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Ex-Illuminati Member Exposes the Occult Rituals Behind the Entertainment Industry w/ Leo Zagami

Italo-British aristocrat, Leo Zagami joins Seth Holehouse to talk about the the occult programming that was deployed aginst the Western masses during the post-World War Two Era, primarily through the entertainment industry and especially through the pop music industry. The goal was to destabilize the strong, orderly culture that existed at the time and to […]

Weather Derivatives & Geoengineering – Killing You For Profit & Entertainment

Weather Derivative: Definition, How It Works, Types & Examples By Ali Hussain Updated May 20, 2022 Reviewed by Thomas J. Catalano What Is a Weather Derivative? A weather derivative is a financial instrument used by companies or individuals to hedge against the risk of weather-related losses. The seller of a weather derivative agrees to […]

Caesars Entertainment pays ransom following cyberattack on casino

(NaturalNews) Caesars Entertainment recently gave in to the demand of hackers and paid at least half of a $30 million ransom after a cyberattack late this… Source

Entertainment Reporter

Job title: Entertainment Reporter Location: Remote Employment type: Freelance Description The Epoch Times is seeking experienced Freelance Entertainment Writers to create and write celebrity and entertainment content for our website, You can identify newsworthy stories and produce original and exclusive reporting from a wide variety of sources. The Epoch Times’ primary goal is to […]

Shen Yun Is ‘Entertainment With a Purpose’: Actor

ADELAIDE, Australia—“Entertainment is incredible,” says actor and award-winning playwright Stephen House, “but I think entertainment with a purpose or a message actually turns it from silver to gold.” That was what House said when he watched Shen Yun Performing Arts at Adelaide’s Festival Centre on Saturday afternoon with his friend Lisa. “It allowed you to […]

The Greek Summer Festival is back with free entertainment and live entertainment in Sydney

“Yiasou!” The Greek Summer Festival returns to Carss Bush Park on Sunday, 12th February 2023, bringing authentic Greek flavours, music and entertainment. The annual festival is an exciting cultural experience for the whole family. Source

‘Damned Fun’ – ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ And The Military-Entertainment Complex

When the state-corporate culture of a highly aggressive imperial power produces war films that deliberately blend fiction and reality, there are real-world consequences.

New York Will Require Full Vaccination To Access Restaurants, Gyms And Entertainment; 5-Year-Olds Need At Least One Shot

Source: The City The new rule goes into effect on Dec. 27. “Vaccine mandates are the one thing that really breaks through,” Mayor Bill de Blasio said in an interview on MSNBC Monday. “Let’s lean into it even more.” The mayor also called the mandates a “preemptive strike”, once again urging all New Yorkers to […]

You Ask, We Analyze: Why AMC Entertainment Stock Could Turn Heads on a Break From This Pattern

On Sunday evening, Benzinga asked its followers on Twitter what stock they are buying at the open on Monday? From the replies Benzinga selected one ticker for technical analysis. @housepincher, @cj_cady, @PrestonHillber2, @sjsl24, and @alberto92445610 are buying AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. On Nov. 26, AMC CEO Adam Aron took to Twitter to announce, “When you […]

Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again

Couple With 9 Entertainment Subscriptions Just Going To Watch ‘The Office’ Again SCRANTON, PA—According to sources, local man Marvin Martindale came home Friday afternoon to relax on the couch and watch TV with his wife. After scrolling through hundreds of exciting new shows and movies on their 9 streaming services, the couple elected to just watch […]

Child Lovers Dominate Political Arena & Entertainment (Hollywood); Murdering Children For Entertainment.

PART 4 of 10 – CHILDLOVERS EVERYWHERE ( PART 5 of 10 – CHILDREN, ART & PIZZA ( Comment: Disney was a member of the Secret Societies as are all our upper level politicians and A list actors who are ALL GAY and Politicians are pretty much all compromised with videos of them with minors. […]

Nolte: Gal Gadot Ripped Apart by Entertainment Media for Pro-Israel Comments

This is a story about how the fascist entertainment media turned a non-story into an attack on Wonder Woman star Gal Gadot, who I’m going to defend even though she refuses to return my calls … and letters … and won’t answer her door. Gadot was born in Israel, served in the Israeli army, loves […]

US entertainment grant site won’t launch on Shabbat after complaints

A federal grants program for the entertainment industry moved the relaunch of its applications portal from Saturday to Monday, after observant Jews and others complained that the Saturday plan put them at a disadvantage for the billions in funding. The Small Business Administration announced the new date late Friday afternoon, shortly before the start of […]

Rome entertainment workers take to streets in protest at coronavirus restrictions

Hundreds of culture sector workers demonstrated in Rome on Tuesday to demand action from the government after the pandemic has seen their work halted for over a year. Actors, musicians, performers and dancers took to the streets to show their frustration, with many saying they faced severe economic difficulties during the long period of closure […]

