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Steve Quayle warns the FIRST cities to be targeted for nuclear annihilation will be in the United States


With globalists using food as a weapon, skyrocketing violence in Democrat-run cities all across America will explode when people realize the food chain they knew is never coming back

(Natural News) While we’ve reported numerous times recently on the skyrocketing crime rates in one Democrat run city after another all across America, with Joe Biden and his cabal putting syringes into public vending machines just the latest proof they’re intentionally turning cities into drug-and-crime-infested wastelands, a must-read story over at the Organic Prepper that Steve Quayle had linked to […]

TX Border Sheriff: ‘Haven’t Seen Anything’ to Stop ‘Wave’ at Border, and Northern Cities ‘Will See It Eventually’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” Maverick County, TX Sheriff Tom Schmerber said he hasn’t “seen anything that would stop this immigration problem coming through to the USA.” And that there is a “wave” of people coming through who “want to keep on going north. So, they will see it eventually. This […]

Zero-COVID In China: Lockdowns Of Major Cities Continue

In addition to claiming he has nothing to hide and was not responsible for shutting down anything, Anthony Fauci claimed Thursday that COVID lockdowns have not “irreparably damaged anyone”. Fauci made the comments in an interview with FOX News host Neil Cavuto, who asked “do you regret that it went too far, whatever your original […]

Zero-COVID In China: Lockdowns Of Major Cities Continue

In addition to claiming he has nothing to hide and was not responsible for shutting down anything, Anthony Fauci claimed Thursday that COVID lockdowns have not “irreparably damaged anyone”. Fauci made the comments in an interview with FOX News host Neil Cavuto, who asked “do you regret that it went too far, whatever your original […]

PA Manufacturing Workers: Biden Wants to Help People in Big Cities with Loan Plan and We Have to Cover the Cost

During portions of interviews with Fox News Digital released on Saturday, manufacturing workers in Pennsylvania sounded off on President Joe Biden’s student loan debt cancellation program. Jim Davis said, “It’s not going to affect the people that are here, the

Underground Cities and Networks Around the World – Myths and Reality (Part 1)

Underground structures, and sometimes even entire cities, have always been part of myths and religions around the world. Read more Section:  News Myths & Legends Europe Ancient Places Asia Read Later 

Ukraine war: Russia shells cities near nuclear power plant

Russian forces fired missiles and artillery on Ukrainian-held areas across the river from Europe’s largest nuclear power plant, authorities said Saturday as concern persisted about safety at the Russian-controlled plant after it was temporarily knocked offline. Grad missiles and artillery shells hit the cities of Nikopol and Marhanets, each about 10 kilometers and across the […]

Agenda 21 Stack & Pack Mega-Cities

Originally posted on Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch: You will live near where you work. This plan is global & already we have signs of it in NZ. The stack & packs are situated near or around the transport/rail center of your cities. Do have a listen, hear those familiar terms, ‘sustainable’, ‘climate change’, ‘greenhouse emissions’,… […]

Karachi among the world’s most unlivable cities

The pungent smell of rubbish wafts through Karachi’s streets. Source

States, counties and big cities declare monkeypox a public health emergency, even though primary spreaders are homosexual males

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors unanimously approved declaring monkeypox a local emergency on Tuesday, August 2, a day after California Governor Gavin Newsom declared the illness a public health emergency.LA County Board of Supervisors Chair Holly J. Mitchell said: “The proclamation of local emergency is to … [Read More…] Source

Ukrainian Cities Shelled, Including One Near Nuclear Plant

Nikopol, a city close to the country’s biggest nuclear power plant, sustained a barrage of shelling amid Russian attacks in several regions. Source

Artists Are Using AI To Imagine Cities Without Cars

The Twitter account @betterstreetsai isn’t like most of the users posting their AI-generated creations to social media. While many have begun using AI tools like DALL-E to generate absurdist memes and surreal fantasy illustrations, Zach Katz, the 28 year-old artist and musician behind the account, uses the machine learning system to visualize alternate versions of […]

Trump calls for tent cities to address homelessness

Trump calls for tent cities to address homelessness lead image Source

*** Livewire *** Pro-Abortion Protests Escalate in America’s Major Cities

Crowds of protesters gathered in America’s major cities to protest the Supreme Court decision on Friday to overturn Roe v. Wade.  Source

Minneapolis Crime Wave: Twin Cities Suburbs See Rise in Violence

Violent crime rates in more than a dozen Twin Cities suburbs have increased over the last couple of years, according to crime data.

Report: Cities in Arizona, Texas, Florida See Massive Population Gains as Democrat Cities Tumble

The top cities that had the greatest population growth by percentage from 2020 to 2021 were in Texas, Arizona, Florida, Idaho, and Tennessee.

