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CIA Agent: “We Designed mRNA to Kill”

I am issuing a correction. I am being taken to task (rightly) about the central claim of this video/article by The People’s Voice (TPV) that I have shared here, namely, that a CIA agent testified and leaked documents which confirm that the COVID mRNA shot was “designed to kill.” I assumed that this information had […]

Agent Provocateurs Exposed: Zionists That Sparked UCLA Violence Still Haven’t Been Arrested

(The Grayzone) On April 30, thirty people were injured when a mob of Zionist hooligans savagely assaulted the pro-Palestine UCLA encampment shortly before midnight. For over three hours, local and campus police stood down as the masked thugs assaulted students, journalists, and even officers of the law with fireworks volleys, pepper spray, and metal pipes. […]

Egyptian Group Claims Responsibility for Killing ‘Israeli Agent’ in Alexandria

 May 8, 2024 Egypt – Live News – Middle East – News – Top An Israeli businessman, identified as Ziv Kipper, was found dead in Alexandria, Egypt on Tuesday, sparking an investigation by the Israeli Foreign Ministry. Kipper, the CEO of OK Group LLC, a company specializing in exporting frozen fruits and vegetables, reportedly entered Egypt with a Canadian passport. A group known […]

A New York Real Estate Agent for Squatters

Canadian comedian, Ryan Long is on tour in Atlanta: April 12/13, San Diego: April 19/20, Houston: May 5, Austin: May 3/4, Auckland NZ: July 24, SYDNEY: July 25, Melbourne July 27, Brisbane: July 31, Perth: Aug 1, Source

China Blasts ‘Agent Of Trouble’ NATO

NATO should stop its “saber-rattling” and start promoting global peace, Chinese envoy Zhang Jun told a UN Security Council meeting on Friday. During the meeting, which was dedicated to the second anniversary of the conflict […] The post China Blasts ‘Agent Of Trouble’ NATO appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Mossad Created Hamas to Act as Agent Provocateurs

The October 7, 2023, attacks by Hamas on Israel from the Gaza Strip were orchestrated by Mossad. Hamas acted as agent provocateurs under covert guidance from Mossad. The attacks were planned to justify the brutal and genocidal by Israel against the Palestinians living in the Gaza Strip. Below is an excerpt from Bloody Zion explaining […]

Right Wing Round-Up: The Greatest Healing Agent

Ron Filipowski @ The Daily Beast: Evangelicals’ Trump Worship Looks More Like QAnon Every Day. I’ve watched hundreds of hours of Trump rally footage, and it’s clear he’s going full “messiah” in his plea to the evangelical Christian voters who have supported him since 2016. The Daily Blast with Greg Sargent: How Trump’s White Evangelical […]

Hitler Was an Illuminati Agent

“Wars are revolutionary.” Organized Jewry ( i.e. the WEF) degrades humanity by starting wars using their  agents (Freemasons) on both sides.  As the third Masonic Jewish world war approaches, let’s look at WW2  when Churchill, FDR, Stalin and Hitler were all Freemasons. Supposedly the enemy of Jewish bankers, Hitler acted like  he didn’t know the Rothschilds controlled England […]

Registered Israeli foreign agent driving contrived campus antisemitism crisis

Lawsuits accusing top US universities of harboring antisemitism all originate from one source: a corporate law firm that fielded the pro-settler ex-US ambassador to Israel, and which was registered as a foreign agent of an Israeli principal as recently as 2021. The firm now represents professional Israel lobby activists posing as victimized “Jewish students” and […]

Gottheimer calls for US to register TikTok as foreign agent

Rep. Josh Gottheimer (D-N.J.) is calling for the United States to register the video-sharing platform TikTok as a foreign agent, arguing that disinformation and hate is being spread “unchecked.” “I’m also calling on the @DOJ to make TikTok register as a foreign agent to monitor China’s use of TikTok as a propaganda machine to influence… […]

Notorious “Secret Team” Headed by CIA Agent Theodore Shackley Was Involved in the Kidnapping and Assassination of Italian Premier Aldo Moro, Italian Parliamentary Investigations Show

The Secret Team was a group of CIA agents run by CIA”s “Blond Ghost” Theodore Shackley that was involved in the most scandalous U.S. foreign policy interventions throughout the 1970s and 1980s, including the “October Surprise” and Iran-Contra affair. Now, Shackley’s “secret team” has been found to have had extensive connections to the assassination of Italian Prime […]

Ben Shapiro….Intelligence Agent For ISRAEL….Needs to Register Under FARA Comment:  Jews have all the rights in America.  The rest of us don’t. Source

Judah[s] Benjamin: The Rothschild Agent & Traitor (Synagogue of Satan Agent)

Note the Rothschild’s ARE the Synagogue of Satan! * Sign up for your FREE Report & FREE Updates at the very bottom of any page. “How to Respond to an Anti-Conspiracy Theorist” *************************** Benjamin’s subversive influence was immense.Why has it been downplayed in history? Judah Benjamin: The Jewish Boss of the Confederacy *************************** “Judah P. […]

Menendez case signals new chapter for DOJ on foreign agent law

A new federal charge against Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) purports he conspired with his wife and a New Jersey businessman to act as a foreign agent of Egypt — an unprecedented allegation marking the first time a sitting U.S. senator has been accused of working on behalf of another government. The superseding indictment is an… […]

Menendez Charged With Conspiracy To Act As Foreign Agent Of Egypt

Menendez Charged With Conspiracy To Act As Foreign Agent Of Egypt US Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ) was hit with a new charge Thursday that he conspired to act as an agent of the Egyptian government while he was head of the Senate’s Foreign Relations Committee. In a superseding indictment filed in Manhattan federal court, Menendez […]

