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Who is the Better Identity Coalition?

The Better Identity Coalition has issued two reports aimed at guiding state and federal lawmakers in the United States. Who is guiding the hand of the BIC? In December 2022, the Better Identity Coalition released a set of policy recommendations for all 50 U.S. state government officials focused on “ways governments can improve the privacy […]

How the Silent Hill-Inspired ‘SIGNALIS’ Tried to Forge Its Own Identity

Though Konami has done little to nurture the Silent Hill series in the past decade and change, its influence has rarely wavered. You merely needed to know where to look. Nowhere was the power of Silent Hill more pronounced than in 2021s SIGNALIS from rose-engine, a sprawling and sci-fi intimate story about love and death, […]

‘Bourne Identity’ Director Doug Liman’s Brett Kavanaugh Documentary Attempts to Revive Sexual Misconduct Accusations

More than four years after the fact, some Hollywood elites are still unable to accept the hard reality that Brett Kavanaugh is a confirmed U.S. Supreme Court justice. The Bourne Identity director Doug Liman premiered his self-funded documentary Justice on Friday as a surprise addition to this year’s Sundance Film Festival, which is currently under way […]

Imagining Palestine: Cultures of Exile and National Identity – Book Review

January 13, 2023 By Jim Miles (Imagining Palestine – Cultures of Exile and National Identity.  Tahrir Hamdi. I. B. Taurus, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, London, 2023.) In her recent work, “Imagining Palestine”, Tahrir Hamdi has made an intriguing, thought-provoking, and challenging discussion on the idea and reality of Palestine. Imagining Palestine is the ongoing process of remembering […]

Pro-Israel groups are using identity-based protections on campus to ban criticism of Israel

Zionist groups are making cynical use of San Francisco State University’s identity-based protections against discrimination to ban criticism against Israel as antisemitic. At the heart of such campaigns is the false notion that criticism of Zionism and Israeli policy and support for justice in Palestine constitute antisemitism. In response to these attacks and the growing […]

Oregon Advises Schools To Keep Students’ ‘Gender Identity’ Hidden From Families

Oregon Department of Education (ODE) has recommended school authorities to keep students’ self-proclaimed “gender identities” a secret from parents for maintaining their “confidentiality.” Source

RH – Identity Challenge, Part 1

The Identity Challenge | Anglo-Saxon Israel (   The post RH – Identity Challenge, Part 1 appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

Biological male who slaughtered family over lack of support for transgender identity marked as ‘female’ in Maine prison

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) A biological male who murdered his family after they didn’t support his transgender identity has been quietly marked as a “female” in the Maine prison where he’s being held, according to Reduxx. Andrew Balcer has been transferred to the Maine Correctional Center (MCC) in Windham, a mixed-sex facility where he will be housed … [Read […]

Puzzling Identity of the Most Ancient Humans in England

In the latest string of research and studies shedding light on the incredibly complex history of human evolution, fossils found in Boxgrove, England have been compared to fossils found at Sima de los Huesos (or the ‘Pit of Bones’) in Spain. Read more Section:  News Evolution & Human Origins Read Later  Source

RH – Judeo-Christianity Versus Christian Identity   The post RH – Judeo-Christianity Versus Christian Identity appeared first on EURO·FOLK·RADIO. Source

72 Percent of Top U.S. Medical Schools Using Identity, Racial Politics in Admissions Process: Report

The majority of America’s top-ranked medical schools are injecting racial politics into the admissions process, according to a review conducted by the medical advocacy group Do No Harm. The review (pdf), published in August, found that 72 percent of the nation’s top 50 schools and 80 percent of the top 10 schools ask probing questions to determine applicants’ […]

UK gender identity clinic to face legal action from at least 1,000 families

Photo Credit: Sky News (The Christian Institute) — NHS England’s gender identity clinic for children is expected to face legal action from at least 1,000 families after their children were rushed onto a medical pathway with “life-changing effects.” Law firm Pogust Goodhead is pursuing group legal action against the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation… Source

Jewish Leaders Fear An End to Antisemitism Could Lead To A Loss Of Jewish Identity

There is no “Jewish” race. There is a Zionist Zombie Virus Cult of evil. The Thirteenth Tribe: The Khazar Empire and its Heritage “All original edition. Nothing added, nothing removed. This book traces the history of the ancient Khazar Empire, a major but almost forgotten power in Eastern Europe, which in the Dark Ages became […]

The Secret Identity Of Christopher Columbus: A Celtic-Jewish Spanish Pirate?

The Christopher Columbus that everybody learns about in school may have been an entirely different person than is generally being taught. Columbus was a fascinating person, and the more one studies this incredible man, the more incredible his narrative becomes. Read more Section:  News Premium Preview Read Later  Source

Scientific Journal Goes Woke with Editorial Calling for Gender Identity in Study Proposals

The scientific journal Nature is using the LGBT narrative, claiming sex and gender are not the same and requiring both for future studies.

Teacher Invited 12-Year-Old Girl to Afterschool Art Club that Was Really a Gender Identity Meeting

An art teacher at a Colorado middle school invited a 12-year-old girl to an afterschool club under the guise of it being about art, but it turned into a gender identity meeting in which the girl was told if she is “not 100% comfortable in her female body, she’s transgender.”

