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Colorado Democrats Block Legislation Punishing Child Sex Traffickers – Suggest Criminals Are Also Victims

While conservative states like Florida have passed legislation to institute the death penalty for criminals guilty of child sexual abuse and child trafficking, it’s becoming more and more difficult in blue states to punish pedophiles at all.  No other issue so fully reflects the growing rift between the political left and everyone else in America […]

Police Bust Massive Pedophile Ring in Ohio, 160 Child Sex Traffickers Arrested

Police in Ohio have announced the results of a major pedophile ring sting, involving the arrests of 160 pedophiles and the rescue of over 100 child sex trafficking victims. The enormous success of the weeklong […] The post Police Bust Massive Pedophile Ring in Ohio, 160 Child Sex Traffickers Arrested appeared first on The People's […]

U.S. Gov’t Exposed as BIGGEST CHILD TRAFFICKERS in WORLD!       Source

Biden Ends DNA Tests Which Protected Children from Sex Traffickers, #SoundOfFreedom

#SoundOfFreedom Above: Sound of Freedom scene Please send this to Congress, one rule change can save thousands of children 202-225-3121 A 19 -year federal government HHS employee, backed by official documents, says the Biden administration is “facilitating” child sex trafficking across the Mexican border. HHS, the US Department of Health and Human Servies, is the […]

Child Traffickers, Child Sacrifice, Satanic Witches…Welcome to the World of the Filthy Rich Elitests

by Admin · Published July 5, 2023 · Updated July 5, 2023 Prince Muzio Sforza-Cesarini is an owner of Stidda Mafia clans, Casamonica Mafia clan of Rome, and a part owner of the Trafficante crime family and Galveston crime family now headed up by the Fertittas. Prince Muzio also oversees Hollywood and the music industry […]

The Biden-Harris Administration Is Letting Chinese Nicotine Traffickers Infiltrate the U.S.

The Biden-Harris administration doesn’t appear to be too concerned with China’s vape invasion of the U.S., but you can help stop it. Source

Police bust alleged Tunisia-Italy migrant traffickers

Police in Italy said they had arrested 12 people allegedly involved in a ring that transported migrants from Tunisia to Sicily, with six suspects still unaccounted for, AFP reports. According to the report, the suspects, 11 Tunisians and seven Italians, allegedly used small boats with powerful engines to transport about 10 to 30 migrants at […]

‘Sex Traffickers Could Never Succeed’ Without You: Ad Thanks Democrat Maggie Hassan for Open Border Invasion

An ad run in New Hampshire on Thursday thanked embattled Sen. Maggie Hassan (D-NH) for keeping the southern border open to invasion. 

The Criminal Elite (Run Our Media & Are Child Traffickers!)

Comment:  The criminal elite are putting their evil acts right in front of the public with this picture of a child with a knife at his neck.  Blatant as all hell! Krist Henderson dStnposorec45s4ila2tM8g1gtci gu00i45 a10 g1:67al3aA hlui2Acg  ·  “The information I’m about to relay is 100% factual and corroborated with overwhelming evidence. Perhaps the most intriguing part of this […]

Does CCP’s Belt and Road Initiative Make Cambodia a Haven for Human Traffickers and Scammers?

For the past few years, many people have lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Criminals are taking the opportunity to find their next targets online. Hongkongers are no different. In recent weeks, Hongkongers became victims of human trafficking scams in Cambodia. While the Hong Kong Police Force depends on the regime for action, Taiwan […]

Exclusive–Jim Bognet: Mercilessly Prosecuting Fentanyl Traffickers Must be National Priority

Republican Jim Bognet, running against Democrat Rep. Matt Cartwright in Pennsylvania’s Eighth Congressional District, says the United States must make mercilessly prosecuting fentanyl traffickers a national priority.

