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Rachel Hamm Begged God to ‘Please Send This Death Angel to Kill These Globalists’

In 2022, Rachel Hamm decided to run for secretary of state in California because, she claimed, “Jesus himself” appeared in a closet in her home and told her to do so. Perhaps not surprisingly, Hamm’s campaign was filled with wild tales and conspiracy theories, especially about the 2020 presidential election. Certain that she had been […]

Busted: New York Times Begged Chinese Tech Company to Censor Americans

The New York Times pleaded with TikTok, a social media app with connections to the Chinese Communist Party, to censor Americans they disagreed with. In a recent article titled, “On TikTok, Election Misinformation Thrives Ahead of Midterms,” […] The post Busted: New York Times Begged Chinese Tech Company to Censor Americans appeared first on News Punch. Source

Unvaccinated workers who were fired suddenly being begged to return

Unvaccinated workers who were fired suddenly being begged to return Posted on December 30, 2021 By WND StaffCorporations’ mass firings of unvaccinated workers have been documented as becoming “more common” as Joe Biden repeatedly has mandated that they force their employees to accept the experimental COVID shots.But now those companies are discovering that perhaps Biden’s leadership […]

‘Israel’ Begged US to Broker Gaza Ceasefire – Yedioth

06-06-2021 By Staff, Agencies ‘Israeli’ newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth said Tel Aviv begged the US to mediate a ceasefire during the 11-day military aggression on the besieged Gaza Strip that prompted the Palestinian resistance to retaliate with a massive rocket barrage. Contrary to what is believed, ‘Israel’ was the side trying to achieve a truce during […]

Biden Begged Congress for $200M Gift for Iran Right After 9/11, Report Shows

Shortly after Islamists terrorized America on 9/11, Joe Biden demanded that the United States send a taxpayer-funded “no strings attached” gift of $200 million to Iran, according to a new report. In the weeks following the September 11, 2001, attacks, Biden said that “this would be a good time” to give Iran hard-earned taxpayer dollars while America was […]

A Nun Begged Katy Perry Not to Buy Her Convent — Then Collapsed and Died

After 89 years on Earth, Sister Catherine Rose Holzman looked into a camera on Friday and addressed what would turn out to be some of her last words to Katy Perry, the pop star. “Katy Perry, please stop,” the nun said on Fox 11 in Los Angeles. Please stop trying to buy the Sisters of […]

North Korea: Trump ‘Begged for a Nuclear War’ During Visit to Korean Peninsula

As protests continue across the continent while U.S. President Donald Trump travels Asia, North Korea on Saturday called Trump a “destroyer of world peace and stability” who “begged for a nuclear war” during his visit to South Korea earlier this week. “Trump, during his visit, laid bare his true nature as destroyer of world peace […]

Witness Says Unarmed Man Fatally Shot By Mesa Police Officer Begged For His Life

Daniel Shaver cried for his life before a Mesa police officer shot and killed him, a woman who met Shaver about half an hour before his death testified Thursday in Maricopa County Superior Court. Monique Portillo, 35, testified in the trial of former Mesa Officer Philip “Mitch” Brailsford, whom prosecutors accuse of unjustifiably shooting Shaver. […]

Records Suggest Girl Begged for Her Life in Jail but Staff Let Her Die of Dehydration

05/01/17 | DUCHESNE COUNTY, UT — A tragic death has occurred in the Duchesne County Jail, and records are leading some to wonder whether there was any foul play on the part of the jail staff. Madison Jensen, 21, had been struggling through an opioid addiction. The addiction had […]

Narcotics Supervisor Charged With Five Felonies For Stealing Drug Evidence

A former Columbus, Indiana cop faces numerous felony and misdemeanor charges for allegedly stealing drug evidence from his department’s evidence locker. Jeremy R. Coomes, 38, was arrested on Wednesday following an Indiana State Police investigation that was launched last October after the Columbus Police Department reported missing evidence. The department had conducted an annual audit […]

US Intervention in Syria is Illegal—Russia

American intervention in the Syrian conflict is illegal in terms of international law, and ground force intervention will have “unpredictable consequences,” Konstantin Kosachev, chairman of the Russian Upper House committee for foreign affairs has said. Speaking in an interview with the Russian RT service, Kosachev was reacting to an earlier announcement by US defense […]

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