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Right Wing Bonus Tracks: States’ Rights To Own Slaves

Even Christian nationalist pseudo-historian David Barton acknowledges that the Civil War was about slavery: “We’ve had a lot of people say … it was about states’ rights. Well, maybe. But the state right they contended for the most was [slavery].” Um, we’re pretty sure that this photo posted by Ann Vandersteel allegedly showing former President […]

Israel’s Holocaust Of Semitic Palestinians in Gaza Will Cost US Tax Slaves $53 Billion More, Israeli Rothschild’s Central Bank Says

Rothschild’s “central” “bank” of Israhell which serves Rothschild’s private Fiefdom located in occupied Palestine, estimates it will cost American tax slaves an additional 53 billion dollars for the Non Semitic red Russian Turkmen Mongolian Khazarian mongrel Invasive Species Jew Cult members to finish Holocausting all the Semitic Indigenous Palestinian Descendants of the Biblical Judeans in […]

Slavery is Evil & Even Native Americans Had MANY Slaves

SPECIAL REPORT Indigenous Slavers: American Indians Who Whipped and Owned Blacks You won’t learn about Indigenous slaveholders from our textbooks. by PAUL KENGOR October 8, 2023, 10:05 PM   Sign up to receive our latest updates! REGISTER     Hot Off The Press THE NATION’S PULSE Time for Prudence in Foreign Policy by ROGER KAPLAN POLITICAL HAY Kevin […]

Mark Philips Was a Handler of Mind Controlled CIA Slaves-Listen & Learn

MKULTRA is a Military Acronym meaning MANUFACTURED KILLER Utilizing Lethal Tradecraft Required for Assassinations. CIA is Always CIA and never ex-CIA.  Cathy O’Brien is a Monarch Sex Slave.  She was never an Assassin. Source

The Truth About Mark Phillips; Mark Phillips Was a HANDLER of MKULTRA SLAVES

Randy Turner October 16, 2018 · I know this as fact because I broke the case and in 1996 the CIA requested he be killed for these and other crimes. I was one of his victims he buried alive on plum island. I am also the man who killed him. Randal Turner‏ @Randy_S_Turner13 Oct 2018More I read […]

One Hour 8 Minutes Sounds Like Fractured Monarch CIA Slaves


Excavations at Pompeii Villa Unearth Room Used by Roman Slaves

During excavations at the Civita Giuliana villa in a suburb of the doomed ancient city of Pompeii in southern Italy, archaeologists unearthed a small, cramped room that told a story of misery and deprivation.  Read more Section:  News History & Archaeology Ancient Places Europe Read Later  Source

Florida Curriculum Author: Our Curriculum Reflects What Slaves Themselves Said, We’re Just Telling Their Stories

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Dr. William Allen — one of the authors of Florida’s social studies standards — fired back at criticism of one provision that instruction will include “how slaves developed skills which, Source

Muslim slaves taken to Brazil were expensive, and worked to earn their freedom

During our trip to Salvador in May, we tried to contact people and institutions with information about the 19th-century slave uprisings in the Brazilian state of Bahia, especially the Malê Revolt (January, 1835). The Beninese Yoruba heritage is remarkable in the Bahia Candomble and its Brazilian religious syncretisms. Benin tragically became known as the “Slave […]

Setting The Record Straight On (((Who))) Bought and Sold Negro Slaves [Video]

Yes, I know. There are other interesting videos to check online (if they are still available) on who really brought the black slaves (and other slaves) to the Americas. The fact of the matter is that there used to be a website called “We Thought They Were White” not too long ago, hosted by a […]

The Slaves Must Not Be Allowed To Escape Slavehood by Death

“A Pentagon advisory panel formed to help address a suicide crisis in the US military has recommend imposing gun control measures on American service members to make it harder for them to kill themselves.” WELL, I FEEL LIKE SOMETHING SHOULD BE SAID HERE, BUT THE COMPLETE STUPIDITY OF THE MURDERGON BUNCH IS ALREADY MIND BOGGLING. […]

The Zanj Rebellion, Revolt Of African Slaves Against The Abbasid Caliphate

Tucked away in an obscure chapter of medieval history, the Zanj rebellion, which raged between 869 to 883 AD, originating in the city of Basra in present-day Iraq, remains relatively unknown to the West. The rebellion pitted African slaves against their Arab masters in a series of events so disruptive it plunged the Abbasid Caliphate […]

African Slaves Used Braids to Communicate Escape Routes in Colombia

The hair of black boys and girls was, and continues to be, an object of ridicule and discrimination. Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later  Source

MSNBC Guest: We’re ‘Slaves’ to ‘Ancient’ Constitution Causing Tragedies

Georgetown University Law School Professor Rosa Brooks said Tuesday on MSNBC’s “The ReidOut” that Americans were “slaves” to the U.S. Constitution she said was written by “a tiny group of white slave-owning men.” Source

Egyptian Pharoah Pepi II Coated His Slaves in Honey to Use as Fly Traps

Pepi II was an Egyptian pharaoh of the Old Kingdom who succeeded to the throne at the tender age of six. Perhaps it was this privileged upbringing which ultimately resulted in him being one of Egypt’s  Read more Section:  News Weird Facts Read Later 

Many of the Stars and Actors From Hollywood are Mind Controlled Slaves

Many of the stars and actors from Hollywood are Mind Controlled Slaves; they are owned as a slave is owned and used in film production where their personalities play best, and they can generate the most income for their owners. This is a fact that is well known among the one percent of the population […]

