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Neurologist Andrew Moulden Was Murdered for Exposing Vaccine Racket

Some video are still available on (Canadian neurologist Andrew Moulden, PhD. MD 1964-2013 explains it all here in 20 six-minute segments. He was told to play ball or have the ball taken away. He wouldn’t play ball and they killed him.) Healthcare is a bigger business than war.  They cannot leave illness to chance. A […]

Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice’

Kate Middleton Newensign: One has to remember the enemy hates Royalty as they are not so easy to subvert as politicians are. While there is no doubt that down the centuries the House of Rothschild and other Edomites have been infiltrating European Royal Houses, but there is still a remnant of true Judah (that is […]

Mayor of Athens, GA where Laken Riley was murdered by an illegal, gets curb-stomped by locals: “Liar! You have blood on your hands”

(NaturalNews) Watching the left scramble to distance themselves from the horrific murder of Laken Riley by one of Biden’s illegals, is downright appalling and… Source

My Cousin General George S Patton Murdered By the US, 1st Cousin To George Washington, I’m a 2nd Cousin To Georgie

George was an American. He would not betray America to Red Russian Communism so the UNITED STATES murdered him. Thanks US for murdering George Washington’s 1st cousin for standing up for America and Americans. The Ole Dog! Source

Trump Jr. Who’s father Murdered An Iranian Diplomate on A Posted Mission, Who’s Father Supports Israel Which Murders journalist all the Damn Time, As Well As Tens of Thousands of Children, Condemns Zelensky for US journalist’s ‘murder’

evil /ē′vəl/ adjective Morally bad or wrong; wicked. “an evil tyrant.” Causing ruin, injury, or pain; harmful. “the evil effects of a poor diet.” Characterized by or indicating future misfortune; ominous. “evil omens.” hypocrite /hĭp′ə-krĭt″/ noun A person given to hypocrisy. One who assumes a false appearance; one who feigns to be what he is […]

Nixon Aide Said CIA Murdered Dorothy Hunt, Wife of Watergate Burglar E. Howard Hunt Who Knew Too Much About the CIA’s Role in Watergate and Other Crimes

[Source:] Hunt Was Among Victims of a United Airlines Flight That Crashed in Chicago on December 8, 1972, Soon After Richard Nixon’s Re-Election Dorothy Hunt’s life of adventure and privilege came to a tragic end at the age of 52 on December 8, 1972, when United Airlines Flight 553 crashed into a suburban home near […]

Thousands of Palestinian Laborers in Israel Have Likely Been Murdered, Experts Warn

In addition to the 8,000 Palestinians who have been killed in Gaza following the Oct. 7 false flag attack, thousands more Palestinians who were working in Israel have also been murdered. According to reports, thousands […] The post Thousands of Palestinian Laborers in Israel Have Likely Been Murdered, Experts Warn appeared first on The People's […]

Was Paul McCartney Murdered for Opposing the Deep State?

It’s the weekend. As a change of pace, I present an article by a reader, Clare Keuhn, that casts Paul McCartney’s murder and replacement in a new light. “Mark Lane said Paul was convinced “Oswald couldn’t have done it,” and wanted to write his very first film score for Lane’s upcoming film of his book, Rush […]

Horror: 6-Year-Old Palestinian-American Boy Murdered in Apparent Hate Crime in Illinois

Wadea Al-Fayoume, a six-year-old Palestinian-American boy, was stabbed to death on Saturday at his Plainfield, Illinois, home in an apparent hate crime committed by his landlord, identified as Joseph Czuba. Source

Guardians & Murdered Wards: FBI Dropped the Ball on This One Letting the Massive Numbers of Perpetrators Get Away With Murder

Guardians & Murdered Wards I pulled some of the guardian papers and there was this little booklet that came out. It had a little fabric cover. All it was was essentially identifying the name of a guardian and which Osage they were in charge of. And when I opened up the book, I could see […]

Israel soldier is haunted by the people he murdered

Israel soldier is haunted by the people he murdered An #IDF soldier explodes with frustration during a hearing about his PTSD, claiming he pees himself at night because he’s haunted by the people he murdered. #IsraeliCrimes #ZionismIsTerrorism #JWO #NWO The point is not to feel bad for him; it is to show no one but […]

“Snowflake” friends of murdered NYC activist run fundraiser – not for his funeral but for their “work time-off expenses” while they grieve

(NaturalNews) Tammie Marie David and other friends of murdered New York City left cult advocate Ryan Thoresen Carson recently created a GoFundMe page, where they… Source

Highway of Tears & Fears As Massive Missing & Murdered Mounting

Violence Against Indigenous Women: FEB 14 Posted by Zig Zag A LEGACY OF COLONIALISM & APARTHEID “Sexual abuse of First Nation’s children is at crisis proportions. This form of violence is a legacy of colonialism.” (Jackie Lynn, Colonialism & the Sexual Exploitation of Canada’s First Nations Women) “Discrimination & violence against Indigenous women is Canada’s untold human […]

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry needs to investigate Authorities

John Hawke Apr 30, 2022 6 min read Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women Inquiry needs to investigate Authorities Updated: Jun 8, 2022 Republished from a previous article on the Site   By: Johnny Hawk   “Wenonah” in Anishinabemowiin means “The One who Breast Feeds” where she was the daughter of Nookomis- Grandmother. Wenonah was taken advantaged […]

NEURALINK: From Murdered Monkeys To Human Trials

By Maryam Henein Imagine if Stephen Hawking had had this,” Elon Musk said on X on Sep 19, 2023, Source

