Owner Of Chinese Biolab Busted In California Linked To CCP Military Program: House Report

[Image created by the DCNF using pics from Fresno County and DOJ complaints]

Jia Bei Zhu, 62, was arrested in October for distributing misbranded medical devices and lying to the FDA.

The lab, located near Fresno, California (less than 200 miles from where Chinese President Xi Jinping met with Joe Biden on Wednesday), was discovered serendipitously when a local code enforcement officer noticed a garden hose attached to the facility. This led to the discovery of thousands of vials, some labeled in Mandarin, others in an undeciphered code. However, the inaction by the FBI and CDC in this matter, as reported by the committee, is perplexing and concerning.

Zhu, a PRC citizen, was reportedly a key figure in China’s “military-civil fusion organizations – entities that blur the lines between civilian research and military applications. This strategy, according to the State Department, is part of the CCP’s grand vision to transform its People’s Liberation Army into a formidable global power by 2049.

While the committee’s investigations unearthed Zhu’s extensive involvement in several PRC government-controlled companies, his activities in the U.S. under the alias “David He” and the discovery of dangerous materials in the unlicensed lab in Reedley, California, are particularly alarming. Here, officials found over 20 potentially infectious agents, including HIV and Malaria, and genetically engineered mice carrying COVID-19.

Zhu’s confession of operating his companies to “further PRC policy” and meet demands of a PRC premier raises serious concerns about espionage and intellectual property theft. His history of operating companies in Canada, engaging in the massive theft of American cattle-related intellectual property, and fleeing to the U.S. after a $330 million judgment, only adds to the gravity of the situation.

The committee also highlighted Zhu’s inflammatory private messages on WeChat, where he talked about defeating “the American aggressor” and referred to his companies as tools against “American imperialism.”

CDC Ignores Evidence?

But perhaps even more disturbing is the alleged disregard by the CDC for potential evidence, including a freezer labeled “ebola.” This negligence or possible cover-up raises critical questions about the integrity and competence of these federal agencies in handling matters of national security.

A collage of the biolab in Reedley, Calif., on July 31, 2023. (Fresno County Public Health Department/Judicial Watch, Nathan Su/The Epoch Times, Courtesy of City of Reedley)

The committee’s findings corroborate an investigation by the Daily Caller from August 2023, which linked Zhu’s biolab to Ai De Biopharmaceutical in Qingdao, China. This connection suggests a broader network of PRC-controlled companies engaging in dubious activities on American soil.

As the full scope of Zhu’s operations and his connections to the PRC government unfold, this case may well represent a glaring example of the CCP’s covert operations in the United States, blending industrial espionage with potential biological threats. The implications for national security are profound and demand an urgent and thorough response from U.S. authorities.


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