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New bill seeks to extend U.S. military benefits to Americans serving in the IDF

A new bill in Congress would extend some U.S. military benefits to the estimated 20,000 Americans currently carrying out the Gaza genocide as members of the Israeli military. Source

TikTok ban is not to protect Americans. It’s a tactic directly from China’s playbook

  America Continues Controversial Spy Program President Biden signed a well-publicized bill last month that would ban the TikTok app if the Chinese portion of its ownership is not sold to different investors within a year. On its own merits, the original bill (H.R. 7521) passed in the House 352 to 65. However, the TikTok […]

Tens of millions of Americans are “trapped” in an endless cycle of debt that is sucking the life out of them financially

(NaturalNews) Did you know that U.S. households are 17,690,000,000,000 dollars in debt?  Of course household debt is only one part of a much larger story.  The… Source

Mike Stone – Americans are Demonically Possessed

For Israelis, these are not children. They are future “terrorists” or the mothers of future terrorists. That’s the way genocide works.  The West is complicit in genocide.  Its moral bank account is empty.  “As of May 2024, there are millions of Americans salivating with blood lust over the mass murder of Palestinian children being carried out […]

Elon Musk: ‘2024 Election Will Be Last Decided by Americans’

The deliberate influx of illegal immigrants into the US will mean American citizens will cease to decide the outcome of future elections after 2024, X CEO Elon Musk has predicted. According to Musk, Democrats are […] The post Elon Musk: ‘2024 Election Will Be Last Decided by Americans’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Chris Reed Says Muslims Cannot Be Americans

A multi-day right-wing event took place at The Gathering church in North Carolina last weekend, aimed at mobilizing pastors to become more active in politics. The event was organized by America’s Black Robe Regiment, a Christian nationalist group founded by Rev. Bill Cook, who has made it his mission to see “the government of God […]

‘Immigrants, Not Americans, Are What Makes Us Strong’ Says Joe Biden

Migrants – not voting Americans and their children – “are what makes us economically strong,” according to President Joe Biden. Biden made the comments during a fundraiser for pro-migration groups at the elite Mayflower Hotel […] The post ‘Immigrants, Not Americans, Are What Makes Us Strong’ Says Joe Biden appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Catherine Austin Fitts – Why Have Americans Forgotten Trump’s Treachery?

Fitts says, had she been the president, “I would have taken a bullet in the head before I would implement a culling of the American population.” by Leo Hohmann ( Catherine Austin Fitts shreds Trump acolyte in the most brutal 7 minutes you will find on the internet The former president ‘put $10 billion […]

Biden Tells Americans To Choose ‘Freedom Over Democracy’

Joe Biden is asking his supporters to choose “freedom over democracy” Conservative pundits have viewed Biden’s latest blinder as more proof that the 81-year-old US president is unfit for office. While speaking at a campaign […] The post Biden Tells Americans To Choose ‘Freedom Over Democracy’ appeared first on The People's Voice. Source

Government using tax tyranny to steal every last penny from Americans

(NaturalNews) No amount of your stolen labor is ever enough for the corrupt United States government, which is committed to taking as much of your money as… Source

Top 5 ways the FDA and CDC engaged in genocide of Americans during Covid-19 plandemic

(NaturalNews) When it comes to challenging the actual healing medicines used by natural health advocates, the brainwashed sheeple and their fake news always… Source

Biden boycott vote resonates with young Americans

Organized efforts to boycott voting for President Biden appear to be resonating the most with young voters who turned out at the ballot box in recent months in state primaries across the U.S. The efforts in places like Michigan, Washington, Minnesota and Massachusetts show protest votes had the highest concentration in areas where young people… […]

2 out of 3 Americans Gone by 2025!

In 2014, came to my attention, due to a spate of YouTube videos, which showed openly-available pages on their website, predicting the future population numbers, GDP, Purchasing Power Parity and military expenditures for every country. Deagel described itself as a cross-reference of openly-available thank tank predictions from numerous branches of the US military, the IMF […]

Americans boycott Tyson Foods as it announces plans to hire 42,000 illegal migrants

(NaturalNews) Angry Americans are boycotting Tyson Foods in response to the company’s plans to hire 42,000 immigrants in New York as they close plants in a slew… Source

New Report Exposes Massive Government Surveillance of Americans’ Financial Data

 Today, the House Judiciary Committee and its Select Subcommittee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government released an interim staff report titled, “Financial Surveillance in the United States: How Federal Law Enforcement Commandeered Financial Institutions to Spy on Americans.” The report reveals alarming evidence of federal law enforcement engaging in broad financial surveillance and prying into the private transactions […]

Geneticist Traces Mysterious Origins of Native Americans to Ancient Greece

Geneticist Traces Mysterious Origins of Native Americans to Ancient Greece The idea that Native Americans are descended from ancient Jews, Egyptians, or Greeks has been a controversial one for hundreds of years. Here’s a look at accounts from the 18th century through to today that suggest this may be the case. A Cherokee boy and […]

