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Celebrities Are Now Pushing Expensive and Meaningless ‘Health Seal’ Scheme That Might Bankrupt Small Businesses

After Vaccine Passports for people, now Hollywood comes up with COVID-19 Health Seal for businesses. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Robert De Niro are using Covid-19 to promote an expensive ‘health seal’ scheme that will certify your business location as COVID-19 free. These celebrities are preaching people to buy this health seal that could cost […]

Business Insider: “Everything Is About To Get More Expensive. This Is Good”

By Chris Menahan With America already experiencing the beginnings of an inflation wave that may spiral out of control as a result of trillions in money printing the media is trying to get ahead of the story by claiming that everything becoming more expensive “is good.” From Business Insider, “Everything is about to get more […]

Japanese PM apologizes after spokesperson quits over expensive dinner scandal that breached ethics law

Japanese leader Yoshihide Suga has apologized after his spokeswoman, Makiko Yamada, resigned for “breaching the ethics law” by attending expensive dinners hosted by the prime minister’s TV executive son, Seigo Suga. Yamada formally quit her position as the cabinet public relations secretary in the wake of the scandal around her attendance at the expensive dinners […]

My Expensive Tastes: An Origin Story — A poem for Torah Portion Terumah

And you shall make a menorah of pure gold.    Exodus 25:31 When the first thing we were asked to makerequired us to use solid gold, gold taken from our former captors, it explained allmy expensive tastes. My solid gold houseMy fat wallet My trees, bedazzled withjewel-encrusted fruit. The groceries we order fromthe solid gold […]

Coronavirus: Paris and Zurich become world’s most expensive cities to live in because of COVID-19

Paris and Zurich have joined Hong Kong to become the costliest cities in the world as the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the prices of everyday items. The French capital and Swiss city leapfrogged over Singapore and Osaka to claim a joint first place with Hong Kong in the latest Cost of Living Index from The […]

Democrats Spent $104.1 Million Losing to Lindsey Graham, Most Expensive Loss in Senate History

Democrat Jaime Harrison spent $104.1 million in his unsuccessful bid to unseat Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), the most expensive loss in the history of the U.S. Senate. Harrison shattered fundraising records, as Democrats from across the nation poured money into the race in an effort to punish Graham for his role in confirming conservative Supreme […]

Eat like a peasant: More vegetables are better for you (and less expensive, too)

(Natural News) For some people, one of the worst things that could happen to them is to get stuck in a remote area. Thoughts of rural living come to mind – grazing cattle on the pasture, growing your own produce, and pretty much eating the same thing every day. However, this “peasant-style” diet could […]

Our American “friends” want us to buy their gas instead of Russian, even though it’s 50% more expensive

Speaking at a news briefing on Wednesday, US State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that the White House opposes the Nord Stream 2 energy project, which she said rides roughshod over European energy security. “As many people know, we oppose the Nord Stream 2 project, the US government does. We believe that the Nord Stream 2 project would undermine […]

US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG – Lavrov

US forcing Europe to abandon Russian gas & buy more expensive American LNG – Lavrov SEE ALSO Fracking hell: McCain: US will supply gas to Ukraine, Europe in 2 yrs although being at least 25% more expensive The blocking of Russian gas supplies via Ukraine is an USA objective with their regime change EU should have thought about […]

Hinkley Point: The ‘Dreadful Deal’ Behind the World’s Most Expensive Power Plant

Hinkley Point: The ‘Dreadful Deal’ Behind the World’s Most Expensive Power Plant December 25th, 2017 Disclosure: I sell solar power systems in New Zealand. — Via: Guardian: Hinkley Point, on the Somerset coast, is the biggest building site in Europe. Here, on 430 acres […]

Maybe ER stands for extra revenue: Research reveals the expensive tests given in the emergency room are completely useless in determining whether a patient is having a heart attack

(Natural News) Naivete compels us to still clutch on to the notion that doctors still operate under their code of “first, do no harm.” Nevertheless, evidence colors our perceptions, with another study proving once again that hospitals — and medical professionals in general — are over-testing and over-treating patients. Worse, these additional procedures offer no […]

FLASHBACK: Top 10 most expensive works of art sold at auction – Pictures

     Salvator Mundi, the long-lost Leonardo da Vinci painting of Jesus Christ has sold at Christie’s in New York for $450.3m, shattering the world record for any work of art sold at auction. Here are the other nine most expensive works to go under the hammer                                              […]

“Wars for israel” a very expensive pastime

Post-9/11 War Debt Will Cost $8 Trillion in Interest alone US Paying for Terror War With Massive Borrowing ed note–as we have counseled here now for sometime, Trump, Inc represents the biggest ‘Hail Mary’ pass in history on the part of those heavily-invested interests (military, financial, etc) who understand that America has run out of road […]

Dyson Launching “Expensive” Electric Vehicle in 2020

Dyson Launching “Expensive” Electric Vehicle in 2020 September 27th, 2017 Via: Guardian: British inventor Sir James Dyson has announced plans to build an electric car that will be “radically differentâ€� from current models and go on sale in 2020. The billionaire who revolutionised the […]

Insurance Issue Pushing More Expensive Drugs, Not Generics

Above Photo: Scott Dalton for New York Times This article was produced in partnership with The New York Times. It’s standard advice for consumers: If you are prescribed a medicine, always ask if there is a cheaper generic. Nathan Taylor, a 3-D animator who lives outside Houston, has tried to do that with all his […]

