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The Obama Doctrine and Where it Leads Us

US President Joe Biden is acting out the script written for the so-called “Obama Doctrine” perfectly. Which is no small feat considering the man seems narcoleptic. The truly sad part of all this is that the people of the countries involved do not want war. The world does not want more war. We are sick […]

Pro-Israel candidate Glenn Ivey wins Maryland primary, where AIPAC spent almost $6 million on his campaign

Pro-Israel candidate Glenn Ivey defeated ex-congresswoman Donna Edwards in the Democratic primary of Maryland’s 4th district thanks to $6 million from AIPAC. The primary drew the attention of pro-Israel groups and was perceived by many as a proxy battle over the issue within the Democratic Party. Source

“President Moon, Where Were You for Six Hours?”

This author has previously written about the clouds gathering over the Moon Jae-in administration as they try to investigate the incident in the Yellow Sea. Recall that on June 16, the Coast Guard Service and the South Korean Ministry of Defense officially announced that there were actually no grounds for the previously advertised version of […]

The city where investigations of police take so long, officers kill again before reviews are done

A California city’s flawed handling of fatal police shootings allowed six officers to use deadly force again before their first cases were decided. Experts say the department’s system “isn’t even basement standard practice” and needs oversight. Source

COVID – Where Do We Go From Here?

If you’re feeling the fatigue of navigating the news during COVID you’re not alone. I personally know a lot of people who feel this way. But given what has happened over the last few years through the decision making of government, is how a good time to stop paying attention? This is a tough question, […]

Where Do Your Blood Donations Really Go?

The small print on the form you fill out to give blood: “I am aware that some components of my donation may be used for the production of drugs”. Source

“Where’s the List?” – UFC Champion Asks Why Ghislaine Maxwell Pedophiles Aren’t Being Revealed

“Where’s the List?” – UFC Champion Asks Why Ghislaine Maxwell Pedophiles Aren’t Being Revealed Date: July 2, 2022Author: Nwo Report ‘Does that just get swept under the rug? Do they not get any time for actually f**king those kids?’ Posted BY: Adan Salazar UFC fighter Israel Adesanya questioned why there’s been no visible effort to […]

Malaysia Has a Rotating Monarchy Where 9 Royal Families Take Turns to Rule

Malaysia has one of the most interesting political systems, which, although a modern construct, is rooted in pre-colonial historical origins. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

The Gas Inflation Crisis Is Far From Over – Where Will Prices Finally Stop?

After a single Federal Reserve rate hike of 75bps I am noticing a trend among mainstream economists whipping out their crystal balls and predicting an almost immediate reversion to deflationary conditions. In their view, a recession will “balance everything out.” For most of these people I would suggest that they keep their crystal balls in […]

Where Next For Pakistan?

Whilst a few other things have been going on in the world, Pakistan has been going through political turmoil which shows little sign of abating soon. This has been little noticed however, because Pakistan has dropped off the radar, and yet more instability there is hardly news. Prime Minister Imran Khan, the playboy sportsman turned […]

Jon Stewart Blasts Public’s Lack of Attendance at Memorial Day Events: ‘Where Are the American People?’

Comedian Jon Stewart has blasted the general public’s lack of attendance at Memorial Day events this year, demanding to know “where are the American people?”

AIPAC declares victory in Texas, where they spent almost $2 million on an anti-choice, NRA-backed Democrat

Rep. Henry Cuellar has declared victory in Texas’s 28th congressional district despite the fact that the runoff was too close to call on Wednesday morning. AIPAC spent nearly $2 million on the anti-choice, NRA-backed Democrat in Texas’s 28th district. It looks like it narrowly paid off.

Uncle Sam Does This to Children (You MUST Kill Children to Be President of the United States) Where is the Outcry??? (Don’t Forget Many Politicians, Especially Presidents, Rape Children Too Brought In By the CIA’s Child Sex Rings)

Monsanto Exposed as Source for White Phosphorus Used in Gaza Massacre We’ve had enough. The 1% own and operate the corporate media. They are doing everything they can to defend the status quo, squash dissent and protect the wealthy and the powerful. The Common Dreams media model is different. We cover the news […]

Where is the Rabbi? Shireen Abu Akleh’s Via Dolorosa

Israeli police attack mourners at funeral for slain journalist Shireen Abu Akleh. Image is a capture from a video clip circulating on social media ( Of the hundreds of thousands of images flowing in quick succession on social media in the aftermath of Shireen Abu Akleh’s extrajudicial execution undertaken by a State actor, namely Israel, […]

Where is the $56 billion ‘to Ukraine’ actually going?

The United States has now delegated some $56 billion in new money to debase the currency “for Ukraine,” but hardly any of it is actually going to the Ukrainian people. Due to President Trump, the D.C. war machine spent 2016 to 2020 starving for a monetary replenishment. And now that they have their man in […]

Dem Sen. Bennet: Important Senate Considers Roe V. Wade ‘to Show Where the Votes Are’

Senator Michael Bennet (D-CO) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Katy Tur Reports” that the U.S. Senate needed to vote to make abortion legal nationwide. Thus, voters will know the lawmakers’ positions before November’s midterm election.