Martin Guerre: A Much Celebrated Medieval Tale of Stolen Identity

On the 16th of September 1560, in the small rural French town of Artigat, a man named Arnaud du Tilh was put to death by hanging for a most unusual crime: for over three years, he had assumed an identity that was not his own, living as Martin Guerre, a native of Artigat who had […]

Israel’s government crumbles over “Jewish identity”

Yesterday, Israeli premier Naftali Bennett’s razor-thin coalition majority crumbled as coalition whip Idit Silman, also from Bennett’s Yamina (“Rightwards”) party, defected, leaving the coalition at 60 members out of the 120-seat parliament. “I can no longer bear the damage to values ​​and causes that are essential and right”, Silman wrote in her resignation letter to […]

Pope Francis: Identity is Being Erased in the Name of Protecting Diversity

A French anti-mass migration activist was sexually assaulted by an African migrant who broke into her home and subjected her to a harrowing ordeal. Thaïs d’Escufon, a former spokeswoman for the banned Generation Identity movement, recounted the attack to the Le Figaro newspaper. The activist was making her way home in Lyon after a gym […]

BL – Historical Transition from British Israelism to Christian Identity

EURO FOLK RADIO BL – Historical Transition from British Israelism to Christian Identity Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Links for this show: The book:  “religion and the racist right” | eBay The online article:  British-Israelism to Christian Identity & the Palestine Campaign: How Jewish […]

Tech Firm Will Pay You $200k to Sell Your Identity to Its Robots

(Metro) — Tech company Promobot is on the lookout for a face for its humanoid robot assistant to work in hotels, shopping malls and other crowded places. The company is searching for a ‘kind and friendly’ face to be reproduced on potentially thousands of versions of the robots worldwide. The company is ready to pay […]

BL Key Words of the Covenant/Identity Message

EURO FOLK RADIO BL Key Words of the Covenant/Identity Message Play Episode Pause Episode Mute/Unmute Episode Rewind 10 Seconds 1x Fast Forward 30 seconds Subscribe Share Eli talks with Paul English. Share this: Source

Rabbi And Grandmaster Freemason Explains How He Used His Dual Identity To Subvert Australia In 60 Short Years

(Jerusalem Post) Rabbi Raymond Apple — a prominent and high ranking Freemason in Australia — wrote an essay in which he boasted about how smart and admired he is — and how he was able to take advantage of his dual identity as both a Jew and “Australian” to help transform Australia from a prosperous […]

What Is Your Oppressed Intersectional Identity? Use This Handy Chart To Find Out!

What Is Your Oppressed Intersectional Identity? Use This Handy Chart To Find Out! Brought to you by: Humans are varied. Some are old, some are fat, some are from Kentucky, and others are from Kenya. Some can touch the tip of their nose with their tongue, and others can flatulate on command. We all have […]

Columbus’s Identity Crisis and the Ongoing Spread of False Columbus News

The news was astounding! Famous India was discovered just a month’s sailing across the Atlantic, proclaimed the first-ever International Press Release , dated Lisbon, March 4, 1493. The outrageous assertion addressed to Luis de Santángel (clerk of Ración de la Corona de Aragón ,) begins, “ Sir: Since I know that you will rejoice with […]

Ukrainian independence at 30: Is the building of an identity its biggest achievement?

Wearing traditional embroidered shirts, Pavlo Shykin, 27, and Dana Vitkovska, 26, were all smiles on Tuesday as their nation, Ukraine, celebrated 30 years of independence. Thousands of Ukrainians flocked to Kreshatyk Street, the main vein of the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, as the country celebrated the landmark date with an impressive parade of soldiers, vehicles, planes […]

There is a coordinated effort worldwide to bring in a Digital Identity and Social Credit System

BY DAILY EXPOSE ON JULY 26, 2021 All the evidence is there, it just needs piecing together. There is a coordinated effort worldwide to bring in a social credit system right under your nose. The time to put a stop to it is now, and marching through London peacefully every few weeks won’t change a thing, what has […]

jewess Sings About How ‘Gender Identity’ Insanity Comes From the Talmud

Just because jews are a screwed up people who feel the need to express their “gender identities” in degenerate ways does not mean we need to partake in their insanity. This is yet another #ThanksJews moment. Link Share now! Source

Rep. Luria’s pro-Navy, centrist identity may get Jan. 6 test

When members of Congress head home to connect with their constituents, some hit tractor pulls. Others might stop by mom-and-pop stores. For Democratic Rep. Elaine Luria, whose Virginia district includes the world’s largest naval base, a recent swing included boarding an amphibious assault ship for a NATO ceremony and a speech by the chairman of […]

Big Pharma Exploits and Monetizes ‘Trans Identity’

As Aldous Huxley laid out in excruciating detail in his seminal novel Brave New World, the totalitarian state of tomorrow will prop itself up not by brute force of the type seen in Orwell’s 1984, but rather via social conditioning and a pharmacological social control tool called medicalization: “Medicalization can be defined as the process by […]

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