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Britt Busted For Misleading Sex-Trafficking Story In Bizarre SOTU Response

Already the subject of bipartisan ridicule for the jaw-droppingly strange persona she displayed in her Republican response to the State of the Union address, Alabama Sen. Katie Britt is now taking more serious fire — for having deceptively framed a 16-year-old anecdote about sex trafficking to mislead the audience about when and where the crime […]

Owner Of Chinese Biolab Busted In California Linked To CCP Military Program: House Report

[Image created by the DCNF using pics from Fresno County and DOJ complaints] Jia Bei Zhu, 62, was arrested in October for distributing misbranded medical devices and lying to the FDA. The lab, located near Fresno, California (less than 200 miles from where Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Joe Biden on Wednesday), was discovered […]

Big Pharma Execs, Gov’t Officials Busted in VIP Sex Trafficking Sting – Media Blackout

Several Big Pharma executives, professors, doctors and government officials have been arrested by authorities during an operation targeting a VIP sex trafficking ring. Acting U.S. Attorney for Massachusetts Joshua Levy announced the results of the […] The post Big Pharma Execs, Gov’t Officials Busted in VIP Sex Trafficking Sting – Media Blackout appeared first on […]

Florida “Booty Patrol” Driver Busted, Cops Mocked

Sheriffs in central Florida are being mocked online after an 18-year-old man accused of “impersonating law enforcement” was ticketed for plastering “Booty Patrol” on his truck, which he styled to look similar to a Border Patrol vehicle. The DeSoto County Sheriff’s Office warned the public about the Florida Teen, Gabriel Luviano, who they slapped with […]

LIAR – BBC ‘disinformation’ correspondent busted

BBC ‘disinformation’ correspondent busted spreading disinfo on her own bio Kit Klarenberg·September 9, 2023 The BBC’s Marianna Spring specializes in branding average citizens as conspiracy theorists and potential terrorists for questioning official claims. When caught lying about her own professional record to advance her ambitions, she says she thought her deceit “wouldn’t be a big […]

Busted! Adam Schiff Funneled Millions To Defense Contractors After Taking Donations

READ HERE: While Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) campaigns for a Senate seat on a platform of earmarks for local causes, the 12-term Congressman has been busted steering millions in taxpayer dollars to for-profit defense contractors, many of whom have been political donors to his campaigns.   Source

Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear: Denver Homeless Camp Busted For Drinking, Prostitution

Liquor In The Front, Poker In The Rear: Denver Homeless Camp Busted For Drinking, Prostitution A homeless camp in Denver was cleaned up after a viral video revealed that some enterprising individuals had set up a makeshift speakeasy with prostitution tents, according to police. The setup featured lounge chairs, umbrellas and astroturf was found in […]

Massive International Pedophile Ring Busted – 98 Child Rapists Arrested in US and Australia

98 people in the US and Australia have been arrested in connection with a massive international pedophile ring engaged in a sophisticated online child sex abuse network on the dark web. The arrests come after […] The post Massive International Pedophile Ring Busted – 98 Child Rapists Arrested in US and Australia appeared first on […]

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak Busted, Fined For Not Wearing Seat Belt

Sunak removed the belt to film a social media video. He was also fined last year for breaching COVID lockdown rules, as was former PM Boris Johnson. Source

White House busted calling for social media companies to directly censor Tucker Carlson, others over vaccines

(NaturalNews) (Natural News) The discovery phase of a lawsuit against the Biden regime brought by the Republican attorneys general of Missouri and Louisiana has revealed a stunning bombshell — the White House has been busted for being directly involved in pressuring social media companies to censor Americans over COVID-19 vaccine views and facts the … […]

‘Gender-fluid’ Biden official busted for SECOND time over felony theft of luggage

(Natural News) It’s become patently obvious that the Biden regime doesn’t care anything at all about work ethics and finding the right person for the right job based on talent and skill level, but instead focuses on how many left-wing cultural and social boxes they can check off. That certainly seems to be the case […]

How a Mossad terror cell was busted

These alleged members of a Mossad terror cell are facing kidnap charges in a Malaysian court. (Astro AWANI/YouTube) Eleven Malaysians appeared in court last month, charged with the kidnap of a Palestinian computer programmer off the streets of the capital Kuala Lumpur. His friend — a second Palestinian computer programmer — narrowly escaped the gang’s […]

BUSTED: Top medical fraud and illegal health care schemes of 2022

(Natural News) It would be wonderful if Big Pharma actually produced effective medications and vaccinations that did not bring with them a laundry list of horrific side effects and long term health detriment, but that never seems to be the case. It would also be absolutely amazing if the medical industrial complex, including companies, doctors […]

BUSTED: Federal Judge Reveals President Biden Ordered ‘Unconstitutional’ FBI Raid on Trump

@media (max-width: 1200px) { }.novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) .novashare-buttons-wrapper { justify-content: center; }body .novashare-inline:not(.novashare-columns) a.novashare-button, body .novashare-inline .novashare-total-share-count { margin: 0px 5px 10px 5px; }body .novashare-buttons.novashare-inline .novashare-button-icon { width: 100%; } A federal judge has revealed that the FBI-DOJ raid on President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was ordered by President Biden as part of a political campaign to prevent […]

Busted: New York Times Begged Chinese Tech Company to Censor Americans

The New York Times pleaded with TikTok, a social media app with connections to the Chinese Communist Party, to censor Americans they disagreed with. In a recent article titled, “On TikTok, Election Misinformation Thrives Ahead of Midterms,” […] The post Busted: New York Times Begged Chinese Tech Company to Censor Americans appeared first on News Punch. Source

