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UN To Consider Spraying Chemtrails Above Earth’s Surface To Reduce Global Temperatures

The United Nations is considering the use of spraying “surface aerosols” above the earth’s surface as a means to reduce global temperatures, according to a Reuters reports. This week, a U.N. climate panel released a “code red” report that hysterically warned of “deadly heat waves, gargantuan hurricanes and other weather extremes” if extreme action isn’t taken quickly […]

What if they put covid vaccines in those chemtrails?

» What if they put covid vaccines in those chemtrails?Today at 12:52 am by RamblerNash » UFOs Disappearing Into The Oceans Remains A Mystery Yesterday at 12:02 pm by PurpleSkyz » Good People Doing Good Things — Ms. Shirley RainesYesterday at 10:03 am by PurpleSkyz » I’m in healthcare caring for the vaxed and will tell you how many deaths…Yesterday at 9:57 […]

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Prince Talking About Issues Threatening Our Safety – Chemtrails & The New World Order

11K Shares As most of you reading this probably know by now, music legend Prince passed away yesterday at the age of 57. His memory will assuredly live on, especially here at Collective Evolution. Not long ago, Prince shared one of our articles on his Facebook page, and he has spent much of his time raising awareness […]

What Most People Call “Chemtrails” Could Kill Tens of Thousands of People, Says Harvard Professor

Next Story Remember, don’t panic! These are issues we have to approach from a place of peace. Responding with fear and worry is completely useless. Yes, it’s a major issue, but issues are transformed in a number of ways. It’s not all “doom and gloom,” it’s not all dark, there are wonderful things happening on […]

14 Ways To Cleanse The Body From Chemtrails GMO’s Flouridated Water & Environmental Toxins

From the chemtrails being sprayed over our neighborhoods to the poisons killing our bees and making our food toxic ‘medicine’ we need a way to purge the deadly elixirs of a greedy government, owned and run by corporate interests. For the sake of keeping your attention, I won’t go on ad nauseum about fluoridated water, […]

China To Spray Chemtrails To Make It Rain Over 620,000 Sq Miles

China has announced plans to make it rain over an area three times the size of Spain, in the biggest geoengineering project to date.  Since 2013, China has created 55 billion tons of artificial rain every year. Now, Chinese authorities intend to force rainfall and snow over 1.6 million sq km (620,000 sq miles) by […]

Harvard Just Hosted A Conference on Geo-Engineering (Chemtrails) – Here’s What You Missed

Next Story Geo-engineering is the deliberate and large-scale intervention into the Earth’s climatic system. It’s done through several different means, and one of them is spraying chemicals (which are toxic to humans and all life on the planet) into the atmosphere via balloons or aerial vehicles. The CIA and other federal agencies control these programs, […]

FINALLY: The EPA’s Own Website PROVES Chemtrails Exist & Harmful!!!

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Meteorologists Expose U.S. Military ‘Chemtrails’ Program

Meteorologists across the United States have begun speaking out against a secret U.S. military program of spraying chemtrails in our atmosphere.  According to experts, our skies are being deliberately polluted with aluminium, barium, lead, arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium, and silver as part of a U.S. government geoengineering program to depopulate the planet. reports: Mainstream media […]

Reggae Legend Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry Calls Out Chemtrails and 5G Pollution

Vic Bishop, Staff WriterWaking Times It’s been called a conspiracy theory so many times that it’s easy for people to overlook the ever-growing body of evidence that atmospheric spraying (chemtrails) is in fact happening today. It is well-documented that governments the world over have geoengineering programs, which include cloud-seeding and the airborne dispersal of […]

A Conspiracy No More: US Government Openly Meets to Discuss Future of Chemtrails/ Geoengineering

Wednesday marked the first time that the U.S. government openly acknowledged and discussed the reality of chemtrails — or as they and their ilk call it, “geoengineering.” Politicians and members of various fields convened for the US House Subcommittee on Environment and Subcommittee on Energy Hearing, discussing everything from funding the controversial sky-spraying operations to […]

UK Scientists Plan To Spray Chemtrails In The Sky To Stop Hurricanes

UK scientists have openly called for the release of chemtrails in the earth’s atmosphere in order to stop hurricanes ravaging Britain.  Researchers at the University of Bedfordshire, UK have said they want the government to authorise the use of geoengineering, which they say will help stop coral bleaching and hurricanes. reports: They think “artificial planet coolers” […]

Wake Up! Chemtrails are REAL & They’re Poisoning Us & ALL Plant Life from the Sky

NaturalNews| When the denial of chemtrails is overcome, concerns of their content and their effects are raised. Two metals, barium and aluminum, are consistently discovered worldwide in chemtrail analysis from air and water traps as well as mountain waterways and snow. They’re formed as nanoparticles that are easily breathed in by mammals and absorbed by […]

Physicist Book Explores 9/11, Climate Change, Chemtrails and Geoengineering

Free copy of the book available in PDF (Here) Author, Andrew Johnson: The weather is something which affects all of us, every day of our lives. It dictates our long and short-term plans. In the UK, the weather is the “default topic” of conversation for strangers and friends alike. Though it has obvious and far […]

Video Of Military Jet Spraying Chemtrails: The ‘Blockbuster’ They Don’t Want You To See

Graphic Video Of Chemtrail Spraying: Evidence NO ONE Can Refute The following video captures a KC-10[1] sprayer laying down massive Chemtrails. The footage was taken by a pilot, sitting in his cockpit, traveling over Canada. It’s well worth watching the entire video in order to view the spraying apparatus being shut off and then turned […]

