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WATCH: Megan Rapinoe After Injury in Final Game: ‘If There Is a God, This Is Proof There Isn’t’

Anthem protester and left-wing activist soccer player Megan Rapinoe questioned the existence of God after suffering an injury three minutes into her final professional soccer game. As the Trump critic and trans activist sat fielding questions at her post-game press conference, attempting to smile while in obvious pain, Rapinoe lamented her plight and said, “I mean, […]

Megan Rapinoe Blasts Trump, Critics Over ‘Fake Criticism’ for World Cup Loss

Meghan Rapinoe is slapping back at criticism by Trump and others who say that the team was not hungry enough to win the Women’s World Cup. Source

Daredevil Thanks God He’s Blind After Learning She-Hulk Twerked With Megan Thee Stallion

NEW YORK, NY — According to sources, Hell’s Kitchen superhero Daredevil was overheard thanking God for making him go blind and saving him the horror of watching She-Hulk twerk with rap artist Megan Thee Stallion. “I have no problem facing a dozen ninjas from The Hand on my own or even battling the diabolical schemes […]

The Greek hairdresser behind Megan Fox’s pink hair

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly have not hidden their love for a moment since their relationship began, often making matching appearances with matching outfits. Now, they’ve taken things to the next level and both dyed their hair pink. Machine Gun Kelly has long embraced a fuchsia hue, with Megan Fox ditching her signature black… […]

Anthem-Kneeler Megan Rapinoe to Receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Megan Rapinoe, anthem kneeler and outspoken advocate of almost every left-wing cause, is set to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from Joe Biden. Source

Dimitris Giannetos dyed Megan Fox’s hair pink

Megan Fox appeared with a new look in New York next to her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly, thanks to a special touch from Dimitris Gianneto. The couple was present at the premiere of Hulu’s documentary “Machine Gun Kelly’s Life in Pink”. The 35-year-old star of “Jennifer’s Body” was left in the magical hands of the… […]

BBC Radio Host Died of COVID Vaccine Complications, Coroner Confirms, by Megan Redshaw

STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC Yet another tragic death providing more substantiation of the vaccines’ alt-media nickname: the clot shots. From Megan Redshaw at Lisa Shaw, 44, died from vaccine-induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia, a condition that leads to swelling and bleeding of the brain, about three weeks after her first dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. Studies link […]

Report: Subway Franchisees Pressure Company to Nix Megan Rapinoe from Ads

Megan Rapinoe created more controversy during the Tokyo Olympics, and some Subway franchisees are reportedly urging the fast-food company to let her go. The New York Post reported Friday: The 36-year-old, purple-haired soccer star — who kneeled during the National Anthem to kick off the Tokyo Olympics before leading the United States to a bronze medal […]

U.S. Soccer Star Megan Rapinoe Faces Potential Cancelation After Racist Old Tweet Emerges

A debate about the double standards of cancel culture is taking place after a 2011 tweet was uncovered in which U.S. female soccer star Megan Rapinoe commented, “u look asian with those closed eyes!” Rapinoe, who has since become a darling of woke progressives off the back of her campaign for equal pay, is now […]

Megan Markles Father Says She is Selling Out For the Money

Meghan Markle’s own White family members have gone public criticizing her for causing untold problems for the British royal family. Her White sister Samantha Markle has even written an op-ed in a British tabloid condemning her behavior. My sister has ripped through the Royal Family like a tornado. With this historic institution close to collapse, […]

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