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Selected Articles: Power and the Nuclear Bomb: Conducting Foreign Policy with the Threat of Mass Murder

Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders

Finland: Man Jailed for Defending Himself Against Armed Home Invaders July 21st, 2016 Via: Russia Today: The homeowner has been convicted of “excessive self-defense and attempted manslaughter,â€� Helsinki news reports. He will serve an unconditional sentence for four years and two months, which he […]

3 Common Scams the Food Industry Uses to Hide Counterfeit Foods

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times The food industry scams its customers on a daily basis. The quicker you realize this, the faster you’ll start to learn just which foods to look out for and how you can improve your diet. Author of the book Real Food/Fake Food: Why You Don’t Know What You’re Eating and […]

Urban Farmers Targeted By City, Issued Multiple Threats After Their Property Was Vandalized

Though the Henrys complied with the code, albeit a bit late due to a prohibitive financial situation, an opportunistic code enforcer triggered a chain of events no law-abiding property owner should ever be subjected to — including the possibility their property may be raided by Oklahoma County Sheriffs under a blanket warrant in direct […]

Three Shot Dead At Spalding Swimming Pool Including Gunman

Armed police have cordoned off a sports complex in a village near Spalding, Lincolnshire, after three people were shot and killed outside, including the gunman. No shots were fired by the police. The shooting has been described as a “firearms incident” and is not terrorism related, according to Lincolnshire Police. The incident took place near […]

Turkey Failed Coup: Ties Emerge Between Hilary Clinton And Mysterious Islamic Cleric Fethullah Gulen

Are You Seeking the Truth? Here’s a One Stop Shop for All Things Conspiracy

Waking up to the delusion of the mainstream perspective leads us on an epic adventure. We begin a serious journey down the rabbit hole and its multiple tunnels of truth and untruth, leaving us sometimes more confused then when we first began. by Phillip J. Watt So how are we to put into perspective the […]

Republican National Convention Watch: Update 0.1 – “ISIS Terror” and the Conventions

Over the course of the next few days, I’ll be doing my best approximation of a live feed to cover the RNC in Cleveland and any other globalist-related news that crosses my radar. For your convenience in reading it, I’ll place each new update at the top. Here is Update 0… [Update 0.1 – 17 […]

The Arrogance of Ignorance

These Popular Foods Have tBHQ, a Cancer and Allergy Causing Additive WakingTimes | July 12, 2016 | 2 Comments Source Article from

A false-flag coup in Turkey? (+ the role of Fethullah Gulen, Turkey’s NWO President)

Watching the bizarre goings-on in Turkey, this passage from a CNN article caught my eye… “A total of 2,839 military officers were detained, a source in the President’s office said. And the Ankara chief public prosecutor’s office took nearly 200 top Turkish court officials into custody, Anatolian News Agency reported Saturday. The officials include 140 […]

Chinese Bullet Trains Whiz Past Each Other At 840 km/h, Setting Record

China has set a new world record for trains passing one another at speed. Two Chinese bullet trains, each travelling at 420 km per hour along parallel tracks in opposite directions, successfully passed within 1.6 meters of each other during a test run in central China on Friday.  RT reports: Two bullet trains were tested at […]

Turkey’s Coup Attempt: Erdogan still in Charge, Scores Killed, Wounded, 700+ Detained

Army commanders arrested after failed coup attempt in Turkey Local Editor Turkish President Recep Tayyip ensured the country Saturday that his government was in control after a coup attempt brought a night of explosions, dog fights, gunfire and arrest across the capital, leaving dozens dead, at least 150 people wounded and many of the country’s […]

Swedish Official Admits ‘Chemtrails’ Are Real, Not A Conspiracy

If you suspected that those white streaks lining otherwise pristine blue skies in the wake of unmarked planes are not just your average contrails that are made of pure water vapor, you’d be right. At least, that’s what the Swedish Green Party leader, Pernilla Hagberg, seems to believe. According to the Swedish newspaper Katrineholms Kuriren, […]

Selected Articles: The Nice Terror Attack: Towards Martial Law?

Wahhabis committing crimes under fighting terrorism

Tehran, July 15, IRNA – Tehran Substitute Friday Prayers Leader Ayatollah Mohammad Emami Kashani described Saudi Arabia as follower of western and Zionist regime’s policies, saying that they finance Wahhabi hooligans in Syria, Iraq and Yemen to perpetuate crimes in the name of fighting terrorism. Addressing prayers in his first sermon on Friday and referring […]

False Flag Terror Attack In France Sees Harsh Military Rules Imposed

The terror attack in Nice, France could not have come at a more auspicious time for the deeply unpopular President Hollande and his embattled government, leading many to believe this was a false flag government orchestrated attack.  The government and authorities have been struggling to control a citizen uprising for the past three months and now […]

