US Military Told To Get The F##k Out of Niger Refuses To Leave

The Murdergon is trying to stay in Niger despite the military-led government telling US troops to get the F##k out of their country after US officials said that Niger could be poised to transfer uranium to Iran which has no nuclear weapons, does not want any and has not first attacked another country in a time longer than the US in all it’s different governments and corporations has existed.

Unlike US’s Master Rothschild’s Israel.

The Jews who run the US

are used to lying about everything and everyone with impunity.
It shocked the shit out of them when the Niger government told them to get their asses and their mercenary troops the F##k out of their country.

So the Jews who run US/DC

ran their enormous pie holes telling lies that Niger was about to transfer uranium to Iran.
Which remember has no nuclear weapons, unlike Israel’s 200 to 300 illegal nuclear weapons built with uranium and plans stolen from the US, which Israel threatens to blow the whole world up with if anyone tries to stop their crime spree of raping, robbing, holocausting millions of humans.

Niger was outraged at the allegations and rejected them.

Niger told the Jews running US/DC to get their troops the F##k out of their country.

Spokesperson Sabrina Singh said the US is refusing to leave while seeking “clarification” from Niger officials.

Do Jews not understand “get the f##k out of our country”?
Obviously not.
The Indigenous Semitic Palestinian Descendants of Biblical Judians have been telling the Non Semitic Red Russian Turkmen Khazarian mongrel

Babylonian Talmud

Pedophile’s End of Times Death Cult members to get the f##k out of Palestine for damn near eighty years and all that happened was the Khazarians raped, robbed, holocausted millions of Palestinians.

The Ole Dog!


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