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AI Will Deliver UTOPIA! It Will Be an Amazing World!?

Feb 7 2024 Think Tanks are now studying what AI can do and how it can be used to guide the world in the 21st century. Some of these ideas lead to amazing changes and you will not recognize the world it can potentially build. Is it doable? Can AI really deliver this? Because if […]

STUNNING HUBRIS! US Marshals Intervene to Hand-Deliver Subpoena to Fani Willis After She Refused to be Served from House Judiciary Committee

US Marshals Intervene to Hand-Deliver Subpoena to Fani Willis After She Refused to be Served from House Judiciary Committee Source

Who Will Deliver Justice to Our Service Members?

SHARE | PRINT | EMAIL While Pfizer & Moderna were testing rats in their labs, our government had their own guinea pigs lining up for the largest biomedical experiment the world has ever seen, except these were not test animals. These were our United States service members–our men and women in uniform.  And the test […]

Sayyed Nasrallah to Deliver a Televised Speech Next Friday

October 29, 2023 Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hasan Nasrallah is slated to deliver a televised speech on Friday, November 3, at a ceremony commemorating the martyrs who fell on the road to Al-Quds. The speech is scheduled to begin at 15:00 (Beirut time). In honor of the martyrs who fell on the road to Al-Quds […]

Israel Says It Will Let Egypt Deliver Some Aid To Gaza As Doctors Struggle After Hospital Blast

The announcement to allow water, food and other supplies came as rage over Tuesday night’s blast at al-Ahli Hospital spread across the Middle East. Source

Turkiye ready to send Palestinians aid but ‘very difficult’ to deliver

Turkiye is prepared to send humanitarian aid to Palestinians hit by the conflict centred on Gaza, but it is very hard to deliver it under the current circumstances, a Turkish Defence Ministry official said on Thursday, Reuters reports. According to the report, after a surprise attack by Hamas militants from the Gaza Strip on Israel […]

Jim Caviezel Shocks Hollywood: ‘God Selected Trump To Deliver America From Evil’

Jim Caviezel sent shockwaves through Hollywood this week after announcing that President Trump was selected by God to help deliver America from evil. Caviezel, star of the anti-child trafficking blockbuster “Sound of Freedom,” declared that […] The post Jim Caviezel Shocks Hollywood: ‘God Selected Trump To Deliver America From Evil’ appeared first on The People's […]

Poll: California Voters Deliver Resounding ‘No’ to Cash Reparations for Slavery

The concept of the state delivering cash payments as reparations to the descendants of enslaved African Americans is opposed by California voters by a 2-to-1 margin, a poll released Sunday reveals. Source

Chemtrails Deliver Aluminum & Reduced Graphene Oxide to Enhance Phonon Based Consciousness Harvesting

UK Daily Mail has published an article about the Biden Administration’s plans to block sun with aluminum, graphene, (and all that other shit) with ambitious geoengineering plan to “fight climate change”. Here is that patent link: “The freezing of liquid water into solid ice is one of the most common natural phenomena, where ice can […]

Will AI Deliver the Worst of Both Worlds?

So what happens if AI destroys both profits (due to it being “free” and a freely distributed commodity) and jobs? Setting aside sensationalist dystopian fears of AI taking over our Spaceship (“I’m sorry, Dave. I’m afraid I can’t do that,” the famous line from the film 2001: A Space Odyssey), let’s focus on two more realistic possibilities: 1. […]

Comer wins: FBI relents, agrees to deliver subpoenaed memo alleging Biden bribery to Capitol


The Mushroom Coffin That’ll Deliver Remains To Nature In Barely Any Time At All

DELFT, Netherlands (AP) — For those seeking to live in the most sustainable way, there now is an afterlife too. A Dutch intrepid inventor is now “growing” coffins by putting mycelium, the root structure of mushrooms, together with hemp fiber in a special mold that, in a week, turns into what could basically be compared […]

WARNING!!! Elites’ Lies Meant To Deliver Us From Reality

READ HERE:   Source

Education Secretary To Deliver First-Annual ‘State Of The Groomers’ Speech

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona will be delivering America’s first-annual “State of the Groomers” speech this evening, sources say. Source

Gallup Poll: 79% of Americans Predict 2023 Will Deliver Economic Difficulty

The vast majority of Americans predicted 2023 will deliver economic difficulty under President Joe Biden, a Tuesday Gallup poll revealed.  Source

‘The Palestinian View’ – with Ramzy Baroud: Will the UN Deliver Justice for Palestine? (VIDEO)

Posted on September 23, 2022 by Zara Ali September 21, 2022 Baroud comments on the Palestinian Authority’s quest to obtain full UN membership and whether such status is merely symbolic. (Photo: Palestine Chronicle) By Palestine Chronicle Staff In the latest Palestine Chronicle episode of the “Palestinian View’, Ramzy Baroud raises the question “Will the United Nations […]

Will the United Nations finally deliver justice for Palestine?