Diaspora Jews grow out of their imaginary friend israel

Diaspora Jews grow out of their imaginary friend Israel 1) JTA: Study: Diaspora Jews are growing increasingly critical of Israel 2) Ynet: Diaspora Jews voice their opinions about Israel, the JPPI report; 3) Times of Israel: A war-torn Israel directly affects Diaspora Jewry, so where’s its voice?, report on JPPI survey; 4) JF: Jews March […]

Hillary Clinton’s platform follies

Part I – A Self-Destructive Tactic? There has been close coordination between the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, and those representing her on the committee shaping the party’s platform. It is here that a battle was waged with reformers representing Bernie Sanders over party positions on a large number of important issues. The positions […]

French Military Allowed People To Die During Paris Bataclan Attack

New evidence coming out of Belgium reveals that six French military troops were instructed not to intervene during the Paris Bataclan nightclub attacks that killed 89 people last year.  The officers, who were present at the club, were told by their commanders to allow people in the nightclub to die. reports: According to a […]

FBI Director Comey was board member of HSBC – Clinton Foundation & Drug Cartel ‘bank of choice’

Source: 21st Century Wire  Much has been made recently about the FBI and the Department of Justice letting off favored presidential candidate Hillary Clinton for admittedly mishandling classified information and using her own private email servers to do state business during her time as US Secretary of State. FBI Director James Comey was manning […]

2,100 Chicago Shootings; “Black Lives Matter” Silent

Yet another weekend of murder and mayhem by blacks and Hispanics in Chicago has raised the number of shootings in this 72 percent nonwhite city this year to over 2,100—and the number of homicides to over 300. The controlled media, the “Black Lives Matter” movement, and the “civil rights” organizations will however focus only […]

1,100 ISIS Terrorists in Germany

There are at least 1,100 ISIS terrorists in Germany, drawing from a pool of around 45,120 hardcore Islamists, according to a new report by the German Federal Police (BKA). The report also said that there were at least another 780 nonwhites with German citizenship fighting for ISIS in Syria right now. ISIS returnee Harry […]

Survey: Half of Europeans Fear and Loath Islamic Migrants

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 12, 2016 Same old Europe. With racists, nothing ever changes. White people are hopelessly racist. Even after all the facts are in, and we know that refugees are innocent victims seeking a better life pose zero threat whatsoever to Europe, and will in fact help the economy by filling important positions […]

London Jew Tries to Troll Moslems and is Confronted by Fact of ISIS Being Jews

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer July 12, 2016 There is only one truly successful Jew troll, and that is Joshua Ryne Goldberg. However, I encourage people to subscribe to the channel of the failed Jew trolls at the Israel Advocacy Movement. These videos are great. This Jew goes out in central London and tries to troll anti-Semites […]

Goldman Sachs International Hires Former EU Chief

The former president of the of the European Commission – the EU’s unelected executive arm- has being recruited as the new boss of Goldman Sachs’ international operations. José Manuel Barroso, who was prime minister of Portugal from 2002 to 2004 and the Commission’s president between 2004 and 2014, was appointed last Friday as chairman and […]

US, UK speak for Bahrainis but act against them

Alwaght- In Bahrain, the minority rules the majority and still claims of democracy are still made. In Bahrain, one family has a say over everything while the people’s voices are muffled. In Bahrain, human rights are violated but no one is held accountable. Even with the US, UK, and UN criticizing the al-Khalifa monarchy, the […]

Australia Becomes First Country To Eliminate AIDS Epidemic

Australia has officially eliminated the AIDS epidemic, as the country’s top scientists have declared “the end of AIDS” as a public health issue.  The number of AIDS cases in Australia is now so small, doctors and scientists do not even record the numbers anymore. reports: AIDS cases in Australia have plummeted since the advent of […]

Blacks Feeling a Sense of Justice and Empowerment from the Dallas Commando Rambro Raid

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Commando Rambro Micah Xavier Johnson skillfully executed several police officers in retaliation for past police killings of blacks. His feint around a structural support column took his opponent completely by surprise and enabled him to shoot the cop in the back. The only chance the policeman had was to hit Commando Rambro […]

900 Gazans are still in need of care for injuries sustained in 2014 war

Gaza On anniversary, 900 Gazans remain in need of care for injuries sustained in 2014 war BETHLEHEM (Ma‘an) 7 July — Some 900 Palestinians in the Gaza Strip continue to require medical attention as a result of permanent disabilities they sustained during Israel’s devastating 51-day assault on the small territory that began on July 8, […]

Android Malware Infects Millions Of Smartphones Worldwide

A new Android malware is netting $300,000 each month to cybercriminals while wreaking havoc across the internet. Up to 85 million devices have been infected by HummingBad malware, according to cybersecurity firm Check Point. UK Business Insider reports: The malware, dubbed “HummingBad,” was first spotted in February and likely sprouted from a company in China. […]

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