A Monetary Reset Where the Rich Don’t Own Everything

We have a serious debt problem, but solutions such as the World Economic Forum’s “Great Reset” are not the future we want. It’s time to think outside the box for some new solutions. In ancient Mesopotamia, it was called a Jubilee. When debts at interest grew too high to be repaid, the slate was wiped […]

Where Is the True Location of Mecca?

Most people will recognize Mecca as the name for the Holy City of Islam. Do you know where the Holy City is? Do you know where it should be? Did it get lost? Was it ever found? Read more Section:  News Human Origins Religions Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

Ukraine’s Gov Has Been Overrun With CIA-Grown Extremists Since 2014, Azov Was Just Where It Started

Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours (4/25/22). As always, take the information discussed in the video below and research it for yourself, and come to your own conclusions. Anyone telling you what the truth […]

Destruction Yet? And Where Will Gasoline Prices Go from Here?

There’s some demand destruction. But oil bounced again, gasoline might be next. My guess is a long-drawn-out zigzag higher.

How Much Russian Crude Oil & Petroleum Product Does the US Import? Where Does it Go? How Much Impact Will the Russian Oil Ban Have?

One more complication in the vast global oil trade, even for the US, one of the largest producers in the world and a big exporter. The US is a huge producer of crude oil and petroleum products, with huge refining capacity, huge consumption, a huge petrochemical industry, huge imports, and even bigger exports. The global […]

Where Heating The Home Breaks The Budget

By Tyler Durden More than one quarter of the Bulgarian population isn’t able to properly heat their homes according to data from Eurostat. With a share of 27.5 percent, the Balkan state tops the EU average by almost 20 percent as the following chart shows. You will find more infographics at Statista Bulgaria is followed by […]

Vinnitsa, Ukraine: Where Jewish-Led NKVD Terrorists Murdered 10,000 Christians And Blamed It On The ‘Nazis’

(Front National Suisse) Here we present another eye-opening article from the revisionist site, Front National Suisse — we would encourage our readers to explore their unique archive of historical material that has been memory-holed for self-evident reasons. You can read the original article on their website in French — or you can read it below […]

Smart: Dad Plays Creative Game With Kids Where He’s Asleep The Entire Time

PUEBLO, CO—Local father Tom Kabara was put in charge of his kids for a few hours over the weekend while his wife went out to get her nails done and do some shopping with her girlfriends. He had had an exhausting week at work and was feeling extra tired, so when the kids asked him […]

Archaeologists Uncover Missing Chapter Of Job Where He Has To Put Together IKEA Furniture

Archaeologists Uncover Missing Chapter Of Job Where He Has To Put Together IKEA Furniture IRAQ–Buried under the sands of Babylon for thousands of years, a chapter of the book of Job was discovered by archaeologists in what is being called the most incredible find since the Dead Sea Scrolls. The new chapter sheds new light […]

US Doesn’t Know How And Where To Store Its Growing Nuclear Waste

Above Photo: The Hanford Site by the Columbia River in Washington State was built during World War II as part of the Manhattan Project and used to produce plutonium for nuclear weapons. It is currently the most contaminated nuclear site in the country but the DoE doesn’t yet have a long-range plan for handling waste […]

Southwest Introduces New Boarding Procedure Where Everyone Is Given A Melee Weapon And You Just Sort It Out Amongst Yourselves

Southwest Introduces New Boarding Procedure Where Everyone Is Given A Melee Weapon And You Just Sort It Out Amongst Yourselves DALLAS—Southwest Airlines has announced a new and exciting boarding procedure where passengers are given a deadly melee weapon and encouraged to sort it out themselves instead of bothering the flight crew. “We are thrilled to introduce […]

Prince Charles Attended Event Where Ghislaine Maxwell Pimped out Girls to VIP Pedophiles

Prince Charles attended an event where VIP pedophile ring boss Ghislaine Maxwell attended with three underage girls for elites to rape later that night. The child trafficking pimp can be seen in a newly-emerged photo drinking alcohol with three young children, surrounded by rich and powerful politicians, Royal Family members and Hollywood celebrities. The image, […]

The Mystery of Celtic Wood: Where 37 WWI Australian Soldiers Vanished

Heroes of the Great War never die. Our memory of their bravery and daring will remain alive forever, as a testament of the unconditional sacrifice that our predecessors gave for us, the generations that followed. The First World War (WWI) was a grave period in our collective history, a stained page in the book of […]

Supermarkets in USA implement BEAST System where you can only Buy if you have 666 Chip implant on Hand or Forehead

Home » Breaking News, North America, Religion » Supermarkets in USA implement BEAST System where you can only Buy if you have 666 Chip implant on Hand or Forehead     Supermarkets across USA are beginning to replace existing normal refrigerators with what look like bulletproof refrigerators with no glass doors but completely made out […]

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