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Florence bar fined €1,000 after police called over ‘expensive’ coffee

The customer had been annoyed at having to pay €2 for an espresso.

Study: Coffee and Tea Consumption Lowers Stroke and Dementia Risk

Study: Coffee and Tea Consumption Lowers Stroke and Dementia Risk  Nov 16, 2021 by  News Staff / Source In a large prospective cohort study published today in the journal PLoS Medicine, a team of researchers from Tianjin Medical University and Yale University found that: (i) the separate and combined intake of tea and coffee were […]

‘Nazi’ Lightning Bolts In Ukrainian Coffee Shop Logo Have Jews Imagining Gas Chambers™ Again

When the owners of a Ukrainian cafe — housed in a former synagogue — worked two lightning bolts into the logo to advertise the re-energizing qualities of their coffee, they unwittingly sent many Jews who suffer from Nazi Derangement Syndrome into a tailspin — imagining pogroms and Gas Chambers™ in their imminent future: On Tuesday, […]

New Persian translation of “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” released

New Persian translation of “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” released – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN – A new Persian translation of Japanese writer Toshikazu Kawaguchi’s novel “Before the Coffee Gets Cold” has come to Iranian bookstores. Aradman is the publisher of the new translation by Reza Abedinzadeh, which hit the Iranian bookstores nearly one month after the […]

Branch of Costa Coffee Demands Proof of Vaccination, Photo ID to Enter Shop

‘Psychic gym bro’ Chris Sky is being recognized for his stunningly accurate predictions, made early last year, during which he laid out the entire lockdown agenda, including how compulsory mask mandates would return even for vaccinated people. The clip shows Sky talking to an interviewer in the spring of 2020, mere weeks into the first […]

AOC Says How She Accidentally Glued Her Face To Her Coffee Table Is A Clear Failure Of Capitalism

AOC Says How She Accidentally Glued Her Face To Her Coffee Table Is A Clear Failure Of Capitalism NEW YORK, NY—Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the world’s smartest socialist, is always talking about the evils of capitalism. Now tragedy has struck her with what she sees as a clear failure of that economic system: She has accidentally […]

How Black Rifle Coffee Used Every Trick In The Book to Fool Conservatives

Once again, patriots are learning the hard way that when you tether your identity to a for-profit institution, you’re setting yourself up to be disappointed. Black Rifle Coffee Company was supposed to be a company that countered the effete stereotypes of other coffee sellers. When Starbucks promised to hire refugees, BRCC pledged to hire veterans. […]

Colombia warns of new and aggressive strains of dangerous coffee fungus

Colombia’s coffee federation has discovered nine new, more aggressive variants of the fungus that causes coffee rust, it said on Thursday, urging producers to plant more resistant coffee varieties to avoid spreading the disease. Colombia, the world’s top producer of washed arabica, has 855,000 hectares (2.1 million acres) of coffee crops, while some 500,000 families […]

Is coffee causing deforestation?

We all love a cup of coffee in the mornings, but a recent study has found that Western consumption can cause deforestation of four trees a year on average, and coffee is a major contributor to this. We speak with leading environmental experts: Louis Lagoutte, of the environmental charity One Tree Planted and John Bailey, […]

Woman charged $5700 for a cup of coffee waited months for refund

A woman in Colorado who was charged $5700 for a coffee from a hotel chain has waited three months for the refund of the huge amount. Lisa Angello told ABC7 that she hasn’t been able to stop thinking about the coffee run that cost her thousands of dollars in Aurora, Colorado, on Christmas eve. “Every […]

2,000-Year-Old Mosaic from Caligula’s ‘Orgy Ship’ Goes from Coffee Table to Returned Relic

A valuable piece of mosaic flooring from one of Caligula’s ‘orgy ships’, so-called for the lavish sex parties he hosted on the boats, somehow found its way from the bottom of Lake Nemi to the Upper East Side in New York, and now it’s finally returned home in Italy. From Rome to New York and […]

No AIPAC conference? No problem. We’re meeting for coffee on Zoom

For years, the annual AIPAC conference has culminated with thousands of Israel supporters knocking on their congressional representatives’ doors here to deliver three policy requests. Last year, the conference in early March ended with anxiety about whether COVID-19 had spread after some of the country’s first cases were detected among attendees. And this year, there’s […]

Huts, Mountains and Coffee Plantations: The Hidden Church in Colombia

<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span>(Open Doors UK) — For many of you, your Sunday services have taken on an unusual feel this year. The locations, routines and form you’ve grown familiar with were changed in an instant. It’s been hard, and we’re not sure when church life will return […]

Daily Green Tea and Coffee Benefits Diabetes

By GreenMedInfo Research Group Go and drink that cup or two of organic coffee or tea. An October 2020 study has linked drinking four or more cups of green tea every day, combined with two or more cups of coffee, with a 63% lower risk of death in Type 2 diabetes patients Research continues to […]

Yerba Mate: The Ethical and Healthier Alternative to Coffee

December 15th, 2020 By Paul Lenda Staff Writer for Wake Up World For a quick and easy pick-me-up, many in the West turn to coffee. Yes, that brown liquid that comes from roasted coffee beans. With around 100 mg of caffeine per cup, it delivers a powerful energy boost when you need it. However, drinking […]

