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Majority Of Germans Reject Muslim Immigration, Express Fear Of Becoming A “Minority In Germany”

Majority Of Germans Reject Muslim Immigration, Express Fear Of Becoming A “Minority In Germany” Authored by John Cody via ReMix News, Rejection of immigrants from Islamic countries has increased in Germany, according to the latest Insa poll commissioned by the Nius media group. The most recent survey shows an absolute majority of 52 percent rather agree with […]

‘Terrifying’ New FISA Bill Will Solidify America Becoming A Full-Scale Police State

READ HERE: This ‘Everyone’s A Spy’ Insanity Will Lead To A ‘Free Speech Bloodbath’ If The American People Let It Source

Prince Harry says he’s ‘considered’ becoming an American citizen

Prince Harry says becoming an American citizen is “something that’s crossed my mind.” “I have considered it, yeah,” Harry said in an interview Friday on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” when correspondent Will Reeve asked whether he had thought about applying for citizenship since relocating to the U.S. “American citizenship is something that’s crossed my mind, but certainly… […]

The True Costs Of Net-Zero Are Becoming Impossible To Hide

Authored by Mike Shedlock via, Our net zero lesson of the day is from the U.K. but it applies universally. It’s increasingly difficult for Biden and the EU to hide the true costs of net zero mandates. Britain Boiler Tax Scandal In the latest green fiasco, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak created a quota […]

Christian Identity and Two-Seedline Becoming Popular

  Two-Seedline video.   Very good video expressing Christian Identity. Praise Yahweh! More and more videos exposing the Jews:   Judaism is the Synagogue of Satan (   Yahweh bless, Pastor Eli James In case you missed it.  Scott Ritter’s analysis of Gaza, Oct. 7, 2023.  Absolutely brillian The post Christian Identity and Two-Seedline Becoming Popular […]

Middle-class people are becoming homeless

19 dec 2023 “We have a new phenomenon not seen since at least the Great Depression. Middle-class people are becoming homeless. Fully employed carpenters and nurses living in parking lots in cars in Canada” They are pushing us to accept the Universal Basic Income which will come in the form of CBDCs through your digital […]

“Gaza is becoming a graveyard for children” and still the US does nothing

In stark contrast to the appalling response of western leaders, throughout the world tens of thousands have taken to the streets protesting Israels barbaric actions in Gaza. In the US, Europe, and UK, in Asia and the Middle East with one voice people have cried out, condemning Israel and the US, calling for an immediate […]

Ivan Raiklin and Ann Vandersteel discuss the possibility of Trump becoming the next House speaker – Brighteon.TV

(NaturalNews) Political analyst Ivan Raiklin and host Ann Vandersteel talked about the possibility of former President Donald Trump becoming the next House speaker… Source

Hitler’s Birthplace Is Becoming A Police Station

The project is meant to make it unattractive as a site of pilgrimage for people who glorify the Nazi dictator. Source

Washington, D.C. and other U.S. cities becoming war zones as crime skyrockets under Democrat control

(NaturalNews) American cities are becoming war zones under liberal leadership, and a quintuple shooting in Washington, D.C. is just the latest example of this… Source

Teenager Locked Up and Starved for Becoming Christian

Mother of 17-year-old boy who was denied food and medicine in Nankoma, Uganda for accepting Christ. (Morning Star News) NAIROBI, Kenya (Morning Star News) – An evangelistic team in eastern Uganda this month discovered a Muslim had locked up his son and starved him for more than four months for accepting Christ, sources said. Musobya Aramanzani […]

Democratic Mayor Of Dallas: “American Cities Need Republicans… & I’m Becoming One”

While the Democratic Mayor of Dallas says the city has thrived, Eric Johnson writes in a very frank WSJ op-ed that, elsewhere, Democratic policies have exacerbated crime and homelessness. “The future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism. Our cities desperately […]

‘She’s actually very lucky she avoided becoming the first Kosher hog at Niger’s first Khazarian pig roast’ — commenter

READ HERE: Victoria ‘F*uck the EU’ Nuland, Washington’s ‘regime change Karen’, wants to speak to the manager in Niger   Source

CBDC takeover: U.K. banks becoming obsolete as high street financial institutions shift to ONLINE transactions

(NaturalNews) In line with the massive campaign to ditch physical banking services to pave the way to central bank digital currency (CBDC), nearly 100 bank… Source

Starter Homes Are Becoming Extinct, Making ‘The American Dream’ Unaffordable

Buyers face a market where active listing for affordable homes across the US is rapidly plunging. Source

The PRC is becoming increasingly active in the region of Central and South Asia

At this point in the “Great World Game,” everything that is happening in Central and South Asia (CSA) is playing an increasingly important role. CSA here will mean a vast territory, with at least a dozen countries located on it today. From Kazakhstan in the north to Sri Lanka in the south and from Nepal […]