Democrats Propose Bill to Establish DOJ Office for Missing and Murdered Black Women

Democrat Representatives Ilhan Omar and Bonnie Watson Coleman have introduced a bill to establish a national Office for Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls within the Department of Justice.  The Brittany Clardy Missing and Murdered Black Women and Girls Act, named after an 18-year-old Minneapolis woman who went missing in 2013 and was later […]

Nearly 200 environmentalists were murdered for their work in 2022

New report from Global Witness calls for greater protection of activists on the front lines of the climate crisis. Source

Hitler Murdered His Niece, said his Sister

Hitler murdered his 24-year-old niece Geli Raubal  due to a bisexual love triangle involving the Nazi leader  and his Jewish chauffeur-bodyguard, Emil Maurice “I’m not saying he drove her to her death, caused her to commit suicide, or anything like that. I mean to accuse him of shooting and killing her…I have enough proof to convince […]

Texas girl, 11, found raped and murdered under her bed ‘was killed by ILLEGAL INVADER, 18, who crossed into El Paso in January and was promptly freed by authorities’-Bexar County “sheriff” F##k Texicans Salazar Wants To Make Sure Illegal Invader’s “rights” are Not Violated

USA/Washington DC and their sub corporation ‘THE STATE OF TEXAS’ are making war on Texicans. The “government” promises 3ed world criminals in they can just illegally get across the Rio Grande, they will take the sweat of the brow from hard working Texicans and give the illegal 3ed world criminals “FREE EVERYTHING”. The one’s having […]

Children Are Allowed To Be Murdered By Sadistic Parents in the United State & Penalties Have Recently Been REDUCED!s

Oregon’s only woman on death row resentenced to life in prison for killing daughter Jordyn Brown The Register-Guard       0:52 0:59 The only woman on death row in Oregon was resentenced to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole last week. Angela McAnulty of Eugene, now 51, was sentenced to death in February […]

Synagogue of Satan Murdered Jesus; Now They Want to Delete Christ Out of Christmas & Kill Off Christians Too!

Jamie Foxx Apologizes for Offending Jews By infostormer  – August 7, 2023 4 Booty call actor Jamie Foxx put out a post on Instagram talking about how “they” killed this dude name Jesus. Immediately after putting out the post, a bunch of Jews cried and said that the post was anti-Semitic. Foxx immediately apologized and […]

The Depopulation Agenda is Ongoing in Ireland as Dairy Cows are Being Murdered to Create Food Shortages of Milk, Cheese, Butter & Even Irish Cream Liquors

Fighting Monarch A Resistance Site For Survivors of CIA, NSA, Tavistock, and Illuminati Mind Control Facebook LinkedIn Twitter Instagram ABOUT RESOURCES TESTIMONIALS CONTACT INDEX INSANITY IN IRELAND – WAR ON FARMERS July 1, 2023fightingmonarch It takes some strange doings for the news to say there’s insanity in Ireland, but now the day has finally come.   […]

RFK Wants All Americans To Know He Is Sucking Di#k Of Those Who Murdered His Father And Uncle JFK


Why Is RFK Jr. Shilling for Israhell Which Murdered His Father?

On yesterday’s Richie Allen show (listen above) we covered plenty of controversial ground—global tyranny, is resistance futile, was the Unabomber right, do we need a revolution, are you pro-2nd-Amendment, the wokist debauching of children, why LGBTQ ideology is wrong, and why the war on Russia is really a war on Europe. One topic we didn’t […]

PROOF Dr. Buttar Was Murdered by Big Pharma, Exactly How He Predicted

Yet another holistic doctor working against Big Pharma has been found dead in highly suspicious circumstances, as the community of physicians attempting to work outside the confines of the pharmaceutical industry, exposing their agenda, continues to be eradicated. Dr. Rashid Buttar, the British-American physician who was responsible for waking up millions of people to the […]

Jane Fonda called for pro-life Christians to be MURDERED right before TRANS terrorist assassinated six Christians in Nashville

(Natural News) In the days leading up to transgender Audrey Hale’s murderous rampage at The Covenant School in Nashville, washed-up actress and left-wing activist Jane Fonda appeared on The View to express her desire for all pro-life Christians to be murdered. The segment, which you can watch below, shows Fonda participating in a panel on… […]

Jane Fonda Says Pro-Lifers Need to Be Murdered for Their Beliefs on Abortion (VIDEO)

Jane Fonda Says Pro-Lifers Need to Be Murdered for Their Beliefs on Abortion (VIDEO) Source

Police Found the Missing Skull of a Murdered Socialite in a Pot of Soup

After deploying dogs and drones, scouring a cemetery, and searching sewage manholes, police in Hong Kong have found the missing skull of a socialite whose gruesome murder has shocked the city. The discovery of her remains in a soup pot over the weekend provided more grisly details about the chilling killing of Abby Choi Tin-fung, […]

Mike O’Mara: “I Am Dying. Murdered by Moderna.”

Mike O’Mara: “I Am Dying. Murdered by Moderna.” ‘ I was a composer / writer / teacher / mentor. Slow-motion murdered via vaccine injury and resulting neurodegenerative disease.’ Lioness of Judah Ministry This Is Absolutely HORRIFIC. I am at a loss for words… Please pray for Mike and share his story. Mike O’Mara ‘Back […]

Who Murdered my Father, Rudolf Hess? Another Voice of Freedom

The son of Rudolf Hess, Wolf Rudiger Hess, an admirer of his godfather Adolf Hitler, and an architect and fixture Source

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