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Jewish students endangered not because of anti-Israel protests, but because of police involvement and third-party doxing of participants

(NaturalNews) Contrary to mainstream media, the government and other Israeli violence sympathizers’ narrative that the Gaza solidarity protests are antisemitic,… Source

Republicans spearhead Congress’s assault on endangered species with 2024 bill riders

Powered 100% by reader donations, NationofChange is your ad-free, transparent platform for progressive journalism and activism. Make a difference by donating now. U.S. lawmakers, primarily Republicans, have introduced an unprecedented number of anti-wildlife measures into the fiscal year 2024 appropriations bills. This legislative move comes despite warnings from scientists about a possible sixth mass extinction, […]

Pence: Trump ‘endangered my family’ on Jan. 6

In the days leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, Trump pressured Pence to overturn President Joe Biden’s election victory as he presided over the ceremonial certification of the results. Pence refused, and when rioters stormed the Capitol, some chanted that they wanted to “hang Mike Pence.” The House committee that investigated the attack said in […]

Pence: Trump ‘endangered me and my family’

Former Vice President Mike Pence said then-President Donald Trump “endangered me and my family and everyone at the Capitol building” with his words and actions during the Jan. 6 riot in 2021. Pence’s statement came during an interview with ABC’s David Muir, parts of which were released Sunday and parts of which are to be […]

Cloned Arctic wolf named Maya could help preserve endangered animals

A Beijing-based genetics company has successfully cloned an Arctic wolf, an act that could help preserve endangered species. Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the wolf named Maya one hundred days after she was born on 10 June. And she was created through the same technique behind Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal, cloned in Scotland in 1996.  […]

Cloned Arctic wolf named Maya could help preserve endangered animals

A Beijing-based genetics company has successfully cloned an Arctic wolf, an act that could help preserve endangered species. Sinogene Biotechnology unveiled the wolf named Maya one hundred days after she was born on 10 June. And she was created through the same technique behind Dolly the Sheep, the first mammal, cloned in Scotland in 1996.  […]

Beloved Monarch Butterflies Now Listed As Endangered

“It’s just a devastating decline,” said Stuart Pimm, an ecologist at Duke University. Source

AOC Says SCOTUS Has Endangered The ‘Lives of All Women & All Birthing People’

Following Fridays news that the Supreme Court had overruled Roe v. Wade, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez told reporters that SCOTUS had made the choice “to endanger the lives of all women and all birthing people in this […] The post AOC Says SCOTUS Has Endangered The ‘Lives of All Women & All Birthing People’ appeared first on […]

California Court Rules Bees Are ‘Fish’ Protected by Endangered Species Act

A three-judge California state appellate court ruled on Tuesday that bees are in fact “fish” protected under the state’s Endangered Species Act.

Monkeypox Fears May Rescue Endangered Corporations

Two corrupt companies were in rocky financial territory just a few weeks ago. Now, with concerns over a global monkeypox outbreak being hyped by media and global health organizations alike, the worries – and sins – of these two firms are quickly being forgotten.

Sweden’s Most Endangered Holiday Decorations Go Up In Flames Again

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — The two straw goats of Gavle, Sweden’s most endangered Christmas decorations, have gone up in flames after surviving nearly a month on a downtown square. The animals are a beloved Swedish Christmas symbol, dating back to pagan times. But in what’s become a tradition of sorts in Gavle, 163 kilometers (101 […]

Two Most Widely Used Pesticides Likely Harm Majority Of Endangered Species

Above Photo: Nation of Change. Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency has determined that the endocrine-disrupting pesticide atrazine and cancer-linked pesticide glyphosate are each likely to harm more than 1,000 of the nation’s most endangered plants and animals. The finalized evaluations found that use of the herbicide glyphosate is likely causing harm to 1,676 of the plants and animals […]

Humpbacks, endangered for the last 25 years, are returning in record numbers

For the last 25 years, humpback whales have been on the endangered species list, but recently a record number of calves have been seen off the coast of Washington and British Columbia this year.  These sightings mark a significant rebound for a species that was endangered just a couple of decades ago. Nobody is sure […]

EPA finds two widely used pesticides harm majority of endangered species

Two widely used pesticides are likely harming more than 1,000 of the nation’s endangered plans and animal, a new Environmental Protection Agency evaluation determined. Atrazine and glyphosate are both causing severe harm to many of the plants and animals protected under the Endangered Species Act. The EPA’s evaluation will “now go to the U.S. Fish […]

California adds new endangered species protections for leatherback sea turtles

California’s Fish and Game Commission voted last week to include their state reptile on the list of endangered species. The Pacific leatherback turtle population has been on the decline for the past three decades.  According to EcoWatch, these turtles have declined 5.6 percent per year in the last almost 30 years.  “California’s action will make […]

Biden administration to keep Trump-era removal of the gray wolf from the Endangered Species Act

Last year, the Trump administration’s Fish and Wildlife Service stripped gray wolves’ protections under the Endangered Species Act. As reported by NationofChange, many conservationists countered the Service’s move saying that gray wolves are “functionally extinct” throughout the United States as the species continues to be hunted, trapped and poisoned. Unfortunately, the Biden administration seems as […]

