CIA Agent: “We Designed mRNA to Kill”

I am issuing a correction.

I am being taken to task (rightly) about the central claim of this video/article by The People’s Voice (TPV) that I have shared here, namely, that a CIA agent testified and leaked documents which confirm that the COVID mRNA shot was “designed to kill.”

I assumed that this information had recently emerged from the investigations of the Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic and Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, or else from the cases being represented by Tom Renz, who works with Todd Callender, who says he has 500+ military and government whistleblowers.

Otherwise, why would you make a video and publish an article about something that didn’t happen and that doesn’t exist to your millions of followers around the world, when there is actually no shortage of official evidence of criminality and malfeasance everywhere to report on – that is, unless you are a Disinformation Operation?

TPV did not provide direct evidence of this alleged testimony or leaked documents. They talked about other reports that have been recently publicized from Brad Wenstrup’s Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic, such as how the CIA bribed its own agents to reject the lab leak theory in their public assessments of the origins of COVID.

I fell for the TPV headline, because, like I said, there is no shortage of evidence that the COVID Hoax and the Death Shot were planned for decades by the United Nations and the US Government and I would not be at all surprised if the documents and testimony referred to in this TPV piece (or similar) eventually do emerge.

In short, I posted this because it seemed highly plausible, though I admit that I did not vet TPV’s statements carefully enough.

In his book, ‘Behold a Pale Horse’, published in 1991, the late Bill Cooper detailed how House Bill 15090 provided $10 million to the DOD’s 1970 budget, to produce “a synthetic biological agent, an agent that does not naturally exist and for which no natural immunity could have been acquired.”

Cooper said the Special Access Project that produced the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) was called MK-NAOMI and that it was carried out at Fort Detrick, Maryland.

SARS-CoV-2 contains HIV and it appears to be an outgrowth of this same old depopulation project that was publicly launched by the Club of Rome in 1972, with their book, ‘Limits to Growth’, which was followed-up in 1980 by ‘The Global 2000 Report to the President’.

I believe Fauci and many others in our 4th unelected branch of government were involved in this depopulation project for decades and if we win this war, it will all come out.

This also brings us to the astute comments, below of Steve, which address the British Crown’s 300-year involvement in this dastardly genocide plan; lest we forget that the Battenbergs (“Windsors”) are major denizens of the Black Nobility and Steve’s suspicion that this British TPV presentation is attempting to offload the blame for this genocide away from the very British Pirbright Institute and the Wellcome Trust and to lay it all on the CIA, which was founded after World War II and modeled on the UK’s MI6 but commandeered by Nazis, both Paperclip and homegrown. In any event, the CIA does not and never did represent US interests – that is, unless those interests aligned with Cabal, Black Nobility interests.



The CIA invented mRNA technology, in conjunction with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the World Economic Forum, and the Rockefeller Foundation, according to bombshell testimony of a CIA agent who admits that COVID vaccines were developed as a bioweapon to control humanity.

According to the agent and leaked top-secret documents, the COVID pandemic was a psyop, run by the CIA to frogmarch humanity towards a total surveillance state.

And COVID mRNA vaccines were not developed during Operation Warp Speed, but were ready and waiting for deployment for at least 10 years prior to the pandemic!

These revelations are all backed-up by fully verifiable documents and sources, and they will spell doom for the elite if we spread this information to enough people.

Three years ago, Klaus Schwab openly bragged that the World Economic Forum and their globalist stakeholders were on track to have total control over the human race by the year 2030.

How wrong he was. Unfortunately for the globalist elite, their authoritarian vision of microchips, open-air prisons, CBDCs and mandatory vaccination is receding faster than Yuval Noah Harari’s hairline!

The people of the world are waking up, and the elite are now in panic mode, terrified of being served justice for their crimes against humanity. It’s not just Gates. Schwab has emerged as a global hate figure, as ordinary people finally wake up to his agenda to enslave humanity.

When historians look back on this year, it will be remembered as the moment the Globalist elite revealed their hand and began to lose grip on power. Every week now, we’re receiving more good news on this front. The World Health Organization has been forced to suspend the launch of its controversial Pandemic Treaty, due to pushback from millions of citizens who were demanding justice for the crimes perpetrated by the elite during the pandemic.

Sorry Tedros, the people are rising up against your Globalist vision and rejecting your plans for Agenda 2030 and the New World Order. But don’t think you are becoming irrelevant. We will be seeing you at Nuremburg 2.0 trials, where you will be held to account for your crimes against humanity.

In even better news, the list of perpetrators to be held to account at Nuremburg 2.0 just got a whole lot longer, thanks to the testimony of a CIA agent who admitted that the COVID pandemic and mRNA vaccines were a CIA PSYOP planned years in advance.