Some of the Active Mass Shooters of Today are CIA Mind Slaves

by Admin · Published January 3, 2022 · Updated January 3, 2022 ..What is Mk-Ultra?.. Source


Sajid Javid, Rothschild’s man? Or have the Rothschilds decided to have Starmer as Prime Minister? At a Conservative Friends of Israel lunch in 2012, Javid said that “if he had to leave Britain to live in the Middle East, then he would choose Israel as home.” SAJID JAVID – CASH FOR VISAS – ISRAEL’S FRIEND [embedded content]… Jimmy […]


Prince Andrew’s former wife Sarah Ferguson had an office on the 101st floor of the North Tower in 2001.   [embedded content] Slave Trade Security minister Damian Hinds says ‘nobody feels more let down’ about Sarah Everard’s murder than police’ as figures show 2,000 officers have been accused of sex offences in four years Airline […]

Magical Text From 1801 Says the Devil Requires Bond Slaves to Be Injected

I was searching around for some obscure texts that could be of interest to our readers and found something rather “curious” and potentially very relevant. The quote comes from The Magus by Francis Barrett, published in 1801. The Magus is one of the primary sources for the study of ceremonial magic, and for a long […]

Facebook Aided In Recruitment Of Modern Day Slaves, Cartel Hitmen Internal Documents Show

The documents leaked to WSJ show that while Facebook removes some pages, many continue to operate openly. While some might sympathize with Facebook’s inability to whack every mole (after all, they’re fighting a never-ending torrent of misconduct). But the sad truth is that Facebook could do more to stop its platform from being abused by […]

7.52 Afghans Have Child Sex Slaves Just Like Our Elite Do; These Elite Protect Each Other Comment: Bet Poppy Herbert Bush told Afghanistanis to grow Poppy in 2001! Our government only gives a crap about Rothschild Zionist Israel and Rothschild ZIONISTS funding our corrupt politicians who are basically 99% Secret Society Members and guess who creates and controls these Secret Societies? Rothschild ZIONISTS and the British Empire is a ZIONIST […]

CIA is a Crime Ring & Its MKUltra’s Are Tortured RAPED SLAVES (SEXUAL TORTURE IS ALWAYS PART OF CIA’s MKUltra & Monarch EVILS-This is How Minds Are Fractured)

The CIA and FBI “are behind most, if not all terrorism.”— Ted Gunderson, former FBI Chief “All roads of government corruption, lead to the CIA.”—  Richard Lighthouse Congressman, Dr Ron Paul, has repeatedly stated that the CIA runs the military-industrial complex.  The CIA is the most horrific, terrorist organization the world has ever seen. […]

Zombie Slaves of the Jew World Order

This Greek monk agrees with EFR’s analysis of the Gates nanotoxine: To succumb or not to succumb: that is the question. [embedded content] To rent or to own: that is the Q.   If someone else owns you, you are a slave. Share this: Source

Right Wing Bonus Tracks: Slaves to Satan

ALL donations 3X-MATCHED by 12/31 to save our democracy! Every day, the reporters and researchers of Right Wing Watch expose the hateful words and deeds of right-wing leaders and the far-right players who fueled Trump’s rise to power and aim to keep him there. Our work is read daily and used by major media outlets, […]

Democrats Demand Republicans Pay Them Reparations For Freeing Their Slaves

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Democrats in Washington are demanding reparations from the Republican Party for the massive financial losses of Democrats following the emancipation of the slaves. “It’s been many years, and still, this grave injustice has not been corrected,” said Chuck Schumer in a joint press conference with Nancy Pelosi. “Our Democrat ancestors faced decades of financial ruin after […]

Were Hebrews ever slaves in ancient Egypt? Yes

News and Partnerships Life and Culture Columnists and Opinion Haaretz Heb and TheMarker, the online English edition of Haaretz Newspaper in Israel, gives you breaking news, analyses and opinions about Israel, the Middle East and the Jewish World. © Haaretz Daily Newspaper Ltd. All Rights Reserved Source

13 Illuminutti Families: We Love Slaves But Don’t Want N_____s In Our Families (Pictured Synagogue of Satan Members)

abdelkarim elhawassGénéral  janvier 25, 2019 4 Minutes The Rothschild family joined the Orange House of Holland (Royal Family) to found the Bank of Amsterdam in the early 1600s, becoming the first private central bank in the world. In the 1600s, the Dutch with the Rotschilds built in a short time an immense colonial empire. They thus demonstrated […]

Remembering the Barbary Slaves: White Slaves and North African Pirates

Much attention and condemnation has been directed towards the tragedy of the African  slave trade , which took place between the 16th and the 19th centuries. However, another equally despicable trade in Barbary slaves was taking place around the same time in the Mediterranean. It is estimated that up to 1.25 million Europeans were enslaved by  Barbary corsairs […]

Exposed! Nanotechnology In The Covid-19 Swabs Test! In Egypt This Swab Up The Nose Was A Punishment For Slaves! Excellent Videos! Must See!!

Exposed! Nanotechnology In The Covid-19 Swabs Test! In Egypt This Swab Up The Nose Was A Punishment For Slaves! Excellent Videos! Must See!! Tap News / Weaver IN EGYPT THIS WAS A PUNISHMENT FOR SLAVES. EXPOSED ! NANOTECHNOLOGY IN THE COVID-19 SWABS TEST ! Do not take the Covid 19 test. It can change your […]

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