Tucker: U.S. Becoming a ‘One Party State’ And Debates On ‘Demographic Change’ Are Being Suppressed

Tucker Carlson suggested he’s ready to go harder than ever against “current orthodoxies” in his first public statement after being fired from Fox News. Source

More than 250 Beaches Across Greece are Becoming Accessible 

More than 250 beaches all over Greece will be accessible by this summer, Tourism Ministry officials announced during the “Accessible Beaches for Everyone” media event on Thursday. Organized by the ministry’s Tourism Policy and Development department, which oversees the implementation of the NSRF 2014-2020 “Competitiveness, Entrepreneurship and Innovation” program, the event included an update of the “Creation of Integrated Accessible Tourist… […]

Australia to Greece in only 4 hours becoming a reality

Today you can fly from European countries to Australia in about 20 hours. A hypersonic aircraft is capable of reducing the flight time to four. At least that’s what the Swiss company Destinus claims, which plans to use a hydrogen-powered hypersonic passenger aircraft. It has been testing hyperaircraft prototypes for several years now, and reported… […]

Ancient Hebrew Bible May Fetch $50 Million, Becoming Priciest Book Ever Sold

The Bible, about 1,100 years old, is “the earliest, most complete text of its kind,” the Sotheby’s auction house said. Source

‘State of Control’: The control society is increasingly becoming a reality

BY RHODA WILSON ON FEBRUARY 3, 2023 • ( 16 COMMENTS ) The Central Bank Digital Currency (“CBDC”) and the digital passport can make our lives easier and more efficient. But new international legislation shows that the purpose of these possibilities, has far-reaching implications for our privacy. Let’s not lose touch…Your Government and Big Tech are actively trying to censor the information […]

Ukrainian refugees are becoming a burden to the Baltic states

February 06, 2023 Souce by Batko Milacic Every conflict, including this one in Ukraine, always leads to refugees. Considering the size of Ukraine, it is not surprising that a large number of Ukrainian refugees are in Russia and in Europe. Ukrainian refugees were the topic of an interesting online conference, where you could hear very […]

The Paris policy is becoming increasingly unpopular in Africa

Following Britain’s exit from the European Union, France appeared to have certain opportunities to strengthen its position on the international stage, such as shifting the balance of power in Europe and bolstering Paris’s position in the Franco-German tandem. First, while Germany remained the EU’s economic leader, the Fifth Republic had more options in the political […]

Experts Predict Andy Stanley Just 3 Years From Becoming Atheist

ALPHARETTA, GA — Expert analysts of evangelical career trajectories said today that they believe North Point Community Church pastor Andy Stanley is within three years of embracing full-blown atheism, including the frequent wearing of fedoras and use of the term “magical sky daddy.” Source

China is becoming increasingly involved in Central Asia

Over the last two decades, China’s economic and political rise has made it a key player in global politics, particularly for neighboring Central Asia (CA). China’s desire for active economic cooperation with the region, as well as its willingness to invest large sums in the implementation of projects that Central Asian countries require, are encouraging […]

The Best Affordable Home Gym Equipment for Becoming a Swole Lord

You know that scene in the beginning of RoboCop, where the main dude’s torso alone is so ripped that he can power through the impending drama of becoming (spoiler) RoboCop? Yeah. That’s what we want out of our home gym in 2023.  Now, I say “home gym,” and you might say Yes, here it is. […]

The Best 2023 Planners (for Becoming a Sigma or Just Remembering Stuff)

We get it—you went to bed at some point during the holidays, woke up, rubbed your eyes, looked at your big ass wall calendar, and realized it’s somehow January 2023. ​​And, since most of us have been living in an ambiguous ether where all the days are one big eggnog blob and time ceases to […]

The World Is Slowly Becoming Joo-Savvy

Amazing Polly diagnoses the jooish disease, psychoanalyzing the Synagogue of Satan:: This one is hard-hitting:  Whoa! Sowing the seeds of Armageddon! Please pray for the Great Awakening of True Israel. Eli Share this: Source

Who prevents Palestine from becoming a full member of the UN?

Granting Palestine full member state status at the UN would, according to many politicians, be a practical step that could preserve the two-state solution and help reinvigorate the peace process between Israelis and Palestinians. And this view is constantly making its way on the world stage and within the UN walls. Several consultations have been […]

Kari Lake Announces She’s ‘Not Suicidal’ After Becoming Hillary’s Latest Target

Arizona gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake announced that she’s “not suicidal” during an appearance on Fox News Thursday after becoming a target of Hillary Clinton’s ire in recent days. “But I was a little concerned today — I’m going to […] The post Kari Lake Announces She’s ‘Not Suicidal’ After Becoming Hillary’s Latest Target appeared first on News Punch. Source

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