Hero: Obama Holds Superspreader Event On Climate Change-Endangered Property To Show People What Not To Do

Hero: Obama Holds Superspreader Event On Climate Change-Endangered Property To Show People What Not To Do EDGARTOWN, MA—Is this guy great, or what? According to sources in Martha’s Vineyard, former President Obama is throwing a huge birthday bash with 700 guests at a seaside mansion that will likely be underwater due to climate change any minute […]

Biden administration protects endangered Pacific humpback whales

A final rule passed by the Biden administration protects endangered Pacific humpback whale habitat. The rule designates 224,030 square nautical miles as “critical habitat,” but overlapping habitats along the California coast totals 116,098 square nautical miles of protection. After the Center for Biological Diversity, Wishtoyo Foundation and Turtle Island Restoration Network sued the federal government […]

China announces giant pandas no longer endangered because of conservation efforts

Image Credit: Smithsonian’s National Zoo Chinese officials announced that giant pandas are no longer considered an endangered species in the wild. Due to successful conservation efforts, the animals’ population grew to 1,800 and are now considered “vulnerable.” Cui Shuhong, head of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment Department of Nature and Ecology Conservation, said the […]

Hoping to Save Endangered Heritage Crafts in the UK

What does the making of glass eyes, ballet pointe shoes, and mouth-blown sheet-glass have in common? They are three of 20 heritage crafts that have been newly classified as “critically endangered” in the UK, a classification which means that those craft skills could disappear in a generation.  A skilled artisan at English Antique Glass Ltd. […]

Death of 18 endangered elephants in India under investigation

Eighteen endangered elephants were found dead in an Indian forest preserve in the northeastern state of Assam. While a lighting strike is to blame for the deaths, authorities in India are investigating the situation. A local forest ranger said he saw burnt trees in the area from the lighting strikes, but some wildlife advocates are […]

“A mark of how critically endangered our democracy is” – the truth about what is happening to our National Library

Being a book lover I find this article heart breaking. Yet another example of how little those running NZ care, not since Rogernomics anyway. Interesting definition given in this scathing article about ‘consultation’. Those who’ve attended any of these consults will get that … they are a complete scam providing the illusion of choice. EWR*********************************************************************** […]

Brussels calls for a law to protect Europe’s endangered journalists

The EU should recognise the media’s special role as one of the pillars of democracy, according to a senior figure at the European Commission (EC). Věra Jourová said the bloc should introduce a media freedom act for the purpose. “If you ask me whether we are equipped in Europe to protect the media as one […]

2 African Elephant Species Now Listed As Endangered, Monitoring Group Says

The two species of African elephants are now both listed as endangered, thanks to a one-two punch of poaching and habitat loss, according to a new assessment. The International Union for Conservation of Nature, or IUCN, on Thursday released an updated version of its Red List, which categorizes more than 37,000 threatened species across the planet. […]

Why Repression of Climate Activists is Bad News for the  Endangered Planet of Earth

It is very sad that many reports of repression of climate activists are being received from several parts of world at such an early stage of climate activism. Even a very quick net search would reveal several recent instances from Brazil, Chile, Kenya, India , Russia and other countries. These are reports where climate activism […]

Jacinda Ardern launches project to save one of world’s most endangered dolphin species

New Zealand is to launch a project to protect one of the world’s most endangered dolphin species, said to number just 55.  Jacinda Ardern, the country’s prime minister, announced a conservation effort aimed at saving the critically endangered Maui dolphin using drones.  The initiative, announced on Friday, will see the New Zealand government work with […]

Baby crocodiles from endangered species born at zoo in Peru

A zoo is celebrating after the birth of two baby crocodiles. The pair, of the American or Tumbes species, were born at a zoo in Lima after a successful artificial incubation period. The zoo has launched a social media campaign to name the two reptiles. This species is found in the southern United States, Mexico […]

Forest Service: Cutting Snags To Eliminate Endangered Species Habitat

Above photo: A northern spotted owl in a Redwood forest. For decades the U.S. Forest Service and BLM has been seeking out and cutting large dead trees in Federal forests to prevent areas from being listed as critical habitat for endangered species. This may be an intentional civil and criminal violation of the Endangered Species […]

US Fish and Wildlife precludes listing of monarch butterfly on Endangered Species Act; remains a candidate

On Tuesday, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service announced that after extensive assessment of the monarch butterfly, it would not be listed under the Endangered Species Act to allow for higher priority species listing actions. The Service concluded that the monarch butterfly will remain a candidate for the list. Scientists have claimed a large […]

EPA warns glyphosate is likely to harm the nation’s most endangered species

A new study finds that glyphosate is likely to injure or kill 93% of the plants and animals currently listed under the Endangered Species Act. In a draft biological evaluation, the Environmental Protection Agency’s pesticides office found that the active ingredient in RoundUp impacts the nation’s most endangered species as hundreds of millions of pounds […]

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