez was shot on May 8 while waiting in line with her family at Line Friends in Times Square, the New York Post reports. A gunman had been arguing with individuals […]

‘Portuguese Schindler’ who saved thousands from Nazis is honoured in Lisbon

Portugal has paid official homage to a diplomat who helped save thousands of people from Nazi persecution during World War II. Aristides de Sousa Mendes — known as the “Portuguese Schindler” — was honoured at the country’s National Pantheon on Tuesday. Leading Portuguese politicians, public figures and the diplomat’s own descendants attended the formal televised […]

Turkey saved the lives of millions in Syria’s Idlib, Erdogan says

Turkey’s presence in Syria’s Idlib Governorate saved the lives of millions of civilians and prevented them from becoming displaced, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said yesterday. In an interview with a local magazine, Erdogan added that the international community cannot allow the Syrian crisis to continue more than the 10 years it has already lasted, stressing that there is a […]

Israeli grandfather says he saved, not kidnapped, grandson in Italy

The grandfather of a six-year-old boy who is the only survivor of an Italian cable car disaster said he was looking out for his grandson’s wellbeing by bringing him to Israel against the will of the boy’s family in Italy, reports Reuters. Eitan Biran’s parents, younger brother, and 11 other people all died when a […]

Will Europe be Saved by Its Own Army?

The fact that Europeans need their joint armed forces can be heard more and more often in the European Union lately. The number of such statements has increased noticeably, especially against the backdrop of the US and NATO’s failure in Afghanistan. “America is leaving Afghanistan not only defeated but humiliated,” writes the French Le Figaro. […]

George Bizos, The Lawyer Who Saved Nelson Mandela Honored in Greece

The main square of Vasilitsi, Messinia was named after George A. Bizos, the Greek-South African lawyer who saved Mandela and fought apartheid. Credit: Messinia Press George Bizos, the Greek-South African human rights lawyer who fought apartheid and saved Nelson Mandela from a death sentence during the Rivonia Trial, died on September 9, 2020. In honor […]

Every American Life Saved After Chick-Fil-A Takes Over Kabul Airport Evacuation

KABUL—After the government spectacularly botched the evacuation of Afghanistan, Chick-fil-A scrambled to the rescue and was quickly put in charge of the operation. Within a few hours, every single American at the Kabul airport was comfortably seated on a commercial airliner and munching away at a delicious Chick-fil-A sandwich and sipping on a sweet tea. […]

The five key Covid truths that could have saved us from self-destruction

By Neville Hodgkinson August 11, 2021 DOCTORS, lawyers and other patient advocates around the world are challenging the legality, ethics and scientific basis of the global drive to vaccinate the entire population, including children, against Covid-19.  But even as they raise their voices, the intensity of censorship is increasing.    The latest victim is cardiologist, internal disease […]

‘My helmet saved me’: Man describes how he survived being bitten on the head as tigers mauled friends to death

A man in India says his motorbike helmet saved his life during a chance encounter with tigers in the wild that left two of his friends dead. Vikas Kumar, 23, miraculously lived to tell the tale after his bike crashed on a road passing through thick forests near Pilibhit city in Uttar Pradesh state, spilling […]

Bernie Sanders Submits Bill To Tax The $0.16 Saved On Barbecues

WASHINGTON, D.C.—After the Biden Administration announced they had secured $0.16 of barbecue savings for hardworking families, Senator Bernie Sanders wasted no time in proposing legislation to tax those savings. “There are millionaires and billionaires who also saved sixteen cents, even though they don’t need those savings!” said Bernie Sanders to a C-SPAN camera that was […]

Rapture 2021: How to be Saved

“For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.“ (Romans 3:23) . There are many End Time signs, plainly visible to anyone who is aware and spiritually awake. But, 4 countdowns stand out from the rest. They give us a clue for the timing of the Rapture and the beginning of the 7 […]

96-Year-Old WWII Veteran Travels 900 Miles to Visit Grave of Marine Who Saved His Life

