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Internal DHS data reveals the 45+ U.S. cities that hundreds of thousands of migrants have flown into via the Biden administration’s controversial “CHNV” mass parole program.


Biden Claims He Prevented Israel from Invading One Of Their Own Cities

US President Joe Biden appears to have confused the Israeli port city of Haifa with the Palestinian town of Rafah in the Gaza Strip. He made the latest gaffe during an interview on the campaign […] The post Biden Claims He Prevented Israel from Invading One Of Their Own Cities appeared first on The People's […]

Denver official BEGS illegals to agree to be diverted to other cities because they’re out of resources and people will “suffer”

Denver official BEGS illegals to agree to be diverted to other cities because they’re out of resources and people will “suffer” Denver appears to be having a change of heart after declaring itself a “sanctuary city” as a top city official was recently recorded begging a group of illegals to leave the city and head […]

Underground cities: Proof of human ingenuity and flexibility

(NaturalNews) Ancient kingdoms and civilizations around the world created cities underground, a phenomenon that has fascinated historians and archaeologists… Source

Greek Cities in Turkey

Greek Cities in Turkey

From the cities to the countryside, armed resistance is spreading in the West Bank

Armed resistance in the West Bank had been concentrated in larger cities, but since October 7 it is spreading. “Resistance in Azzun used to be non-armed,” a resident of the small town tells Mondoweiss. “Then everything changed after October 7.” Source

Turkey Earthquake One Year On: Survivors Still Living In Tent & Container Cities Amid Gov’t Infighting

Via Middle East Eye When Turkish soldier Muslum Ozdemir died during a military operation in Iraq last month, a troubling back story emerged. He was from Kahramanmaras, the epicenter of the twin earthquakes that claimed the lives of more than 50,000 people in nearly 10 provinces on 6 February last year, and survived the disaster himself. Before long, media discovered that […]

WATCH! Here’s what Soros-installed DAs are doing to cities across the USA


Texas Gov. Abbott begins flooding sanctuary cities with chartered flights of illegal immigrants

(NaturalNews) Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has started transporting illegal immigrants to different sanctuary cities using private planes as the “Biden-made crisis” at… Source

What Will Become of Cities?

Everyone was supposed to be back at the office by now. It’s not really happening, however, and this has huge implications for the future of the American city.  Part of the reason is the cost, not only the finances of commuting but also the time. Another contributing factor is the crime and homeless population, which […]

“On The Road To Ruin”: The Crime Crisis Destroying America’s Cities

Authored by Jessica Anderson via, American cities are becoming emblematic of our national decline… High taxes, homelessness, and violent crime drive thousands of business owners and residents from urban centers annually. Once amazing cities, powerhouses of the American Dream and engines of our world’s leading economy – replete with beautiful buildings, pristine roads, and […]

There is Yet Hope for the Beauty of Cities

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL I’m writing on the morning of my 61st birthday — a phrase that does not trip off the tongue, or emerge easily on the keyboard! I am the only one awake yet — Brian is still asleep, and Loki, his fluffy fur having grown back after his late-summer grooming, is […]

Bill Gates Explains Why He Can Own 4 Private Jets While You Will Be Confined To ’15 Minute Cities’

Bill Gates has the right to fly around the world on his fleet of four private jets while normal people are forced to live in 15 minute cities without freedom of travel, according to Gates […] The post Bill Gates Explains Why He Can Own 4 Private Jets While You Will Be Confined To ’15 […]

Elon Musk Exposes How Soros ‘Hijacked’ US Cities Without Changing Any Laws

Elon Musk Exposes How Soros ‘Hijacked’ US Cities Without Changing Any Laws Elon Musk appeared on Joe Rogan’s podcast Tuesday and explained how leftists “completely controlled” Twitter and weaponized the social media platform against political opponents and anyone who disagreed with the official government narrative. The billionaire said Twitter was almost like Russian state media […]

Retail theft is the worst in these 10 US cities, study finds

Los Angeles, California Oakland/San Francisco, California Houston, Texas New York City, New York Seattle, Washington Atlanta, Georgia Sacramento, California and Chicago, Illinois (tied) Denver, Colorado; Miami, Florida; and Albuquerque, New Mexico ___ Source

