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We shall return

The Palestinian issue is one of the most important issues on the world political scene since its inception. The issue of Palestine is a fundamental and first problem in the Islamic world. Source

“A land without a people for a people without a land”

TEHRAN- The phrase “a land without a people for a people without a land” has historical context but has become a common slogan for Zionists to try and justify their illegal settler presence on Palestinian land. Source

Nakba: 75 years on

TEHRAN- Every year on May 15 Palestinians around the world mark the Nakba, or catastrophe, referring to the ethnic cleansing of Palestine in 1948. Source

UMU: A New Global Digital Currency Launched at IMF Event

A new central bank digital currency (CBDC) was launched at a recent event held by the International Monetary Fund (IMF), with some raising concerns about a “globalist agenda” behind the currency. The universal monetary unit (UMU), created by the Digital Currency Monetary Authority (DCMA), was officially launched on April 10 at the International Monetary Fund’s […]

NATO, US Forces Join Romania-Led Black Sea Military Drills

MAHMUDIA, Romania—Romania’s navy led multinational military drills in the Black Sea region that brought together U.S. and NATO troops as the 30-nation alliance looks to boost security on its southeastern flank amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. The sea and air exercises are part of a series of drills known as Sea Shield 2023 that involve […]

White House snubs Netanyahu

More than eleven weeks into his third term as prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu has yet to receive an invitation to visit Washington. Many reports have pointed out that before Netanyahu’s latest return to power, new Israeli leaders had always visited the United States or met U.S. President by this point in their premiership.  While reports […]

A 4-Day Work Week Sounds Great, But What’s the Cost?

Commentary There is no such thing as a free lunch. So goes the saying. Someone always has to pay. The question is only—who and when? This is a truism based on our experience as a society over millennia of generations. Similarly, there is no such thing as a four-day week with no diminution in income […]

Swiss Skier Odermatt Wins Giant Slalom, Sets World Cup Points Record

SOLDEU, Andorra—Marco Odermatt underlined his dominance in men’s ski racing Saturday by breaking the 23-year-old male record for most World Cup points in a single season. The Swiss standout won his last race of the season, the giant slalom at the World Cup Finals, by a massive 2.11 seconds over second-place Henrik Kristoffersen of Norway. […]

Data of 328,000 Customers Stolen in Hack of Australian Financial Firm

Over 328,000 customers of Latitude Financial have had their data stolen during a “sophisticated and malicious” cyber-attack. On March 16, the Melbourne-based consumer finance provider—one of the biggest non-banking lenders in the country—called for a halt to trading and revealed the incident had been isolated. The company said the hackers obtained employee login credentials and […]

UK’s new ‘racist’ immigration plans

TEHRAN- The British government is pressing ahead with a new immigration bill that has been labelled by rights groups as “racist, heinous and unlawful”. Source

Another Drug Injecting Room? No Thanks!

Commentary The future of Victoria’s contentious trial of a drug injecting room finally appears to be clear, with an announcement by the state Labor government that it will “introduce legislation to establish the health service.” The government is taking this action following the finalisation of a review into the Medically Supervised Injecting Room (MSIR) trial, […]

India, US to Sign Memorandum of Understanding on Semiconductors

NEW DELHI—The United States and India will sign a memorandum of understanding on semiconductors as both countries discuss coordination of investment and continue dialogue around policies to spur private investment, U.S. Commerce Secretary Gina Raimondo said on Thursday. Raimondo, who is on a four-day trip to India, is accompanied by the chief executive officers of […]

Medvedev Ends Djokovic Run to Book Dubai Final With Rublev

Daniil Medvedev handed Novak Djokovic his first defeat of the year, beating the world number one 6–4 6–4 on Friday to reach the Dubai Tennis Championships final where he plays holder Andrey Rublev for a third title in as many weeks. In a contest where the players put their early season win streaks on the […]

China warns U.S. of “countermeasures”

TEHRAN- Beijing’s recent peace plan to end the Ukraine war has seen the U.S. ramping up tensions with China. Source

Someday a day of reckoning for cruelties…

The Zionists think they are winning. They are not. They continue to push their violence in Palestine too far. They are despised worldwide. It’s one thing to be an idiot, but quite another to be a violent idiot. I remember a morning well years ago. Source