Survey Shows Declining Concerns Among Americans About COVID-19

A new survey reveals that only 20% of Americans view covid-19 as “a major threat” to the health of the US population – a sharp decline from a high of 67% in July 2020. (SARMDY/Shutterstock) What’s more, the Pew Research Center survey conducted from Feb. 7 to Feb. 11 showed that just 10% of Americans […]

Biden repeats promise to Black Americans: ‘I have your back’

President Biden in a Saturday interview doubled down on his commitment to stand by Black Americans and pointed to his record of support for Black-owned small businesses and to strong job creation numbers. “You promised Black America that … you’d have our back. Do you feel you have our backs?” MSNBC’s Jonathan Capehart asked Biden… […]

Open letter from Asians and Asian Americans in support of Palestine and rejecting Zionism

A broad coalition of Asian, Asian American, Pacific Islander, and other organizations working for justice and equity call on the API Council to reject the Jewish Community Relations Council’s “Outstanding Community Partner Award.” Source

Two Americans Feared Dead After Yacht Hijacked In Caribbean

Two Americans Feared Dead After Yacht Hijacked In Caribbean Authorities in the Caribbean nation of Grenada believe three escaped prisoners hijacked a yacht and killed two Americans in the process as they sailed from Grenada to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Police in Grenada said Thursday that a preliminary investigation “suggests” after the three male […]

Climate Dieticians Push Americans To Cut Beef For The Sake Of The Planet

Authored by Eric Worrall via, “… Replacing beef with a different protein — even for just one meal — can cut the emissions footprint of a person’s diet that day by as much as half. …” One Simple Change to Reduce Your Climate Impact? Swap Out Beef Replacing beef with a different protein — even for just […]

Americans Don’t Believe Joe Biden’s Data

Why are Americans so down on the economy when Joe Biden’s own statisticians say their boss is doing a fine job? Recently the Wall Street Journal published a 3,000 word essay on that very question — that’s 10 pages paperback. Note the Journal has been among Joe Biden’s most loyal cheerleaders, so one might read […]

Why Americans Hate The Economy

Why Americans Hate The Economy By Brother Nathanael Kapner Feburary 21 2024 “Our economy is robust and growing!” says Biden to factory workers in Maine last week. “Added jobs and increased factories will continue in my administration for another presidential term,” the LIAR IN CHIEF declared. The Jewish-run media gobbled it up while Americans watching […]

Every Political/”government” minion Forcing Fluoride On Americans Via Drinking Water are Violating the 1947 Nuremberg Code & Should Be Hanged

The minions who take orders from the elites to make war on Americans from DC have ALWAYS known Sodium fluoride added to drinking water does not fight cavities, causes harm to humans, birth defects, And most likely is the reason for mongoloid children. I have a book last published in 1977 which laid all this […]

Americans Have been Lied to, Indoctrinated the Two United States of America and the Two United States/UNITED STATES Are The Same Entity

A constitution is a contract. No contract is sacred or eternal/perpetual. There was the United States of America under the Articles of Confederation, March 1, 1781 to March 4, 1789. This was the First United States. There was the United States of America under the replacement constitution derived from the Constitutional convention, March 4, 1789 […]

Study Finds 80% Of Americans Exposed To Fertility-Lowering Chemicals In Cheerios, Quaker Oats

The peer-reviewed study, published in the JESEE journal on Feb. 15, looked at urine samples from American citizens to determine their exposure to chlormequat chloride—a plant growth chemical. Exposure to the chemical can result in lower fertility and harm developing fetuses even at doses below acceptable levels set by regulators. Researchers detected chlormequat in 80 percent of […]

Official Study: 80 per Cent of Americans Consuming Infertility Drugs via Popular Cereals

A whopping 80 per cent of Americans who consume popular cereals are being exposed to a harmful chemical that causes infertility and delays puberty. A study by The Environmental Working Group published in the Journal […] The post Official Study: 80 per Cent of Americans Consuming Infertility Drugs via Popular Cereals appeared first on The […]

WSJ tells Americans to “skip meals” to deal with food inflation as America collapses into a lawless THIRD WORLD dumpster fire

(NaturalNews) The following analysis of today’s Brighteon Broadcast News audio program is created by “Neo,” our in-house Language Model that’s currently being… Source

How Much Do Scam Text Messages Cost Americans?

They’re a nuisance for the majority of the population that can spot them from a mile away, but falling prey to scam text messages can come with a real cost. Identity theft, access to sensitive banking information, and then actual financial repercussions are the usual route these scams end up taking. Visual Capitalist’s Marcus Lu […]

“67.8 million Americans will throw down an estimated $23.1 billion on the big game in 2024 — a new record.”

Cardinal I have to admit, I made my Super Bowl wager yesterday — Niners by 7 — and it felt much better than putting my name down in one of those stupid squares my dad’s friends used to make me fill in every year. Sports betting is huge right now, and it’s easy to […]

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