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Ex-Teacher Upset With the Term “Groomer” Gets Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison for Producing Child Porn

On Thursday, 𝕏 citizen journalist KanekoaTheGreat reported: BREAKING: Former Hawaii teacher, Alden Bunag, was sentenced to 17 years in federal prison for making child porn. Bunag was very upset with “right-wingers” on X popularizing the term “groomers.” Prosecutors said he taped repeated sexual activity with a 13-year-old student in a classroom and sent it to […]

Jewish School Teacher Arrested For Threatening To Slit Student’s Throat When She Objected To Israeli Flag In Classroom

Benjamin Reese mug shot (13 WMAZ CBS News) Benjamin Reese — a Jewish 7th grade social studies teacher in Warner Robins, Georgia, was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats and acts of cruelty to children, according to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office: “A Warner Robins teacher is accused of threatening to behead a student […]

Jewish Georgia Teacher ‘Threatened to Behead Student for Criticizing Israeli Flag in His Classroom’

Jewish Georgia middle school teacher Benjamin Reese, 51, was arrested and charged with making terroristic threats for allegedly threatening to behead a young female student who criticized his decision to fly an Israeli flag in his classroom. From 13WMAZ, “Warner Robins teacher accused of threatening to kill student over comment about his Israeli flag”: A […]

Irish Teacher To Remain In Prison After Gender Pronouns Row

A court has ruled that an Irish school teacher who refused to use a student’s chosen pronouns will spend Christmas in prison. Irish teacher Enoch Burke was initially suspended in May last year after he refused to refer to a transgender student as ‘they’ saying that it was against his Christian beliefs. BYPASS THE CENSORS […]

Video exposes trans ‘indoctrination’ in primary school: Teacher tells 10-year-olds about how an unhappy boy teddy became a happy girl teddy in a lesson from controversial ‘inclusion’ charity

EXCLUSIVE: Video exposes trans ‘indoctrination’ in British primary schools READ MORE: The shocking lesson plans used by teachers in UK classrooms HAS IT HAPPENED AT YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL? Email  By CHRIS MATTHEWS  PUBLISHED: 03:05 EST, 19 November 2023 | UPDATED: 14:59 EST, 19 November 2023 Schoolchildren are being ‘indoctrinated’ into thinking miserable boys who may be questioning their gender may be happier […]

Judge rules Virginia teacher shot by 6-year-old can move forward with $40M lawsuit

A teacher who was shot by her 6-year-old student in Virginia can move forward with her $40 million lawsuit against the school system, a judge ruled Friday. Abigail Zwerner is suing the Newport News Public School system over claims of negligence. She’s seeking compensation for the serious injuries caused by the classroom shooting that happened… […]

Macron visits school where French teacher was killed in KNIFE attack by “radical Islamist” on Global Day of Jihad

(NaturalNews) France seems to be ground zero for the Global Day of Jihad after it was reported that a “radical Islamist” wielding a knife killed a teacher,… Source

Stabbing Death Of Teacher Prompts Terrorism Investigation In France

Two other people are in critical condition after the attack, which comes amid global tensions over Israel’s war against Hamas. Source

UK Church School Sacks Teacher For Refusing To Teach “Extreme” LGBT Lessons

A teacher has been sacked from a Church of England school because she refused to teach “extreme” LGBT lessons as part of religious education syllabus. 43 year old Glawdys Leger a teacher at Bishop Justus CofE School […] The post UK Church School Sacks Teacher For Refusing To Teach “Extreme” LGBT Lessons appeared first on The People's […]

Teacher Exposes Elite Sexual Predators in Australia- This Whistleblower Threatened WithPRISON

The Preditor Class (formally known as ‘The Wealthy’, ‘The Elites’, ‘VIP’s’, ‘Political Class’, etc.) uses anything to SILENCE those protecting and advocating for our innocent and preyed upon. Our children are more vulnerable than ever to becoming victims of SRA (Satanic Ritual Abuse), Masonic Ritual Abuse, Sex Trafficking and other forms of sexual torture and […]

Pence: ‘I’ve been sleeping with a teacher for 38 years’

Pence: ‘I’ve been sleeping with a teacher for 38 years’ lead image Source

‘Don’t just watch TV’, Libyan teacher rallies pupils to help flood victims

A Libyan headmistress in Tripoli gave an impassioned speech to her students in the wake of deadly floods in Derna, imploring them to act and not just watch the tragedy on TV. Despite an ongoing civil war, Libyans from across the divide are rallying to help their country-people in the flood affected areas, sending food […]

Police: Tennessee Teacher Arrested for Raping 12-Year-Old Boy

A fourth-grade teacher in Covington, Tennessee, has been arrested for allegedly raping a 12-year-old boy and befriending other young students online. Source

