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Francis, a pope of the poor? A pope for the environment? Or a pope of the global elite?

Pope Francis emerged, at the end of winter 2020, as one of the major public voices in favour of the so-called sanitary restrictions that were implemented around the globe at the time by national public health agencies and governments, in accordance with the WHO’s guidance. When, to the great dismay of many Catholics, governments began […]

Curses Ahead Of “World Environment Day” @ 50

Social Environment is also crucial for Natural Environment, ignoring which no pious wish, no sci-tech can cure Nature Several species have shown their ability to change natural environment to some degree, Humans showed what maximum destructive changes can be done (an in some limited small-scale cases the opposite was tried). But ‘humans’ do not mean […]

Curses Ahead Of “World Environment Day” Turning 50

Who killed the baby? Who put fields on fire and why? Who spewed poisons in fresh village air? And, who robbed water underground? Moreover, will you only ban stubble burning without addressing the whole issue? An 18-month-old girl, Roopa, who stayed in hutments of migrant workers, was charred to death after a fire broke out […]

Russia and Japan: a Difficult Balance in a Challenging Environment

On February 7, 2022, US Ambassador to Japan Rahm Emanuel, in a video message posted on Twitter, expressed support for Japan on the issue of ownership of the Southern Kuril Islands, stating that “the United States supports Japan on the issue of the Northern Territories and has recognized Japanese sovereignty over the four disputed Islands […]

The Declaration of the End of the Korean War in the Current Environment

On December 13, 2021, during a visit to Australia, South Korean President Moon Jae-in said that the United States, China, and North Korea agreed in principle to declare a formal end to the 1950-53 Korean War. According to Moon, such a statement would help revive the stalled talks between South and North Korea, as well […]

Plastic And Salt Threat Soil, Food Security, Health And Environment, Says FAO

© FAO/Cristina Aldehuela The quantity of plastic used in agriculture, food industries, livestock, etc. industries the world over is millions of tones each year. Asia is the largest user of plastic in these industries. Plastic pollution is a threat to food security. Excess salt in soil also puts food security at risk. Recent reports from […]

Toxic political environment in Modi’s India makes book on Kareena Kapoor Khan relevant

An event for the launch of “From Nazneen to Naina”, based on the work of the Bollywood diva, held in Surrey on Sunday, November 28 was an eye opener for many who are unaware of the spill over effect of right wing politics of New Delhi on the Indian cinema. Authored by Canada-based author Gurpreet […]

 What’s the link? Food, human health, livestock, environment, and antimicrobial resistance

by Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant  Medicines which aim to relieve pain and suffering, may cure us of diseases and avert untimely deaths, are at increasing risk of becoming ineffective against disease-causing microbes. Antimicrobial resistance occurs when microbes such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites no longer respond to medicines. This makes common infections harder […]

Yahoo Pulls Out Of China, Citing ‘Challenging’ Environment

HONG KONG (AP) — Yahoo Inc. said Tuesday it has pulled out of China, citing an “increasingly challenging business and legal environment.” Chinese authorities maintain a firm grip on internet censorship in the country and require companies operating in China to censor content and keywords deemed politically sensitive or inappropriate. Advertisement “In recognition of the […]

Beyond Science: Art and the Environment

In 1871 photographer William Henry Jackson and painter Thomas Moran joined an expedition to the Yellowstone region of the United States, which they documented in a series of powerful and moving creative works. Soon after, Jackson’s and Moran’s images became the catalysts for Congress to designate the very first national park at Yellowstone. This little-known detail, […]

Protecting the environment with renewable energy

Protecting the environment with renewable energy – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – Today, the use of renewable energy such as wind is one of the main options for energy production in the world, Iran should produce a thousand megawatts of wind energy per year, according to the Sixth Five-Year National Development Plan (2016-2021). Wind, as a source […]

House passes PFAS Action Act which protects environment and human health

Yesterday, the U.S. House of Representatives passed a new bill, the PFAS Action Act of 2021, which would improve regulation and focus on the clean up of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances which have been proven to be hazardous to both the environment and human health.  The bill now moves on to the U.S. Senate and […]

Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment (PHIREmedical)

Response to:Technical consultation: changes to permitted development rights for electroniccommunications infrastructure What type of organisation are you representing?Non-Governmental Organisation Name of your Organisation: PHIRE Medical Radio Equipment HousingQuestion 1 The Government has committed to make it easier to deploy radio equipment housing without the need for prior approval. This is to support the deployment of […]

Why  Environment Movement Should Have Much Closer Links With  Peace and Justice Movements

There is an increasing realization that the mobilization of people on environmental issues will be increasingly important in the days and years to come. Left to themselves the world leadership will be unable to make some of the most important changes in time. So a considerable strengthening of environmental movement all over the world with […]

Better Planning for Roads Will Help Himalayan People and Environment

Roads have a very important role in Himalayan region and , adding together the state and union budgets, the budgetary allocations are also significant. However there are  costly distortions in planning for roads. On the one hand we see an escalating craze for over-constructed highways and on the other hand we have  a glaring shortage […]