In his anticipated speech at the United Nations General Assembly on 23 September, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas is expected to, once more, make a passionate plea for the recognition of Palestine as a full member. Abbas’ ‘landmark speech’ would not be the first time that the President of the Palestinian Authority has lobbied for such […]

Eritreans Forced To Work On The Nevsun Mine Can Deliver A Case In Canada

We can help purchasers as regards to transactions regarding residential or business real estate, and we will help with land acquisition and development, long and short time period leasing, landlord and tenant recommendation, regulatory issues and procedures, licensing and funding. This contains mentoring and supporting Prism Chambers’ tenants and other young attorneys within the authorized […]

It looks like they planted a CIA agent in Trump’s CoS office so they could deliver this so-called bombshell testimony that only raises HUGE suspicion about the Secret Service!

January 6 Witness Cassidy Hutchinson Claims Trump Lunged at Secret Service Agent on Jan. 6, Shouted, “I’m the F*cking President!” (VIDEO) Source

Delivery Guy Patiently Waits ‘Til You’re In Bathroom To Deliver Package That Requires Signature

U.S.—Shocking new research has revealed that delivery persons carrying sensitive packages will oftentimes hide in the bushes outside the delivery address until the intended recipient is in the bathroom, at which point they will jump out of their hiding place, ring the doorbell and courteously wait three seconds before leaving a note that the package could not be […]

US, UK to deliver advanced longer-range missile systems to Ukraine

US President Joe Biden announced on Wednesday that Washington will deliver advanced longer-range missile systems HIMARS (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) to the Ukrainian army, as part of yet another $700 million in military aid that the White House announced on May 31. This latest tranche brings the total direct military aid committed by the […]

Migrant Mom in Texas Expects Feds to Deliver Abandoned Child to Her

A migrant woman living in Texas told a South Texas border rancher that she “expects” the federal government to deliver her smuggled child to her. A migrant woman, apparently unknown to the family, smuggled the child across the Rio Grande after being handed the child by human smugglers.

Jesus Interrupts Sermon On The Mount To Deliver 30-Second Ad Read For Patriot-Themed Emergency Food Supply

MOUNT OF BEATITUDES—Local Rabbi and Son of God Jesus of Nazareth gave a fiery sermon where He singled out legalistic religious people and called people to a higher understanding of God’s law and holiness. The multitudes gathered praised the sermon, saying it would go down as “one of the best in history,” though many found […]

Think twice: Can we deliver on #HealthForAll without saving lives from viral hepatitis?

By Shobha Shukla & Bobby Ramakant Despite over 350 million people living with hepatitis B and C virus globally, and 3 persons dying every minute, much-needed efforts are yet to be on-track to end viral hepatitis in next 108 months (by 2030) as promised by heads of all countries in UN General Assembly (by adopting […]

White House Confirms Biden Slated to Deliver Speech on ‘Risks Posed to Unvaccinated Individuals’

President Biden is slated to deliver a speech on Tuesday targeting unvaccinated Americans, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed during Monday’s press briefing. “This is not a speech about locking the country down,” she said during the presser. “This is a speech outlining and being direct and clear with the American people about the […]

Buckle up: Yemen is about to deliver a Saudi lesson

December 06 2021 Photo Credit: The Cradle Every time the Saudis bomb Sanaa, the Yemeni resistance retaliates against Riyadh’s strategic vulnerabilities. With nonstop strikes on Yemen’s capital city today, brace yourself for a big Saudi explosion. By Karim Shami “Tell him Sanaa is far, Riyadh is getting closer” is what Yemenis call out whenever their capital city […]

WATCH: Officers on ‘Turkey Patrol’ Deliver Thanksgiving Meals to People in Need

Police officers in Denver, Colorado, and the Denver Police Foundation went on a unique kind of patrol recently. The outing was a “turkey patrol,” not searching for turkeys but giving them to needy families who might have gone hungry over Thanksgiving, KDVR reported on Thursday. Hundreds of delicious Thanksgiving meals, 1,000 exactly, were packaged by helpers […]

Kamala Harris Warns That Santa May Not Be Able To Deliver This Christmas

Vice President Kamala Harris has raised concerns that Santa Claus may not be able to deliver this Christmas due to supply chain disruptions. “Families are worried about being able to make sure Santa Claus gets whatever Santa Claus should get to the children by Christmas,” Harris said on Friday. Breirtbart reports: The vice president spoke […]

Scientists are developing plants that can deliver same vaccine technology used by Pfizer and Moderna Covid shots by being EATEN

Researchers at UC Riverside are investigating ways to insert mRNA vaccine technology used for the Pfizer and Moderna Covid shots into edible plants The chloroplasts of the plant will be used to carry the mRNA, and a person could take the vaccine orally by eating the plant If successful, the plants would allow for vaccines […]

On Medicare’s 56th birthday, activists deliver 125,000+ petitions urging Congress to expand the program

Image Credit: Bill Clark/AP Progressive healthcare activists marked Medicare’s 56th anniversary Friday by delivering more than 125,000 petitions urging Congress to lower the popular program’s eligibility age and expand its coverage to include vision, hearing, and dental services—upgrades that proponents say are long overdue to help protect seniors from soaring out-of-pocket costs. “Now, as a […]

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