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Corrupt cop Simon John Blackney 51, protected by government funded by taxpayers

One of the ‘perks’ of living in a colony, especially if you’re corrupt and part of one of the three arms of government that being the Parliament, Executive or Judiciary you get the protection from the ‘brotherhood’ at the expense of the taxpayers, brilliant! There should be a law where police accused of criminal conduct […]

Whistleblower protections ZERO, ‘alleged’ criminals in government, protected 100%

Why would anyone truly believe that the lawmakers would make law against their ‘brethren’ in government, encouraging the exposing of corruption or illegal, oops ‘alleged’ corruption or illegal activities? They wouldn’t! The Public Interest Disclosure Act 2013, allegedly gives protections to those exposing corruption, but the reality is totally different. See Act within the following […]

Take Back Your God-Given, Constitutionally Protected Rights

22 dec 2023 Take Back Your God-Given, Constitutionally Protected Rightsby Correcting Your Status, So No One Can Ever Infringe On You Again! A Time-Tested And Proven Process That Millions of Americans Have Already Filed Video here: In this workshop you will LEARN: Complete background, verifiable evidence, Supreme Court case law and official policy documents that the “national” status not […]

The 7th Circuit Holds That AR-15s Aren’t Protected By The Second Amendment

Authored by Andrea Widburg via American Thinker, Illinois desperately wants to ensure that, within the state’s borders, only criminals have guns. When it comes to law-abiding citizens, the state will do anything to disarm them. That includes passing a law that pretty much bans “assault weapons” (a non-existent category that really covers AR-15s, America’s most […]

Reps urge Biden, Mayorkas to redesignate temporary protected status for Nicaraguans

Dozens of House members signed a letter asking President Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to redesignate temporary protected status for Nicaraguans on  Wednesday. “We commend the Biden Administration’s decision to re-designate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Venezuelans in the United States,” the letter read. “However, an 18-month extension of TPS for Nicaragua… […]

Biden administration grants Temporary Protected Status to Venezuelan migrants

More than 400,000 Venezuelan migrants already in the United States.will be eligible for the protected status and also eligible to work. Source

Biden administration announces extension of temporary protected status for Venezuelan nationals 

The Biden administration will extend temporary protection status for nearly a half a million of Venezuelan nationals currently residing in the United States, a decision that comes amid Democratic leaders’ pressure on the White House to take more action regarding asylum-seekers.  Under the extension, an estimated 474,000 Venezuelans who arrived in the U.S. as of… […]

Netanyahu Gov’t Faces Crisis over Remark: ‘God Has Not Always Protected Us in Europe’

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s government faces a possible internal revolt after he offended his religious allies by making the remark that “God has not always protected us in Europe.” Source

Manchurian Candidate Barack Obama Has Lost His Heretofore Protected Status

 Obama Has Lost Protected Status, Following Tucker Sinclair Interview: Man Who Claims He Was Class of 83 At Columbia And Obama Was Not There Gains Traction On Twitter The Deep State, As You Know, Called Him “Renegade.” “But Gay Is Not The Issue; The Issue Here Is Fraud.” Be Discerning—This is a Very Tricky Very […]

Biden Ends DNA Tests Which Protected Children from Sex Traffickers, #SoundOfFreedom

#SoundOfFreedom Above: Sound of Freedom scene Please send this to Congress, one rule change can save thousands of children 202-225-3121 A 19 -year federal government HHS employee, backed by official documents, says the Biden administration is “facilitating” child sex trafficking across the Mexican border. HHS, the US Department of Health and Human Servies, is the […]

How Biden protected workers during the debt ceiling fight

The deal protects Social Security and other lifelines while raising the debt ceiling for two years and safeguarding the world economy. Source

AP: ‘Trans Minors Protected from Parents’ Under New Law in Washington

A new law related to transgenderism and children has just passed in Washington state, according to a report by the Associated Press The headline for AP story read: “Trans minors protected from parents under Washington […] The post AP: ‘Trans Minors Protected from Parents’ Under New Law in Washington appeared first on The People's Voice. […]

Librarians Are Finding Thousands Of Books No Longer Protected By Copyright Law

Michael M. Santiago / Getty Images On January 1, 2023, a swath of books, films, and songs entered the public domain. The public domain is not a place—it refers to all the creative works not protected by an intellectual property law like copyright.  Creative works may not have intellectual property protections for a number of […]

Sen. Cardin Says Anti-Semitic “Hate” Is Not Protected By 1st Amendment

“If you espouse hate, if you espouse violence, you’re not protected under the First Amendment.” Source

Ben Gvir storms Al-Aqsa Mosque protected by IOF, tensions rise

January 3, 2023 Source: Al Mayadeen Net + Agencies By Al Mayadeen English  The Israeli Police Minister, Itamar Ben Gvir, storms Al-Aqsa Mosque, under heavy security despite Hamas warnings. Israeli Police Minister, Itamar bin Gvir, stormed Al-Aqsa Mosque, protected by a large number of Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) according to Al Mayadeen correspondent. Israeli media indicated that despite […]

Dem Senator Claims “Hate” is Not Protected by First Amendment, Later Admits He’s Wrong

Democratic Senator Ben Cardin suggested that “hate” is “not protected under the First Amendment” during a hearing, but later had to clarify that he was wrong. The Maryland lawmaker made the comments while speaking with US Special Envoy to Monitor and Combat Anti-Semitism Deborah Lipstadt and American Jewish Committee Director of International Jewish Affairs Rabbi […]

Biden Protected by Very Guns He Says Have ‘No Redeeming Value’

President Joe Biden is protected by semiautomatic firearms yet told reporters Thanksgiving morning he cannot understand how sales of semiautomatic guns continue, as they have “no social redeeming value.” Source

FBI Protected Mom who Made $200 million Selling up to 8000 Children over 40 years – Gets Only 3 Months in Minimum Security Prison


1,000-Year-Old Cañada de la Virgen Monument Given Protected Status in Mexico

Mexico has a new protected archaeological monument. The site is a 1,000-year-old ceremonial center of the Otomi or Hnahnu people, an indigenous group that still inhabits the area around the Sierra Madre mountains. The announcement is the first of its kind in a decade, a long absence due to a severe lack of budgetary funding […]

Fauci “Misled Congress” About Gain-Of-Function Research, But ‘Protected By Biden Admin’; Former CDC Chief Says

Fauci “Misled Congress” About Gain-Of-Function Research, But ‘Protected By Biden Admin’; Former CDC Chief SaysDate: September 18, 2022Author: Nwo Report   Posted BY: Zero Hedge Just last week, Senator Rand Paul appeared on Fox News and slammed Anthony Fauci for taking the default position of trying to “cover up” his activities, including potentially encouraging social […]

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