Ten Human Smugglers Busted in Six Hours near Border in Texas

Del Rio Sector Border Patrol agents arrested ten human smugglers in a six-hour period on Friday. The agents also apprehended more than 50 migrants in the failed human smuggling attempts. Del Rio Sector Chief Patrol Agent Jason D. Owens tweeted a report that Carrizo Springs Station agents teamed up with law enforcement partners to interdict […]

Top 5 Myths Busted about the Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act

10 december 2021 HR 550 is a Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing We’ve heard the term disinformation before. The Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act, HR 550 is swimming in it. After sending out our last campaign to make people aware and activated about this bad bill, we received a ton of feedback from Advocates hearing back from […]

Massive Child Sex Trafficking Ring Busted – Protected by Police for Decades in Exchange for Sex Sex With the Victims

Six sex traffickers were arrested this week for running a Queens-based sex trafficking ring which trafficked young women and children from Mexico into the US. One of those indicted in Brooklyn federal court was a Putnam County police officer who was protecting, not the children, but the child sex traffickers — in exchange for sex […]

The Best News of Our Time: Scientific Materialism is a Busted Philosophy

by Daniel Pinchbeck Scientific materialism posits that the physical universe exists independently of consciousness, and that minds emerge through an accidental process of physical and biological evolution. Materialism — or physicalism — has been the dominant ideology of the last two centuries, pervasively inflecting every aspect of our society. Idealism proposes, instead, that consciousness is the […]

BUSTED: Chief Medical Officer Admits Vaccine Passports Not About Health, Incentive To Increase Vaccinations [VIDEO]

BY ZACH HEILMANOCTOBER 22, 2021 5 min video: In a Zoom meeting, Dr. Patty Daly, Chief Medical Officer for Vancouver Coastal Health, acknowledged that vaccine passports are not about health but about creating an incentive to get a higher vaccination rate. Follow us on GAB:”> Follow Us On Telegram:”> Real News & Commentary for Real Patriots:”> […]

BLM-loving, anti-Trump military spy couple busted in sting trying to sell nuclear sub secrets…

The wife of the Navy submarine engineer who was charged with spying on the U.S. for an unidentified foreign government is a leftist who organized a babysitter on Facebook with her husband so they could make their last secret drop of stolen intelligence before they were caught by the FBI.   Navy nuclear engineer Jonathan Toebbe, 42, and wife, Diana, […]

THOUSANDS of Pedophiles Busted in Historic Child Sex Sting in Germany

Police in Germany have busted one of the biggest ever online pedophile rings with over 1,600 suspects identified as having participated in child rape and torture. While most of the pedophiles came from across the country, digital forensic experts had picked out people from the US, Austria, Switzerland and France on suspicion of possessing or […]

Human smuggling ring busted in Germany and Slovakia

Three people have been arrested in Germany and Slovakia in raids on a criminal syndicate on Monday. The group are accused of smuggling Vietnamese into European countries for large fees, then forcing them to pay off their debts in massage parlours, brothels and other places, authorities said. Police in Berlin arrested a Vietnamese woman who […]

BUSTED: CDC Caught Manipulating Data to Hide New COVID Cases Among those Who Were Already Vaxxed

by Jim Hoft Chile has one of the world’s most ambitious and successful coronavirus vaccination schemes. One-third of the population has received either one or both jabs. But for some strange reason, Chile is experiencing a surge in Coronavirus cases. Just like India and Seychelles! That’s weird? Two weeks ago, Seychelles announced a new surge […]

BUSTED: Chinese Military Scientists Discussed ‘Weaponizing Coronaviruses’ in Document Obtained by U.S. Government

Chinese military scientists discussed weaponizing coronaviruses five years before the Covid pandemic, U.S. government documents reveal. Documents obtained by the US State Department show People’s Liberation Army (PLA) commanders predicting that World War 3 would be fought with biological weapons, such as coronaviruses unleashed onto the public. You can unsubscribe any time. By subscribing you […]

CNN Busted Spreading Opposition Research in Alaska

CNN has been busted for attempting to spread opposition research in Alaska against pro-Trump candidate Kelly Tshibaka, a primary challenger to Sen. Lisa Murkowski. A CNN publicist secretly reached out to a small, local Alaskan news site called Must Read Alaska to share an article CNN published to presumably discredit Tshibaka’s senate candidacy against Murkowski. You can […]

Massive Child Sex Ring Busted at State Youth Facility—Hundreds of Kids Tortured and Raped

(Support Free Thought) – Concord, NH — According to a recent investigation by the state of New Hampshire’s attorney general’s office, a state-run youth detention center has been ground zero for an utterly horrifying child torture and sex abuse ring spanning the course of decades. According to officials and a recent lawsuit, hundreds of victims have come […]

BUSTED: Denver Shooter Matthew Dolloff’s Left-Wing Facebook Posts

The private security guard charged with first-degree murder in the shooting of a Trump supporter in Denver is a far-left anti-Trumper with a track record of radical left-wing social media postings. It’s not surprising that Matthew Dolloff was quick to resort to extreme violence against conservatives when he views President Trump as a “fascist dictator.” […]

HSBC + Deutch Bank Busted Laundering $2.7 Trillion for Traffickers

I told the world this – that the major banks, especially HSBC, launder money raised from arms, drugs and child sex trafficking and pump this into military intelligence run operations. And now – here it appears in the mainstream media for the world to see. But I’m crazy, right… Here are the main points in […]

Busted! Who’s Behind The Fake Pandemic?

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