Chemtrails are LEGAL Under Patriot Act

Who knew? They’re spraying us lab rats with aluminum, barium, strontium, nano-fibers and all kinds of sh*t …and it’s PERFECTLY LEGAL!!! They covered themselves with the Patriot Act!  READ MORE: Fluoride Combined With Even Trace Amounts Of Aluminum In Water Can Cause Major Brain Damage Did you know that the Patriot Act was actually written PRIOR […]

VIDEO : Chemtrails Causing Permanent Damage To Our DNA Say Experts

Below is one of the best panel of experts seen to date with multiple experts from a variety of fields explaining that not only are Chemtrails and weather manipulation real, according to hard data, but that it is physically damaging our very DNA, causing extreme weather events and literally destroying the planet. Via AllNewsPipline: In the […]

Canadian Government Confirms Chemtrails – Geoengineering

Bill Vander Zalm, former Canadian Premier for British Columbia received a 40 page report from Ottowa that confirms a covert Chemtrails – Geoengineering operation is in progress. Under an FOIA request, Vander Zalm asked his government ,“What do you know about chemtrails”?   In two months he received a report that revealed the Canadian government is […]

Mainstream Scientist Exposes the Dangerous Reality of Chemtrails and Geoengineering

Phillip Schneider, Staff WriterWaking Times Over the past few years, the issue of geoengineering has been popularized. Mainstream media, academia, and government almost unanimously support the idea of geoengineering as a perceived solution to climate change while suppressing the evidence that it has actually been in use for some time without our consent. On […]

Chemtrails Exposed: Coal Fly Ash and the New Manhattan Project

July 24, 2017 By Peter A. Kirby Eminent scientist James Marvin Herndon asserts that the chemtrails so often seen polluting our skies and fouling our biosphere consist of coal fly ash. Since June of 2015 Dr. Herndon has published eight scientific journal articles exposing the currently ongoing, uncontrolled geoengineering experiments taking place […]

Geoengineering Expert: Chemtrails Are A Forced Airborne Vaccination That No One Knows About

Geoengineering Expert : Chemtrails Are A Forced Airborne Vaccination  NewsTarget| According to the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC), many states still offer religious, medical or philosophical exemptions allowing you to say no to vaccinations. Maintaining this right to refuse a vaccine syringe teeming with toxic ingredients like mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, aborted infant tissue, human blood, DNA and thimerosal – to name a few – […]

What are Chemtrails and How Are They Harming Our Food and Water?

This article was originally published by The Truth About Cancer. Just when you thought Monsanto was under wraps, you find out they’re up to something even more horrific. What’s even worse is that it all started a long time ago! In the late 1960s Monsanto supported the secret Muad’ Dib Geoengineering Lab to develop “chemtrail” technology; their crown […]

NASA Performs Chemtrails Experiment Above Maryland

NASA performed its first ever public chemtrails experiment in Maryland on Thursday, spraying artificial clouds into the atmosphere in an attempt to protect the Earth from adverse space weather.  Between the hours of 4:25 a.m. and 4:42 a.m., NASA launched a rocket tasked with dispensing canisters of fake cloud vapor into the sky. CBS reports: […]

Rhode Island Introduces Geoengineering Act To Ban Chemtrails

A new geoengineering bill has been introduced by a Rhode Island state legislator, designed to ban the practise of spraying poisonous chemtrails into the atmosphere.  Rep. Justin Price introduced “The Geoengineering Act of 2017” [H6011] in an attempt to regulate the intentional manipulation of the weather and environment. reports: The legislative intent of the bill is, (a) “Geoengineering” […]

Chembombs Replace Chemtrails as Method for Climate Engineering

Worldview Terra Satellite (a) 5/12/2017 Worldview Terra Satellite (b) 5/12/2017 Worldview Terra Satellite (a) 5/13/2017 Climate and Hurricane Engineering with Covert Deployment of Large Volume Aerosol Plumes (LVAP) Aerosols intended for covert climate and hurricane engineering are deployed with nozzles and have nothing to do with fuel additives, contrails or engine emissions. Bruce Douglas was […]

Harvard Scientists Advocate Geoengineering – Admit ‘Chemtrails’ Are Not A Conspiracy

A team of Harvard scientists have announced plans to perform geoengineering experiments on the public, and have admitted for the first time that ‘chemtrails’ are not a conspiracy theory.  The scientists plan on releasing aerosol sprays into the atmosphere in order to attempt to gain control over the Earth’s climate and combat global warming. The Harvard researchers insist these […]

Scientist Blows Whistle On Chemtrails At Ted Conference

At a recent geoengineering conference two Harvard engineers announced plans for a real-world climate engineering experiment beginning in 2018. The science of geoengineering has increasingly become a part of the public conversation around climate change and an ever-controversial topic within the scientific community. Geoengineering is a type of weather modification (or climate engineering) which has been […]

Chemtrails Sprayed From Planes in 1921 as “Chemical Warfare”

CHEMICAL WARFARE   1921: A smoke curtain around USS Tennessee (BB-43) during training operations in the Atlantic Ocean This is a 1921 US Army chemical warfare training film carried out in the Atlantic ocean. We see an aircraft spray a toxic chemical trail to create a smoke curtain in front of the USS Tennessee.  The […]

UFO Photographed Above World Trade Center Ground Zero

A man from New York has taken photographs of what appears to be a UFO floating directly above the World Trade Center Ground Zero building.  The picture has caused a flurry of conspiracy theories relating to UFO’s and disclosure. reports: The unnamed man has filed a report with the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), the world’s biggest organisation […]

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