The US nuked two cities in WWII and has threatened to use them often since then

The threats have indeed been made, and they could potentially be more than bluffs.  

“2000 Mules” Sheds Light on Zuckerberg’s Disproportionate Gifts to Cities in 5 Swing States, Which Were Heavily Democrat, in Violation of Law

Above image: NY Post report on “Zuckerbucks” campaign financing to 501c3 organizations “2000 Mules” Full Documentary The law on non-profits, such as the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation, engaging in “get out the vote” activism is clear. “Under the Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3) organizations are absolutely prohibited from directly or indirectly participating in, or intervening […]

Putin’s messiah syndrome drives the invasion, brutality to cities and civilians, plus his cultural/imperial vision

Putin’s messianic vision sees the destruction of an independent Ukraine almost as a religious duty. Source

2 Weeks Into War On Ukraine, Russia Bears Down On Key Cities

WASHINGTON (AP) — Two weeks into its war in Ukraine, Russia has achieved less and struggled more than anticipated at the outset of the biggest land conflict in Europe since World War II. But the invading force of more than 150,000 troops retains large and possibly decisive advantages in firepower as they bear down on […]

Dictators in Egypt and Saudi Arabia love smart cities projects — here’s why

Imagine being filmed 24/7. Knowing someone is watching you the whole time, would your behaviors and decisions remain the same? When governments or tech companies promote “smart” cities projects, they talk about how having more data about us could make things better.  What they don’t talk about is the way having surveillance technologies embedded in […]

Four Iranian cities join national handicraft hubs

Four Iranian cities join national handicraft hubs – Tehran%20Times TEHRAN –Four Iranian cities have been designated as national handicraft hubs, the deputy tourism minister has announced. Shushtar, Andika, and Rofayyeh, all in the southwestern Khuzestan province, as well as Khoy in the northwestern province of West Azarbaijan, were named the national cities of handicrafts, IRNA […]

UK Government Greases Skids For Fleets of Surveillance Drones Over Cities

The affidavit against the Christmas parade killer states that Darrell Edward Brooks Jr drove in a zig zag pattern in order to “hit as many” people as possible, confirming yet again that the massacre was a deliberate attack. Ever since the incident, the media has tried to play down any possibility that the attack was […]

Americans Are Fleeing Blue State Cities

A CNN correspondent noted how Joe Biden appeared “confused” throughout an entire interview as he repeatedly mistook COVID home tests for anti-viral pills. The comment was made in reference to Biden’s 20 minute interview with ABC’s David Muir, during which the president attempted to defend his response to the pandemic and complaints that people in […]

Leaders of cities in Asia Pacific commit for united local actions to meet global health goals

by Shobha Shukla and Bobby Ramakant #EndTobacco is an essential part of the bedrock for Universal Health Coverage Can we deliver on the promise of health for all unless we fix the gaping and widening punctures that are causing epidemic-proportion of preventable diseases and untimely deaths? No one needs to suffer from preventable illnesses or […]

California To Cut Water To Cities And Farmland Amid Persisting Drought

Above-average temperatures and the lack of precipitation began in early February 2020, and by the summer, conditions worsened following heatwave after heatwave. Some of the state’s largest reservoirs registered near or at record low levels, which prompted some to believe state officials were preparing to announce the first-ever federally declared water shortage. Dry conditions also sparked one of the worst […]

10 Must See Ancient Cities to Add to Your Bucket List

Everyone ought to have a bucket list and for passionate history buffs, that list invariably includes visiting ancient cities. While reading about them in history books, or in news reports about archaeological discoveries, can provide an element of thrill, you can never get a full picture without visiting sites in person. If you made up […]

Massive Anti-Government Protests in about 35 Cities in Australia go Unmentioned by Western Media

Home » Australia, Protests » Massive Anti-Government Protests in about 35 Cities in Australia go Unmentioned by Western Media     A fresh round of rallies against mandatory Covid vaccination has hit Australia, with hundreds of thousands protesting in dozens of cities. Aerial footage captured huge crowds blocking central streets. New rallies all across the […]

Militant Solidarity With Cuba On Display In 80+ Cities Worldwide

Above Photo: The Images That Mass Media Are Not Going To Show Today Or Tomorrow Because They Tell A Different Story. @CUBAONU / Twitter. Demonstrators Support Cuba’s Productive Revival And Reject U.S. Interference Against Peoples And Revolutions That Act With Sovereignty. — Carnation Movement (@carnationmvmt) November 16, 2021 Solidarity movements with Cuba, political parties, […]

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