Menendez defiant, says foreign agent charge ‘an attempt to wear someone down’

Sen. Bob Menendez (D-N.J.) accused prosecutors Thursday of attempting to wear him down and maintained his innocence after he was charged with acting as a foreign agent for Egypt.  Menendez remained defiant after the latest charge was issued against him, his wife, Nadine, and a New Jersey businessman, saying that he has only been loyal… […]

1982 Video Clip Of Undercover Agent Larry Grathwohl Telling About The Takeover Of America

Gordon Source

Donald Trump Sues Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Over His Infamous ‘Dirty Dossier’

Donald Trump is suing the ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steels officer and the intelligence consultancy he founded, High Court records in England show Trump is bringing a data protection claim against Orbis Business Intelligence and its […] The post Donald Trump Sues Former MI6 Agent Christopher Steele Over His Infamous ‘Dirty Dossier’ appeared first on The […]

Joe Biden’s Dog Bites Another Secret Service Agent: 11th Known Incident

President Joe Biden’s dog, Commander, has reportedly bitten another Secret Service agent — the 11th known incident. The latest biting incident involving the two-year-old German Shepherd was confirmed on Tuesday when United States Secret Service (USSS) chief of communications Anthony Guglielmi told CNN that it occurred. “Yesterday around 8 p.m., a Secret Service Uniformed Division […]

Another Secret Service Agent Is Bitten By Joe Biden’s Dog

President Biden’s dog, Commander has bitten another Secret Service agent according to reports… making this the dogs 11th known biting incident. The incident nvolving the 2-year-old German Shepherd happened at theWhite House on Monday evening […] The post Another Secret Service Agent Is Bitten By Joe Biden’s Dog appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Third IRS Agent Says Joe Biden’s DOJ Blocked David Weiss from Charging Hunter

A third IRS agent reportedly told House investigators that Joe Biden’s DOJ blocked now-special counsel David Weiss from charging Hunter Biden, seemingly contradicting AG Merrick Garland. Source

CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘Billions Will Die in 2024’ 

In the final months of his life, former CIA agent Joseph Spencer gathered his family and told them he had many secrets he needed to share with the world in the form of a deathbed […] The post CIA Agent Confesses on Deathbed: ‘Billions Will Die in 2024’  appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

The Real Steve Bannon is an Agent of the British Sent to Derail Any Real Change Who Only Cares About Lining His Own Pockets

Steve Bannon: Agent of Anglo Oligarchy and Its Monarchist European Friends ( Chatham House Mulls How To Cut India ‘Down To Size’ Sept. 8, 2023, 2022 (EIRNS)—Never imagine, that just because the British are eager to turn India against China, they are not working simultaneously, and just as eagerly, to keep India down (and preferably […]

Elliot Abrams Was a CIA Agent According to Daughter of CIA-Mafia Liaison

In September 1998, Desiree A. Ferdinand gave a sworn deposition, in a case filed with the U.S. District Court of Massachusetts, detailing the career of her father, Colonel Albert V. Carone, an army intelligence officer in World War II who she claimed was a CIA liaison with organized crime. Source

Just Stop Sadiq Khan – WEF enemy agent & ULEZ Fraudster – Airmiles To Davos & Back

Sanctimonious hypocrite Sadiq Khan whilst peddling his CO2 fearing hysteria obviously doesn’t care a jot about we ordinary people. His only concern seems to be implementing his vicious globalist road charging schemes and pleasing his masters at the World Economic Forum by targetting the poor. The rich can afford to pay to play. Astonishingly it […]

Former FBI Special Agent ‘Confirmed’ Key Parts of Hunter Biden IRS Whistleblower Testimony: Comer

A former FBI supervisory special agent has allegedly confirmed key portions of an IRS whistleblower’s testimony that President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, received preferential treatment during an investigation into felony tax crimes, according to the House Oversight Committee. “Today, a former FBI supervisory special agent assigned to the FBI’s Wilmington office and the Biden criminal investigation confirmed key portions of […]

Former Secret Service Agent Says Colleagues Are “Absolutely Furious” Over Cocaine Farce

Secret Service Agent turned news anchor Dan Bongino says that many of his former colleagues are fuming over the shut down of the ‘investigation’ into the cocaine found in the White House, and that “they know exactly who it was,” that stashed the drugs. As we highlighted yesterday, the Secret Service have concluded the probe […]

Deep Background: Victor Rothschild Was Communist Agent

I read Perry’s book years ago; it was very enlightening, and further affirmed the intimacy between bankers and communists. The Fabian Society’s Nicholas Murray Butler explained it well in 1937: “Communism is the instrument with which the financial world can topple national governments and then erect a world government with a world police and a […]

CIA Agent Admits Hip Hop Was a Psy-Op Designed To Corrupt the Youth and Sow Division in America

John Homeston, a retired CIA agent, has admitted on National Russian Television (NTV) that hip hop was a psy-op invented by the CIA in the 1980s and the agency has directed and financed household name […] The post CIA Agent Admits Hip Hop Was a Psy-Op Designed To Corrupt the Youth and Sow Division in […]

Facebook Hires CIA Agent To Censor Trump Supporters Ahead of 2024 Election

Facebook has hired former CIA agent Aaron Berman to oversee a team of people tasked with censoring Trump and his supporters on the platform ahead of the 2024 election. According to reports, Berman has been […] The post Facebook Hires CIA Agent To Censor Trump Supporters Ahead of 2024 Election appeared first on The People's […]

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