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WATCH: Megan Rapinoe After Injury in Final Game: ‘If There Is a God, This Is Proof There Isn’t’

Anthem protester and left-wing activist soccer player Megan Rapinoe questioned the existence of God after suffering an injury three minutes into her final professional soccer game. As the Trump critic and trans activist sat fielding questions at her post-game press conference, attempting to smile while in obvious pain, Rapinoe lamented her plight and said, “I mean, […]

Materialism Versus Conscious Intentionality

Is the source of all, mental and physical.     If your brain hurts, try thinking less and have a cujp of tea….hehe.     “The kingdom of heaven is within you.” Act 17:24  God that made the world and all things therein, seeing that he is Lord of heaven and earth, dwelleth not in […]

Woke NYC Catholic Church Sparks Fury For reveals mili’ Art Exhibit’d Art Exhibit’

The archbishop of New York has launched an investigation into an exhibit called ‘God is Trans’ was displayed at a “very liberal” Manhattan church. Three paintings by artist Adah Unachukwu that depict the spiritual journey of an LGBTQ+ person, caused a backlash on Sunday after being displayed at the ultra-woke Church of St. Paul the […]

Converts and the Future of Orthodoxy 

  Traditionally, since the rise of the modern era, that is, roughly from the 1500s onwards, Orthodoxy has been an ethnic-centred faith; linked to specific ethnic communities that have perpetuated their identity basically through their participation in Orthodoxy as a means of social and cultural cohesiveness. In these type of communities – e.g., the Greek,… […]

BL – What Satan Wants, God Forbids

EURO FOLK RADIO BL – What Satan Wants, God Forbids Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Norwegian author give a Christian Identity view of the Jews versus Europe What Satan wants, and God forbids – Riksavisen Share this: Source

Biden Ditches God: ‘Atheism Is Now the American Dream’

President Joe Biden has angered millions of Americans after he announced plans to ditch God and “promote atheism” instead. A group of Republicans, led by Rep. Jim Banks, are demanding answers over a program launched by the Biden administration that aims to “promote atheism worldwide.” Biden’s Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor’s (DRL) grant […]

Governor of NY Warns that the Unvaccinated Americans Aren’t Listening to God

    Unvaccinated Americans “aren’t listening to God,” New York’s unelected Gov. Kathy Hochul declared on Sunday. “I prayed a lot to God during this time and you know what – God did answer our prayers,” Hochul declared at Brooklyn’s Christian Cultural Center, before insulting citizens who have chosen not to receive the vaccine. He […]

Governments need to stop playing God

The suspension of social life has done enormous harm. DAVID THUNDER 1st June 2021 Numerous Western governments, with the blessing of their scientific advisers, have suspended basic civil rights and effectively placed government ministers above their own constitutions – purportedly in order to protect public health. Instead of improving and expanding hospital facilities, fast-tracking the […]

Praying to God could be made a crime in the UK, lawmakers threatened with legal action

Home » Europe, Religion, Suppression » Praying to God could be made a crime in the UK, lawmakers threatened with legal action     The Christian Institute in the United Kingdom revealed this week it will take legal action if lawmakers go ahead with a strategy to ban “conversation therapy” that would impact churches’ missions, […]

Russia Officially Bans Same-Sex Marriage through Constitution Amendment after National Referendum

Home » Culture, Europe, Religion, Social » Russia Officially Bans Same-Sex Marriage through Constitution Amendment after National Referendum     The constitutional changes are based on “a belief in God” Russia has now officially banned same-sex marriage after a number of amendments were made to the country’s constitution this week. The constitution now says that […]

Beyond Religion: Will Human Beings Ever Transcend the Need for Religions?

January 18th, 2021 By Steve Taylor, Ph.D. Guest writer for Wake Up World A few years ago, two young smartly-dressed Mormon gentlemen approached me outside my local library. ‘Excuse me sir,’ they said to me. ‘I was wondering if you ever read the Bible?’ I was with my baby son and he needed to get home for his lunch, […]

Only God Can save the World Now: Masses of Australian Vegan Men Go Castrate Themselves for Environment

Home » Australia, Environment, Social » Only God Can save the World Now: Masses of Australian Vegan Men Go Castrate Themselves for Environment     During the pandemic Down Under it has become fashionable for young male vegans to get sterilised in the name of saving the planet. This Malthusian instinct shows that increasingly babies […]

WATCH: Jon Voight Calls to ‘Rise, Look to a Better Future’

Academy Award-winning actor Jon Voight posted a powerful and uplifting video on Saturday addressing the nation, thanking the president, and urging Americans to “rise and look to a better future.” The clip, which is slightly over a minute, features Voight against the backdrop of an American flag emphasizing the importance of unity and displaying a […]

Operation Santa and the Need for “Spontaneous Cooperation”

By Elwood Hopkins Photo from MonoVisions Buckminster Fuller often noted that that we have enough wealth and technological capacity for everyone in the world to live in abundance — if we would only collectively decide to it. As he put it, we have within us the capability “to make the world work for 100% of […]

America Has Traded God for Empire, Narcissism, Militarism, Usury, Sodomy

    It goes without saying that Father Joseph Gleason of Russian Faith is making his mark in the world for the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ. His theological journey has finally taken him into the priesthood of the Russian Orthodox Church. Geographically, the journey he and his family have embarked upon has taken […]

Christian Morals and Values Shaping the Future of the Russian World

    While much of American and Western media dismiss him as an authoritarian and reactionary, a throwback, Putin may be seeing the future with more clarity than Americans still caught up in a Cold War paradigm. Abstract For many analysts the term Russky mir, or Russian World, epitomizes an expansionist and messianic Russian foreign […]

Pope Benedict XVI Calls On Rothschild, Strong, Soros, & Rockefeller To Show Solidarity For The Poor!

“God can conquer the heart of a person with many possessions and lead him towards solidarity and sharing with the poor and needy, so that he can enter into the logic of giving”, said the Pope commenting on today’s Gospel reading which…

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