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Democrats Want To “Ruin” US Cities

Arnold Schwarzenegger Says Democrats Want To “Ruin” US Cities Authored by Jack Phillips via The Epoch Times (Emphasis ours), Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in a recent interview that Democrats want to “ruin” American cities. During an interview with actor Rob Lowe on his podcast, the former bodybuilder and “Terminator” star responded to a […]

DHS Let 200,000 Illegal Aliens Fly Directly Into 43 Cities

The Biden regime recently introduced a new program to increase illegal immigration that allows migrants to fly straight from their homelands into a United States city of their liking, per recently obtained records.  Source

Washington, D.C. and other U.S. cities becoming war zones as crime skyrockets under Democrat control

(NaturalNews) American cities are becoming war zones under liberal leadership, and a quintuple shooting in Washington, D.C. is just the latest example of this… Source

Target to shutter NINE stores in major U.S. cities, all Democrat controlled, due to out-of-control theft and violence

(NaturalNews) In its continued decline, American retail giant Target has announced the closure of nine more stores in major cities – all controlled by the left… Source

Wildlife living in cities exemplify ‘urban trait syndrome,’ study says

What can city dwellers do to help create and nurture a healthier environment for urban wildlife? Source

Democratic Mayor Of Dallas: “American Cities Need Republicans… & I’m Becoming One”

While the Democratic Mayor of Dallas says the city has thrived, Eric Johnson writes in a very frank WSJ op-ed that, elsewhere, Democratic policies have exacerbated crime and homelessness. “The future of America’s great urban centers depends on the willingness of the nation’s mayors to champion law and order and practice fiscal conservatism. Our cities desperately […]

BREAKING POINT reached: NYC, other sanctuary cities “tired” of illegal immigrants influx, struggle with local resources

(NaturalNews) Mayors of “sanctuary cities” New York, Chicago, and other large cities are past their breaking point and now struggling with resources due to the… Source

Smart Cities: They’re NOT “Just a Crazy Conspiracy Theory”

By Marie Hawthorne After the fires in Maui, a local resident nicknamed Auntie complained that Lahaina was slated to become a Source

They’re trying to make us want “smart cities” by turning all the great old cities into sh*t-holes

READ HERE:   Source

Which US Cities Have The Highest Airbnb Densities?

Which US Cities Have The Highest Airbnb Densities? With 3,329 Airbnb listings for an estimated 94,589 inhabitants, Asheville, North Carolina, has the highest Airbnb density out of all U.S. cities and regions analyzed by InsideAirbnb as of June 2023. The project, which scrapes publicly available data from Airbnb’s website, was founded by activist and artist Murray Cox and has […]

San Fransisco Officially Declared One of World’s Most Disgusting Cities

San Francisco has officially been declared one of the world’s most disgusting places to live, with filthy conditions worse than slums found in third world nations such as Kenya or India.  According to Case-Shiller reporting, […] The post San Fransisco Officially Declared One of World’s Most Disgusting Cities appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

14 US Cities Initiate New Globalist Climate Plan In Partnership With Soros & The Clintons

BY TYLER DURDEN TUESDAY, AUG 22, 2023 – 02:05 PM Authored by Jack Hellner via, The C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group is a globalist enterprise with at least 14 partners right here in the U.S., and, they have set an “ambitious target” to convince the masses to give up meat, dairy, and private car […]

Gallup poll: Los Angeles among five cities deemed unsafe to live in or visit

(NaturalNews) Los Angeles has a complex and layered identity. With its glitzy entertainment industry, cultural diversity and iconic landmarks, it captures the… Source

DEW, Artificial Intelligence, and “Smart Cities”

Rev 9:17  And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone. Rev 9:18  By these three was […]

Mystery of the Desert: The Lost Cities of the Sahara (Video)

Deep within the desolate expanse of the Sahara in Niger, the mystery of lost civilizations becomes tantalizingly tangible in the form of ancient ksars or fortified villages.  Read more Section:  News Ancient Places Africa Videos Read Later  Source

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