Cerberus Capital – The Diabolical Purveyors of Cheap Food and Expensive Pharmaceuticals

Cameron S. Bigger, ContributorWaking Times What if I told you the people creating, pricing and selling us our groceries are the same people in-charge of researching, developing, dispensing, and promoting our most popular prescription medications? Is it just bad luck or coincidence that in 2017 an American has a heart attack every single 34 […]

You Think Hawaii is Expensive Now? Wait Until The Universal Basic Income

By Jeff Paul I spent three years in Hawaii. It’s obscenely expensive to live there. Real estate, food, electricity, health care, and travel costs are significantly higher in Hawaii than on the mainland. And incomes aren’t rising fast enough to match rising cost of living. As a result, many natives rely on government […]

Housing Prisoners in California Now More Expensive than Sending Them to Harvard

Anna Hunt, Staff WriterWaking Times The LA Times recently reported that the cost of housing each inmate in the California prison system will cost $75,560 per year. This is 20 percent higher than the cost of attending Harvard College, based on Harvard estimates for room, board and tuition. Cost of Housing Prisoners Doubled Since 2005 […]

Donald Trump Says The Star Of David Is Just A Star

Donald Trump has changed his mind again about the controversial Star of David Tweet that got him in hot water with accusations of anti-Semitism. The presumptive Republican presidential nominee recently posted a tweet depicting Hillary Clinton in a negative way, with hundred dollar bills, a six pointed Star of David and the words “Most corrupt […]

Rob Schneider: The Uncensored Truth About Mandatory Vaccines

“The most basic of all human rights is the ability to have control over your own body and be able to exercise informed consent when making medical decisions that can harm you or your child.” — Rob Schneider by Jefferey Jaxen, Waking Times The year was 2014 and California just passed Assembly Bill 2109 in […]

Lil Sleepyhead: The Hot New Meme That’s Sweeping the Internet!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 31, 2016 A hot new meme is sweeping the internet! Following the popularization of a dead baby picture by the Jewish media – oh boy, a dead baby, goyim – by hundreds of news articles across every Jewish website – – the internet was just like “wow, great memes LOL.” After […]

TV Crew Accidentally Find Castaway on Deserted Island

In a story almost too surreal to be true, Animal Planet’s River Monsters crew was surveying the water near Australia’s Gulf of Carpentaria for plane crash ruins when they came across a fisherman on a deserted island who’d been separated by his boat and was “prepared to die,” the show’s director Stephen Shearman told He’d […]

Goldman Sachs is funding Hebron settlers

From: For years American taxpayers have been bankrolling Jewish-only illegal settlements in the West Bank with hundreds of millions of dollars funneled through tax-exempt non-profit organizations (we’ve covered the issue on Mondoweiss since 2008). One of the organizations which is a frequent recipient of these donations is the Brooklyn-based Hebron Fund which supports Hebron’s settler […]

Origins of World War II: The “German Question” (Part 1)

“(We are fighting) to defeat the most dangerous conspiracy ever plotted against the liberty of nations, carefully, skillfully, insidiously, clandestinely planned in every detail with ruthless, cynical determination.” – British Prime Minister Lloyd George: speaking about Germany during World War I If you go up to anyone on the street and ask the question, “Who […]

Leaked emails raise new questions about the poisoning of Flint’s water supply

     Newly leaked documents leave more questions about how and why the drinking water supply in the city of Flint, Michigan, was replaced with polluted and corrosive river water. It had been reported that Flint’s water supply was changed to cut costs, saving the state an anticipated $6 to $8 million per year. According to […]

Leaked emails raise new questions about the poisoning of Flint’s water supply

     Newly leaked documents leave more questions about how and why the drinking water supply in the city of Flint, Michigan, was replaced with polluted and corrosive river water. It had been reported that Flint’s water supply was changed to cut costs, saving the state an anticipated $6 to $8 million per year. According to […]

This Man Found Out That Salt, Pepper and Lemon Can Solve These 9 Problems Better Than Any Medicine

1. In order to treat your sore throat, you need the juice of one lemon, a bit of salt and ground black pepper.  Mix these ingredients and gurgle. You can also eliminate a sore throat by using cold vinegar. 2. To open a blocked up nose – The following mixture will be extremely useful, it will cause […]

Waterspout seen forming in Costa da Caparica, Portugal

     Waterspout seen forming in Costa da Caparica, Portugal on 13th December 2015. Source Article from 00

Who Was Killed in Abbottabad in May 2011? Osama bin Laden or Someone Else? Pentagon Ordered Purge of Osama “Death Files” from Data Bank

This article was first published in July 2013  following the Pentagon’s Decision to Purge the bin Laden “death files” from the Pentagon’s data bank. The decision was justified “to protect the names of the personnel involved in the raid, according to the inspector general’s draft report.”  The personnel involved were members of the Navy SEAL […]

DARPA now creating manufacturing platform for synthetic living organisms as government weaponizes the seeds of life

(NaturalNews) The Pentagon’s secretive futuristic weapons and capabilities research institution, DARPA, is at it again, this time pursuing the development of synthetic “living organisms” that are bound to have a major impact on all aspects of humanity and the surrounding environment. The Washington Post reports that public sector agencies and private sector investors […]

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