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Ex-Illuminati Member Exposes the Occult Rituals Behind the Entertainment Industry w/ Leo Zagami

Italo-British aristocrat, Leo Zagami joins Seth Holehouse to talk about the the occult programming that was deployed aginst the Western masses during the post-World War Two Era, primarily through the entertainment industry and especially through the pop music industry. The goal was to destabilize the strong, orderly culture that existed at the time and to […]

Secret Society Illuminati card game PREDICTED 9/11 terror attack, Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the “Insurrection” riot at the Washington DC Capitol building

Secret Society Illuminati card game PREDICTED 9/11 terror attack, Donald Trump, Covid-19 and the “Insurrection” riot at the Washington DC Capitol building How could anyone have predicted that the World Trade Center “Twin Towers” would be attacked by “terrorists” in the 1990s? Then, how could those same soothsayers predict Donald Trump would charismatically lead millions […]

Royal Insider: Kate Middleton Was Murdered in ‘Illuminati Blood Sacrifice’

Kate Middleton Newensign: One has to remember the enemy hates Royalty as they are not so easy to subvert as politicians are. While there is no doubt that down the centuries the House of Rothschild and other Edomites have been infiltrating European Royal Houses, but there is still a remnant of true Judah (that is […]

Feb 13- Illuminati Have Weaponized Nature

Please send links and comment to [email protected] California and Nevada have been rocked by nearly one thousand earthquakes in 7 days 13 significant earthquakes, including one measuring magnitude 4.8, shook the state very early on Monday morning in a span of just 25 minutes… Parts of California were hit by more than a dozen […]

Matrix Hacker – Illuminati Breeding Program: Christine Keeler and Geena Davis

Politics and the Hollywood/Cabalist Breeding Program “Christine Keeler  Keeler born on February 22, 1942 and was bred by Katharine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy who starred together in the film Keeper of the Flame which was released later that year.  One clue is that, in this film, Hepburn plays the role of a character named Christine. ”     “To […]

Microsoft is an Illuminati Shell Company

A comment posted on the “bill gates is the antichrist” article got me searching. Bill Gates has ties to the Illuminati? I am surprised the guy does not include the source? Why, it was deleted, but here is is on wayback: “However, in 1975, a crisis developed that threatened the very foundation of the Illuminati. […]

Hitler Was an Illuminati Agent

“Wars are revolutionary.” Organized Jewry ( i.e. the WEF) degrades humanity by starting wars using their  agents (Freemasons) on both sides.  As the third Masonic Jewish world war approaches, let’s look at WW2  when Churchill, FDR, Stalin and Hitler were all Freemasons. Supposedly the enemy of Jewish bankers, Hitler acted like  he didn’t know the Rothschilds controlled England […]

Elon Musk is Part of the Illuminati Charade

Elon Musk is Part of the Illuminati Charade December 14, 2022 (On the left, Communist Jewish Gulag commandants in the USSR. On the right, Zionist Jewish pioneers at Kibbutz Gan Shmuel in 1921. Both are making the classic Masonic hand sign.)  Despite two appeals which have gone unanswered, I am still banned from Twitter. This […]

Is the Illuminati Planning another Jewish Holocaust?

(Passengers on SS St. Louis. Jews are also pawns in the illuminati game.) Jews were trauma brainwashed and tricked into establishing Israel —   In 1938-39, just before Europe became an inferno for Jews, all the exits were sealed shut.  The Nazis allowed Jews to leave, but no country allowed them to enter.  Given what we […]

San Francisco APEC Conference Was an Illuminati Occult Ritual

“What is their goal? “They” believe our world is organized like a pyramid (see below)  and they are the highest level. They also believe in ritual sacrifice; to absolve their sins  they commit more sin. They are destroying the layer below them,  offering these people up as a ritual offering. “ By CK  ( San […]

Letter Written By Albert Pike In 1871 Reveals The Illuminati Plan For World War 3

A letter which is said to have been written in 1871 predicted both the First and Second World Wars and claims that there will be a third global conflict. The predictions are said to have […] The post Letter Written By Albert Pike In 1871 Reveals The Illuminati Plan For World War 3 appeared first […]



August 31 – World War is Only Way Illuminati Can Escape Justice

Tucker says that a repeat of the COVID Hoax with masks and lockdowns won’t work. The only way now that the WEF Cabal can assume dictatorial powers over their own populations is to have a hot war with Russia. Carlson predicts one within a year. They cannot afford to allow another free election because […]


Here’s how the MO of treason by traitorousIlluminati families is routinely used to controlthe global geopolitical chessboard SOTN Editor’s Note: Consider the following exposé as the typical scheme by which all the Western powers are both kept in check by their Khazarian overlords and manipulated to drive the worldwide perpetual war economy.  This back story […]

Disney Produced Cartoon Features Illuminati-Style Robed Elites Drinking Blood, Sacrificing People And Worshipping An All Seeing Eye

Appearing in Cannes to promote his first movie since he was vindicated in a defamation trial against his uber-woke lying ex-wife, film star Johnny Depp spoke about rejecting Hollywood, refusing to “fall into line” to avoid being cancelled and how underhandedly hateful the media is. Following the premiere of his new movie “Jeanne du Barry,” […]

Veronica Swift – Illuminati Satanism Unveiled

Veronica Swift’s book, An Illuminati Primer:  Understanding the System through the Eyes of Its Whistleblowers,  published in April, reveals disturbing details  about the politicians and celebrities we worship.  They all belong to the Illuminati  which really is a satanic cult.  Below are some excerpts which explain why Western  society is in a tailspin.  An Illuminati […]