The Globalists are trying to make us all poorer and destroy what’s left of the economy. The Biden regime is following all of the WEF dictats to the letter. They literally want you to own nothing and pretend to be happy. It’s no joke…

Tom Renz is an Ohio-based attorney who has risen to become a legal force in the fight to hold the Global Elite to account. Renz has developed a legal case against EcoHealth Alliance, alleging their involvement in creating SARS-CoV-2 with the CCP and Wuhan Lab.

[Video of Tom Renz testimony in court regarding the 2014 medical records that he obtained from an Army soldier stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas that show that he received five Moderna “immunization” shots for COVID-19].

Tom Renz: I’m not going to go out and tell you that this proves that this was built five, ten years ago or that the timeline was entirely fraud. I’m going to tell you that we ought to look into it. And if we’re going to ask questions, we ought to ask real questions.

Our DOD and CIA were involved with this. To what extent? How long has this been involved? This was created in a lab in one of the greatest enemies to the United States of America!]

It’s not just the DOD and CIA who were involved in the murky origins of the pandemic.

It’s all the usual suspects that make up the global elite. In 2021, Moderna hired and tasked a supposedly new pharmaceutical manufacturing company called Resilience to mass-produce their COVID-19 mRNA vaccines to roll out to the entire world.

The company goes by more names than P. Diddy, including Nanotherapeutics, Nanosphere Inc., Ology Bioservices and Government Resilience Services. Do you get the impression that they might be trying to hide something?

As Destiny Resendes reports, Resilience is rife with conflicts of interest,  especially within the intelligence community. Investors in Resilience included Google, Lux Capital, Magnetic Ventures and 8VC. And the chief operating officer of the company also served as a senior advisor to Pfizer, according to database website Crunchbase.

Resendes revealed that board members and investors tied to those companies include Council on Foreign Relations members, a board member of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, CIA affiliates, Merrill Lynch and the Rockefeller University. Additionally, former FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb served as a Resilience board member.

Also, Nanosphere and Nanotherapeutics, aka Resilience, has countless contracts with the government concerning biological warfare and gene-specific sensors wanted by the DoD, Resendes noted.

To add insult to injury, Resilience was even tapped by the World Economic Forum to lead the Davos panel on cybersecurity. They really do think we are stupid. “A biopharmaceutical company on cybersecurity? Okay, sure, go get that Moderna booster if you dare,” Resendes posted.

Don’t forget, the CIA bribed its own COVID-19 origin team to reject the Wuhan lab leak theory, according to several agency whistleblowers.

Intelligence dangerously compromised, warned CIA and FBI whistleblowers. You’re not the only one to report this, of course, but I was reading your report on it this morning.

This is something that you have been warning about for quite some time, and

[Video of Congressional testimony of Michael Shellenberger before Sen Josh Hawley].

Josh Hawley: The allegations stem from a whistleblower who has come forward to the House, a whistleblower from the Central Intelligence Agency. I have the letter, the relevant letter here from the House Oversight Committee. The whistleblower alleges that a CIA team was paid to change its assessment of the origins of COVID-19.

Do I have that broadly correct? Is that your understanding of the report?

Michael Shellenberger: And just on the very specific point of we were the first to identify the three people that contracted the coronavirus in China. They were the people working on gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The Wall Street Journal confirmed our reporting two weeks later.

And then, I think it was one week after that or a few days after that, the ODNI report came out and it did not reveal this information. And we had multiple sources, the Wall Street Journal. We have no idea if the Wall Street Journal sources were the same, but I think we’re clearly seeing a lot of abuses of power occurring in multiple executive agencies.

So we’ve seen it with the FBI. One of the things that we noted yesterday was that we saw perverse incentives in the FBI to go after so-called “Domestic Violent Extremism”, pulling an agent off of things like child exploitation onto really hyping a set of cases that particularly appeared to be aimed at spreading disinformation around the idea that there is a significant increase of domestic extremism when we don’t think that the evidence shows that.

And now, we see this report that came out that suggests that there’s an FBI whistleblower who says that six of the seven analysts had said it was a laboratory origin and that they had reversed their position in some exchange for some sort of a salary bonus or some sort of financial incentive.

There is no turning back. Many of the elites are fleeing like rats leaving a sinking ship while others are pounding the panic button, in a desperate attempt to replace the front men and move forward with a diabolical bloodlust.

Should we forgive and forget, grant them amnesty and allow them to regroup and rebrand? Or is it time for Nuremberg 2.0? The people have spoken and so it shall be.


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