A 96-year-old World War II veteran from Massachusetts traveled nearly 900 miles to South Carolina to pay tribute to a Marine, who saved his life 76 years ago. At the beginning of the year, Private Anthony Grasso, from Norwood, discovered where Lieutenant Frank DuBose had been laid to rest. DuBose gave his life for his former […]

British woman in coma after being saved from Mexico crocodile attack by twin sister

A 28-year-old British woman is in coma after being saved by her twin sister during a crocodile attack in a lagoon in Mexico, their mother told the media. Melissa Laurie is in a state of coma while her twin sister Georgia has “terrible” bite marks on her body, their mother, Sue Laurie from Sandhurst, Berkshire, […]

Woman shares tip she learned from police officer dad which saved her from ‘hotel attack’

A Canadian woman has shared a safety tip on TikTok that might have saved her during the “scariest experience of her life” a few years ago. Josie Bowers, 19, a former Cerleten University student, said in a series of TikTok videos that when she was 15 and was on vacation in Maryland with her family, […]

Progressives saved Ed Markey’s career, now they’re demanding the Senator stand up for Palestine

Less than a couple years ago, Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey’s political career appeared to be all but over. An August 2019 poll showed that he was down 17 points to Joe Kennedy, a Representative roughly half his age from a political dynasty that had never lost an election in the state. What happened next is […]

Russia’s Jewish leaders praise Red Army that ‘saved the Jewish people’

Russia’s chief rabbi Berel Lazar (left) with heads of Russia’s Jewish community, Russia’s grand mufti Rawil Gaynutdin,  and representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church at the commemoration of the Soviet defeat of the Nazis (Victory Day) parade in Russia, May 9, 2021. By MJCCMay 9, 2021 Anno DominiTranslated from the Russian FEOR President and Chief […]

A British officer saved dozens of Jews during the Jaffa riots. He was labeled a traitor

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

Florida’s Governor DeSantis Saved Florida by Breaking Out of the Fear Narrative | Florida was only l ocked down for 30 days in April 2020, realized it was a crime against humanity and has not locked down since

Florida’s Governor DeSantis Saved Florida by Breaking Out of the Fear Narrative / pcr3 Florida’s Governor DeSantis Saved Florida by Breaking Out of the Fear Narrative Florida was locked down for thirty days in April 2020. Governor DeSantis realized it was a mistake, and Florida has been open ever since, Florida has done much […]

Only the VACCINATED will be saved? Confusion after St. Vincent PM says only those with Covid jab can flee VOLCANO on cruise ships

As a volcanic eruption cast a pall of ash over the Caribbean island of St. Vincent, tens of thousands fled – but eyebrows were raised after the island nation’s PM said they weren’t going anywhere without a Covid shot. The La Soufriere volcano on the eastern Caribbean island of St. Vincent erupted on Friday, sending […]

Belarus launches housing project for elderly who saved Jews in Holocaust

In 1998, the now 90-year-old Lyubov Arkhiptsova-Volchek was recognized as a Righteous Among the Nations – Israel’s title for non-Jews it recognized for risking their lives to save Jews during the Holocaust – for helping hide her 11-year-old Jewish friend from the Nazis. Today Arkhiptsova-Volchek lives in abject poverty in Belarus. “There’s no indoor toilet. […]

A Danish boat to freedom – The boat that saved 11 Jews in Denmark

Medical student Abraham Steinbock shared the 25-foot fishing boat with his brother, sister, parents, another Jewish family of six – the Altmans – a police officer, a fisherman and 700 kg. of eels. They did not turn on the motor until they were well clear of Danish soil, out in Øresund Sound and after a […]

90-year-old who saved Jew in Holocaust found living in poverty in Belarus

A 90-year-old woman who risked her life to save a Jewish girl during the Holocaust was found living in poverty in the town of Hlusk in Belarus, the From the Depths organization announced on Wednesday. In 1998, Yad Vashem honored Lyubov Volchek as a Righteous Among the Nations, an honor given to those who provided […]

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