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Pastor in Pakistan Admits Wound Was Self-Inflicted, Leader Says

The Rev. Eleazar Sidhu before court hearing in Faisalabad, Pakistan. (Morning Star News screenshot) LAHORE, Pakistan (Morning Star News) – Police in Pakistan on Friday (Sept. 29) charged a pastor with making false allegations after he admitted that a gunshot wound he had blamed on Islamic extremists was self-inflicted, sources said. The Rev. Eleazar Sidhu,… Source

People have no idea how much coastal damage Idalia storm surge has inflicted…..

…on top of the 125 mph winds—the strongest storm in a 100 years for that region of Florida. ___ Source

Analysis spotlights the lasting pain inflicted by Reagan’s Social Security cuts

Life expectancy in the U.S. fell during the same period that a Reagan-era law raised the retirement age by two years. Source

War has inflicted €36bn damage on Ukraine’s environment: Minister

Grinding war has devastated Ukraine’s natural world with €36 billion in damage, Ukraine’s environmental protection minister told Euronews. Source

Diplomatic Boycott of the Beijing Olympics is Washington’s Self-inflicted Wound

The confrontation with China taken by Washington in recent years is being pursued not only on the economic front, with numerous sanctions against Chinese companies, but in politics as well, with the US creating various anti-Chinese blocs, such as AUKUS, provoking Taiwanese separatism, launching an information campaign criticizing alleged human rights violations in the Xinjiang […]

Australia’s Self-Inflicted Economic Woes Continue

Australia had until recently been enjoying economic growth alongside the rise of China. This all changed when Canberra began following Washington’s lead, antagonising China, and in what would snowball into a costly, self-inflicted economic crisis. Today, Australia not only faces mounting barriers to trade erected by China in response to Australia’s systematic antagonism, but now […]

Why Bitterness and Anger Create Self-Inflicted Wounds That Can Be Lethal

March 5th, 2021 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World Bitterness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die. Holding onto anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else, except you’re the one that gets burned. Both bitterness and anger can […]

Since flu was renamed covid last year, unprecedented harm was inflicted on countless millions of people. Western mass media are complicit in the greatest ever public health crime against humanity. They should be prosecuted and held accountable for their endless mass deception campaign

Truth-Telling Journalism Banned from Big Media Reports Stephen Lendman ( – Home – Stephen Lendman) On major domestic and geopolitical issues, managed news misinformation and disinformation alone are featured — by the NYT and other establishment media. On all things seasonal flu-renamed covid, mass-jabbing, and related issues, they exclusively publish state-approved fake news rubbish about […]

The great clanging, self-inflicted, farcical Trump implosion

The unrivaled spectacle of an accelerating train wreck “Hoisted on his own inflamed, made-up petard” looms as the Trump legacy. Trump’s year-long electoral demise represents the most dramatic, seemingly unstoppable political train wreck in our history. Trump always brags he’s tops at everything, so bingo, to his (and not a few fans’) horror, hand him […]

Self-Inflicted Shamanism – Choosing the Path Least Traveled

Gary Z McGee, Staff Writer Waking Times “Paying all due respect to the world’s shamanic traditions, we shall not refer to them any longer but instead explore our own position in relation to the time and place we live in as modern shamans.” ~Antero Alli Traditionally, shamanism is not a choice. You don’t choose […]

Hamas Founder Linked To Iran Dies After Mysterious "Accidental" Self-Inflicted Gunshot Wound

Fueling the speculation was a hasty Hamas statement released on January 9 which initially claimed he had died of “natural causes” but a subsequent statement was quickly issued saying he accidentally shot himself in the head while “inspecting his personal weapon in his home and is in critical condition.” The 62-year old Alami, who also went by Abu Hamam, had […]

As Assad liberates Syria a war between CIA & the Pentagon intensifies

     The big news out of Syria over the past couple of days has been that Syrian government forces with the help of the Russian military have taken back control of Palmyra from ISIS. The fall of Palmyra and subsequent destruction of the spectacular Roman ruins there by ISIS horrified the civilized world. The US […]

USA & Turkey helped 2000 ISIS terrorists escape from Ramadi

Did U.S. military facilitate the escape of 2000 ISIS terrorists from Ramadi? The Iraqi Army, the Counter Terrorism units, the Federal police, and Anbar tribes entered the city of Ramadi that was occupied by the self-proclaimed “Islamic State” group (ISIS) for several months. To their biggest surprise, only a few bodies of the terrorist group […]

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