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At least 100 dead after extremist attacks on two villages in Niger

At least 100 people have died after Islamic extremists attacked two villages in Niger near the border with Mali, the country’s prime minister said on Sunday. Prime Minister Brigi Rafini travelled to the two villages of Tchombangou and Zaroumdareye a day after the attack. “We came to provide moral support and present the condolences of […]

Dozens killed in suspected jihadist attack in Niger

Dozens of people were killed in an attack in Niger on Saturday, in a suspected jihadist attack. The attack took place around 12:00 CET in the Tchomo-Bangou village in Tillabéri, a western region bordering Mali. “The assailants surrounded the village and killed up to 50 people,” a local radio journalist said anonymously. “The wounded have […]

At least 70 civilians killed in militant attacks in Niger – reports

2 Jan, 2021 20:58 Follow RT on Militants killed at least 70 civilians in coordinated attacks on two villages in Niger, near the border with Mali, Reuters has reported, citing security sources. Jihadist attacks are commonplace in the region. Local media reported on Saturday that the attacks took place in the villages of Tchombangou and […]

Navy SEALs Rescue US Missionary Abducted in Niger Via Nighttime Raid

(The Christian Post) — The U.S. Navy SEAL Team Six has rescued an American missionary who was kidnapped by an armed group last week in the West African nation of Niger, the Pentagon confirmed on Saturday. Jonathan Hoffman, the public affairs assistant to Secretary of Defense Mark Esper, said in a statement that U.S. forces […]

US citizen kidnapped in Niger rescued in military operation

An American citizen kidnapped in the West African nation of Niger this past week has been rescued in a U.S. military operation in neighbouring Nigeria, the US Secretary of State has confirmed Philipe Nathan Walton was taken from his farm in Massalata in southern Niger early Tuesday morning by armed kidnappers who demanded a ransom […]

Pentagon Report on Niger Raises More Questions Than It Answers

(ANTIWAR.COM) — The Pentagon’s newly released 8-page report on the Niger incident had a very clear narrative. From the moment local commanders endorsed the mission to the recovery of the four bodies of slain US soldiers, the report goes out of its way to lionize everyone’s actions, and downplay errors. This makes sense, because underlying […]

US commando killed in Niger op was not captured – leaked details

He was one of four American troops killed during an ambush in Niger on October 4. Their deaths drew attention to the fact that the US had a military presence in the African nation, which surprised some lawmakers. Johnson’s body was not found in the immediate aftermath of the attack, which caused speculation about the […]

Watching The Hawks – Why Niger & No Tolerance in Fidelity

Watching The Hawks – Why Niger & No Tolerance in Fidelity Watching The What is the US military doing in Africa? The recent wave of sexual harassment and assault allegations begins to spill over from Hollywood into wider society. Daniel Hopsicker delves into the past of Barry Seal, Americas most famous drugs and guns […]

US Troop Deaths In Niger Reflect Growing Africa Mission Creep

That the United States had special forces deployed in Niger wasn’t exactly a secret before the announcement that four US troops were killed in an ambush near the Malian border. It wasn’t exactly public knowledge, either. The report that the US was sending troops to Niger for “training” back in 2015 was scarcely reported. The first indication that this […]

Germany and Italy want control of Libya-Niger border to stem flow of migrants

     The interior ministers of Germany and Italy have written to Brussels urging the creation of an “EU Mission” at the border between Libya and Niger “as soon as possible,” after over 40,000 people traveled through the North African country into Europe this year. “The first months of this year have shown that our efforts […]

Germany and Italy want to take control of Libya-Niger border to stem flow of migrants

“The first months of this year have shown that our efforts up to this point have been insufficient. We must prevent hundreds of thousands of people who are in the hands of smugglers from risking their lives in Libya and the Mediterranean,”said a letter penned by ministers Thomas de Maiziere and Marco Minniti, dated May […]

French, local forces kill three gunmen in northern Niger

World Bulletin / News Desk  French and Niger forces killed three gunmen in a convoy carrying drugs and heavy weapons in Niger close to the Libyan border, the French army said on Monday, as its troops step up efforts to stop gunmen crisscrossing the Sahel-Sahara region. Paris, which has led efforts to push […]

Breaking: Gaddafi’s “Last” Flee to Al Qaeda Stronghold in Niger

“Call Me Bwana”  Gaddafi Ready to Flee South?   By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor   Convoys, crossing a thousand miles of sand, are entering the nation of Niger, said by US counter-terrorism officials to be the staging ground for Al Qaeda in Africa.  This was also where Gaddafi’s mercenary army was recruited from by Israeli […]

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