An Environment Of Anti-Racism Is How We Win

Above photo: Anti-racism is the only way we can address the root causes of the climate crisis. Life Matters / Pexels. Canada – Spring has always been a time of renewal and hope. I’m filled with a sense of wonder and possibility as I watch new life sprout from the soil and cherry blossoms bloom […]

UK Environment Agency and Local Councils Invest Heavily in Agrochemical Giants – Revealed

As I always suspected. My forays into persuading local council (NZ) against the use of pesticides an uphill no win most of the time. Small concessions but they cannot see life without agrochem or perhaps the perks that may go with that? EWR From Sustainable Pulse News in the United Kingdom has revealed that the […]

Staggered cooperation in a competitive environment between major powers

In the high-level strategic dialogue between China and the U.S. in Anchorage, Alaska, which ended on March 19, China and the United States showed a very frank and full of difference attitude. The Biden administration’s Interim National Security Strategic Guidance recognize China as the top strategic competitor America faces and a sustained challenge to a […]

Israel’s Environment Minister: Massive Oil Spill Was ‘Environmental Terrorism’ by Ship Sailing From Iran

A clump of tar is seen on the sand after an offshore oil spill drenched much of Israel’s Mediterranean shoreline with tar, at a beach in Ashdod, southern Israel, February 21, 2021. Photo: REUTERS/Amir Cohen. A massive oil spill off Israel’s coast last month that severely polluted its beaches was “environmental terrorism” committed by a […]

11 days after start of coastal disaster, Environment Ministry calls for help

Eleven days after tar began to wash up on Israel’s Mediterranean shore, apparently as a result of a marine oil spill, the Environmental Protection Ministry on Monday  called on companies specializing in mapping and cleaning up of the marine environment to help local authorities find ways of getting the tar off hard, rocky surfaces, under […]

Implications of the arrest of Indian environment activist

Indian climate activist Disha Ravi was arrested by the police on 13 February 2021. The Government of India has charged her with sedition. As is common, the case will drag on for years and she would have to attend innumerable hearings – torture in itself. Already, she has spent ten days behind bars before being […]

Here are Biden’s day one actions on the climate and environment

epa08615688 A framegrab from the Democratic National Convention Committee livestream showing Joe Biden speaking during the final night of the 2020 Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA, 20 August 2020. The convention, which was expected to draw 50,000 people to the city, is now taking place virtually due to coronavirus pandemic concerns. EPA-EFE/DNCC […]

Linguistic Deception Used Against People and Environment

Linguistic deception has been increasingly used against the interests of common people and environment protection, and to advance the interests of big business, on a vast scale although in subtle and veiled ways. The most common example of this is the way in which the word ‘reform’ has been used, particular in economic discourse. The […]

Only God Can save the World Now: Masses of Australian Vegan Men Go Castrate Themselves for Environment

Home » Australia, Environment, Social » Only God Can save the World Now: Masses of Australian Vegan Men Go Castrate Themselves for Environment     During the pandemic Down Under it has become fashionable for young male vegans to get sterilised in the name of saving the planet. This Malthusian instinct shows that increasingly babies […]

London university accused of fostering ‘antisemitic,’ ‘toxic’ environment

The University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS) allegedly fosters a “toxic, antisemitic environment,” according to an independent appeals commission.The appeal was made by SOAS student Noah Lewis, who won his initial ruling but appealed because the school should “address the issue of institutionalized antisemitism and a toxic atmosphere,” the Algemeiner said.As […]

Sacrificing freedom for the environment? German MP suggests restrictions ‘similar’ to Covid-19 lockdowns to fight climate change

Humanity should sacrifice “personal freedom” just as many nations did during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to successfully fight climate change, a German MP has said, adding that there will “never” be a vaccine against CO2. Germany had barely started its coronavirus vaccination campaign when a Social Democratic MP, Karl Lauterbach, warned that his compatriots […]

Millions of kilos of plastic packaging from Amazon are devastating the environment, says report

Amazon’s online sales are having a devastating impact on the planet, according to a new report by Oceana, a US-based not-for-profit which campaigns against the pollution of the world’s seas. In 2019 alone, Amazon generated 211 million kilos of plastic waste from the packaging on its goods, the authors of the report found. Most of […]

‘Humans are putting too much pressure on the environment,’ says new UN report’s author

A new report by the United Nations warns further human development will require us working with and not against nature. In the 2020 Human Development Report, researchers concluded that unless world leaders make the right choices now, humanity will face a future of multiple crises – reversing gains made in recent decades in health, education, […]

Vaccine Guinea Pigs, Environment Swindle, Cuomo’s Emmy – New World Next Week

Podcast: Play in new window | Download | Embed Watch on Archive / BitChute / LBRY / Minds / YouTube This week on the New World Next Week: the UK approves the experimental Pfizer COVID vaccine and it could be rolled out within days; the FT doesn’t quite expose corruption at the GEF; and NY […]

Challenging EPA’s Failure To Protect People And The Environment From Atrazine

Challenging EPA’s Failure To Protect People And The Environment From Atrazine The herbicide atrazine is likely to adversely affect over half of endangered species listed in the United States, according to a report released by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as part of a legal agreement with the Center for Biological Diversity (CBD). Based on both […]

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