Biden Cancels Trump Program That Targeted Child Sex Traffickers in the US Illegally

President Joe Biden has terminated a Trump program that targeted sexual offenders, including child sex traffickers, who are in the United States illegally. Trump’s program, dubbed “Operation Talon,” focused on deporting dangerous sexual predators preying on vulnerable Americans. But Biden decided to end the program, leaving Americans and their children once again open to attacks from pedophiles […]

Operation Stolen Innocence: 178 Pedophiles and Human Traffickers Arrested in Florida

178 people have been arrested in a disturbing child sex trafficking ring centered on a 13-year-old girl whose own mother allegedly sold her for sex or drugs in Florida. ‘The sheer number. The all-day, everyday, all-the-time solicitation and sexual activity and talk about cash for money and clearly meeting. I had never seen something just that […]

HSBC + Deutch Bank Busted Laundering $2.7 Trillion for Traffickers

I told the world this – that the major banks, especially HSBC, launder money raised from arms, drugs and child sex trafficking and pump this into military intelligence run operations. And now – here it appears in the mainstream media for the world to see. But I’m crazy, right… Here are the main points in […]

Trump Unleashes HELL On Child Sex Traffickers

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Barack Obama Handed Kids To Child Sex Traffickers, Senate Report Says

The Obama administration quietly handed thousands of Central American children to child sex traffickers, according to a bombshell Senate investigation.  The Office of Refugee Resettlement, an agency of the Department of Health and Human Services, refused to do background checks of adults who took the children, and allowed criminals and pedophiles to take custody of […]

Trump proposes death penalty for opioid traffickers

     President Donald Trump will soon lay out a plan that seeks the death penalty for drug traffickers, a White House official has announced. Earlier, an official hinted that petty dealers would receive less severe sentences. “The Department of Justice will seek the death penalty against drug traffickers when it’s appropriate under current law,” Domestic […]

FBI Busts Sex-Traffickers Selling Babies for $600

Whenever a scandal, like Pizzagate, pops up, the media and elites are quick to claim that these are wild conspiracy theories and that such things don’t happen in real life. But of course, they do. The FBI is busting child-porn rings and human traffickers constantly. What we’re asked to swallow, is that while there’s people selling pedo […]

U.S. upholds emergency over Colombian drug traffickers

nsnbc : The administration of U.S. President Donald Trump prolonged the state of emergency, first imposed in 1995, declaring the risk posed by drug […]

Italy: 200+ Drown Invaders! NGO Human Traffickers Investigated!

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer May 10, 2017 IT’S WHITE PILL WEDNESDAY! Firstly, a whole mess of “migrants” just got REKT by Poseidon! THANKS, POSEIDON! Two wrecks of ships carrying refugees and migrants in the Mediterranean have claimed as many as 245 lives, including those of at least five children, according to survivor […]

Where is the Pick-Up Zone for NGO Human Traffickers?

Andrew AnglinDaily Stormer April 30, 2017 This is the pick-up zone for NGO “rescue boats” who “save” the “refugees” who are “fleeing economic hardship” in Africa. These are the routes they take to get there – from the UN’s own data. These NGO human traffickers are providing a taxi service. They were […]

Qatar and Saudi doing everything possible to stop peace in Syria

One couldn’t help but notice that the Persian Gulf monarchies have recently started sending their emissaries to Moscow and Sochi way too often. This statement is particularly true when we take a close look at the actions of Saudi Arabia and Qatar – the sole two Wahhabi states in the world that are preaching the […]

UK citizens celebrate Guy Fawkes Night by torching giant effigy of David Cameron with a pig’s head

     Bonfire capital of the world, Lewes in Sussex, southern England, has set fire to its biggest ever ‘Guy’ on Thursday marking the anniversary of Guy Fawkes’ plot to blow up London’s houses of parliament in 1605 while poking fun at Britain’s Prime Minister. A giant statue of a naked David Cameron with a pig’s […]

Bavaria threatens German government with lawsuit over refugee crisis

The Bavarian government has stepped up pressure on Angela Merkel’s’ cabinet, demanding that the German government drop its policy of welcoming an unlimited number of refugees. If “effective measures” are not taken to deal with the crisis, Bavaria will take the matter to the Constitutional Court and charge the German government with endangering “the legal […]

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