American Teacher Arrested for Alleged Sexual Encounters with Minor in Thailand

An American teacher and popular Tik Tok creator was arrested in Thailand after allegedly having weekly sexual encounters with a 16-year-old girl. Source

Canada: Trans Teacher with Large Prosthetic Breasts Returning to Class

Kayla Lemieux, the famous transgender teacher in Canada with large prosthetic breasts, has reportedly returned to the classroom. Source

Nick Fuentes Encourages Male Teacher to Find a Wife Amongst the Students He Teaches

Nick Fuentes, former advisor to Kanye West and leader of America First pedophile club, has come out in Source

Black Man Awarded Over $2M for Failing “Biased” Teacher Exam, Part of $1.8B Settlement

Herman Grim, 64, of Queens, on July 5 was awarded the biggest judgment to date — a jaw-dropping $2,055,383. Source

Jewish School Teacher Arrested For ‘Terrorizing’ Students With Baseball Bat And Arsenal Of Guns After Finding Swastika Drawings

(Jewish Telegraphic Agency) David Schroeder — Jewish public school teacher in Grafton, Wisconsin — was arrested for threatening to violently harm students and their families simply because he found some random swastikas drawn on notepaper in his classroom: …David Schroeder was arrested on Friday and charged Monday with a felony count of making terrorist threats, […]

Homosexual teacher caught bullying his students, threatening them to comply with LGBTQ agenda

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A 40-year-old teacher from a state-run academy in London was caught bullying his students and threatening them to comply with the LGBTQ+ agenda. In his lecture at the Stationers’ Crown Woods Academy, the teacher made it clear that he is a homosexual and identifies as part of the LGBTQ+ community. He plainly […]

Teacher Expresses Concern Johnny Is Not Transitioning Up To His Full Potential

SAN FRANCISCO, CA — A local teacher was forced to schedule a conference with a student’s parents to express growing concern that their young son Johnny is not transitioning up to his full potential. Source

Georgia Middle School Teacher Arrested After Allegedly Being Caught in Closet with Student

A Georgia middle school teacher has been arrested and terminated from his position after allegedly being caught in a closet with a student, according to the Bibb County Sheriff’s Office. Cedric Goolsby, 56, who worked as a teacher at Howard Middle school in Macon, Georgia, was arrested on Monday and faces charges of child molestation, […]

France school stabbing: Teacher dies after being attacked by student near Biarritz

A teacher at a private school in Saint-Jean-de Luz near Biarritz has died after being fatally stabbed by a student on Wednesday. Source

False teacher Todd Bentley posts he is ‘booked to spend several days’ at ‘Asbury revival’ — university says he was not invited to speak

(Christian News Network) — Todd Bentley, who once claimed to activate the power of God by kicking a woman in the face with his biker boot, has announced that he is “booked to spend several days” in what is being called a “revival” at Asbury—a university chapel service that grew into a daily, larger meeting […]

Watch: Teacher in destroyed Ukrainian town turns living room into school

A Ukrainian teacher has turned his living room into a classroom after his school was damaged by Russian strikes. Source

Teacher revives art of letter writing to connect students across the world with children in Gaza

Before this digital age of social media texts and direct messages, it was commonplace to receive heartfelt handwritten letters from a pen pal, a postcard from overseas or annual colourful festive cards. It is an experience the Berkeley, California-based teacher, Heather La Mastro, aimed to rediscover with her students at the Jewish Community Centre of […]

Public schools are collapsing fast as teacher says they are now indoctrination centers, not places of education

(Natural News) If you still have children in public school, it’s time to get them out and into a private education setting where they will no longer be subjected to left-wing countercultural indoctrination if you have the means to do so. And if you don’t, maybe the answer for you is to form a small education… […]

School Searched 6-Year-Old’s Backpack for Gun Before He Shot Teacher

Administrators at the Virginia school where a six-year-old shot his teacher were told the student may have had a weapon on him and despite searching his backpack, failed to find it.  On January 6, a six-year-old student brought a gun that belonged to his mother to Richneck Elementary School in Newport News in his backpack. […]

Teacher ‘Saved Lives’ After Being Shot in the Chest by a 6-Year-Old

A 6-year-old Virginia boy remains in custody after he brought a gun to school and, without warning, shot his first-grade teacher in the chest.  Abby Zwerner, 25, was teaching i in front of her first-grade classroom at Richneck Elementary School in Newport News, Virginia, on Jan. 6 when the young boy pointed a 9-millimeter Taurus […]

Black Student Mercilessly Assaults Teacher

We should not have to live around this level of violence. Our children should not be forced to attend such savage schools. Source

Teacher Frustrated As Half Her Students Detransitioned Over Christmas Break

BEAVERTON, OR — Third-grade teacher Ms. Gaywood (she/her) became frustrated during the first day back from the holiday break when she discovered half her students had detransitioned and were no longer identifying as made-up genders. Source

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