Angelina Jolie: “I Was In The Illuminati I’m Going To Tell You Everything” – Shocking Exposé

It has long been claimed Hollywood stars and other celebrities need to join the Illuminati to make it to the top of the entertainment industry, but few people outside of the Illuminati inner-circle understand what […] The post Angelina Jolie: “I Was In The Illuminati I’m Going To Tell You Everything” – Shocking Exposé appeared […]

ACH (1981) Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, Alchemy, And The Illuminati Conquest Of Outer Space

In today’s show originally broadcast on November 25 2022, Andy presents a show entitled, “Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, Alchemy, And The Illuminati Conquest Of Outer Space.” Click Here For The YouTube Video We Played On Today’s Show Click Here To Order “Texe Marrs – ‘The Eagle Has Landed!’ – Magic, […]

Kanye West Says His Mother Was ‘Sacrificed’ in Hollywood Illuminati Blood Ritual

Kanye West has made the startling claim that his mother was “sacrificed” as part of an Illuminati blood ritual by the Hollywood elite before naming other celebrities who have been victims of the entertainment industry […] The post Kanye West Says His Mother Was ‘Sacrificed’ in Hollywood Illuminati Blood Ritual appeared first on News Punch. […]

Kanye West: Satanic Illuminati Elite Have Infested Hollywood

Los Angeles, Hollywood and the mainstream media have been completely taken over by Satan-worshipping Illuminati elite, according to Ye, or Kanye West, as he’s better known. Is he right? Let’s start with the mainstream media. […] The post Kanye West: Satanic Illuminati Elite Have Infested Hollywood appeared first on News Punch. Source

Britney Spears: ‘I Was Subjected to Satanic Illuminati Rituals’

Pop-star Britney Spears detailed the “satanic” abuse she suffered at the hands of her “illuminati” handlers during her 13-year conservatorship, including sickening sexual rituals, weekly blood transfusions, and Mkultra medical experiments. Spears described in a now-deleted Instagram post on Sunday how she was stripped of her freedom and autonomy and subjected to dark and satanic […]

Illuminati Satanic Crime Syndicate Has Corrupted ALL of Politics and This Book Tells You How They Did It.

Comment: They finance perverts into the top positions of our gov’t whom they control as these Satanists also control the Child Trafficking to these perverts. They assassinate foreign leaders who will not kowtow to them. They bribe, blackmail and murder and now control pretty much every country in the world. They use the American military […]

Share Buybacks Reached Record High as [Illuminati] Companies Are Bailed Out and Workers Starve

Above Photo: Colin Ziemer / AP. Share buybacks hit a record high in 2021, enriching investors and executives at the expense of the working class. The coronavirus pandemic continued to wreak havoc in 2021, with the Omicron and Delta variants, supply chain disruptions, and inflation battering the global working class. In the United States, companies […]

Satanic Illuminati Families Reaps Insane War Profits 10 Times What Normal Businesses Make & More

That war is a racket has been told us by many, but rarely by one of this stature. Though he wrote the landmark book War is a Racket in 1935, the highly decorated U.S. General Smedley Butler (two esteemed Medals of Honor) deserves to be heralded for this timeless message, which rings true today more than ever. Below is […]


by Admin · Published November 15, 2021 · Updated November 15, 2021 Comment: If they weren’t cabal members they would not get ANY media. They would be treated like you or I. We don’t get media do we? You HAVE to be a Cabal Member and controlled by the Cabal to be in the MEDIA […]

‘It Was Demonic’ – AstroWorld Witnesses Claims Show That Killed 8 Was an ‘Illuminati Satanic Ritual’

The Astroworld concert, where 8 kids were killed during rapper Travis Scott’s performance, was a demonic soul-harvesting Satanic ritual, witnesses at the concert claim. Travis Scott enjoyed watching his fans get crushed to death as audience members pleaded with him to stop the show, according to disturbing videos posted to social media. He refused to […]

The ‘Simonini Letter’ — The First Evidence Connecting Jews, Freemasons & Illuminati To World Revolution

In 1806, after reading Memoirs Illustrating the History of Jacobinism, a professional soldier from the Piedmont in northwest Italy named Jean-Baptiste Simonini felt compelled to write the author, a French Catholic priest named Augustin Barruel, to divulge his firsthand knowledge about the role the Jews played in the Freemasons and the Illuminati — and how […]

Illuminati Celebrity Questions VAXX and Gets Attacked By Empire Puppets For Telling People to Think For Themselves

By infostormer -September 16, 20211 Nicki Minaj is asking more questions about the vaxx agenda. She even posted a clip of Tucker Carlson on her Twitter feed. She also said that she was temporarily suspended from Twitter as a result of her asking questions about the vaxx. She did a livestream on Instagram last night about the […]

Greg Locke Rants That Freemasonry Is ‘An Illuminati, Godless, Wicked Organization’

Radical right-wing pastor Greg Locke dedicated nearly 10 minutes of the Wednesday night sermon he delivered at his Global Vision Bible Church to ranting about the Freemasons. After initially declaring that he just wanted to have a nice worship service with his congregation, Locke eventually worked himself up into fury as he screamed that the […]


by Admin · Published August 25, 2021 · Updated August 25, 2021 ACH (1587) Dr. Eric Karlstrom – Our 60th Show: Technocalypse!by achitchcockIn today’s show originally broadcast on August 24 2021, Andy is joined by Dr. Eric Karlstrom, for a show entitled, “Our 60th Show: Technocalypse!”We discussed: how what we are experiencing throughout the world is not […]

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