170 Celebrities Sign Statement for Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance

jews really do not want Blacks, who they have been using as a weapon for well over a century, to finally realize that jews do not really give a damn about their well-being and view the “schwarzes” as far inferior to the “chosen ones.” jews founded and ran the NAACP, had their Communist agents march […]

Over 170 celebrities join Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance

In March, 56 years will have elapsed since Martin Luther King Jr. and Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel linked arms and marched as part of the civil rights protest from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama. However, in those intervening years, relations between Blacks and Jews have become strained, and with the rise of anti-Semitism in America as […]

Mayim Bialik among 170 to launch Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance

More than 170 entertainment industry leaders have signed a unity statement marking the launch of the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance designed to foster dialogue and mutual understanding. The high-profile signees include Tiffany Haddish (who is Black and Jewish), Mayim Bialik, NFL player Zach Banner (who has emerged as a leading pro athlete voice against anti-Semitism), Terry […]

Hanukkah Entertainment: Celebrate Virtually with Movies, Music and Other Events

In this pandemic year, staying safe and apart from loved ones makes for a less festive Festival of Lights, but if you have an internet connection, there are fun ways to celebrate Hanukkah virtually. The Jewish and Israeli streaming service ChaiFlicks is hosting its first Hanukkah Film Festival, offering its subscribers eight days of specially […]

Mitch Lowe – Netflix pioneer on the entertainment industry’s future and ‘Pitch Up In The Sky’

Mitch Lowe: video industry stalwart In this episode of Interview, we’re joined by Mitch Lowe, one of the founding executives at Netflix, who’s also been at the very forefront of the video entertainment industry since the early 1980s. He was President of the rental chain Video Droid for 14 years from 1984, before becoming the […]

MGA Entertainment releases Satanic Sex Dolls for Children, as usual, no Repercussions

    Another children’s toy is being exposed online for sexualizing children. Created by billionaire Jewish company MGA Entertainment, the same company that produced the oversexualized Bratz dolls from the early 2000s, some L.O.L. Surprise! Dolls have secret sexy outfits which can only be revealed by being dipped into ice water. Last year, a Reddit […]

Hollywood condemns NRA while dramatically increasing gun violence in entertainment

Hollywood condemns NRA while dramatically increasing gun violence in entertainment Washington Times March 10, 2018 Hollywood declared war on American gun culture in 2013 with a public service announcement calling for stricter gun control in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Now the industry is back on the attack in the wake […]

Vanessa Beeley Exposes Entertainment Industry/NGO Network Pushing White Helmets Propaganda

By Brandon Turbeville Perception management has long been a facet of the dominant minority (aka “Deep State”) that controls the military, political, financial, and industrial sectors of life in the Western world. Perception management is not only undertaken by political discourse in the political realm but even more so by the media that […]

Englander’s new novel is high entertainment, with a grim view of Israel

A few months back I heard Nathan Englander talk about his new Israel novel, Dinner at the Center of the Earth, and concluded that it was not very serious as a political commentary. Then a friend wrote to tell me the novel is subversive. It’s incredibly anti-Israel while also being sympathetic. But the most sympathetic […]

Entertainment Lawyer: Heather O’Rourke Was Killed By Hollywood Pedophile Ring

A prominent Hollywood entertainment lawyer claims that Poltergeist child star Heather O’Rourke was raped and murdered by Hollywood executives.  Heather played the character Carol-Anna Freeling in all three of Steven Spielberg’s Poltergeist films. She died in 1988 at the age of 12 from intestinal stenosis – a severe bowel obstruction. In an interview with Hollywood […]

Mass Shootings: The Military-Entertainment Complex’s Culture of Violence Turns Deadly

Cryptocurrencies at online entertainment

Using cryptocurrencies at online gaming is something that a lot of people want. There seems to be a strong overlap between the people who like to use cryptocurrencies and the people who enjoy gaming of all kinds. It makes sense that this would be the case, even though people are not […]

Weekend Entertainment: Video Explorations Around Area 51

Weekend Entertainment: Video Explorations Around Area 51 August 27th, 2017 Visits to the various gates of Area 51 comprise an entire genre of videos on YouTube. Click bait titles and corny theremin soundtracks are par for the course here. If you are interested in […]

Wilbur Ross says Syria missile strike was ‘After-Dinner Entertainment’ at Mar-a-Lago

Variety– Speaking at the Milken Institute Global Conference on Monday, Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross recalled the scene at Mar-a-Lago on April 6, when the summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping was interrupted by the strike on Syria. “Just as dessert was being served, the president explained to Mr. Xi he had something he wanted to […]

Tomahawk missile strike on Syria was ‘after-dinner entertainment’ – US commerce secretary

The 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles the US launched against Syria last month was just “after-dinner entertainment,” which “did not cost the president anything,” the US commerce secretary said, while President Trump called the attack a “tough decision.” US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross delivered the controversial comments while speaking at the Milken Institute […]

Race Mixing Agenda in Advertising and “Entertainment” for Globalism and Greater Israel

Not only have the immigration floodgates been opened, jewish media constantly indoctrinates our people to throw away their heritage. Source Article from

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