Russia Versus the Collective West: A Year of Living Dangerously

News Analysis In the one year since Russia launched its “special military operation” in Ukraine, the international arena has become more complex—and more dangerous. Despite the combined might of the West, led by the formidable NATO alliance, Russia has managed to capture—and hold—broad swathes of territory. Europe, meanwhile, has had to contend with a severe […]

LIVE NOW: US Chamber of Commerce Discusses American Leadership During Uncertainty

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce holds a discussion on leadership during uncertainty at 9:00 a.m. ET on Feb. 27. The discussion features U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns, U.S. Ambassador to Israel Thomas Nides, and Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs Ambassador Victoria Nuland. They will share their perspectives on American leadership in an […]

Japan’s new military policies: Origins and implications

Japan is undergoing the most significant changes to its security strategy since the end of World War II. In late 2022, Prime Minister Fumio Kishida’s government approved three policy documents—the National Security Strategy (NSS), the National Defense Strategy and the Defense Buildup Program—that propose a significant expansion of Japan’s military capabilities and a major increase […]

NATO wants anything except peace in Ukraine

TEHRAN- If NATO actually wanted a ceasefire in Ukraine, there were simple solutions to end the conflict. Source

Reasons for cutting US-Iran ties 

Javan writes: Since the beginning of the Islamic Revolution (1979), some said the cause of Washington’s enmity toward Iran is Tehran’s actions and claimed that if there were no anti-American policies in Iran, the U.S. would not have a reason for enmity.   Source

Apartheid Israel’s unjust reign must end – now!

For media to reduce Israel’s bloody atrocities against Palestinians as mere “violence between Israel/Palestine” is to detract from the truth of the ugly reality of the Zionist Frankenstein. Source

Strikes paralyze France and UK

TEHRAN- As NATO members – France and Britain – spend fortunes on the Ukraine war, workers at home bear the brunt and this has triggered mass protests and strikes. Source

The Holocaust and Palestine

TEHRAN- Many ask the question “What are the links between the Holocaust  and the Palestinians?” The answer is there are none. Source

More nations plan to ditch U.S. dollar 

TEHRAN- Brazil and Argentina are planning on a common currency for the region in a bid to distance themselves from the U.S. dollar. Source

LIVE 9:30 AM ET: UK Foreign Secretary Speaks at Washington Think Tank

UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly speaks at The Center for Strategic & International Studies at 9:30 a.m. ET, Jan. 17, about the UK’s foreign policy, U.S.–UK relations, and international alliances in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The Epoch Times will livestream the event. … Source

Thousands of Cases of Abuse, Neglect of Disabled Australians Found in Report

Advocates are calling on the federal government to take immediate action on disability care homes after a watchdog report found thousands of reportable incidents in the past four years. The report (pdf) released on Jan. 16, by the National Disability Insurance Scheme Quality and Safeguards Commission investigated seven NDIS-registered facilities. It found that since 2019, there had been up […]

Remembering Pope Benedict XVI: A Man of Truth, Faith, and Tradition

Commentary Before he became Pope, a Mexican colleague of mine and her family saw Cardinal Ratzinger near the Vatican. They introduced themselves, and he graciously took the time to get to know them. He then asked them a series of questions about the Church in Mexico. My colleague remarked on the depth of his questions […]

Netanyahu’s government is end of Zionism

TEHRAN- Israel is a divided society racially and religiously. Since its establishment in 1948 or even many years earlier, the Jewish Agency sought to bring Jews from all over the world to the Palestinian territories in order to provide the necessary population for the formation of a so-called nation-state. Source

PREMIERING NOW: Dr. Aaron Kheriaty: Self-Spreading Vaccines, Transhumanist Ideology, and Government Gag Orders—The New Technocracy Threatening Hippocratic Medicine and The Nuremberg Code

“This is part of a broader proposal of potentially bypassing the informed consent process by putting mRNA gene-based technology in foods… You could have a salad and get vaccinated against potential biological threats.” `Dr. Aaron Kheriaty is a psychiatrist, medical ethicist, and author of “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State.” He […]

Yemeni patience with Saudis has a limit 

TEHRAN- Saudi forces have been shelling border regions in Yemen, killing a number of civilians as Sana’a warns its patience is running thin. Source

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