Drinking Green Tea, Coffee Linked to Lower Mortality

November 13th, 2020 By Dr. Joseph Mercola Contributing writer for Wake Up World Research has linked coffee and tea to several health benefits, including a recent study from Japan demonstrating those with diabetes who drink green tea and coffee experience a reduction in all-cause mortality.1 These results corroborate the impact beverage choices have on your health. At one […]

Femoid & Cuck Boyfriend Throw Coffee On Guy For Not Wearing Mask

Femoids and their cuck low-T boyfriends are the ultimate System Zombies. Woman Throws Hot Coffee At Man For Not Wearing a Mask Outdoors Make no mistake, these are the system zombies who will rat on you to their masters for non-compliance. I despise these outdoor mask wearers. I haven’t worn 1 yet, in or out. […]

These energy-boosting herbs help keep you awake without the coffee jitters

(Natural News) If you’re like most adults, you can’t start your day without a cup of coffee. Or two, or five. But drinking too much coffee can be bad for your health, so you might want to slow down. While coffee gives you an energy boost, this effect is only temporary, making […]

Starbucks & co ordered to serve coffee in California with cancer warning

Judge Elihu Berle ruled that “defendants failed to satisfy their burden of proving… that consumption of coffee confers a benefit to human health.” The Council for Education and Research on Toxics (CERT), a non-profit group, sued Starbucks and about 90 other companies under a state law that requires warnings on a wide range of chemicals that […]

Neuroscientist Explains What Coffee Does To Your Brain – Should We Really Be Drinking It So Much?

Next Story In many cultures around the world, coffee is consumed daily. For many people it is their first thought and what gets them out of bed in the morning, for others it’s an excuse to get together with friends or family and socialize. What we often fail to realize is that coffee, or more […]

California Coffee Shop Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops

California Coffee Shop Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops Daily Caller March 12, 2018 A California coffee shop doubled down on its refusal to serve police officers, claiming cops threaten their physical and emotional safety. Hasta Muerte Coffee owners refused service to a Latino police sergeant March 8 and are now defending that decision […]

Oakland California SJW coffee shop will not serve cops, citing ‘physical and emotional safety’ concerns

     Hasta Muerte Coffee in Oakland, California, has a controversial policy concerning police officers: The shop won’t serve them. According to KTVU-TV, Hasta Muerte Coffee isn’t your average coffee joint. The station described the outfit as “a worker-owned collective with a decidedly anti-establishment bent.” In addition to the apparent mentality of those working there, the […]

Why McDonald’s Coffee is one of the Worst Coffees for You

How could a simple cup of coffee be harmful, some might ask? But when it comes to fast food places like McDonalds, the question should be, “how could it not?” Every single item on the menu is toxic to the human body and should not be consumed. Let’s take a look at McDonalds’ coffee! From […]

Europe, wake up and smell the coffee

by Hagai El-Ad As usual, EU officials are going to listen to Netanyahu’s lessons about democracy and freedom and they will not ask him about his war on democracy and freedoms of the Palestinians -the people he occupies their land. European foreign ministers attending Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s breakfast in Brussels this Monday may find […]

Research Finds Popular Coffee Maker That is FULL of Bacteria & Mold

Attention coffee drinkers: your Keurig coffee machine might be making you sick. Local CBS news affiliates have reported that Keurig machines are often a disgusting bacteria breeding ground. According to recent tests performed by CBS stations in Pittsburgh, Dallas, and Chicago, Keurig coffee machines came back with findings of E. coli, staphylococcus, streptococcus and pseudomonas […]

Gay Coffee Shop Owner Shouts Profanities at Christian Pro-Life Group, Kicks Them Out

A gay coffee shop owner in Seattle kicked a Christian pro-life group out of his coffee shop because he felt offended by their presence, according to video footage of the incident. The Washington Times reports that the group, called Abolish Human Abortion, decided to order drinks at Seattle’s Bedlam Coffee after passing out pro-life pamphlets in […]

Wake Up and Dont Smell the Coffee – Resist Global ‘Starbucksification’

Celebrating the shareholders who help make the Starbucks. (Photo: Touch) Neil ClarkRT OpEdge Last weekend’s big horse racing festival in Chantilly, France brought together trainers, jockeys, spectators and journalists from all over the world. The genuine internationalism of the event, which saw enthusiastic Japanese, Brits, Arabs, Italians, Irish, Germans, French and Africans dressed in national […]

Reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes with your daily cup of coffee

(Natural News) Your morning cup of coffee could be doing more than just waking you up. A team of Danish scientists have put out a study claiming that four cups of coffee a day can cut down your risk of type-2 diabetes by as much as 25 percent. Although this benefit is only applicable to […]

The Coffee Deception: 13 Little Known Facts About Coffee

You’re not going to like this one bit: you’ve been lied about the health benefits of coffee!1. Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs, which eat its’ seeds. The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight […]

13 Little Known Facts About Coffee

1. Caffeine is an alkaloid that the coffee plant uses to kill bugs, which eat its’ seeds. The coffee plant also uses caffeine in the coffee pods to kill surrounding plants, so the coffee plant can attain more sunlight and grow larger. Caffeine is a pesticide, which causes genetic termination in living cells that come […]

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